How do I contact the creator of Facebook?

How do I contact the creator of Facebook?
I would like to start a app in a website and I wanted to see if you would like to invest in apps for net can I please have some contact information so I can get in contact with the creator of Facebook-
I am furious,my account was hacked,have old email which I can't access,no phone numbers for Facebook friends ??Ergo can't delete my account!Facebook is utterly useless!-
I created something like Facebook and I'm wondering how do I go about it please thanks-
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The creator of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. As you could probably guess, it is going to be hard to contact him directly. As they talk about here:

"Mark is here to work. Not to be a celebrity."

We have no contact information for Mark at GetHuman. If you have any success getting in touch with him, please let us know.