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Archive 2

The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about California Franchise Tax Board customer service, archive #2. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported March 9, 2019 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I submitted my state taxes on February 8th, and it's now March 9th, and they are still being processed. I called yesterday, March 7th, and was informed that more information is required as my state tax return was selected for an audit. They mentioned that they would be sending me some paperwork to complete and return via fax. However, the complication is that I am currently visiting family in another state until April. I would like to request if it's possible for them to send the necessary documents to my family's address, which is outside of California, as soon as possible.
Reported by GetHuman-k_patow on samedi 9 mars 2019 22:29
As an Air Force Reservist on PCS orders in Virginia since February [redacted], I have noticed discrepancies on my military W-2 regarding withholding for my time working in California earlier in the year. Although my full year's military pay is listed in Block 16, the withholding is minimal due to not having withholding while in California. FTB Publication [redacted] indicates I may owe no state tax for the days not worked in California since I am a non-domiciled resident. I am considering whether to adjust Block 16 of my W-2 to reflect no income earned during my time on PCS orders outside California or to leave it as is with the full year's military income. Any guidance on this matter is appreciated. Thank you, Colonel SP, USAF Reserve.
Reported by GetHuman2604842 on mercredi 27 mars 2019 16:55
Hello, I recently received a garnishment at my job regarding past revenue related to my daughter. I applied for hardship as I couldn't afford to pay, but I started a temporary job 5 months ago without realizing the issue wasn't resolved. Unfortunately, I lost my job yesterday. I am wondering if it's possible to arrange a payment plan to address this matter. Even if it's just $25 a month, I can manage that considering my recent tax filing only covered rent, bills, and kids' expenses. I hope the money hasn't been deducted yet, and I can resolve this through payments to support myself until I secure another job. I would greatly appreciate a prompt resolution. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman2755831 on mardi 16 avril 2019 14:38
I have some uncertainty about how your service operates, particularly regarding the charges involved. I am a US citizen employed in Taiwan. I have been filing US federal tax returns but have not filed any state returns. Recently, I received a tax notice from the CA state franchise tax board for the tax year [redacted]. Before relocating abroad, I was residing and working in the SF Bay Area. Although I submitted a tax filing and made a payment, the CA FTB has proceeded with legal action against my bank account. I am attempting to resolve this issue. It seems that despite sending multiple notices, I only received one close to their "due date". Consequently, by the time I completed the tax filing and sent the payment, it was already past their "due date". The check for payment has already been processed.
Reported by GetHuman-tseyong on vendredi 19 avril 2019 08:17
I am currently running behind on filing my taxes due to unforeseen circumstances including a serious illness. Despite this, I have managed to file my past-due returns for the years [redacted] and [redacted] with the IRS and for [redacted] with the California Franchise Tax Board. The issue I'm facing is uncertainty regarding whether I submitted my [redacted] return. While I have a copy of the documents that should have been sent, my paperwork is disorganized due to receiving items during my hospitalization. I would appreciate it if someone could verify whether the original [redacted] return was filed and advise if submitting a copy would suffice. Clarifying if the return was previously mailed for [redacted] would greatly help me resolve this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman2894673 on jeudi 9 mai 2019 18:55
I recently received a letter requesting proof of identity for my tax filing. My federal return process went smoothly, but my state return seems to be intentionally delayed. Despite reassurance from the state that my return is error-free, I am experiencing unnecessary hold-ups. Dealing with this delay is particularly stressful as I recently lost my father and now need to cover funeral expenses. It's upsetting that, during this difficult time, I have to come up with $[redacted] while my father's funeral is postponed. As a struggling single father supporting my children and others, I have fulfilled all document requests from the state, yet my refund is still pending. The situation is distressing, and I am eager for a resolution.
Reported by GetHuman-shaunsot on vendredi 31 mai 2019 11:13
I recently received a letter requesting verification of my identity when filing my taxes. While I have received my federal return without any issues, I've contacted them regarding the delay with my state return. They reviewed my state return again and confirmed that everything is correct. It's frustrating that my state refund is being purposely delayed. I am currently facing financial difficulties after the recent passing of my father. My family is struggling to cover the funeral expenses, and the delay in my refund is making the situation worse. Despite providing all the necessary documents to the state, I am still waiting for my refund. This ongoing situation is causing distress as my father has yet to be laid to rest properly. It's a challenging time for me as a single parent supporting my kids and others, while dealing with these delays and excuses. The entire ordeal is incredibly disheartening.
Reported by GetHuman-shaunsot on vendredi 31 mai 2019 15:38
This is my third attempt at resolving this issue. I received a payment notice yesterday and tried calling, but after being on hold for nearly 2 hours, I got disconnected. This is my second try calling back, still no luck. I need to speak to an agent to address the California state tax situation without affecting my disability benefits or freezing my money. Being disabled and terminally ill, I just need to sort this out and make a payment. Online options only show taxes from [redacted] to [redacted], but what I owe is from [redacted] and [redacted]. Not being able to reach anyone might give the wrong impression. I'm not ignoring the matter; my phone died while waiting yesterday. I'm desperate to avoid any negative consequences for not addressing this promptly. Thank you for your understanding.
Reported by GetHuman-glotuas on mardi 2 juillet 2019 19:48
I am Leslie F. from San Francisco, having lived here for nearly 40 years. Recently, I received an Earnings Withholding Order from the Franchise Tax Board with inaccurate information, possibly meant for another person with the same name. Despite my attempts to contact the board, I only reached an agent named Vince who seemed unprepared and avoided addressing the issue. I have sent three letters to clarify the situation, with one letter tracked through USPS. Despite the board acknowledging they lack evidence linking me to the intended recipient, they proceeded to garnish my wages. I am requesting the cancellation of the order, official letters admitting the error, a refund of the withheld amount plus additional damages. I am willing to settle for the $[redacted] taken from my paycheck in California, along with $20 for printing and mailing expenses. I hope for a prompt response to avoid further escalation of damages.
Reported by GetHuman-ddwi on mardi 30 juillet 2019 13:17
Hello, my name is Muhie Tabbara, a retired professor since [redacted]. Due to the extreme cold weather in Chicago, I am exploring different cities in the US to determine where I want to retire. In [redacted], I visited San Diego, a beautiful city but financially not feasible for me, leading me back to Chicago. Living on a pension and limited social security, I have not worked since [redacted]. Recently, on August 7, [redacted], my former landlord mentioned receiving a letter from California Tax Enforcement addressed to me. Despite not having worked or lived in California, I have received inquiries about filing state income tax. California Tax Enforcement contacted me back in [redacted] after which they assured me of no further action. I am unsure of the recent letter's contents and would appreciate any insights on why California Tax Enforcement is attempting to reach me. Thank you for your assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-mjtchica on jeudi 8 août 2019 06:02
I resided in California from [redacted] to 8/[redacted], then returned to my home state of Texas. Recently, I received letters claiming I owe back taxes from a small retail handmade jewelry business I operated for a few years due to a chronic illness. The tax board states I owe taxes for [redacted] and [redacted] totaling $4,[redacted].66, which I dispute. By [redacted], I had stopped working due to my illness, even filing for disability with the assistance of an attorney. My chronic illness, related to an anemic condition requiring intravenous iron/sucrose, has made it challenging to maintain regular doctor visits. As I battle with health issues, the financial strain is immense, shown by my inability to afford a necessary prescription priced at $[redacted].00. I am desperate to resolve this tax matter and seek assistance from a knowledgeable representative to clear this misunderstanding. The thought of facing a tax lien on my property intensifies my anxiety, making it crucial to address this promptly.
Reported by GetHuman3749040 on vendredi 11 octobre 2019 23:22
On November 4th, Wells Fargo deducted $[redacted].70 from my account due to a legal order from the Franchise Tax Board, case no. [redacted]15. I am unsure of the reason for this action. The CA Franchise Tax Board has not previously communicated with me regarding any outstanding debt or delinquent account. I own a property in Lake Tahoe, and my mortgage company handles property tax payments. They recently made a property tax payment of $[redacted].42 on November 5th.
Reported by GetHuman-ronrunne on samedi 9 novembre 2019 22:28
I previously spoke with Brian Wooten at the Franchise Tax Board about the penalties and fees resulting from my [redacted] tax obligations in California. Upon reviewing my payment history, it will show that I have typically been prompt with payments, and this situation was an exception. I admit the importance of timely tax payment but had received incorrect advice from H&R Block, compounded by being displaced by the Aliso Canyon gas leak. I have since changed accountants, sorted out my taxes, and paid the Franchise Tax Board. I am requesting the waiver of penalties and interest as I never intended to delay the state's payments. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman3981538 on samedi 23 novembre 2019 00:07
I am seeking clarification regarding the State Income Tax Balance Due Notice that I received. I have been waiting for approximately six months for my refund check. After speaking with Kevin in unit [redacted] on 5/20/19 and sending him an email, I was informed that my case would be on hold for four months due to the office not having information about a $[redacted].00 tax payment I made. Even after sending Kevin an additional copy of the [redacted]-R showing "state tax withheld" of $[redacted].00, I received a letter last week stating that I still owe $[redacted].73, including a $57.87 penalty. I am confused as to why the penalty was applied. It appears that I owe the difference between the $[redacted] paid and the $[redacted] I initially owed. I have been trying to reach someone for the past three days without success to get clarification. The letter requires payment of $[redacted].73 by 10DEC. I would appreciate your assistance with this matter. Thank you, Walter B. F. Sr. Social ending in [redacted] & Edna S. F. Social ending in [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-taptlaw on mercredi 4 décembre 2019 22:41
I recently had funds withdrawn from my account erroneously as I don't file taxes due to my age of 76. An agent named Ayn reached out to me, but was unable to leave a message as my full name was not on the voicemail. I am eager to contact her regarding the message she wanted to relay but only have the general line which is not helpful in reaching her directly.
Reported by GetHuman4035725 on vendredi 6 décembre 2019 23:49
I believe my dad may owe the government, which has led to the removal of funds from my teen account. My dad helped me open this account, but the money in it is mine. I have evidence of deposits from my job. I am requesting a full refund for both the checking and savings accounts. As a college student, this situation is causing additional stress for me. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman4055513 on samedi 7 décembre 2019 03:37
I have an unpaid ticket that I've been struggling to pay as a single mom of three, one of whom has special needs. The amount owed has kept increasing, and now I have received a "demand for payment" letter from the franchise tax board. Unfortunately, the letter is missing crucial information that I need to set up a payment plan. I've been unable to reach anyone to get the details I require. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman4066959 on lundi 9 décembre 2019 17:28
I am looking to set up a payment plan to start covering my debts. Due to my declining health, I am planning to relocate to Missouri for a fresh start. The moving expenses are high, so I propose paying $50 per month for the first 8 months and then increasing to $[redacted]. Once settled in Missouri, I might be able to contribute more to repay the debt promptly. To ensure timely payments, I authorize deducting the amount from my checking account monthly. Recently, my roommates handed me a letter from you dating back to October, prompting me to reach out. I hope to arrange a plan that works for both of us.
Reported by GetHuman-sharleea on mardi 7 janvier 2020 00:26
I have an S-Corp where the Principal Owner (80%) is mismanaging it, and my wife and I are minor partners (20%). The person handling the books didn't pay taxes, and now, when trying to sell our ABC Liquor License, we discovered it's on hold by the FTB. I need to find out the exact amount owed, how to make the payment, and if there's a chance to negotiate the debt.
Reported by GetHuman4227985 on jeudi 9 janvier 2020 20:24
In late [redacted], I received a notice from the CA FTB (Franchise Tax Board) about an NPA (Notice of Proposed Assessment). I promptly followed their instructions to submit an online protest on 03/18/[redacted]. Despite a confirmation of receipt stating a response within 21 days, I never heard back. Additionally, I made international calls on 09/12/[redacted] to address the inaccuracies in the NPA, particularly concerning interest from a bank I never used and an IRA rollover. Despite efforts with E*Trade to resend documents, the FTB continued to deny receiving the necessary information. Their insistence that I failed to respond and provide documents is unfounded, as I have a longstanding history of compliant tax filing. This treatment by the CA FTB appears excessively bureaucratic and unfair, culminating in unjust accusations and discrimination allegations. I seek assistance in understanding and rectifying the FTB's auditing practices. Thank you for any help.
Reported by GetHuman-luuyuu on mardi 4 février 2020 06:54

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