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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Bell Canada customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported December 17, 2015 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I am currently residing in an area with limited internet and cell service. Despite having a Bell Fiber optic line passing by my house, I am unable to access DSL. I'm looking to arrange a meeting to explore the option of connecting my residence to the fiber optic line for high-speed internet, phone, and cell service for three devices. I aim to switch from Rogers to Bell for all these services. As of now, I only have access to Bell phone without DSL and satellite TV. To obtain a subpar internet connection, I need to set up a tower with costly and throttled service. It would greatly benefit Bell's business to address these issues in rural regions like Grey County with a growing population. There's a stipulation in my purchasing agreement requiring the provision of high-speed internet by the sellers. I am eager to engage in a conversation to find a resolution. Thank you, James D.
Reported by GetHuman-jimmers on jeudi 17 décembre 2015 20:38
I was initially given the offer for Fibe TV and Internet deal with two receivers at G77Q35V4, later changed to G77r43S4, by a Bell representative for $79 for the first three months, then $[redacted] with taxes. I was assured I could keep my grandfathered digital package. Despite multiple confusing calls from Keith and Robert, I confirmed the switch to Fibe TV and Internet for May 2. The service would extend to my second trailer 40 feet away with a second receiver included. The price was to increase to $[redacted] after the promo. However, interactions with Brian, Amanda, and Cassandra led to disappointment as no acceptable solutions were offered for the discrepancies. They claim no authority to resolve the issue. I urge a detailed review of all calls related to this matter and request a satisfactory resolution, considering my extensive background in customer satisfaction. I am open to discussing potential employment to improve Bell's competitiveness against Rogers.
Reported by GetHuman-selectke on vendredi 29 avril 2016 21:28
Hello, my name is Hazel J., and I have been a loyal customer of Bell for over 30 years. Recently, I have noticed a trend of my bill increasing every time it is issued, making it challenging for me as a senior on a fixed income. Most recently, my bill went up from $[redacted].00 to $[redacted].91 in March, and now it is at $[redacted].00. With my pension only increasing by a few cents annually, it is becoming unsustainable for me to afford these rising costs. I hope Bell can address this issue and help me continue my loyalty to them. I have been waiting on hold for a Bell representative for 30 minutes now, and I would greatly appreciate speaking with someone rather than corresponding via email. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-hjhnson on vendredi 25 mai 2018 15:21
I recently cancelled my cable service two weeks ago, only to be informed about a $75.00 fee due to my supposed remaining four months in a contract. I explicitly mentioned during the cancellation that I had no intention of being in a contract. However, now I am being told contradictory information regarding my contract status. As a senior citizen, I could only afford the starter package, alongside my landline, which is already costly. Returning the receiver was an additional burden as I had to procure bubble wrap, incurring further expenses. Despite these challenges, the company insists on the $75.00 fee, which is beyond my financial capacity. This disappointing experience has tainted my view of the company's customer service, and I will not be recommending Bell for any services in the future.
Reported by GetHuman-rinathor on lundi 28 mai 2018 18:02
I am writing to express my frustration with the poor customer service provided by Bell Canada. Despite being a loyal customer for over 30 years and being on a two-year contract for my home internet service, I have received nothing but disappointing responses from the loyalty department. I feel undervalued and disregarded as a customer. I have continuously reached out in hopes of receiving a more reasonable and affordable plan, only to be met with indifference and unhelpfulness. It is disheartening that Bell seems unconcerned about retaining customers like me. If my account plan does not improve, I am prepared to pay off the contract and switch to a different provider who appreciates my loyalty. I hope to speak with someone who understands my situation and is willing to reward my loyalty with a better offer. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman777639 on mardi 12 juin 2018 19:16
I need to renegotiate my Bell Canada bundled plan as it's been two years. I've had a frustrating experience with Bell's Customer Retention Department. One agent promised me a rate reduction over the phone but never followed up with an email. After contacting them again, a different agent claimed no knowledge of the previous call or the promised reduction. Despite checking promotions, they only decreased my bill by $5 from $[redacted].16. The Customer Retention agents' tactics are confusing and frustrating, pushing clients away. I have submitted a complaint to Bell and am planning to escalate this by sending a letter to the CEO.
Reported by GetHuman788811 on vendredi 15 juin 2018 21:02
I contacted to add 2GB of data to my usual 3GB due to reaching 95% usage. However, the employee upgraded me to 6GB in the middle of the month instead of simply adding the 2GB as requested. This change was made without warning about potential overages or loss of notifications. Consequently, I unknowingly exceeded 12GB resulting in an unexpected $[redacted] bill. As a person on ODSP with a limited budget, this cost is unmanageable. I typically stay within $[redacted] by adding only the necessary 2GB. This experience has been frustrating, and I will not continue my contract with Bell if this matter is not resolved satisfactorily. I am open to paying $[redacted] as this aligns with my usual usage and original request for additional data. Kindly investigate this issue. I request to discuss this with a manager.
Reported by GetHuman796388 on lundi 18 juin 2018 17:18
Hello Bell, I'm experiencing an issue with my billing as it has unexpectedly increased to $95.20 from my usual $89.60 monthly total. On June 10th, I received a text stating I had used 95% of my data, although my data usage page showed only [redacted] megabytes used. To avoid surpassing my data limit, I refrained from using data until after June 19th, my roll-over date, since I should have 500MB monthly. Additionally, I received an email last Thursday regarding a new service agreement with Bell, which was puzzling since I have not made any changes to my services. Unsure if the email was legitimate or a scam, I refrained from opening the attachment. Could a Bell representative please contact me promptly via phone to address these concerns? I've attempted to reach out but have been on hold for approximately 30 minutes. Thank you for your assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-zwolfer on dimanche 24 juin 2018 03:01
I recently switched from Bell to cable and encountered issues with my channels being disconnected without a reduction in payment. To add insult to injury, to regain the channels, there was an extra $12 monthly charge. Despite setting up the transfer date for June 18th, Bell called a few days prior with a better offer. Even though I declined, my phone and internet were disconnected the next morning. After numerous hours on the phone, I was told this was done prematurely. Initially, a technician was scheduled for June 18th at 9 am, conflicting with the cable connection at 10 am. Despite this, no one from the cable company arrived on Friday. After speaking with nine people, Bell falsely claimed I changed my mind. Following more calls, our phone was reconnected, but the internet remained down for five days. Even after another call to reconnect the cable, it could only be done the following week. I expect the promised adjustments to reflect on my bill. Thank you for your help. Account number [redacted]15. Peter Kozelko, [redacted] Soloy Drive, Sudbury, Ontario, P3A 1E8. Contact number [redacted] was lost during this chaotic situation.
Reported by GetHuman-jeankoz on samedi 30 juin 2018 16:15
During humid conditions, our landline stops working. Outgoing calls fail, and incoming callers receive a busy signal. Contacting Bell's automated service doesn't help as there's no immediate live assistance to check the line. By the time a technician arrives, the phone starts working again. Though told the cables need replacing due to age, it's delayed because of the impending fibe service. Experiencing frequent internet disconnections and slow speeds compounds the issue. Desiring equal service quality for the same payment, it's frustrating not to have reliable communications. Urgently needing assistance from a live Bell representative, especially in emergencies when communication is crucial. - M. #[redacted]07
Reported by GetHuman865241 on mardi 10 juillet 2018 00:34
I would like to address my ongoing issues with Bell's service. I have been a loyal customer since [redacted], but this year I have faced numerous service interruptions. Despite being a customer for so long, I have experienced being disconnected four times and left without a phone for two to three days each time. The technicians have failed to show up as scheduled. Additionally, despite signing a three-year contract, I have been billed different amounts every month. Even after reaching out to the loyalty department, no follow-up has been made as promised. Last night, my phone went out again, and the technician scheduled between 3 and 5 yesterday did not arrive, with a call at 6:30 p.m. notifying me of the delay. These are just a few of the issues I have encountered. I would like to address these problems with the head office, could you please provide me with the address? Regards, Sue
Reported by GetHuman-sueappav on jeudi 19 juillet 2018 23:14
I am contemplating cutting the cord and reached out to a provider for high-speed internet options at Bell. Here are the offers I received: a) 50 Mbps with unlimited usage for $49.95 b) [redacted] Mbps with unlimited usage for $49.95 c) Special student offer for either 50 Mbps or [redacted] Mbps at $54.95 - no installation fees, but requires a student ID. There are no contracts, and a free Wi-Fi modem is included. The one-time installation fee is $59.95, and there is a bonus of a $50 VISA GIFT CARD to offset the installation cost. Upon mentioning my current service with Bell, the dealer offered the same deal with Rogers instead. It is disheartening to see loyalty being overlooked, with Bell seemingly valuing new customers over existing ones. If I do not receive a response by the end of today, I plan to instruct the representative to switch me to Rogers as a new customer.
Reported by GetHuman-msoltys on lundi 30 juillet 2018 18:45
I am a 92-year-old customer who has been loyal since [redacted]. I left Canada permanently on October 21, [redacted], and informed you by phone before returning a new cellphone unopened in writing with my departure details. Despite multiple attempts to explain the situation to customer service over the phone, I continued to receive bills for months after leaving. I mentioned that there were no calls made post my departure and requested an investigation due to being a long-term customer. However, the issue persisted, and I received invoices for subsequent months. After ignoring these bills, I received a notice asking for a payment of $[redacted].87, which I believe should be around $70 based on my calculations up until October [redacted]. This led to a collection agency's summons for over $[redacted]. I kindly ask for your assistance in resolving this matter promptly and efficiently. Thank you. Michel de l Place [redacted] or [redacted] reference [redacted]8.
Reported by GetHuman-mdlp on vendredi 17 août 2018 16:27
I have been experiencing ongoing internet issues for several months now, with slow speeds and frequent disconnections. While the tech support team has been helpful, the service provided by the technicians has been lacking. I had an appointment scheduled for yesterday between 8am and 10pm, but the technician only left a modem without completing any repairs. Despite setting up the new modem, there has been no improvement in my internet connection. I hope that no payment was made to the technician for the incomplete service. Please contact me at [redacted] regarding this matter. My wife, Bertha Green's account is associated with the number [redacted], but I, Garnet Green, have been managing this issue. Thank you, Garnet.
Reported by GetHuman-garnet_g on mardi 4 septembre 2018 14:55
I recently created a new account, [redacted], for my nephew on Sunday morning, September 2nd. I was informed the service would be active within 1-2 hours. After 3 hours passed, I contacted Bell Canada customer care. I was then informed that the service would be active on Tuesday, September 4th, due to the holiday on Monday. Following up on Tuesday, after being transferred multiple times, I was told the service wouldn't be active until Friday, September 7th. I am currently in California and have been unable to communicate with my nephew (under 18) for a week. This situation is unacceptable. I am unsure whether to trust that the service will be active on Friday or if I should cancel the account. Can Bell customer service be trusted in this matter?
Reported by GetHuman-paulshi on mercredi 5 septembre 2018 19:42
Account # [redacted]10 – M. Wilson Equipment: [redacted] - HD PVR Plus Receiver My [redacted] HD PVR displayed error message [redacted] on Saturday night, advising me to unplug and reset it. After doing so, the PVR worked but gave error code [redacted] when I tried to access it. Following Bell's instructions, I reset it multiple times, yet the errors persist, preventing PVR access. My Bell service is new, installed on July 4th, [redacted]. Research suggests I need a replacement for my [redacted] unit and any recordings may be lost. Please send a replacement unit to either my billing/installation address at [redacted] Milburogh Line #1, Burlington, ON L7P 0C5, or my mailing address at [redacted] Biggar Heights, Milton, ON L9T 0G7. The preference is for delivery to my mailing address, which is more secure. Currently without phone service, I attempted Live Chat on Saturday night and Sunday morning, but it was unavailable despite the advertised 24/7 service.
Reported by GetHuman1119553 on lundi 10 septembre 2018 14:03
I have been experiencing issues with my two business lines from Bell since last week. Despite speaking to multiple Bell employees, including a person named Marilyn, I have not had any success in getting the lines reconnected as promised. This situation is not only frustrating but also financially draining for my small business. I have been given several tickets for my case, with the latest one being number [redacted]0. If needed, I can be contacted at [redacted]. Please avoid calling the intercom films lines as they are still not working. Thank you, GW Taylor.
Reported by GetHuman-giltaylo on mardi 11 septembre 2018 19:35
On August 3rd, I signed a contract with Bell Canada to switch from Rogers. The technician was scheduled to arrive on August 23 but didn't show up or cancel. After being rescheduled to August 27 and experiencing another no-show with no explanation, I canceled my Bell service due to the inconvenience. Despite rescheduling for September 11, the technician arrived on time, but I was unexpectedly given a new phone number without prior notice. After expressing my desire to keep my current number, the issue was resolved after a few phone calls, with my phone expected to switch to Bell within 48 hours. Unfortunately, when my phone didn't work, I had to make another appointment for a technician, who also failed to arrive. Despite multiple calls to Bell, the issue persists, causing me to incur extra charges on my cell phone. I refuse to pay for additional costs due to Bell's repeated service failures.
Reported by GetHuman1142894 on vendredi 14 septembre 2018 15:44
I need assistance with my phone service situation. My contract ended in July, while my son's contract lasts until January. I want to remove my phone from the account due to high bills caused by his data usage. Even after speaking with a representative named CJ, no solution was found, but a ticket was submitted. I had trouble being contacted at suitable hours. Additionally, I was once told I could receive a discount on Bell TV, but couldn't due to the companies being separate. I'm considering a new two-year contract for my phone and transferring my son's contract to him. If possible, I'd like to bundle my cell and home services at a reasonable rate and receive credits to reduce my bill. After nearly 20 years with Bell, I am weighing whether to stay or switch providers.
Reported by GetHuman-rolliean on samedi 15 septembre 2018 19:39
In early July, I was charged for the MLB channel without my authorization. It came to my attention during a conversation with a Bell representative. Despite assurances in late July that the charge would be removed, I received a bill with the same amount included. Upon contacting Bell, I was informed that they would not remove the charge. I did not sign up for this service and am frustrated that the promised resolution did not occur. Please remove the unauthorized charge of around $[redacted] from my account. This situation has caused me unnecessary time and effort to address.
Reported by GetHuman-lindamke on mardi 18 septembre 2018 19:15

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