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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Home Depot customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported October 8, 2015 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
It has been nearly two months, and I have yet to receive any updates. When I visited the store, I was given the runaround. They mentioned that there was a mix-up in the order changes at the manufacturing facility causing a delay. The salesperson reassured me that the issue was sorted, but whenever I call, no one answers, and the line disconnects. My order was placed on August 4, [redacted], with the promise of shipment by August 29th and a tracking number by September 1st. Unfortunately, I am still waiting. I have been a loyal customer, purchasing numerous items and having significant installations done. This level of service is unacceptable for a large company. I expect prompt resolution. [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-singing2 on jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015 3:20
Edd stated that my claim was rejected because Home Depot did not include my earnings from July [redacted] and August [redacted]. My employment at Home Depot ran from 04-30-15 to 08-04-15. I believe that I should qualify for unemployment benefits based on this work history. Edd informed me that I did not meet the earnings requirement due to the missing months. How can I ensure that my full work history is considered by Edd so that I can successfully file for unemployment?
Reported by GetHuman-ladyash on jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015 13:33
I bought the Philips Hue color-changing starter kit and three additional individual color-changing bulbs. Upon opening the packages at home, I discovered that the bulbs inside were not the correct ones. When I tried to exchange them, the manager at the store claimed the bulbs I was returning did not match the ones in the boxes and refused the return. I explained the situation, but he maintained that he couldn't accept the return due to the product discrepancy. Despite my suspicion that someone had replaced the bulbs with cheaper ones, he insisted it was unlikely. I asked him to guarantee that none of the bulbs had been substituted, to which he assured me they hadn't been tampered with. However, I found three starter kits and two individual bulbs with incorrect contents in his presence. He suggested contacting customer service to address the issue further.
Reported by GetHuman-sexigre on miércoles, 6 de enero de 2016 12:03
I bought a large home appliance in-store in Burlington, Ontario, Canada on August 19, [redacted], with a scheduled delivery date of September 7. On September 6, I received a call from the delivery company at 5 pm informing me that they were unable to locate the appliance and could not deliver it as planned, without a new delivery date. I called the local customer service at Home Depot Canada in Burlington, Ontario. After a 30-minute wait on hold, a customer service representative answered and advised me to contact someone else, which I felt was not my responsibility. The representative promised to follow up but as of now, 12 hours later, I haven't received any update.
Reported by GetHuman-janetkat on miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2016 10:17
I bought some plants as a birthday gift for my daughter when she moved into her new home. We had to put most of our belongings in storage due to a wildfire at our cabin in Wyoming while preparing our Colorado home for sale. After selling our Colorado home in August [redacted], we closed the storage account and later moved into a travel trailer. Now that we are settled in our new home in Texas, we are retrieving our belongings. Unfortunately, we can't find the receipt for the plants, and some of the plants we bought for my daughter, like the hibiscus, bougainvillea, and gardenia, didn't make it.
Reported by GetHuman566095 on martes, 3 de abril de 2018 17:31
As a United States veteran with four years of active duty and two years in reserve, I have faced issues getting my veteran card honored by Home Depot as it does not state "Service Connected," unlike other businesses like Lowes and Michaels. Not all veterans have visible wounds, and despite not being injured, I still proudly served my country. Sadly, Home Depot's refusal to provide the 10% discount often offered to veterans seems unfair. Ken Langone, co-founder of Home Depot, may be behind this policy. I am deeply disappointed and will not be spending any money at Home Depot in the future. It is frustrating that my concerns may go unheard, but I felt it important to share my experience.
Reported by GetHuman-genejack on jueves, 17 de mayo de 2018 18:33
Hello, my name is Cuadra Watty Sánchez. I have been living in Florida for nine years, and every morning my husband and I search for work at the Home Depot in Okeechobee, Florida. For the past nine years, I have been looking for a job there. The person in charge of the cameras focuses more on watching the store than on helping job seekers like me who are trying to earn a living. Instead of monitoring potential thieves, they patrol the area and remove people. I believe they should focus on preventing theft rather than bothering people who are just trying to find work to support their families. I don't think it's a sin to seek employment. Please, they should not interfere with those of us who are not harming anyone. I would like to report this person. My phone number is [redacted]. My name is Chandra, and my husband's name is Lazaro. Feel free to call if necessary. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman727747 on martes, 29 de mayo de 2018 16:09
To the concerned party, I would like to share my recent experience at your Skokie store on Oakton Avenue in Illinois. I encountered difficulties finding assistance to locate two specific products I needed. Initially, I approached the manager for help, but he informed me he was busy and could not assist me. Subsequently, other staff members redirected me, stating it was not their department. Despite my efforts to find someone in the home and garden section, I was unable to locate any help. Returning to the manager 12 minutes later, he still could not assist me and directed me to another staff member. As a frequent customer, I was extremely disappointed by the lack of customer service I received. Although I visit your store regularly, I am now considering shopping at alternative retailers due to this unpleasant encounter. I had even checked online before visiting the store to confirm the availability of the items I needed. Regrettably, I must bid farewell to Home Depot.
Reported by GetHuman-brianled on jueves, 31 de mayo de 2018 16:58
I have been a Pro Rewards contractor with Home Depot since [redacted]. However, I am currently experiencing various issues with my account. Despite frequent resets, my online information is not pulling up accurately, resulting in missing purchase records. Moreover, an urgent matter concerning an order pickup for five doors, hardy backer, and underlayment has not been properly resolved. The sizing of the doors was incorrect, and the hardy backer provided belonged to another order. Despite multiple visits to the store, the situation remains unresolved, causing inconvenience to me and my customer. I need professional assistance to rectify these issues promptly to complete my job satisfactorily. Nathan Carrier
Reported by GetHuman-brothrs on viernes, 1 de junio de 2018 2:14
I placed an online order to be picked up at my local Home Depot store on May 28th. I received a call informing me that the order was ready, but upon arrival at the store, there was a delay because not all items were found. I had to collect the available items from the back of the store after a 20-minute wait and then waited outside for another 15 minutes for assistance that never came. The following day, I was notified that the full order was located and ready for pick up. During my next visit, I was offered the option to have the order delivered instead. I confirmed the delivery to my home address with the associate, and I expect it to arrive today, Monday. However, when checking the order status, it still shows as ready for pick up. I want to ensure that the order will indeed be delivered to my home as arranged.
Reported by GetHuman747784 on lunes, 4 de junio de 2018 14:35
I prepaid for flooring at the Kona, Hawaii store on March 27, [redacted], following confirmation from Beth two weeks prior that the product was in stock and measurements were taken. However, upon inquiring about the installation date, I was informed it would take an additional 5 weeks, followed by 2 more weeks of acclimation at my residence. Despite this, upon scheduling the installation, Kimo from store management informed me that the installer was too busy due to poor air quality and unable to proceed. As of June 6th, I had to find my own installer since Home Depot's contractor was unavailable. Upon requesting a refund for the installation, Mike Duncan mentioned it would take additional weeks to process. Home Depot currently holds $[redacted] of my money, causing me additional expenses amounting to $[redacted]. Despite escalating the issue to Tracie, who is believed to be the store manager after confusion with Kimo, I am still awaiting a response on my refund. I understand the situation is unique on the island, and I am requesting an expedited refund for the installer payment made over 2 months ago. Thank you, Paul R. Unsatisfied Home Depot Customer and Stockholder
Reported by GetHuman757764 on miércoles, 6 de junio de 2018 21:29
Home Depot originally provided a delivery date of 6/13, which is still reflected in the order history on the website. Unfortunately, the delivery did not arrive as scheduled, leading to uncertainty about when it would actually be delivered. After being informed it would arrive on 6/18 with no guarantee, managing this from California for a New Mexico delivery has been challenging. The ambiguous schedules and sudden changes without notifying the buyer are unacceptable. The lack of a direct phone line to the delivery department adds to the frustration. If the refrigerator is not delivered by the end of the 18th, both this order and the washer & dryer order will be cancelled to hold Home Depot accountable. Expecting a company to honor its commitments should not be this difficult.
Reported by GetHuman785311 on jueves, 14 de junio de 2018 20:29
Dear Concerned Party, I am Ryen Dalvit. I placed an order for flooring scheduled for delivery on June 14th, but it has not yet arrived. Repeated attempts to contact Home Depot have been unsuccessful, leading to my frustration as this is the third lost order in the past month and a half. I urgently need the vinyl flooring, a crucial component for a residential construction project that needs completion. Order Information: - Order Date: June 02, [redacted] - Order Number: W[redacted]86 - Tracking Number: [redacted] - Product: Reclaimed Wood Grey 8 in. Wide x 48 in Length Click Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring (18.22 sq. ft./case) - Total Cost: $[redacted].96 I seek prompt resolution and appreciate your assistance in locating and delivering the flooring expeditiously. Sincerely, Ryen Dalvit
Reported by GetHuman-ryen on domingo, 17 de junio de 2018 15:52
On June 13, I ordered a refrigerator set for delivery on June 14. Unfortunately, it arrived a day late on June 15. The delivery was unsatisfactory as the box was damaged, and the delivery person left it in the driveway unable to carry it inside. After moving it to a safe place, I later discovered a dent on the door and a crack on the top panel once unboxed. Trying multiple Home Depot numbers led me to automated systems requesting my information repeatedly. I am eager to speak with a human representative to resolve this matter promptly. Appreciate your assistance.
Reported by GetHuman800361 on martes, 19 de junio de 2018 17:55
I recently had a frustrating experience while trying to provide feedback via your helpline. Just earlier, I attempted to buy a 20-inch lawn mower and was advised by a friendly clerk that I could save $25 by applying for a Home Depot credit card. I agreed to apply but was informed that I couldn't get the card because Experian had no record of me. This issue has deterred me from using Experian due to their pushy tactics for paid services. I rely on TransUnion and another credit agency, both of which give me a credit score of [redacted]. If your company solely relies on Experian, you might miss customers like me, leading them to shop at Lowes instead. Despite the phone trouble with your computer system, the clerk kindly provided the discount. I suggest having more competent individuals on the phones for customer service.
Reported by GetHuman-joeben on jueves, 28 de junio de 2018 21:45
In early June, I placed an appliance order totaling $[redacted], which included installation kits. When the items were delivered on 6/23, the washer installation was unexpectedly the plumber’s responsibility. Despite multiple customer service calls, it took some time to schedule the installations. Today, the stove and dryer were installed by a plumber but the washer installation was delayed due to a delivery person getting hurt; they plan to come on Monday. Being without a stove, washer, and dryer for nearly a week has been inconvenient. I am requesting a refund for the installation costs and reimbursement for the new washer install kit we had to purchase for another service. Considering the situation, Lowe’s is now more appealing than Home Depot.
Reported by GetHuman834133 on viernes, 29 de junio de 2018 18:59
In [redacted], I bought a Rheem home HVAC system from Home Depot in Bolingbrook, Illinois. In under five years, it needs a new evaporator coil. Research shows this is a common issue with Rheem units, leading to a class action suit. Home Depot, as the seller, should have been aware of this problem prior to purchase, disappointing loyal customers like myself. I am reaching out to see if Home Depot is willing to assist in resolving this costly problem. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-fberan on lunes, 2 de julio de 2018 14:04
Today, a Samsung french door refrigerator was delivered to my home. Unfortunately, the left door is unable to open fully due to the proximity of the wall. The delivery person suggested that I might need a different type of refrigerator, but when I asked for an exchange, I was advised to keep it and reorder. Following the advice of the customer care line, I attempted to refuse the delivery, but the delivery person could not be contacted for a return. Despite my efforts, including contacting the store and speaking to a representative named Cory, I was informed that it was considered buyer's remorse. This experience has left me disappointed as I had planned on making additional purchases for my condo renovation project at Home Depot. I am in search of a resolution and would appreciate any assistance. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-qhwarren on sábado, 7 de julio de 2018 20:48
I recently placed an order for a fan and a battery pack from The Home Depot online through the Kirksville Mo. store with a $35 delivery fee. Despite not being notified, they attempted delivery on July 4th and required a signature, which was unexpected as I didn't request it. After spending hours on the phone trying to rearrange delivery, I was informed it would arrive on Tuesday, July 10th. However, I received a message today stating they were hesitant to send a truck driver to Iowa for such a small package and wanted to confirm someone would sign for it. Even though there have been some challenges, I hope the delivery can be successfully completed to avoid cancellation of order #W[redacted]30 and receive a refund of $[redacted]. I trust they will be able to resolve this issue promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-judiparc on martes, 10 de julio de 2018 16:42
The Home Depot store at location [redacted] in Cicero is not up to standard. Plumbing associates are being asked to handle kitchen and bath customers instead of hiring additional help. The management, including store manager Melissa and ASM Jesse, are not effectively addressing the staffing issue. The pressure to cover two departments without adequate support creates a challenging work environment for both employees and customers. This situation is unacceptable, and it appears to be an ongoing problem at this store. It's evident that the current staffing practices are unsustainable and leading to high turnover among employees.
Reported by GetHuman-jayraw on miércoles, 11 de julio de 2018 16:26

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