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Overcharge/Strange charge for T-Mobile

I hold a JUMP! Lease agreement with T-Mobile and upgraded from a Space Gray iPhone 6 64GB to a Black iPhone 7 128GB by ordering in-store on 9/16/16. I attempted to trade in the iPhone 6 in-store, but I was told that is not permitted, and I would have to mail the phone to corporate using a provided UPS shipping label.

When I received the label in the mail, I used it to ship the phone back to T-Mobile. I was not given any documentation from UPS. The phone is no longer in my possession and has (presumably) been with T-Mobile since I shipped it back. However, I am now being charged monthly for two lease payments. Upon speaking with customer service, I was first told it would take 8 business days to research my handset and that they could not issue any bill credits.

I then took a closer look at my online account and noticed that the two recurring lease charges were for the black iPhone 7, which I do own, and for a Gold iPhone 6 16GB. Note, I have never owned this model iPhone.

I contacted another representative after placing the initial request for research because I noticed the discrepancy in phone models on my account. I was then told that it would take 13 business days to complete the research to credit my account for the overpayment. I was not given any solution as to what would happen if the company could not find record of my returned handset. I would just like to have my overpayments returned to me, and my bill corrected for the future. I have already paid more than the amount of my monthly bills in erroneous charges, and would rather not wait another two weeks for the issue to only "possibly" be resolved.

Thanks for your help!
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