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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about FreedomPop customer service, archive #2. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 29, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Dear FreedomPop Support, I was referred to your service by my husband, Darren Meloni, who is a customer of yours. I purchased a 1p FreedomPop SIM card based on his recommendation with the intention of signing up for an annual deal. However, the SIM card did not arrive as expected, and I was unable to contact customer service to address the issue. Consequently, I opted for a contract with another provider. To my surprise, I recently discovered a charge of 65 pounds and 88 pence by FreedomPop on my credit card statement dated 23/06/[redacted] (payment reference no [redacted][redacted][redacted]). This charge was unauthorized, as I never received the SIM card I paid for and did not agree to any additional payments. I am requesting an immediate refund of the 65.88 pounds taken from my account. Additionally, I kindly ask for confirmation of receiving this message and information on when the refund will be processed. Thank you, Claire L. Robson
Reported by GetHuman-clrmelon on пятница, 29 июня 2018 г., 15:22
I attempted to create an account for my grandfather, but he was unfamiliar with the Gmail password that was used during setup. FreedomPop generated the password automatically making it impossible for me to access the Gmail account to reset it. Subsequently, I am now locked out of the account and being charged $7 monthly for an unused service. Could you please cancel the account? If that is not possible, could you provide me with the account password? The account details are as follows: Email address used: [redacted] OR [redacted] The attached SIM card has the following numbers: Top row: [redacted] Bottom row: [redacted] The associated phone number should have an area code of [redacted] The account was created in March [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-bardiaan on четверг, 5 июля 2018 г., 4:15
I attempted to transfer my previous FreedomPop number to a new FreedomPop SIM in my iPhone 6 through the FreedomPop support account. However, I encountered several issues. Firstly, although my support account was correctly set up, I couldn't log in successfully. Secondly, I couldn't find a direct link or button for porting between two FreedomPop accounts. Lastly, I am unable to cancel my previous account and am incurring monthly subscription charges until the porting process is completed. The old active FreedomPop number I want to keep is [redacted], and I aim to replace the temporary number [redacted] with it. My registered email with FreedomPop is [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-gounista on воскресенье, 22 июля 2018 г., 19:21
I am currently experiencing an issue with swapping my phone number from my existing FreedomPop account A to a new account B. I have attempted to follow the instructions provided by FreedomPop by logging into the support system, but I am unable to access it successfully. Despite trying different approaches, like using separate support credentials or following a link from my main account, I continue to encounter error messages. When I called FreedomPop at ***-***-****, I only received instructions to visit the support site. I have also reached out to them via email, but it led me back to the support site without any resolution. Seeking assistance from GetHuman now to facilitate the process of transferring my FreedomPop number to a new SIM card for my iPhone 6.
Reported by GetHuman909560 on понедельник, 23 июля 2018 г., 20:17
I am struggling with understanding your service. I need assistance as I am not tech-savvy. When I call, the recorded message directs me to technical support, which requires an account/ID that I don't have. How can I speak with a salesperson to determine my needed service? I am unsure how your data plans correlate with my internet usage, which solely includes movies on Netflix and emails, with only one device and user at home. Is the device standalone or does it connect through a phone? I currently use a phone hotspot but need it for other purposes. I am contemplating bundling my phone with the internet service. Talking to someone directly would be very helpful.
Reported by GetHuman924119 on пятница, 27 июля 2018 г., 22:48
I am looking to completely cancel my FreedomPop account. I do not need the service and I am finding it difficult to get assistance with the cancellation process. There is a phone linked to my account that I do not recognize, an LG phone with the number [redacted]23 under the name Vanessa M. This is unfamiliar to me as I do not own an LG phone or know anyone by that name. Considering I never utilize the FreedomPop phone, it is of no use to me regardless of its cost. My FreedomPop phone number is [redacted]. The cancellation procedure needs significant improvement and the phone service provided has been subpar. I hope to see enhancements in your service quality, otherwise, your company's future may be at risk. I regret trying out your service and will caution others against using it.
Reported by GetHuman-rodwilso on четверг, 2 августа 2018 г., 0:51
Hello, I encountered an issue when signing up for your service. Initially, you charged my card $20 without my explicit approval. When contacting customer service, I was informed that the amount would be refunded, yet I could not allocate it towards my intended purchase, resulting in me receiving a phone number from a different area. I wanted to transfer my old number, which seemed to incur a fee, and changing the new number required an additional charge. This, along with having to pay extra for a top-up credit, left me dissatisfied. Additionally, the unauthorized $20 charge is concerning to me. I hope to resolve these issues promptly. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman951467 on суббота, 4 августа 2018 г., 16:47
I signed up for a service that was advertised as "free," but I keep getting charged on my card. I am requesting a refund of the $15 top-up fee. If there is a concern about exceeding the data limit, please suspend my data usage. Thank you. I recently received an email stating that I would receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and a refund. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Moreover, the issue with Get Human is not resolved as stated. Currently, my only option seems to be waiting for a refund, which is the sole resolution provided. It's ironic how a service can be free with hidden fees.
Reported by GetHuman-rallywoo on четверг, 9 августа 2018 г., 2:44
I recently bought an iPhone 5c and installed a Freedompop SIM card. The phone works well, but I am struggling to follow the instructions on your website to transfer my existing Net10 phone number. After Step 1, I am unable to locate the Devices tab mentioned in Step 2, which is required to proceed. According to the instructions, Step 3 involves selecting the Transfer Existing Number button, entering the phone number I want to port, and checking eligibility. Since I am unable to access the next page to complete these steps, I am seeking guidance on how to proceed with porting my Net10 number ([redacted]) to my Freedompop device with the assigned number [redacted]. Your prompt assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help! - R.R.
Reported by GetHuman-ronreams on четверг, 9 августа 2018 г., 19:53
Since [redacted], my experience with FreedomPop has been nothing but problematic. The SIM card and phone plan I ordered arrived 35 days late, costing me the first month's free service, and the phone was missing from the package. Despite my attempts to get a refund, I found FreedomPop's customer service completely unhelpful. In December [redacted], I bought 4 SIM cards, each charging me almost $70 with only two days of service left upon arrival. Despite my efforts to contact customer service for a refund or credit, I received no assistance. Now, I'm being charged multiple times this month for a SIM card that was never activated due to theft. I demand an immediate refund as a loyal customer who has lost time, money, and effort dealing with these issues. I expect better customer service and a top-of-the-line device as compensation. FreedomPop needs to fulfill its promise of customer satisfaction and address these billing errors promptly.
Reported by GetHuman973187 on четверг, 9 августа 2018 г., 22:31
Subject: Subscription Cancellation Issue I want to bring up an issue that I recently discovered. In May [redacted], I contacted Freedompop to request the cancellation of a free trial subscription. However, I have been mistakenly charged for 15 months at £13.98 each. When I contacted them initially, I made it clear that I did not want to continue any subscription after the trial period as I had no intention of using the service. I have been trying to access my account to resolve this issue, but I cannot log in, likely because my account no longer exists. I am disappointed that I have been billed despite following the cancellation procedure correctly. I kindly ask for a full refund of £[redacted].70. I can provide proof of these charges upon your request.
Reported by GetHuman980650 on суббота, 11 августа 2018 г., 21:39
Since I received my FreedomPop device in January, I have experienced continuous issues with no service. Despite not using it once, I am continuously being billed every month. When contacting customer service, I struggle to understand the fast-paced representatives. They only slow down and inquire about my request for a supervisor before putting me on hold. My wait times have been excessive, ranging from 32 to 56 minutes. I am frustrated by the lack of resolution and wish to speak with an English-speaking representative who communicates clearly. I expect some form of compensation for the 8 months of service issues or a refund if necessary.
Reported by GetHuman-nikkinma on четверг, 16 августа 2018 г., 12:50
To whom it may concern, My name is Chris Delgado, and on August 1st, I renewed my yearly FreedomPop Services for the 2nd year. Unfortunately, since my account was reactivated, I have been experiencing the following issues: a) I am unable to send photo attachments, which results in failed attempts. Some of my contacts, including my son, are facing the same problem when sending photos to my cell. b) There are instances where I receive calls but cannot answer them despite touching the screen repeatedly. c) I have been unsuccessful in resetting my password to submit a ticket for technical help. I have contacted technical support twice to resolve these problems, following their instructions precisely by uninstalling the messaging app, reinstalling it, and restarting my phone several times. I kindly request your assistance in addressing these concerns so I can send attachments and seek technical support efficiently. I hope this email reaches you and resolves the issues promptly. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Chris Delgado
Reported by GetHuman1004241 on пятница, 17 августа 2018 г., 15:51
Help Needed - Suspect Scam with FreedomPop I recently accepted an offer from FreedomPop for a free iPhone 5 by paying an activation fee of $59. Upon receiving the phone, I was shocked to find it covered in dents and scratches, looking used and not new as expected. This was not disclosed in the offer I received via email and filled out a form for. When contacting FreedomPop, I was informed that they only provide refurbished phones, which I find misleading. I expressed my dissatisfaction, and they promised to escalate my complaint to the appropriate department. I shared pictures of the damaged phone as requested, but my concerns seem to have been ignored as I haven't received a satisfactory response yet. I feel deceived and frustrated by this experience with FreedomPop.
Reported by GetHuman-hagerikk on пятница, 17 августа 2018 г., 19:49
FreedomPop has suspended the free forever account with limited usage. Once the quota is reached, the plan stops working for that month. No payment method is necessary, and any additional services that require payment should be avoided. The phone gives warnings before data usage reaches a certain percentage and prevents usage beyond the quota. An unauthorized charge for an increased data plan was attempted but was unsuccessful, due to not providing payment information to FreedomPop. The account is now suspended, and contacting customer support may lead to being transferred to a higher-tier support group. Consider escalating the issue to the executive offices for resolution.
Reported by GetHuman1016046 on понедельник, 20 августа 2018 г., 20:56
I am experiencing unauthorized payments from my bank account and constant phone malfunctions. Despite contacting customer service multiple times, I have received conflicting advice on how to troubleshoot my phone issues. The representatives either suggest waiting 15 minutes or sending email instructions, leading me to believe I am being ignored. I am frustrated and demand a refund for the charges incurred over the last 30 days due to the lack of phone functionality and unsuccessful hotspot usage. The service provided has been subpar.
Reported by GetHuman-robbkf on среда, 22 августа 2018 г., 1:08
I signed up for a 2-week trial but have yet to receive my sim cards. However, my card was already charged for the trial, resulting in two charges and overdraft fees. I urgently need the charges reversed. I encountered communication issues when I called for help, which is why I am reaching out here. My name is Cheryl, and you can contact me at [redacted] Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-ninjatro on среда, 22 августа 2018 г., 1:11
Subject: Issue with FreedomPop Family Plan Order To whom it may concern at FreedomPop Customer Service, I recently purchased the FreedomPop Family Plan online by ordering 3 SIM cards on August 15, [redacted]. The order was confirmed via email on August 17, [redacted], with Order ID [redacted]08, totaling $54.96, paid through PayPal, Transaction ID 4B[redacted]5114W. The assigned phone numbers for the lines are: [redacted], [redacted], [redacted]. I have only received one out of the three SIM cards despite receiving multiple emails confirming their shipment. I have been trying to contact FreedomPop through phone and online, but I have been facing difficulties as the system fails to recognize my information. I am unable to reach an agent for assistance. I am reaching out through this letter as a last resort to seek help with my missing SIM cards issue and to resolve this matter promptly. Kindly address this matter and assist with my order at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your attention to this issue. Sincerely, T. Ctvrtnicek
Reported by GetHuman-tomec on четверг, 23 августа 2018 г., 18:34
I have been trying to reach FreedomPop for days! My account was charged twice. I never received my SIM cards, and I was supposed to get 2 weeks free. Feeling betrayed that I can't reach a live person on the phone is frustrating. I am now overdrawn by $[redacted], which is causing financial strain since I'm on social security. It is crucial that my money is refunded promptly and the service I never received is either downgraded or canceled. It is essential for FreedomPop to address this issue and return my funds promptly. I believe the Better Business Bureau needs to be informed about this situation affecting financially vulnerable individuals.
Reported by GetHuman-ninjatro on пятница, 24 августа 2018 г., 0:51
I recently noticed two pending charges of $15 each on my bank statement from FreedomPop. While I understand the first charge is for an automatic top-up fee, I am puzzled by the second charge as my account is not below $10. I have checked my data, text messages, and minutes for this month, and they do not warrant an additional $15 charge. The billing period just started 2 days ago as well. I am seeking clarification on the reason for the second $15 charge or would like a refund if unable to explain. Thank you for addressing this promptly.
Reported by GetHuman1032799 on пятница, 24 августа 2018 г., 19:32

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