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Item left behind! Help!! I would like to contact my driver from Friday n...

I would like to contact my driver from Friday night since I left something behind. I have a picture of the receipt since I didn't pay for the ride.
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1. Open your Uber app
2. In the left hand corner is your profile, click that
3. Select "History" and it will show you your most recent trips. Select the trip you think you lost your item on.
4. Click "Need Help?"
5. Select "I lost an item"

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Email Uber with your issue and have them contact the driver for you. You can contact them at support@uber.com

The person did that but received no answer. We have been trying to contact the driver since that.

You need to have the person who paid for the ride go through with the steps I listed above. There's no other way to look up the ride except for from the app that called and paid for the ride.

The thing is I don't have it in my account because I didn't pay for the ride