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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Groupon customer service, archive #11. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported May 30, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I purchased a Groupon with an expiration date that has changed multiple times from June 3rd to June 1st, and now May 31st. I'm confused as to why the date keeps shifting. The main issue I'm facing is the difficulty in booking an appointment as the establishment doesn't answer calls and has inconsistent closing times. Despite finally securing an appointment, they refused to honor the Groupon due to its impending expiration. The phone staff was rude, and when I visited in person, they demanded an extra $[redacted] to honor the Groupon. The lack of professionalism and honesty from the staff has left me disappointed. I'm seeking assistance to address this frustrating situation.
Reported by GetHuman733058 on Rabu, 30 Mei 2018 pukul 22.05
I recently purchased a Sam's Club membership for $30 expecting to receive a $45 membership with a $19 gift card and a limited VUDU membership. Unfortunately, the process to obtain the card was difficult and lengthy, making me unsure if I received the correct membership or the gift card at all. I have tried contacting both Groupon and Sam's Club multiple times without much success. The one time I was able to chat with someone, they promised to investigate but nothing has been resolved. It's frustrating that such a reputable business like Sam's Club is hard to reach and lacks follow-up communication. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman733558 on Khamis, 31 Mei 2018 pukul 00.37
I used a Groupon at Luna Vision and Laser Center for Kybella treatment on November 17, [redacted]. My chin and neck were swollen for almost 4 weeks, resembling a balloon. Despite being told it would only last a week or two, the swelling persisted. Parts of the skin are still uneven with hanging skin on one side even after a few months. I have been back multiple times, but the provider just asks me to wait. I am dissatisfied with the outcome and feel the provider should not have used Kybella for my minor concern. The experience with Dr. Dutt and the office was not positive, feeling pressured into more treatments. The hanging skin under my chin is distressing, and I am unsure how to address it. I am considering requesting a refund due to these issues. Thank you, Laura.
Reported by GetHuman-l_lojak on Khamis, 31 Mei 2018 pukul 15.28
I need assistance with restoring the groupon app icon on my phone. I accidentally deleted it and then encountered issues trying to purchase Latin cruise tickets for June 30, [redacted]. After buying the tickets, I couldn't print them as the app was required. Despite my attempts to redownload it, the system indicates it's already installed, although it's missing from my screen. I would like to reacquire the app to make purchases and obtain the tickets for my 1st anniversary. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bonnie.
Reported by GetHuman614786 on Khamis, 31 Mei 2018 pukul 16.27
I recently bought a Groupon for a Costco membership under the [redacted] account. There is now a sale which would make the same membership cheaper by $25. I would like a refund for the difference or a $35 Groupon credit if a card refund is not possible. I have updated my email to [redacted] and would appreciate your assistance with this. Thank you for your understanding, and I hope we can resolve this quickly.
Reported by GetHuman735842 on Khamis, 31 Mei 2018 pukul 18.39
I have been struggling for days to redeem the 60x80 faux premium blanket I bought on Groupon for $29.99. However, when I enter my coupon code, it is not being accepted, and instead, I am being charged the full amount of $[redacted]. When I try to upload a photo, it only allows me to select a 40x60 blanket. I am feeling very frustrated as there is no one available to help me resolve these issues. Today is the expiration date for my Groupon, and I have not been successful in redeeming my voucher. This situation is beyond my control, and I am now requesting a refund. I urgently need someone to contact me as soon as possible to address this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-mojicaa on Khamis, 31 Mei 2018 pukul 20.06
I have been attempting to schedule my Groupon for Just Relax Spa for the last three months using the merchant's online booking tool. However, I encounter a message stating all days are booked. Despite contacting the merchant, I was instructed to schedule online when the next month's booking becomes available on the final day of the current month. Even after trying multiple devices and contacting merchant support, I have had no success securing a slot. I previously enjoyed their service without online booking and am now seeking a full refund due to the persistent booking issues.
Reported by GetHuman-mschmitz on Khamis, 31 Mei 2018 pukul 21.06
I rented a golf cart from Wheels on Padre for a total of $[redacted]. When I arrived, the woman demanded a $[redacted] deposit for each of my teenage children, totaling $[redacted]. I explained that my teenagers wouldn't be driving, so I felt the $[redacted] deposit was unfair. She then accused me of lying and told me to rent elsewhere, especially since I mentioned having a Groupon. Shocked by her behavior, I requested a refund, but she instructed me to contact Groupon. This sudden rudeness was completely unexpected and left me feeling disrespected. I would appreciate a full refund for this unpleasant experience.
Reported by GetHuman736585 on Khamis, 31 Mei 2018 pukul 21.51
I placed an order for barstools on 5/30. On 5/31, I got an email saying the original item was out of stock and they would send a different one. The email claimed the order couldn't be cancelled as it was already shipped. Yet, on 6/01, I received a tracking email indicating it hasn't been shipped. I prefer not to receive any shipments until I've seen a photo, assessed its suitability, and agreed on the price. Kindly get in touch with me ASAP and refrain from sending anything without my approval.
Reported by GetHuman-eileenfo on Jumaat, 1 Jun 2018 pukul 15.43
This morning, I bought a Groupon for a 2-hour paint night at Trevino Paint from 6-8 tonight. However, when I tried to make a reservation, it didn't provide instructions on how to use the Groupon and asked for a credit card instead. I don't want to pay twice for the same event. I believe I should get a refund since I can't use my Groupon as intended on the website.
Reported by GetHuman-trumpcam on Jumaat, 1 Jun 2018 pukul 16.48
I bought a Groupon for lash extensions and tried to schedule an appointment, but had trouble reaching them by phone. After leaving messages, I discovered I needed to text for an appointment. Despite trying for two days to book for my upcoming birthday, I was told via text message that they had no availability for "Anelia" (misspelling my name). There was no apology or accommodation for the special occasion. The communication seemed unprofessional and left me feeling frustrated with this business.
Reported by GetHuman-amelimgr on Jumaat, 1 Jun 2018 pukul 17.09
I recently had multiple frustrating experiences at Laser Away. During my first visit, I had to wait a long time just to register and fill out extensive paperwork. When I called for an appointment, they informed me I needed a check-up before a photofacial which seemed unnecessary. On my most recent visit, despite completing the paperwork, a nurse stated I couldn't receive treatment because I completed the forms in Spanish. They proceeded to push unnecessary treatments on me, even though I've had a photofacial before with different providers. I am disappointed as my skin is suitable for treatment, and I feel my time and money were wasted. I have used Groupon successfully in the past, but this experience was highly unsatisfactory. I kindly request a refund for the inconvenience. Thank you. -CM
Reported by GetHuman740663 on Jumaat, 1 Jun 2018 pukul 22.53
I purchased a massage package from Groupon on May 28th, and I have been trying to schedule an appointment with the business. Despite multiple attempts to contact them by phone, as they don't have a website for booking, only a Facebook page, I have had little success. The phone number seems to be a cell phone, and the person who answered was unhelpful and even rude. Despite assurances of a call back to set up an appointment, I have not heard back after several days. I am now seeking a refund or Groupon credit to use with another company for a similar service.
Reported by GetHuman741735 on Sabtu, 2 Jun 2018 pukul 08.28
Hello, I recently purchased a Groupon for window cleaning services from Innovative Window Cleaning. Although the Groupon was originally set to expire on 4/20/18, they kindly agreed to extend it to 6/1/18. However, when they arrived this morning, they informed me of an additional charge due to the type of windows I have. Ultimately, I decided not to proceed with the service as the extra cost was not justified in my opinion. As a result, I declined their services. I would like to request a refund for the $59 I paid for this service. I am not diligent in managing my Groupon account, so a refund rather than credit would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lisa C. Order #1[redacted]05-[redacted] Purchase Date: 12/21/[redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-chiangta on Sabtu, 2 Jun 2018 pukul 19.33
I am experiencing difficulty accessing one of my purchased Groupons in My Groupons section. On May 13, [redacted], I bought a $40 Groupon for the Amish Theater, followed by a second $32 Groupon (20% off) on May 16th. Strangely, only the latter is showing as printable. After investigating the charges, I realized I was billed twice for the $32 Groupon. The bank reference numbers for the two $32 purchases are [redacted]GT5SGGFDGE and [redacted]GR5SDGDM7M. While the $40 charge appears on my Comenity MasterCard, only one of the $32 purchases is visible on my Groupon account. I am hopeful someone can assist me in resolving this issue. Ultimately, I am seeking one $32 purchase, one $40 purchase, and printable vouchers for both. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman744143 on Ahad, 3 Jun 2018 pukul 01.37
I recently bought a Groupon deal for Stadium Inn in Chattanooga, Tennessee, only to find upon arrival that the hotel was under construction, with a closed pool, dirty room with hair in the bed linens, and non-functional picnic area. The advertised window treatments were missing, and the service was unhelpful. The clerk canceled my booking and suggested I contact Groupon for a full refund. This disappointing experience has left me wary of using Groupon again. I hope for a prompt resolution as my vacation was negatively impacted, leading to unexpected expenses for another hotel room. I am requesting a full refund as soon as possible.
Reported by GetHuman744244 on Ahad, 3 Jun 2018 pukul 02.41
I have been trying to get in touch with Groupon's customer service, but the phone line keeps stating it's closed. I tried to cancel my reservation for an overnight stay at a secret hotel in Washington for June 2nd since last Thursday, due to a work emergency. Despite chatting with a representative who mentioned I would receive an email, I have not received one yet. Another rep mentioned my request is still in the queue. The hotel informed me that Groupon had already canceled the booking. I'm seeking a one-time courtesy refund or a Groupon credit for this cancellation. This is the first time I've had to cancel a reservation last minute, and I hope Groupon can accommodate my request. Thank you for your help and understanding. For any further assistance, please contact me at [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-mrmorale on Ahad, 3 Jun 2018 pukul 13.05
It has been over two weeks since I was expecting my refund. I received an email stating it would take 10 business days to be credited back to my card. However, after that time passed, I contacted customer service to inform them that I had not received the refund. They claimed my credit card on file was expired, which is not true as I have a bank statement showing it is valid until [redacted]. How is it possible for you to charge me, send me faulty clothes, then apologize and promise a refund only to later say the credit card was expired and the refund was never processed? I have provided pictures of the damaged item as proof. I demand my refund promptly, or I will involve legal action. My husband had to cancel wearing the clothes due to this issue.
Reported by GetHuman-danybill on Ahad, 3 Jun 2018 pukul 16.46
Hello Support Team, I bought a Groupon on May 19, [redacted], for ifixit4u for an iPhone 7 screen repair. I reached out to the email address provided in the Groupon for scheduling. After days, they replied asking for my preferred location, available times and dates, along with the voucher number to book. I supplied various dates in June, but they mentioned being overwhelmed and unable to take more clients moving forward. They promised a refund, marked my Groupon as used on May 31, yet no refund was given. My Groupon account username is [redacted] I can supply email screenshots if needed. I haven't used the Groupon and still need my iPhone screen fixed. Please assist in crediting my Groupon account for a future purchase. Thank you, Michelle
Reported by GetHuman745875 on Ahad, 3 Jun 2018 pukul 20.09
I am currently reviewing the recent activity on my credit card, and I have noticed some charges related to Groupon deals that I did not actually purchase. I am frustrated and upset about this situation and would appreciate speaking with a customer service representative to resolve this issue. I did not authorize any transactions, and it is concerning that charges were made without my consent. I was unaware of any consequences for simply browsing the deals on the website, and I did not expect to see any unauthorized charges on my statement. It is unacceptable that they are claiming I need to check in for a trip I did not buy. I kindly request a prompt response from a customer service representative to address this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-kkely on Ahad, 3 Jun 2018 pukul 23.11

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