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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Facebook customer service, archive #55. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 8, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Hello, this is Atshaya Vijayaraj. I am experiencing an issue with accessing my account. Every time I try to log in, it prompts me for security checks. I complied with the requirement by uploading a matching photo to my profile picture for added security measures. However, even after two days, I am still unable to access my account. When attempting to log in from different devices, it indicates that my email address is not found. Additionally, a friend checked their account, but my profile is not showing on their friends list. I am confused about the ongoing security checking process and the status of my account.
Reported by GetHuman-atchuvij on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٠٥:٠٣
I am having trouble accessing my Facebook account. My name is Vickie Barnette, and my account name is Vickie Vixter. I have forgotten my password and no longer have access to the mobile phone or email I used to set up the account. I believe the last four digits of my old phone number were [redacted], but it has been a while since I used it. The same goes for my Yahoo email - I switched from [redacted] to [redacted] Unfortunately, I cannot remember the password for either account, even though I tried checking my notebook where I keep passwords. My memory has been affected due to my disability, leading me to forget important details like updating passwords. I have attempted to find help online but haven't had any success. I need assistance with this issue as I am feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.
Reported by GetHuman762319 on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٠٥:١٢
I recently encountered an issue with my account being logged out due to alleged abusive content being uploaded. As a single mother of three children, I faced a challenge with my middle child who tends to hide dirty plates and cups in his wardrobe. On June 7th, during a Facebook live session showcasing shopping for my daughter, I had to address my son's behavior live when I discovered the hidden dirty dishes in his wardrobe. I clarified that I did not abuse my child; instead, I scolded him for his actions out of frustration. My name is Dayon Salome Wanliss, also known as Dionne or Dian; my father is Neville Wanliss, and my uncles are Smiths residing in both England and Jamaica. I kindly request a review of my account under the name Dionne Salome Smith, which includes photos of myself and my late baby. Despite the situation, I am simply a mother displaying tough love towards my child Jayden. I have made several attempts to regain access to my account by entering the provided Facebook code. Thank you for your assistance. - Dayon Salome Wanliss, aka Dionne Salome Smith.
Reported by GetHuman762322 on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٠٥:١٤
Good evening, I need assistance deleting my old account that had been deactivated. Despite not being able to log in for some time, today I managed to access it after multiple password attempts. The email associated with the account is [redacted] and the name on it is Raquel Martinez-Renteria. The outdated phone number linked to it is [redacted]. I am unable to recall the current password; however, I remember that one of them was Jacobjr1. Can you please delete this account for me? Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-rakelava on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٠٦:٣٢
A false post with a picture of me has been made by Chad Caudill, containing untrue allegations. I am eager to provide any evidence necessary to refute these claims and request the post’s removal or the banning of Chad from Facebook, given the severity of the accusations. The post includes harmful language that could incite danger towards me as it labels me with unfounded derogatory terms. Despite reporting the post, it still remains visible, posing a threat to my safety. It is crucial to address this issue promptly before it leads to potential harm. I can be reached at my account Anthony-Murphy @live.com. The individual responsible for the post is Chad Caudill from Kenton, Ohio.
Reported by GetHuman762445 on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٠٧:١٧
Hello, Dear Sir/Madam, My Facebook ID is [redacted] My account has been disabled and blocked, and I am experiencing login issues. I have previously emailed the Facebook team explaining that I did not intentionally violate any copyrights. If there was a violation, it must have been accidental. As this is my first mistake, I assure you that I will adhere to the rules in the future. I have many friends and family on my Facebook profile under the name Jassi Rock, and numerous cherished memories are tied to this account, which I would hate to lose access to forever. There is also important personal data on my profile that I use regularly for work and daily activities. Therefore, I kindly request you to reactivate my account. Thank you, Jassi
Reported by GetHuman762466 on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٠٧:٣٩
I am a retail store based in Vietnam and I manage the Nau Leather Handmade Store page. On Tuesday, June 5th, I noticed that many of our photos in some albums were blocked when I accessed my page. Despite checking the notifications, I found no information explaining why this happened. This isn't the first time this issue has occurred. When it happened previously, I was able to chat with a live support agent who helped me restore the photos after reviewing some details. Unfortunately, this time the chat was closed and I couldn't start a new one. Despite my efforts to seek help on various pages and contacting Facebook Advertising, I haven't received any assistance or guidance on how to resolve this issue. These photos are crucial for our online customers, and we have invested in running ads featuring some of the blocked images. I am perplexed as to why approved photos are now blocked, as they are all legal product images taken by me and do not violate any regulations. I urgently require these photos to be restored and a clear explanation from the company. It has been a few days, and we are facing difficulties assisting our online customers without these images.
Reported by GetHuman-dinhdung on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٠٨:٠٩
Regarding FB accounts under the names of Anne Dee and Ivanna Dee. It appears these accounts have been compromised as sexually explicit posts are being sent from them. Despite checking our computer, no issues were found. A professional confirmed that this is likely a problem within FB. This has been ongoing for over a week and is distressing for us, retirees in our 70s. Today, upon logging into the Anne Dee account, the inappropriate posts were sent to our contacts, including grandchildren. We deactivated this account. However, we are hesitant to log into Ivana Dee’s account due to the same issue. There are cherished family photos on Ivana Dee’s account, but we cannot risk the security of our loved ones. Please urgently delete both accounts and ensure Ivana Dee’s account does not send further harmful content before deactivating it. Kindly confirm this request via email, so we can create new accounts. Thank you, A. Devonport.
Reported by GetHuman-annedevo on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٠٨:١٣
Hello, I am reaching out because my account was compromised on May 30, [redacted]. The login ID associated with it was [redacted] Unfortunately, this email address had not been accessed for over 5 years and was deactivated, preventing me from using it to recover my Facebook account under the username yasir.thanvi. Consequently, I had to create a new account, yasir.thanvi.3, to report the hack, resulting in the removal of my original account. I am seeking assistance to regain access to my old account, yasir.thanvi, with the email [redacted] (which I can no longer access for the recovery code). I kindly ask for the code to be sent to [redacted] for account retrieval. This account holds sentimental value as it was created more than a decade ago during my time at Oxford Brookes University. I possess various personal connections, photos, and memories stored there. To verify my identity, I am willing to provide my passport, driving license, or CNIC. Upon successful account recovery, I will promptly delete the temporary account created during the reporting process. Your support in reclaiming my original account for access to cherished memories is greatly appreciated. Thank you for looking into this matter. I am reachable for verification at [redacted] or +92 [redacted]80. The mentioned contact information is currently linked to a new account, which I will remove once my original account is reinstated. Best regards, Yasir
Reported by GetHuman-yasirtha on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٠٩:٥٦
I am unable to access my account as additional documents are being reviewed. My Facebook account is [redacted] I have tried everything, but it has been a year with no response. This account is crucial to me as it is my first-ever Facebook account from [redacted], containing many valuable pictures and connections. I am eager to regain access to it.
Reported by GetHuman-alfoxx on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٠:٢٧
Hello Facebook, I have eight live accounts on your platform, all starting with Michael Gebhart. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could investigate this matter and potentially delete all eight of these accounts. I am unable to retrieve access codes and lack the ability to delete these accounts myself. There is one account, the one at the top with a picture of me and the description "Grill cook at Wendy's," that I would like to keep if possible. It would be a huge favor if you could eliminate the other eight accounts for me, as I don't have the email addresses or passwords associated with them. Your prompt assistance on this matter would be truly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-gebhartm on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٠:٥٥
Hello, I've been struggling to access my Facebook account for over 4 years now. I forgot both the password to the account and the email associated with it, and I can't reset the email password due to a changed phone number. I've been trying to resolve this for a year now without success. If possible, I'd like to prove my ownership of the account to Facebook. However, if there's no way to regain access, I request that the account be permanently deleted as it's affecting my job search. Employers can see my outdated profile, which I haven't been able to update in years. I've faced difficulties reaching out to Facebook and my email provider. Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman762712 on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١١:٤٧
I am currently experiencing issues withdrawing from not being able to access my Facebook account. Despite attempting to follow the FAQs, my lack of computer skills frustrates me, leading me to drink at the pub. With all my friends on Facebook, my social life suffers, leaving me desperate to regain access. The account belongs to Mark Fletcher, featuring a blue VW van profile picture. For verification, it includes information about Telford, the RAF, and Llanfair Caereinion. Lacking mobile activation codes due to forgotten details, I seek assistance to reconnect with my friends and end the loneliness of singing Wham songs alone. Best regards, Mark.
Reported by GetHuman-walsall_ on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٢:٠٢
Subject: Urgent Help Needed to Regain Facebook Access Dear Support Team, On Saturday morning, I encountered a message prompting me to change my Facebook password due to a potential compromise. After multiple attempts to reset it using friend identification and received email confirmations, I continue to face the same password change prompt upon logging in. Concerningly, my family members have reported not seeing my profile in their friend lists. I initiated a recovery process on Facebook.com, successfully completing various verification steps, but still cannot access my account. Given the sentimental value of long-held photos and connections on my account, I urgently seek your assistance in resolving this issue promptly. Your timely intervention and support in resolving this matter would be greatly valued. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Best regards, Sandy C.
Reported by GetHuman-sc_nhiss on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٢:٤٤
I am a man, not a fiction. I do not have a name as it is a designation given to property, but I am known as Indoctrination Nation. Facebook requested government ID proof of "my name." There is no statute mandating a person to have a name or address. I live within my skin and have the right to exist independently of government, free to choose my identity! Facebook blocked me from using the name Indoctrination Nation with my email. This is unjust! I was unable to reach a human to discuss this issue. Facebook contacts me daily, even addressing me as Indoctrination Nation, yet the block remains on my account. I am considering legal action if Facebook does not lift the blockade from my account "Indoctrination Nation!"
Reported by GetHuman763046 on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٤:٠٨
There are false and disturbing statements circulating claiming my husband is severely ill, which is untrue. This misinformation has led to numerous distressing calls. The person spreading these lies is using my name as the sender, causing turmoil among our acquaintances. The gravity of this situation is profound, and I am considering legal action. Is there a way to trace the source through an IP address? The culprit has posted under the name Joyce Maxie Chirichella, though I only use my legal name, Joyce Maxie. I urge Facebook to aid in identifying the responsible party for spreading these malicious falsehoods about my husband, John Chirichella. Your prompt assistance in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Joyce Maxie
Reported by GetHuman-jmaxie on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٤:٤٤
I am currently experiencing a distressing situation involving blackmail and extortion. The individual is threatening to share private information and intimate photos on Facebook using a fake account in my name. They also plan to send these details to my friends and family. I am requesting Facebook to monitor and promptly deactivate any new account created with a specific name. Moreover, I urge for messages containing this name to be flagged as suspicious and removed. Providing the name and account details of the perpetrator to assist the ongoing investigation with local authorities would also be appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-jdaues on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٥:١١
I suspect my Facebook account got hacked when I saw a different login location, so I changed my password as Facebook recommended. I also got a new phone number due to moving recently. I've followed all the security steps suggested by Facebook, like answering security questions, submitting a photo, selecting recent friends messaged, and choosing last comments made. My account has been in 'hidden status' since May 29, [redacted], and Facebook says it will remain hidden until all security questions are solved. What else do I need to do to access my account? Most importantly, I want immediate access to my Facebook account today.
Reported by GetHuman-shybriaw on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٥:٢٠
Hello, I'm Amanda Foy, formerly Burnett, born on 11/09/[redacted]. You can reach me at [redacted] I'm in need of help to reset the password for my Facebook account. Unfortunately, there was a robbery at my place, and my laptop got stolen. I've already reported it to the police. Now, I can't access my email because the person with my laptop changed all my passwords. Google is struggling to verify my identity since the person using my laptop denies my access requests. My entire life is linked to my Facebook, and I urgently need to regain control of my account to protect my personal information. I'm willing to provide any necessary details to verify my identity. Kindly contact me through my daughter's email. There are many photos of her on my account.
Reported by GetHuman-calikay on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٥:٢٥
I suspected my Facebook account was compromised when I noticed a login from a different location. Following the advice from Facebook, I changed my password. I recently moved and got a new phone number. Despite following all security procedures by answering questions, submitting a photo, and selecting recent friends messaged and last comments, my account has been in 'hidden status' since May ****. Facebook mentioned it will remain hidden until all security questions are answered. I am unsure what more is needed to access my account. I am eager to regain access to my Facebook account today.
Reported by GetHuman-shybriaw on الجمعة ٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ١٥:٣٧

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