Popular Customer Problems

How do I contact the creator of Facebook?

How do I contact the creator of Facebook?

Playstation: Can't get email confirmation

Won't allow me too get an email confirmation

US Postal Service (USPS): Why is my USPS package is stuck in transit?

My package has been in transit for 3 days at the same place and havent gotten anymore updates

How do I access my Facebook again and submit my ID?

I'm in able to put my actual name so I can prove its me.

seller customer service rakuten

that number is not customer service and they day there's no customer service phone number

My Whatsapp profile picture isn't showing, how do I fix this?

I have an iPhone 6 and have tried to change my profile picture on whatsapp but it is not reflecting on my contacts whatsapp's. It appears on my own whatsapp...

Texas Workforce Commission - Unemployment Benefits: Denial of Benefits

Despite giving detail employment information, waiting the 3 days for my agency which stated they would not offer any work "at the moment", and documenting/pr...

help me to recover my whatsapp numbers . I do not ...

help me to recover my whatsapp numbers . I do not make mistakes that weight . I have to send a short message to a friend of mine to promote my business . Was...

Facebook: How do I open a fb account for my church (or business)?

How do I open a fb account for my church?

Facebook: my conversation/messages are not loading

my message inbox is empty/ my conversations are not receiving or sending

Oral B Toothbrush: What are the ingredients for Oral B wax floss?

I want to know what ingredients the oral b essential waxed floss contains

Facebook: I am receiving a [4] application failed request limit reached message on my personal fb.

I am no longer able to log on

My uber never came and i got charged

My uber never came to pick me up . They charged me . I want my money back

Facebook: (#4) request limit reached

I try to comment or even like a status and (#4) request limit reached pops up and I can't do anything

Uber: Item left behind! Help!!

I would like to contact my driver from Friday night since I left something behind. I have a picture of the receipt since I didn't pay for the ride.

Recent Customer Problems
Bank of America: I forgot my PIN n

Comenity Bank Victoria's Secret, New York & Company, Express.: My credit...

I need to have my credit cards back

Pella Windows: I have 2004 AS DH windows and am unable to close one. Do...

The windows are the Vintage 082005. The lower one almost closes except for the last 2-3 inches.

Issue with Disneyland Resort

Can my mother in law come in and babysit our children for a cheaper priced ticket. She will ride...

Comcast: Not able to keep internet service in my account because of my w...

My wife account was shut off due to her not paying her bill. I was also a authorized user on her...

Choxi: I have 30 ordersdating back to February.,that I have not recieved...

If they aren't sending them please credit my credit card,it will be a substantial amount. I have...

Wall Street Journal: Vacation stop

pc won't communicate with printer: Issue with Dell - Tech Support

pc won't communicate with printer

Dell - Tech Support: Dell PC can't communicate with Dell V313w printer a...

replaced empty ink cartridges purchased from you----now printer )Dell 313W printer is not recogni...

Microsoft - Tech Support: Hotmail email block does not seem to work.

I continuously mark phishing/malware scams, which claim to be from you, and you never remove them...

Issue with Dept of Child & Families, Access Florida

Lost access card,need replacement.

Was treated badly by assistant manager: Issue with Dollartree.com

I was treated badly in store by assistant managers at Store #5926 in Brent Al. They were cursing...

Fisher & Paykel: dishwaser, controls in-op

it was beeping with a count timer, i unplugged it,waited plugged it in, wash select works but no...

FreedomPop: INVALID SIM ER05

Washington Mutual: Cancelation of claim

I'm alive Daniel Paul Donnellyage 45 1-12-1971.