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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Greyhound customer service, archive #16. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported April 11, 2019 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I have encountered multiple issues with Greyhound, but this recent experience has been particularly frustrating. I needed to reach Hutchinson, KS for a job by midnight. The bus was scheduled to leave Denver, CO at 9:00 am, but departed around 30 minutes late, causing me to miss my connection in Salina, KS. Upon arriving in Salina, KS, the bus to Hutchinson had already left, disrupting my plans and potentially costing me $[redacted]. These delays are impacting my work and finances. I have witnessed numerous delays, poor customer service, and chaotic boarding processes during my travels with the company. There is a definite need for an overhaul to enhance the overall service quality.
Reported by GetHuman-i_love_s on jeudi 11 avril 2019 00:26
My daughter, R.R., will be transferring from a Jefferson Lines bus to Greyhound bus [redacted] at Milwaukee. Her confirmation number is [redacted]. Despite arriving and departing at the same time (9:05 am), I was told the driver could inform dispatch about her connecting bus. This morning, the driver declined, causing stress for my daughter who is autistic. I've spent hours on the phone seeking help with no success. Kindly inform dispatch that Greyhound [redacted] has a passenger connecting from Jefferson Lines from Green Bay.
Reported by GetHuman2722253 on jeudi 11 avril 2019 12:57
I traveled on Greyhound yesterday with a newly purchased bag. Upon arrival in Nashville during my transfer, I discovered my bag was ripped. I reported the damage to the baggage handler and driver, who advised me to report it in Memphis, my final destination. At the customer service office in Memphis, I reported the issue. The staff member handed me a phone number and instructed me to call. Unfortunately, no one inspected my damaged bag or provided any forms. I felt the service was lacking. When I called the number, I was continuously directed overseas without receiving any assistance. This experience has been frustrating. I simply wish to be compensated for the damage to my new bag.
Reported by GetHuman2727766 on vendredi 12 avril 2019 06:17
Dear Greyhound Customer Service, I am Lucille Ocenar. Today, my friends and I were supposed to travel from New York City to Boston, Massachusetts, but due to severe weather conditions, we have decided to cancel our trip. We kindly request a refund for our tickets as we prioritize our safety while staying in NYC. Our trip was planned from the Philippines to explore cities such as NYC and Boston but we decided to alter our plans for safety reasons. Please consider our refund request for the following booking details: Booking confirmation number: [redacted]2 07:20, 15 Apr [redacted] - NYC (Port Authority Terminal) to Boston (South Station) Schedule number: GLI2504 18:00, 15 Apr [redacted] - Boston (South Station) to NYC (Port Authority Terminal) Schedule number: GLI2019 Thank you for your understanding and assistance. Lucille Ocenar Ma Patricia Lim Kristina Tiglao PS: Yesterday, we traveled with Greyhound from NYC to Washington DC and back with great efficiency. Thank you for the excellent service.
Reported by GetHuman2745419 on lundi 15 avril 2019 09:19
On April 16th at 11:15 p.m., I encountered a significant problem which has been escalating. While at the Greyhound station in Nashville, Tennessee, I was attempting to purchase a bus ticket to Dayton, Ohio using the kiosk. After reaching $63 (out of a total due of $[redacted]), the machine displayed a transaction error, then reset back to the main screen. I sought help from station workers who mentioned Greyhound may not assist with this issue easily and advised me to contact customer service. Due to financial constraints, I had to return to a friend's house to make the call. I was instructed to wait until 5 a.m. to call back, then told to visit the station to resolve the matter. After much back and forth, I finally sought assistance at the station, encountering difficulties reaching a supervisor. Multiple calls were made by a helpful customer service representative named Vanessa, but no resolution was reached by the time my bus arrived. In the end, I must address this issue with corporate as $63 is a significant amount for me. A prompt resolution is greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-mrgrim on jeudi 18 avril 2019 15:34
I boarded the bus in Chicago, Illinois at 7:40 p.m. on March 23, [redacted], with 3 bags. To my dismay, my bags were not properly tagged by the agent at the ticket counter. As I tried to board, the bag loader did not tag my bags; instead, he hastily threw them under the bus. After 3 weeks of trying to locate my bags, the St. Louis location initially removed my bags even though I did not change buses. In the second week, an agent mentioned finding all 3 bags, but I never received a follow-up call. After checking at the Memphis terminal at 9:30 a.m., I was informed my bags were still missing. Into the third week, the bags were reportedly not in Memphis. By the fourth week, an agent mentioned bags in Dallas but did not confirm if they were mine. However, the Memphis agent assured me that my bags would be transferred from Dallas, Texas to Citgo Flash Market in Conway, Arkansas, my place of residence.
Reported by GetHuman2773186 on vendredi 19 avril 2019 03:27
I'm Patricia Gibson Greenwood, and I booked a trip from Houston, Texas to Memphis, Tennessee on March 8, [redacted]. The bus had a 2-hour delay, and upon arriving at Dallas Greyhound bus station at midnight, the attendants were unable to provide any arrival information for Tennessee. Despite a bus departing at 3:00 am, I was not allowed to board, and details about the next bus were uncertain. The lack of clarity extended the wait for me and other passengers, some with young children. Eventually, we were informed of a 9:00 am bus, arriving at 6:00 pm, causing me to miss planned events in Tennessee. Dissatisfied with the situation, I opted for Lift transportation to the airport. The service at the airport was significantly better. A formal complaint was lodged during the week of March 18th, and to date, April 19, [redacted], no response has been received.
Reported by GetHuman2776853 on vendredi 19 avril 2019 18:57
My trip with Greyhound from Kansas City, MO to Fort Worth, Texas had an unexpected turn today. While making a stop at a gas station in Muskogee, Oklahoma, a miscommunication led to me and another passenger, Gladys, being left behind by the driver. Despite our brief restroom break, the driver departed without us. Unfortunately, attempts to resolve the situation with customer service were met with unhelpful responses and I was unable to reach the Dallas station to retrieve my belongings, including my expensive black beats headphones left on the bus. This experience has been frustrating, as I am now without my belongings and feel let down by the lack of assistance provided. I hope to connect with someone in a higher position to address this issue promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-evelynnm on vendredi 26 avril 2019 22:39
I took the [redacted] bus from Hartford, CT to NYC and I must say, the operator, Tyler, was quite rude. She seemed to go out of her way to be mean to people, especially those who didn't understand English well. During boarding, she made sure to let passengers know they were inconveniencing her and harassed them. Tyler's comments like "I ain't got time for this" and "I'm the nicest person you'll ever meet, but I don't do nonsense" were unwelcoming. It's disappointing as I have had pleasant experiences on Greyhound buses before, with drivers who were friendly and kind. Tyler's behavior definitely did not reflect that, and it was clear she is not a people person nor a good representative for Greyhound.
Reported by GetHuman2829936 on lundi 29 avril 2019 14:55
Complaint about Delayed Compensation for Lost Luggage I recently traveled from New Jersey to North Carolina with your bus company, and unfortunately, my luggage was lost. After submitting all required paperwork, following up with calls, and ensuring the company had all the necessary information, I am disappointed that it's been over five months and the issue is still unresolved. I was informed that a check was sent, but I never received it. Now I'm being asked to wait 45 days for a stop payment and an additional 45 days for a new check to be issued. This delay is completely unacceptable, especially considering the value of the items in my lost suitcase, totaling over $[redacted]. I urge for the expedited processing and delivery of the check to compensate for the inconvenience caused by this situation.
Reported by GetHuman2833038 on lundi 29 avril 2019 21:35
I traveled from Sacramento, California to Medford, Oregon on a Greyhound bus last Thursday. Unfortunately, during the journey, I was left in Weed, California while my luggage and carry-on continued on the bus. I've received two of my luggages, but my carry-on is missing. It contains important personal information, my tablet, and laptop. The driver mentioned it may have been left in Portland. I've been unable to get any answers or assistance. The missing item is a camel-colored duffle bag with the initials NRA (National Rifle Association) on it. Inside, there is a burgundy bag with my tablet and personal information. Please contact me urgently at [redacted]. My name is Theresa W.
Reported by GetHuman2834409 on mardi 30 avril 2019 02:40
I never boarded my Denver, CO to Grand Junction, CO bus today as it didn't arrive. I am one of many passengers who have been waiting since before noon on 4/30/19, over 4 hours later, and the bus is still a no-show. We are left feeling stranded with no explanation. The lack of communication and concern from the employees is disappointing. I hope to bring attention to this issue and seek a resolution for the customers who purchased tickets, like myself. My name is Hanna Pettit and I look forward to hearing from you.
Reported by GetHuman-cmegox on mardi 30 avril 2019 22:54
I bought a ticket on March 11, [redacted], departing from Los Angeles at 10:00 AM with GREYHOUND LINES, INC. The Schedule Number is GLI6770 with Booking Confirmation Number [redacted]8. Due to an emergency, I couldn't use the ticket that day. When I called for options, I was informed that I couldn't get a refund but could exchange it for a future trip within a year for an additional $20, which I agreed to pay. However, not having a set date, I was instructed to call back before 1 year passed. Planning to travel on Monday, May 6, [redacted], less than 2 months from the purchase, I found out the ticket had expired, and I was no longer eligible for the exchange since I didn't pay the fee before the original ticket expired. Despite speaking to a supervisor, Ms. Colon with ID# [redacted], who apologized, we couldn't resolve the issue due to conflicting information in their exchange policy. Even when trying to pay the fee, the system required a date for the exchange, contradicting their year-long exchange claim. This experience has been disappointing due to the lack of consistency, impacting my trust in GREYHOUND LINES, INC.'s service.
Reported by GetHuman2841146 on mercredi 1 mai 2019 03:21
I am reaching out for assistance regarding my unpaid time off. I worked at Greyhound Bus Lines in Springfield, Massachusetts until February 14, [redacted]. After leaving the company, I expected my final paycheck to include my accrued paid time off (PTO). However, my last payment was a cashier's check without any breakdown of my wages or PTO. I did not receive the compensation I was owed. It is concerning that former employees are not being given their earned PTO upon leaving. I would appreciate guidance on how to address this issue and ensure that I receive the compensation I am entitled to from my time working at Greyhound Bus Lines in Springfield, Massachusetts. Thank you for your help.
Reported by GetHuman-alflow on samedi 4 mai 2019 03:16
I arrived at the Greyhound gate in New York today for bus number [redacted] to Providence at 6:30. I was 15 minutes early and asked the man at the door if I could grab a snack. He was unhelpful and only pointed out the schedule on my ticket. When I returned with 8 minutes to spare, he made it difficult for me to board, claiming my ticket was for May 19th. I rushed back to the ticket counter and another representative confirmed my ticket was valid for [redacted]. Back at the gate with one minute left, the man still gave me trouble until a helpful Greyhound employee intervened and let me on the bus. The behavior exhibited by the employee was unacceptable, and I won't be using Greyhound services again after this experience.
Reported by GetHuman-braedan_ on samedi 4 mai 2019 23:27
I, Cody Carter, booked a trip from Oakland to Houston for May 3 but faced multiple unlisted delays. Despite having a five-hour delay, an eight-hour delay, a three-hour delay, and a ten-hour delay, my family, including Wykeisha Minor and my five kids, was all on the same schedule until we were split up by Greyhound due to another delay. These unexpected interruptions have made the journey uncomfortable and challenging. I had to miss an important funeral due to these schedule changes. After being promised specific arrival times that have not been met, I am requesting a full refund as a gesture of gratitude for my understanding of the situation and the significant 24-hour delay beyond the initial arrival time. I am rebooking through Mega Bus in hopes of reaching my destination sooner. Kindly process a full refund for my trip.
Reported by GetHuman2867449 on dimanche 5 mai 2019 14:34
Hello, my name is Bailey L. and I recently made an online booking under order number [redacted]4. Unfortunately, I mistakenly selected the wrong date for my trip from Grand Rapids, MI to Ann Arbor, MI. Instead of the 13th of May, I intended to book it for the 12th. I would like to maintain the same pickup and drop-off locations, and if possible, depart around the same time as I originally planned, specifically around 10:05AM on the 12th. I attempted to contact customer service but encountered issues with the line disconnecting. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-baileyll on jeudi 9 mai 2019 16:21
Hello! I would like to share my recent travel experience from Las Vegas, NV to Tucson, AZ on Tuesday night, May 7th. I had upgraded my ticket to priority seating, hoping to select my seat early due to feeling a bit claustrophobic. Unfortunately, the buses I traveled in did not have a priority seating system in place, so I ended up not benefiting from this upgrade. I would appreciate a refund of approximately $20 for the unused service. Thank you for your assistance. - Kim Skomars, booking reference: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-kskomars on vendredi 10 mai 2019 22:14
I recently traveled on a Greyhound bus from Orlando, Florida, to New Orleans for a family emergency and back. Unfortunately, my experience was extremely disappointing. Despite Greyhound being a decades-old company, the service provided was subpar. The customer service skills of the staff were exceptionally poor, the buses were unclean, and the drivers were unfriendly. On my journey this morning, I encountered a bus with a leaking roof, causing me to get wet, and both buses had broken seats. Considering the nearly $[redacted] fare, this level of quality is unacceptable. Greyhound, for a company with such a long history, your service is truly lacking. I doubt I will receive a response, so I plan to share my experience on social media to caution others against traveling with Greyhound.
Reported by GetHuman-ktalbotw on samedi 11 mai 2019 17:18
I had a terrible experience with your service. My bus was delayed by 4 hours, and then there was an additional hour delay helping passengers whose bus hadn't arrived. Due to the delays, I arrived 4 hours late at my destination, which would have been 5 hours if not for the time zone change. Unfortunately, I missed the only ride to Safford from Lordsburg that I needed for my mother's funeral at 9 am. The next bus available leaves at 10:20 am, making me miss the funeral and my transportation out of Safford. The situation is distressing as I also had a motel room booked for only that night, and was unable to change the reservation for some rest. I am emotionally drained, financially depleted, and stranded due to these circumstances. Despite being en route to my mother's grave, missing her funeral feels like a failure. Being left without accommodation upon arrival adds to the distress after two days of bus travel, walking, and spending nights on the streets. It has been an incredibly challenging experience, leaving me feeling defeated for not being able to fulfill my last wishes for my mother due to the significant bus delays.
Reported by GetHuman2921811 on mardi 14 mai 2019 17:19

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