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Lower my bill for Comcast

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How do I lower my Comcast bill?
The easiest way to lower your bill is to call Comcast and pretend you want to cancel your service. A customer service rep with usually offer you incredibly low deals to convince you to stay with their service. The key is to work them down. Don't take they're first offer and don't be afraid to ask for a better deal. Follow the guide below to cut your Comcast bill up to 50 percent.
You will need to call them so here's the best number to do so, call Comcast here.
Say "disconnect service" when prompted by the automated voice prompts. This should get you connected to a Comcast retention specialist.
Lead your negotiation with the competition. Comcast fears losing customers to AT&T U-Verse, who is their biggest competitor and offers great deals to new customers. When the rep asks you why you would like to cancel, say that your bill is too high and AT&T is offering a better deal.
Next comes the negotiation. Don't be rude or too stingy. Comcast are not going to offer you a free subscription so don't expect that. But, it won't take much for them to shave $50 a month off your bill. Just to put that into perspective, that $600 year saved, just for making a phone call.
Another way to save an extra $10 a month is to purchase your own router and modem.
Make sure you buy a Comcast supported modem like the Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 SB6141 cable modem and pair it with a router like the Medialink Wireless-N router. You can get both of these for around $90 which means that after 9 months you'll have paid them off.
Taken from the GetHuman guide"How do I lower my Comcast bill?"