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My uber never came and i got charged

My uber never came to pick me up . They charged me . I want my money back
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This is a guide to help you dispute your charges from Uber- if you believed you were overcharged and would like a refund GetHuman is here to guide you:

Step 1. Go to then click "Contact Us."
Step 2. Then click "email" link on the next page
Step 3. Type in your email address, then click on the "City"
Step 4. Select the city you drove in, such as "New York City"
Step 5. Then click "What Is Your Question About?" and click "My recent trip,"
Step 6: Then click on "I have a question about my fare."
Step 7: Write an explanation of the situation to Uber in the textbox, and then click "Submit"
(Note: It may take a couple days but you should hear from them)

Hopefully this helps you get your money back- let us know how it goes!