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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Denny's Corp customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported December 14, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I had breakfast with my friends at Denny's in Salinas, California on De La Torre Street near the airport on Monday, December 12, [redacted]. Our waitress, Jasmine, seemed to be having a rough day and ended up being rude to us for no apparent reason. She even suggested we leave if we were unhappy with her service, which I found disrespectful and embarrassing. Despite asking for the manager, they were unavailable at the time. I feel it's important to address this issue and ensure it doesn't happen to other customers in the future.
Reported by GetHuman-ysuarez on mercoledì 14 dicembre 2016 00:54
Hello, my name is John M. from Beatty, Nevada. A month or two ago, I lodged a complaint about finding a hair on my steak at a local restaurant. The manager tried to rectify the situation by offering me cheesecake, but I found it inadequate as it made me feel unwell. During my recent visit, I noticed another hair on my steak, which was unsettling. I felt concerned when the server questioned who the order was for with the cook. I tried to file a police report suspecting food tampering. Despite my calm demeanor and reaching out to Corporate Offices, I was subsequently banned from the restaurant due to the incident. I disagree with this decision as I did not cause a disturbance. I attempted to involve the authorities, but they couldn't establish intent. I seek resolution as a victim in this situation. If possible, please contact me at [redacted] or email me at [redacted] Thank you. John M.
Reported by GetHuman-johnmall on mercoledì 13 giugno 2018 03:43
I recently started working at a Bullhead City location. After about a month and a half, I've had enough. The team is unreliable, often disappearing to smoke and showing favoritism towards friends and family. Many new employees struggle due to lack of support and what seems like intentional sabotage. Those in charge then gather to watch security footage as if it's entertainment. The lack of accountability leads to numerous problems, with staff doing as they please and leaving new hires to pick up the slack. My breaking point was when I was left alone to manage during a busy night, despite being new to the role. I was mocked for not being up to speed. I quit last night when everyone vanished, leaving me overwhelmed with a huge table and lobby duties that I clearly couldn't handle alone.
Reported by GetHuman813743 on sabato 23 giugno 2018 17:24
I am Troy, a cook/dishwasher at the Bedford, Indiana Denny's. For the past three weeks, my girlfriend Rose, who is a server at Denny's, and I have been facing harassment from managers Jonney and Cassie. Jonney has been sending inappropriate messages to Rose, causing us to lose hours and be harassed daily. I tried to address this with the general manager, but there was no resolution as they seem to protect each other. Now, Cassie's brother Andy is also harassing us, making threats and carrying a loaded gun in the store. This situation is causing me severe anxiety, especially after a past traumatic experience. I am reaching out to Indiana Human Resources for help, as the new district manager seems unresponsive. Your support in addressing these serious issues at our store would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-rosentro on sabato 30 giugno 2018 20:08
My experience at the restaurant on Blossom Hill Rd. was disappointing. Upon arrival, the loud hip-hop music made it difficult for me to concentrate. After requesting a quieter area, the waitress initially brushed off my concerns until another staff member intervened. When the music returned at a more appropriate volume, the waitress confronted me, defending the loud music. Feeling unheard and disrespected, I decided not to return to Dennys due to the poor treatment from the waitress. The lack of consideration for elderly customers like myself is concerning. It's unfortunate that the situation escalated in such a manner.
Reported by GetHuman-ebnflow on giovedì 19 luglio 2018 20:23
I am employed at Denny's in Saint Clairsville, Ohio. After working there for two months, a wave of new employees has come in, and I have been consistently sent home early, taken off the schedule, and my hours are being given to the new hires. This situation is deeply upsetting and confusing for me. Recently, I was sent home four hours into my shift only to witness the new employees working full 8-hour shifts that were meant for me. This unfair treatment is affecting me significantly as a parent relying on a stable income, especially with the welfare system policy. Despite my loyalty during tough times, I am now left without hours, struggling to pay bills and provide for my children. Feeling hurt, frustrated, and unjustly treated, I urgently seek clarification on this matter. Please contact me at [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-megalady on giovedì 2 agosto 2018 11:21
Good afternoon, my name is Dana Brooks. I want to share my experience from a visit to your location at [redacted] E Lake Street Minneapolis, MN [redacted] on 8/11/[redacted] around 1:00am. When my party of 9 arrived, we encountered some unprofessional behavior from a young man outside playing with his phone. The manager told us we had to wait for a larger party to finish, which was fine, but he could have handled it better. The table we were eventually seated at was dirty, and the manager cleaned it with a rag that looked unclean. The service continued to be disappointing with mix-ups in orders, cold food, and lack of attention from the server. The staff did not check on us, and we waited a long time for basic requests. I work in corporate America and know customer service like this would be unacceptable. The overall experience was not reflective of a professional brand. I tried to contact the corporate office but found it challenging. I hope for a refund and improvements in your customer service. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-dsbrooks on lunedì 13 agosto 2018 18:18
The Denny's in Stockbridge, GA is the location I am referring to. The manager, Patrick, terminated my sister's employment after a family emergency that resulted in us leaving the hospital at 3 am. Despite her offer to provide a note, he responded insensitively by saying, "I don't care, I'm not going back and forth with you." This is not an isolated incident with Patrick. He is consistently disrespectful, rude, and lacks concern for his employees. There have been occasions where my sister worked until 1 am despite her shift ending at 11 pm. We are requesting a new manager or the return of Mr. Knox or Ms. Marcie, both of whom we hold in high regard for their respectful, helpful, and goal-oriented management style.
Reported by GetHuman-maleah_m on lunedì 13 agosto 2018 21:12
During our recent visit to the Denny’s on White Lane in Bakersfield, my boyfriend and I encountered some disappointing customer service. I wanted to substitute my hash browns for oatmeal with my breakfast slam, but the server initially refused, stating it couldn't be done. After I mentioned that I've done this at other Denny’s and used to work for the company, she reluctantly checked and found out it was possible. Unfortunately, she seemed upset about it. On our most recent visit, we were greeted by the same server, Atiya K., who was unwelcoming and blunt when taking our order. I tried to order from the senior menu, but she denied me because I'm not 55. I've never had this issue at other locations. Throughout our meal, she didn't check on us or refill our coffee, making us feel unwelcome. This experience has left us not wanting to return to this location again.
Reported by GetHuman1012298 on domenica 19 agosto 2018 23:32
I used to work as a server at Denny’s. I left because I felt disrespected by the general manager, Maria. She often didn't schedule essential staff for the afternoon shift, causing chaos every time. Before leaving due to a family emergency, I discovered she had scheduled me to work on a day when I was already leaving at 4 am. When I politely mentioned the scheduling issue to Maria, she dismissively replied with an unbothered "oh well." I tried to discuss changing my availability for when school started, but her response was similarly unhelpful. I then shared my feelings about her unprofessional behavior and lack of respect for the staff via text. Despite not receiving a response from her, I didn't show up for my next shift after attempting to reach someone at the restaurant with no avail.
Reported by GetHuman-emdv_ on martedì 18 settembre 2018 19:08
Yesterday, my spouse and I visited Denny's store #[redacted] in Tremonton, UT. The restaurant wasn't overly busy, and we were promptly seated. However, we had to wait 15 minutes for a server to assist us. During this time, we noticed multiple dirty tables with leftover napkins, straws, and food scattered on the floor. After another 10-minute wait, our drink orders were taken, followed by our food requests. Even though my dish arrived first, it lacked utensils and syrup. My husband's skillet meal, which usually has a decent portion size, was surprisingly small. Requesting a coffee refill took longer than expected, and it arrived just as we were finishing our meal. Upon visiting the restroom, I observed staff lounging at the counter, one folding silverware, and our server consuming a salad. The cleanliness of the restroom left much to be desired. This subpar experience at Denny's was unprecedented for us, leading to our decision not to leave a tip. A visit from the corporate team seems necessary for this particular store.
Reported by GetHuman1284645 on lunedì 8 ottobre 2018 16:43
The Denny’s in Fallbrook, California, advertises that they accept the EBT food card designed for low-income individuals. However, their credit card machine for EBT has been out of service for months according to what EBT customers have been informed. This ongoing delay is unacceptable. While other EBT vendors in Fallbrook do not seem to have this issue, this particular Denny’s is blaming it on an internet problem persisting for months. I am considering reaching out to the news media and press about this situation as it appears to be discriminatory. Refusing service to those in need is disheartening. I believe the public should be informed about this. If you wish to contact me, please reach out at [redacted]-[redacted]-[redacted]. A significant loss of business and negative publicity may prompt a reconsideration of how they treat individuals in difficult financial circumstances.
Reported by GetHuman-greatthi on lunedì 8 ottobre 2018 17:56
I ordered the hash browns advertised as "everything" but they arrived with hardly any toppings, no cheese, and a small amount of gravy. To make matters worse, my wife's order was missing the hash browns entirely. I called the restaurant, where a friendly lady took down our information. We decided to return for my incomplete meal. When we called to let them know we were coming back, the man who claimed to be the manager was extremely rude and hung up on me twice. I asked to speak to his superior, but he insisted he had no boss and abruptly ended the call again. We frequent Denny's due to our busy schedules, usually spending around $49, but after this experience, we won't be returning. Mistakes happen, but the way the manager treated me was completely unacceptable.
Reported by GetHuman1307268 on mercoledì 10 ottobre 2018 04:50
I wanted to share our recent experience at Denny's in Fruitland, Maryland. Despite being regulars, the service exceeded our expectations last week. The cinnamon pancakes were delightful. However, the highlight was when my husband lost his wallet; both the server and Manager were incredibly helpful and caring. Even with only $7 in cash, they refused our payment to ensure we weren't left struggling. The next day, when the wallet was found, the Manager was just as kind. The respect and service we received were exceptional, especially given my current health issues. Thank you doesn't suffice for the incredible customer service. I hope this message reaches everyone in your company. I don't have the store number, but this experience was around 10/17/[redacted]. Best regards, B.C.
Reported by GetHuman-salshore on venerdì 19 ottobre 2018 14:46
I visited the Denny's on Blanding Boulevard in Jacksonville, Florida. The experienced server I had was asked to leave and replaced by a new server named Candy. Unfortunately, within 45 minutes to an hour, Candy served us poorly prepared food twice. Despite my request for hard scrambled eggs due to my pregnancy, they were runny both times. Additionally, the rest of the food was cold by the time the correct eggs arrived. The chocolate chip pancakes my children ordered were extremely thin. When I requested to speak to a manager, my original server returned first and then another manager named Stan, who seemed uninformed, arrived. Surprisingly, despite the general manager being on-site, they did not assist or address the issues promptly. It was disappointing to receive such inadequate service, especially with the management present.
Reported by GetHuman1386364 on domenica 21 ottobre 2018 17:35
I recently visited the Denny's at [redacted] Blanding Boulevard, [redacted], and had a very disappointing experience. I arrived around 8:15 p.m. and waited for about 20 minutes before even being acknowledged. When I finally ordered, they were out of stuffing for the turkey dinner I wanted. The food I received looked like dried-up leftovers, the service was slow, and the overall quality was poor. After a long wait, I decided not to order anything else due to the chaos in the kitchen and left hungry. The manager ended up not charging me, but it was a frustrating visit, especially being from out of town on business. I usually enjoy Denny's when I travel, but this experience left me extremely dissatisfied and still hungry. Thank you for listening.
Reported by GetHuman1456128 on mercoledì 31 ottobre 2018 03:45
I visited Denny's store [redacted] in Portland, Maine early this morning only to find it open during scheduled hood cleaning. Is it a health code violation for the GM, Yvonne Phelps, to allow guests inside during this maintenance? Notably, the cleaning company failed to arrive. Upon alerting the GM about the situation, I overheard her yelling at the overnight employee, expressing her desire to sleep instead of fixing the issue. This lack of professionalism is concerning. This Denny's location has a reputation for running out of various items like chicken strips, coffee, ice cream, and side dishes, including to-go supplies. Addressing the behavior of Yvonne Phelps is necessary for the well-being of the establishment. It is recommended to consider a new GM for store [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-laxchcik on mercoledì 7 novembre 2018 20:22
During my recent visit to Denny's in Haw River, I had a terrible experience. The general manager, Daniel, behaved inappropriately throughout my visit. Witnessing him yell at a frustrated customer and her children, as well as scream at his staff, was disheartening. It was evident that the atmosphere was tense; a cook even left their job that day. After enduring an hour and a half wait for our meal, the quality of the food was extremely poor. The servers, although kind, were clearly affected by Daniel's behavior. When he addressed our concerns, he attempted to shift the blame onto us for being unhappy. Waiting for two hours for food, only to be met with disrespect from a manager, is unacceptable. This experience has led me to decide never to patronize Denny's again. Daniel's conduct has left a lasting negative impression on me and my family.
Reported by GetHuman-hsnnaht on domenica 11 novembre 2018 05:12
I would like to bring to your attention the unprofessional and chaotic experience I had at Denny's located on 78th and Capital. On 11/15/18, I celebrated my foster son's birthday there, but was met with subpar service. The waiter, named Precious, appeared untrained and unprofessional. To my surprise, I learned she was only 16, and the cook, Tab, had her child present in the restaurant throughout my meal. Despite understanding her situation, it was disruptive when she tended to her child during our conversation. My bill amounted to $22.17, and I presented a $5 coupon, which caused a dispute at the cashier. The loud music further added to my disappointment. When I asked for corporate or manager contact information, it was denied, leaving me dissatisfied. On a positive note, Manager Kim at the Brown Deer location was attentive and supportive, offering a vastly different experience. Thank you for listening. - R. Durden
Reported by GetHuman-kidabood on venerdì 16 novembre 2018 02:21
I placed an order online and quickly realized there was an issue with delivery. Despite my request for delivery and a confirmed 32-minute delivery time, the restaurant claimed they couldn't deliver. I requested cancellation and a refund, which was acknowledged but dependent on a manager's approval. Surprisingly, the order was delivered hours later to the original address. When I visited the restaurant for a refund, the manager Justin couldn't find the order in the system to process the refund. It was frustrating dealing with an unprepared manager for several hours. I sought advice from another location and will follow the necessary steps to secure my refund.
Reported by GetHuman1722930 on domenica 9 dicembre 2018 16:47

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