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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Amazon customer service, archive #4. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported May 2, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I recently bought a $[redacted] gift card with cash, and when I scratched the back, almost half of the numbers got removed. I went back to the store immediately, but they refused a refund due to gift cards being non-refundable. Contacted Amazon, and after talking to Izzie and then her manager, George, they only offered to credit the amount to my account. I insisted on a replacement card or a cash refund since I paid in cash. I don't want credit on Amazon as this was supposed to be a gift. Hoping for a quick resolution as it wasn't my fault the card was defective.
Reported by GetHuman-dipierri on Rabu, 2 Mei 2018 pukul 21.42
Subject: Issue with Payment on Order # [redacted]-[redacted] Dear Amazon Customer Service, I am contacting you regarding the recent email notification I received about the payment for my order being declined. I have reviewed my bank statement and it shows that the payments for the items listed in the order have been processed successfully. I have encountered similar issues in the past where I was incorrectly informed about payment problems which led to duplicate charges. I kindly request a thorough investigation into my account to avoid any further discrepancies. I urge you to ensure that the items marked as unpaid are shipped promptly and refund any overcharged amounts from previous orders in the last two years. Please address this matter promptly as it has caused inconvenience and distrust in your payment system. I look forward to your swift resolution. Sincerely, Rubikin DSilva 23 Scarlett Avenue Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP22 5BD
Reported by GetHuman-speedque on Khamis, 3 Mei 2018 pukul 20.28
Hello, I recently received the two belts I ordered on May 1, [redacted], under order #[redacted]-[redacted] using my MasterCard ending in ...[redacted]. The belts I received are the Tommy Hilfiger Men's Braided Belt in Tan, size 38, and the Tommy Hilfiger Men's 35mm Canvas Leather Ribbon Belt in Khaki/Brown/Navy, size 38. While they are great belts, I made a mistake with the size. I am not seeking a refund but would like to exchange them for the correct size. One package is unopened, while the other is in its original packaging. I am traveling to Europe in just over two weeks and would appreciate your assistance in replacing them in time. Could you please advise me on the return process and provide the necessary address? Alternatively, would it be quicker to place a new order, return the current belts, and expect a timely refund? Thank you for your prompt assistance. I am eagerly awaiting your response. Best regards, B.P. [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman654349 on Khamis, 3 Mei 2018 pukul 21.53
While shopping on Amazon, a pop-up for a promotion caught my attention, offering discounted products. I decided to purchase CARCINIA CAMBOGIA for $4.95. Unfortunately, shortly after, I had a medical emergency and spent weeks in the hospital followed by months in rehab. PurePrime has been sending me the product regularly and charging me $84.00, even though I didn't cancel as it was not clearly indicated in the advertisement or accompanying materials. Given the circumstances, I was unaware of these recurring charges. I believe it's unfair and would like a full refund for all the charges. It's essential for companies to be transparent about cancellation policies upfront to avoid misleading customers. When contacting the company, they only offered a 50% discount on the latest bottle. Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-rsandov on Jumaat, 4 Mei 2018 pukul 22.03
I added a pack of 6 bottles of Pantene Age Defy Advanced Thickening Treatment for $23.95 to my last order. However, I am concerned because the Pantene items are missing from my order, even though they were the main reason for my purchase. Additionally, I thought I ordered two Maybelline lipsticks but received only one lipstick and an unwanted brown lip liner. I am unsure if the brown lip liner was a substitution for the missing lipstick or if there was a mistake in my order. Normally, I print my orders for reference, but I cannot locate this particular one. I want to ensure the items I selected are included in my purchase, especially the Pantene products that were essential to me.
Reported by GetHuman-javajive on Sabtu, 5 Mei 2018 pukul 01.38
Recently, I've been experiencing connection timeouts when trying to access various Amazon sites like Prime, video, or music. Besides, after entering my password, I receive multiple login codes via text. However, both the app and website time out before I can enter any code. This issue is persistent across multiple iOS and OS X devices on my home network. The problem only started around six weeks ago, and it's specific to Amazon sites. Could someone assist me with this? - Brad
Reported by GetHuman-bradhei on Sabtu, 5 Mei 2018 pukul 06.07
I received the counterfeit product way before the expected delivery date with a different tracking number printed on it. The item is damaged and much smaller than anticipated. It was supposed to arrive between May 22nd and June 5th, but it came today, which is May 5th. The product cost $[redacted], and we demand either the genuine item or a full refund due to what seems to be a scam involving a rogue middleman. The package arrived from China, not through Amazon but from a local seller. It's a substandard product not worth its price. Urgent resolution is requested; otherwise, I will report the incident. The tracking number we have is RE[redacted]67CN, but the one on the product is RY[redacted]75CN. No delivery notification was received. Despite being able to track the original purchase, the item received is a fake. A prompt response is needed to address this issue effectively.
Reported by GetHuman658849 on Sabtu, 5 Mei 2018 pukul 15.05
I have experienced unauthorized charges on my Amazon Digital account twice. During my last chat, I requested the cancellation of my account and all associated subscriptions. There was a charge of $5.65 posted on 4/30/[redacted], with a pending charge for $16.98. I recently began using my Kindle again, and the charges have resumed without my authorization. I have not downloaded anything or given permission to use my card. I have a new card, and I am perplexed as to how my new card was charged without my consent. Please clarify the origins of these charges, cancel all subscriptions, and provide detailed steps to prevent further unauthorized charges. It is concerning to deal with fraudulent charges while using a tablet, and this recurring issue needs to be addressed promptly.
Reported by GetHuman663078 on Isnin, 7 Mei 2018 pukul 15.30
I made a purchase from Filters Fast Filters on Saturday, May 5, [redacted], placing the order at 11:00AM. Shortly after at 11:24AM, I phoned to cancel as I found two extra filters I already had. I promptly supplied the requested information. I then received an email confirming my cancellation request but later another email stated my cancellation was rejected and the order was on its way. I just verified with the shipping department, and it indicates that the order is awaiting shipment. I am perplexed as the order was placed on a Saturday, and they are closed on weekends. Today being Monday, I am unsure how the order could have been processed when they are normally closed. I attempted to call this morning, May 7, [redacted], and after a 30-minute wait, no customer service representative answered. This experience has me questioning the company's integrity as it seems like they had no intention of honoring my cancellation within the 24-minute window I adhered to.
Reported by GetHuman663116 on Isnin, 7 Mei 2018 pukul 16.05
I placed an order on on Saturday, 5/5/[redacted]. I wanted to cancel my order within 24 minutes because I found two new filters I already had. I followed their cancelation instructions exactly. I received acknowledgment that they got my request, then another email stating my order already shipped, though they are typically closed on weekends. This morning, 5/7/[redacted], tracking showed the order as "waiting to be shipped." I attempted to call and got no answer after being on hold for 30 minutes. It seems nearly impossible to speak to anyone. With all the negative reviews, I see I made a mistake dealing with this company. They seem to make canceling orders very difficult. I am simply asking to cancel my order and receive a refund for the purchase amount. Mary A. W. Email: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman663116 on Isnin, 7 Mei 2018 pukul 16.34
A few months ago, I relocated to a new place in Costa Rica and updated my contract with the Internet service provider to reflect the change. Now, when I try to log into my Amazon/Kindle account, I am prompted to enter an "identity verification code" because it appears I am accessing the account from a new device, which is not the case. Despite quickly entering the code sent to me, I keep receiving a "timed out" message, requiring me to request a new code repeatedly. I have attempted this process multiple times without success. I urgently need access to my account to purchase new Kindle books. Any assistance in resolving this issue promptly would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jerry A.
Reported by GetHuman-samba_fa on Isnin, 7 Mei 2018 pukul 16.43
Dear Amazon Customer Support, As a psychotherapist and author, I handle a diverse group of patients in my practice, all of whom expect complete confidentiality. Therefore, I am unable to disclose any information about who may or may not be a current or former patient, including details about personality disorders. Robert Mitchell, a former student, sought to assist me at a workshop but reacted negatively when not selected. His subsequent harassment, including threatening voicemails and unfair negative reviews of my book "How To Survive Your Childhood Now That You're An Adult," are unjust. Despite not purchasing or reading the book, he left spiteful comments. I believe his actions are driven by malice and aimed at harming my reputation and sales. I appreciate Amazon for removing Robert's previous fake reviews. I kindly request the removal of this latest review (link provided) and the immediate suspension of his reviewing privileges on Amazon. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Ira Israel
Reported by GetHuman663894 on Isnin, 7 Mei 2018 pukul 18.18
Subject: Assistance Needed with Order in Peruvian Customs I have an order, number [redacted]-[redacted], stuck in Peruvian customs. To resolve this issue, I kindly request an email from you that I can forward to customs to change the recipient's name from Miss Anne-Marie Block to Jorge Eduardo Pinedo Hoyle (DNI [redacted]8). Below is the text needed for the email: To Intendencia de Aduana Aerea de Callao, Our package with Guia [redacted]-08/05/[redacted], originally addressed to Miss Anne-Marie Block, should now be marked for Jorge Eduardo Pinedo Hoyle (DNI [redacted]8) as the consignee. The delivery address remains the same, only the recipient's name needs to be changed. Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, Representative's Name Amazon
Reported by GetHuman-annemblo on Jumaat, 11 Mei 2018 pukul 22.00
On February 3, [redacted], I purchased a Kindle Fire with installment payments. This month, I was mistakenly charged three times for $22.00 each. After contacting customer service, there was confusion about the payment processing. Despite being assured that the issue was resolved, I found another duplicate charge. After multiple calls, Minor from customer service managed to rectify the situation, which involved a double authorization check. My bank has yet to refund the duplicate charges. The experience required unnecessary time and effort, involving three phone calls for resolution. Sincerely, Wendy A. Jedrzejewski
Reported by GetHuman-jedrzeje on Sabtu, 12 Mei 2018 pukul 03.41
I purchased a Funko Pop (Pennywise #55) on May 4, [redacted], and received it on May 9. Sadly, the package had a significant tear, revealing a damaged Funko inside. I was disappointed as collector items like these should be shipped in protective boxes. I contacted Amazon on May 9, expressing my concerns. A customer service representative promised to resolve the issue and ordered a replacement. The new item arrived promptly on May 11, but once again, it was packaged in a flimsy envelope and suffered damage during transit. It is crucial to ship box items securely to prevent damage. I hope they consider customer requests more seriously.
Reported by GetHuman-arosespn on Sabtu, 12 Mei 2018 pukul 07.04
I recently received an email notification from Amazon confirming a change in the email address associated with my account. I did not request this change and now I am unable to log in. I tried reaching out to customer service for help, but was abruptly disconnected after being put on hold. Below is a snippet of the email I received: From: [redacted] Date: Sat, May 12, [redacted] at 5:22 AM Subject: Email Address Change To: "[redacted]" Hello, As per your request, the email address linked with your account has been successfully modified. If you did not authorize this change, please contact us immediately at 1-[redacted] or 1-[redacted] for international inquiries. We are accessible 24/7. Thank you, Customer Service Department Kindly refrain from replying to this email as it is unmonitored.
Reported by GetHuman678508 on Sabtu, 12 Mei 2018 pukul 16.57
Finding a phone number for customer service was a challenge. After calling and being on the phone for 37 minutes, my issue remained unresolved. I bought a faulty hair dryer and needed to return it but wasn't given an address by Amazon. The customer service representative struggled to assist promptly, requiring multiple address and email verifications. Communication was difficult, with many silent moments where I had to verify if we were still connected. After 52 minutes, I was promised an email with return label instructions. It took 55 minutes to receive the email with the necessary information. While the problem is now resolved, it took longer than expected, and the wait on the phone continues unnecessarily.
Reported by GetHuman-sgerace on Sabtu, 12 Mei 2018 pukul 21.39
I am requesting a callback from a supervisor as soon as possible. I suspect someone falsely presented themselves as a private contractor for OnTrac, a company that occasionally delivers Amazon packages. The individual in question arrived in a non-standard PG&E vehicle, which is irregular for the companies usual vehicles. I have video evidence of both incidents and could clearly see the person's face, revealing it to be the same individual. This individual, Cyrus M., was involved in both scenarios. Due to receiving death threats and a recent trespassing attempt, I urgently need this individual to be identified. The video footage clearly shows similarities between the two incidents, with the person attempting to conceal their identity by wearing various disguises. Verification is essential as I have never encountered this person among the regular delivery staff.
Reported by GetHuman680005 on Ahad, 13 Mei 2018 pukul 08.58
Subject: Issue with Accessing Books on Amazon Account Hello, I am facing an issue with accessing my books on Amazon. I can't remember my password after receiving books for a while, and despite multiple attempts to reset it, I keep getting an error message that my new password is incorrect. If this problem cannot be resolved, please go ahead and close my account. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-noelmach on Ahad, 13 Mei 2018 pukul 15.59
I did not intend to sign up for Amazon Prime while trying to reset our password. I cancelled the Amazon Prime account under the name Steven R. Altland through several emails, but they were returned as undeliverable. Despite being assured over the phone by one of your Indian representatives that the account was cancelled, I received a congratulatory email for signing up shortly after. It is important that Amazon's communication is consistent and accurate. We wish to maintain my wife's account under the name Janice Altland. Despite my efforts to communicate clearly, the telephone representative appeared to have difficulty understanding our request.
Reported by GetHuman681256 on Isnin, 14 Mei 2018 pukul 00.18

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