How do I access my Facebook again and submit my ID?

I'm in able to put my actual name so I can prove its me.
Whats Tht Link Below ?-
It doesn't have to be a government ID. Everyone has at least two of those. Is the name on your Facebook no where near your actual name?-
keearara: The link that says "ID Here" is the same one I posted. It is instructions on the Facebook help center on what forms of ID they accept.-
I've submitted government ID of mine a scan one with email and still no feedback a month a go.-
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2 steps45 mins
Government ID, Email
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Yes they require you to send in your government ID to verify you are a real user. You can try to use the form they have on their site, which will ask you some of the security questions or other means of identifying your account and/or you.

Good luck! If this works, please let me know my replying to this answer or marking it "correct".