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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Emirates customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported January 18, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Hello, I reported my damaged luggage at GLA airport with global baggage handlers. They offered to replace my brand new case with their own brand, which does not match the size or style of my existing luggage. I am unhappy with this solution and have declined their offer. They suggested I contact Emirates directly, as the damage occurred during my booking with them. I believe Emirates should take responsibility for the damaged luggage of their customers. I feel frustrated as I got the case at a discounted price to match my current set, and now I am facing the prospect of paying double for a new one. What should my next step be in resolving this situation?
Reported by GetHuman-mari on lundi 18 janvier 2016 13:16
Subject: Lost Items at T3 Emirates Airport, Dubai I boarded the flight EK [redacted] from Dubai to Kolkata on May 27, [redacted], and unfortunately, I left my purse and a key bunch at the Security checkpoint in Terminal 3 of Emirates Airport in Dubai. My booking reference number is LU5KQB. I realized my mistake after boarding the flight and kindly request your assistance in tracing and arranging for the return of these items to the following address in Kolkata, India: Anirban Datta Block-H, Flat-3C, Lobby-2 Sherwood Estate Narendrapur Kolkata PIN- [redacted] I sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support in this matter. Warm regards, Anirban Datta Contact: +91 [redacted] Passport No: K[redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-danirban on vendredi 1 juin 2018 17:32
My daughter, who is 20 years old, was sent to Thailand for her 21st birthday. Her return trip to NY turned into a nightmare. On the flight from Bangkok to Dubai, she was seated next to two elderly gentlemen who had a strong smell of urine, making her nauseous. Despite her request to be moved, the flight attendant ignored her, causing her discomfort and lack of sleep during the journey. Further, the connecting flight from Dubai to Milan had a broken seat that wouldn't recline, leading to her having to sit upright due to neck and back pain from a gymnastics injury. Despite multiple pleas to be relocated or pay for an upgrade, Emirates staff did not assist her. I am frustrated with this situation and plan to reach out to the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. The Emirates center was also unable to provide a solution, and as longtime customers, this treatment is disappointing. I am worried about my daughter's well-being on flight EK205; I hope she remains safe. - Randa M.
Reported by GetHuman-randamor on jeudi 28 juin 2018 13:46
Subject: Emirates Skywards - Feedback Title: Mr. First Name: Dimplekumar Last name: Shah Emirates Skywards number: [redacted]5 Email: [redacted] Mobile: +91 [redacted] Feedback for Emirates: I would like to address the following complaints: 1) The cancellation of my flight B61677 from New York to Jacksonville on July 23, [redacted], operated by JetBlue, resulted in no alternative arrangements and handling staff exhibiting rude behavior. 2) Excessive luggage charges of $75 per bag totaling $[redacted] on JetBlue flight [redacted] from Raleigh to New York on July 31, [redacted]. 3) Expenses incurred due to the flight cancellation, including accommodation at Four Points by Sheraton Long Island City and subsequent flights costing $[redacted] with Delta Airlines. 4) The unjust luggage charge of $[redacted] demanded by JetBlue on July 31 despite meeting the requirements for First Class. Overall, I seek clarification on the lack of replacement flights, refund procedures, reimbursement for expenses, and resolution regarding the additional luggage charge enforced by JetBlue. I remain a loyal Emirates customer and hope for a satisfactory resolution to maintain my positive perception of the brand. Currently en route from New York to Dubai, then Ahmedabad. Best Regards, Dimplekumar Shah
Reported by GetHuman-dimplepu on dimanche 5 août 2018 17:21
I booked a business class flight from Geneva to Dubai - Auckland, and unfortunately, the confirmed chauffeur service did not arrive at the scheduled time of 18:40. It was frustrating to find out through a lengthy 30-minute call with the call center that the driver was not coming. I took a taxi to the airport and was eventually refunded the 44CHF by a representative who explained that the driver had gone to the wrong address. It would have been more helpful if the driver had contacted the call center to locate me since I was available by mobile and email. Although I was assured at the airport by Arnaud that the issue was noted and I would receive follow-up, I have yet to hear from the company. Considering the high cost of my ticket, I am disappointed by the lack of service I experienced. Despite my efforts to communicate the situation promptly, no alternative transportation was offered. I am seeking some form of compensation for the inconvenience.
Reported by GetHuman965606 on mercredi 8 août 2018 11:28
I recently traveled with my daughter from St. Louis to Dubai via Seattle and Lusaka. Unfortunately, on our flight to Dubai, we were given vegetarian meals because they had run out of regular options, leaving us hungry. The return flight from Lusaka to Dubai was also disappointing as our seats lacked in-flight entertainment for the seven-hour journey. Additionally, on the connecting flight to Dubai, we faced the same issue of being offered vegetarian meals due to a shortage of regular meals. The service on all these flights was subpar, with unresponsive crew members. Furthermore, our luggage did not arrive in Seattle as expected, and the Emirates staff there were unhelpful. I hope for a refund or compensation for this unsatisfactory experience, as I feel I did not get my money's worth on this trip.
Reported by GetHuman-muzamba on jeudi 16 août 2018 12:05
I recently returned from a trip to Manchester, Dubai, Johannesburg, Bulawayo, and back. During my layover in Dubai, our luggage did not arrive with us, causing a lot of inconvenience as we had to buy essential items like my daughter's asthma medication. After making several calls, we received our luggage the following day. As a frequent flyer with Emirates, this delay cost me more than I had planned for. I am disappointed and would like to request some form of compensation, such as a discount on my next flight. I am a Blue member and would appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-senyorit on lundi 10 septembre 2018 18:40
Dear Emirates, I would like to file a complaint regarding my recent flight experience on EK [redacted] from Prague to Dubai with booking number IBL332 or EK [redacted]. This was my first time flying with your company along with my friends, and unfortunately, I was truly disappointed. Upon arrival in Bali, I discovered that some items from my luggage were missing, including a 50ml Calvin Klein perfume and a Nike backpack. My bag seemed tampered with (the bag closure laces were tied differently) without any indication from immigration. Despite choosing Emirates based on its reputed service, this incident has left me quite upset. I am now hesitant about choosing Emirates for future travels and will share this negative experience with others. I am eagerly awaiting your response regarding assistance and possible compensation. Sincerely, PH
Reported by GetHuman-dostalov on dimanche 23 septembre 2018 12:32
I mistakenly booked 2 return flights from Manchester to Barcelona with EasyJet using my Emirates rewards, but I intended to go to Alicante. Emirates Rewards advised me to contact EasyJet. Within 24 hours of booking, EasyJet said they could refund less a charge to the Mastercard used. I pointed out I used reward points, and they stated the refund would go to the Mastercard linked to Skywards rewards. Skywards rewards mentioned my points couldn't be returned, even though the money was refunded. I understand my error but don't see why I can't have my points back when the money was reimbursed. I have all necessary documents for the cancelled flight and refund. I can provide them upon request. Please address this issue promptly as I don't want to lose my points given the refund. Thank you, Richard B., Skywards member [redacted]54.
Reported by GetHuman-bonettf on samedi 20 octobre 2018 18:15
Hello, I missed my JetBlue flight from Boston to Chicago on Nov 1st and my Emirates flight from Chicago to Bangalore on Nov 4th due to a meeting. I called Emirates on Oct 31st to ensure my Bangalore flight was not canceled. The representative assured me there would be no extra charges and my ticket was modified. However, on Nov 3rd, I discovered my ticket was suspended and was asked to pay $[redacted] for reissuance. As a student, this was a significant amount for me, especially since I had confirmed with Emirates that there would be no issues missing the JetBlue flight. I felt misled and disappointed as I had crucial travel reasons. I believe the recorded calls will confirm the promises made to me. I hope this matter can be resolved. Thank you, Divya S.
Reported by GetHuman1572515 on vendredi 16 novembre 2018 17:27
I was preparing to go to the airport for my connecting Emirates flight to Dubai when I discovered it had been canceled due to non-payment. After the flight was rebooked, I was told I needed to pay upon arrival at JFK. Although I faced challenges checking in, I eventually learned I had to pay over the phone, which was not initially communicated by the Emirates staff. This led to multiple issues including having to change my flight at an additional cost of nearly $2,[redacted] to travel with my family. The whole experience was unpleasant, further exacerbated by ongoing problems during the NY to Dubai flight, where our seating area on row 80 received subpar service. I am now reluctant to fly with Emirates again following these issues. Upon arrival in Dubai, two of my bags were lost, with delays and confusion surrounding their return. This frustrating experience has made our recent travels exceptionally challenging.
Reported by GetHuman1584216 on dimanche 18 novembre 2018 22:20
Upon retrieving my suitcase from the baggage claim after my flight with your airline, I noticed that the handle had completely come off. It was undamaged when I checked it in at Dubai airport earlier today. I had to take an Uber to Tooting Broadway because it was difficult to carry the large suitcase otherwise. The taxi driver suggested I reach out to you for compensation as I entrusted Emirates with my belongings. I had planned on taking the underground home and now have to spend over £60 on this alternative transportation. I am requesting compensation for the damaged suitcase and the additional Uber expense.
Reported by GetHuman1628864 on lundi 26 novembre 2018 17:19
Booking Reference: FGT8FB, Atlanta to Kolkata on December 4th. My initial flight with Jetblue from ATL to JFK at 18:19 has been delayed by 45 minutes. Uncertain if the timing will further shift. My concern is for my connecting flight from JFK to DXB at 22:20 with Emirates, considering the need for security checks and terminal changes upon landing. I aim to inform Emirates regarding this delay, trusting the airline to assist in case of any disruption to my schedule. Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sharbani.
Reported by GetHuman-szb on mardi 4 décembre 2018 22:11
My spouse and I flew from Dhaka to Dubai with Emirates and then took a Fly Dubai (since our Emirates flight was canceled) to Madina on November 28, [redacted]. We then traveled from Jeddah to London Heathrow on December 1 and from Heathrow back to Dhaka on December 10. The issue is the Skywards miles from these trips are not showing up in my account. Additionally, we have a family account with Emirates, and my partner has not yet received any correspondence regarding her mileage. She missed responding to a previous email from last August and lost out on the mileage. We are wondering when the Skywards miles will be updated and when my wife can expect to hear from Emirates. Will we be able to have her mileage from her USA trip in August [redacted] credited to our family account as well?
Reported by GetHuman1783188 on mardi 18 décembre 2018 08:33
Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to express my appreciation to the airline crew members of flight EK [redacted] from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai on 08/12/[redacted], specifically Miss Tania Tay and Mr. Daniel in Business Class. Suffering from a fear of flying, their extra effort to ensure my comfort and support by engaging in conversation and providing reassurance throughout the journey was truly exceptional. Furthermore, during my connecting flight from Dubai to London on EK033 in business class, my 10-year-old autistic son accidentally dropped my cellphone under the seat. Although the crew members (whose names I unfortunately do not know) attempted tirelessly to retrieve the phone before landing, it was challenging. However, upon landing, the technical team swiftly intervened, and within moments, my phone was back in my possession. The quick response and assistance provided were commendable. I sincerely hope that Emirates continues to deliver such outstanding service, with dedicated airline crews who strive to make passengers' journeys as smooth and comfortable as possible. Keep up the excellent work!
Reported by GetHuman-asfazura on jeudi 20 décembre 2018 07:56
Dear Customer Services Manager, We're thrilled to have our holiday to Dubai booked with you, departing from Gatwick on February 23rd and returning on March 2nd. This trip marks a significant milestone for our family, especially for our son, Isaac, who is turning 5. Remarkably, this will be his 100th flight. Most of these trips have been to and from the island where we live to England for his medical care. Isaac underwent a heart transplant at 6 months old after facing multiple health challenges, including a stroke. He frequently visits Great Ormond Street Hospital, a remarkable institution. He is truly a fighter! We also have a healthy 10-year-old son, Jacob, who has shown immense strength through it all. Many school breaks have been spent supporting his brother, enduring long stays away from home. This holiday to Dubai with Emirates is a significant first for us as a family. We would appreciate special assistance for Isaac as he uses a wheelchair. Additionally, we are hoping Emirates could make this flight extra memorable for both boys and our family. Thank you for considering our story. Warm regards, The Clynes Family
Reported by GetHuman-lisaclyn on dimanche 27 janvier 2019 13:57
I arrived in Sydney from Dubai this morning. Unfortunately, due to being unwell, I mistakenly took the wrong bag at the airport. Baggage services contacted me and offered a courier service for $85 to exchange bags, but I am too ill to return to the airport. Another person is also waiting for their bag, and I am still without mine. Emirates has been contacted, but no reference number was provided. The bag in question is labeled as EK220084. I kindly request an escalation of this matter for a prompt resolution.
Reported by GetHuman-robyneb on samedi 9 février 2019 23:41
Good afternoon, My name is IULIIA GRYTSENKO. I want to share my recent travel experience. I had a flight from Beijing to Kiev on February 7th with a transfer in Dubai. Unfortunately, I missed my connecting flight because I got confused with the terminals. I was misinformed at the information desk as my flight didn't appear on the timetable, which led to me missing my flight from a different terminal. Emirates airline charged me a penalty of $[redacted] and I had to purchase a new ticket to Kiev. I am disappointed by this experience as I faced inconvenience and unexpected costs due to lack of terminal information on my ticket. I purchased a new ticket to Kiev but now I am unsure if I can use my return tickets to China without paying the penalty to Emirates. I am looking for clarification on the penalty and would appreciate assistance in resolving this issue. Booking number: [redacted] Missed Flight: EK2353 (FZ727) Name: IULIIA GRYTSENKO Passport Number: PU013084
Reported by GetHuman2187938 on mardi 12 février 2019 04:33
Hello, I want to share my experience when traveling from DMM to DXB on Feb 14th with my mom's electric scooter. At DMM airport, we were advised to separate the battery from the scooter for it to be checked in. Upon arrival in Dubai, we collected both items at the luggage belt. On our return flight on Feb. 18th, we repeated the process, but at the check-in counter, we were instructed to carry the battery by hand. Unfortunately, at the gate, we were told they would transport it separately on the next flight. Despite contacting customer service multiple times and reaching out to Dammam airport, as of today (21-Mar), the battery has not been returned, leaving my mom unable to use her scooter.
Reported by GetHuman-salthab on jeudi 21 mars 2019 10:31
My flight from London to Sydney got diverted to Melbourne due to bad weather, causing a 3-hour delay upon arrival in Sydney. When I tried to pick up my hire car from Hertz, they were closed due to the delay. The next day, I went back to the airport only to discover that the car I had booked online was no longer available, resulting in me having to rent another car for £[redacted], much more than my original booking. I feel frustrated about missing out on my initial booking and losing money. I think the airline should take some responsibility and compensate me for these extra expenses. Thank you, Alan McCarthy.
Reported by GetHuman2564004 on jeudi 21 mars 2019 16:16

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