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What are the ingredients for Oral B wax floss?

I want to know what ingredients the oral b essential waxed floss contains
It's not an allergy related issue. I just want to know what ingredients are in the oral b essential waxed floss.-
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Just so you know, we are not Oral B, we are GetHuman your friendly customer service helpers. After doing some research this is what I have determined and found from researching your questions:

1. Dental floss is made of two different polymers (these are synthetic compounds) either nylon or teflon

2. Nylon salt is polymerized and poured directly out into a ribbon. Then iy will be cut and sliced into these small flakes or chips. The flakes and chips are then remelted and pumped into filaments, which are then cooled to form and look like yarn.

3. The floss is then put into "emulsion baths", which is where the floss is pulled through waxes, flavors, and other desired coatings such as that on your Oral B floss

Does this answer your question? If so let me know, if not I can help you

I read that on Wiki already. I want to know if it's made of nylon or teflon and what is in the coatings.
As you are not oral b (which I realised but was forwarded to this get human page when I asked for their contact number), I doubt you'll be able to tell me.