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Denial of Benefits Despite giving detail employment information, w...

Despite giving detail employment information, waiting the 3 days for my agency which stated they would not offer any work "at the moment", and documenting/provided correspondence from employer; I received a Denial Letter October 3rd 2015 exactly 1 day before I should be able to request my 1st benefits to be paid. The Denial Letter states that I have had no employment for last 6 months...Why is it with more documentation than you require as verification my case is less than prepared to provide due diligence? And due to Billing issues with cellular carrier they prematurely suspended plan so I am hoping this may guide me to some place, person or option to correct the erroneous mistake and expedite benefits I should have otherwise been able to request for yesterday. Thank you
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Have you tried calling them? This seems very case specific so they may be better suited to answer your question. gethuman.com/phone-number/Texa...

I had and was told to wait until M-F 7-7 to AGAIN report the work; however by 3 am I lost cellular access and scanning all online accesses to attempt to reach a solution. This seems to be the only viable line of guidance in what direction to begin this daunting recollection. :?

It loos like you can submit online here:


I hope that helps.

I hope so im perusing it now it looks like it may. Really Appreciate your time Adam!