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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Honda customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported October 27, 2015 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Help needed... I purchased a new [redacted] Honda CRV around [redacted] miles ago. I am experiencing vibration between 18-25 mph, especially at 22 mph when accelerating. The vibration lessens when I ease off the accelerator, indicating an issue with the engine or powertrain. My local Honda dealer and the Honda parent company have been unhelpful in resolving the problem or refunding my money. I hope to avoid filing a Lemon Law case, but if the situation is not addressed promptly, I will have no choice. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-alnospa on martedì 27 ottobre 2015 17:51
I am feeling frustrated and exhausted. I have invested a significant amount of money in repairing my Honda Pilot, only to receive conflicting information from the Honda dealer and three other mechanics. I have been consistently charged for repairs, yet my car remains unfixed. I am seeking urgent assistance from Honda's top-tier customer service representative to address the ongoing issues with my car. As a consumer, I find it challenging that I am responsible for troubleshooting and continually facing these service disruptions. My car has been malfunctioning for two years now, and I am desperate for a resolution. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-bonitam on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 16:02
In March [redacted], I purchased a new [redacted] Honda Accord Touring. By October, the trunk lid wouldn't stay open, and a parking system sensor light came on. I took it to Yonkers Honda in NY, where I was told I had caustic materials in the trunk causing the issue and that repairs wouldn't be covered by the warranty, costing $[redacted]. However, I sought a second opinion from New Rochelle Honda. There, with Bobby as my advisor, they fixed the car under warranty without any hassle and were very courteous. This experience left me more satisfied with New Rochelle than with Yonkers Honda. I may reconsider buying another Honda in the future, but if I do, it certainly won't be from Yonkers Honda.
Reported by GetHuman1400880 on mercoledì 24 ottobre 2018 00:53
Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to address an issue with the Honda Accord I purchased on 09/29/[redacted] with VIN# 1HGCV1F64JA170083. Recently, I discovered a small crack on the driver's side front window which has been increasing in size. This crack was noticed after my car had been parked in the garage for five consecutive days following the first snowfall in NC. I promptly reported this to the Honda Dealer in Greensboro, NC, where I made the purchase, and was advised to have the car inspected at a local dealer. I took the vehicle to Crown Honda Dealer in Southpoint, Durham, NC, where they identified a small chip near the edge of the glass, possibly caused by a temperature drop during the winter. I am seeking assistance from Honda Corporate to have the window replaced under the Manufacturer's Warranty due to the chip being minimal and located in a hard-to-reach area under the rubber frame. Considering the short time since purchase, the inconspicuous location of the chip, and the likelihood that it was pre-existing, I believe it is reasonable to expect Honda to address this issue under the warranty. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Tongyan Li
Reported by GetHuman-tongyan_ on giovedì 20 dicembre 2018 03:34
To Whom It May Concern, 12/19/[redacted] I am Tongyan Li. I purchased a Honda Accord on 09/29/[redacted] with VIN# 1HGCV1F64JA170083. Recently, I noticed a small crack on the front driver side window, which has been increasing in size. I promptly reported this to the Honda dealer in Greensboro, NC, where I bought the car. They advised me to have the issue inspected locally. I took my car to Crown Honda Dealer at Southpoint, Durham, NC. They found a chip at the edge of the glass, close to the rubber frame's shadow, making it hard to reach. The dealer stated that the chip may have been present when I bought the car and the cold weather could have caused the crack. I am requesting to speak to someone at Honda Corporate to have my window replaced under the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Given that I've owned the car for less than 3 months and the chip's location, I believe the chip was pre-existing and the warranty should cover the replacement. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Tongyan Li
Reported by GetHuman-tongyan_ on giovedì 20 dicembre 2018 12:45
Hello. Recently, my son purchased a new car from the Honda World Dealer in Downey. The buying process was smooth, except they didn't allow him to test drive the car initially. After driving home, the dealership contacted him to return regarding paperwork mistakes. Upon revisiting, he noticed the steering wheel was misaligned on the car. They asked for the purchase agreement back, stating he needed to return for it. Unfortunately, on this visit, he left without the agreement. The dealership called him twice for additional signatures due to errors. I'm curious why they let him depart without the purchase agreement. If you need to reach me, please call at [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-pinkpola on venerdì 28 dicembre 2018 19:59
I am seeking assistance with my EU [redacted] generator, serial number #[redacted], which was damaged in shipping. I need to replace one of the maintenance doors currently installed on the unit. The issue I am facing is that the owner's manual specifies that the right door is the one with the pull starter. However, the part sent to me (part #[redacted]) does not align with this description. Upon reviewing Honda's diagram online, it appears that the front of the machine is where the control panel is located. The manual mentions that the side with the pull starter is the right side, but I am now unsure which door is correct. Can someone clarify whether I should refer to the manual or the online diagram to determine which door is the right one for my generator? Thank you for any guidance provided.
Reported by GetHuman2939636 on venerdì 17 maggio 2019 15:17
I purchased a brand new Honda Civic 10th Gen 1.6Auto in Singapore back in January [redacted]. Since day one, I have been hearing a clucking noise but only recently discovered how to consistently reproduce it. By lightly pressing, releasing, and then pressing the accelerator, the clucking noise occurs. Sometimes, the steering also vibrates. Even though the noise can be replicated this way, it can also happen during regular driving at a constant speed. The noise resembles something being loose. The authorized dealer, Kah Motor in Singapore, insists that this is normal, referring to a confidential report that mentions the driving gear hitting the next gear during acceleration and deceleration. I am concerned about the impact on the car's reliability and the longevity of the gears. Furthermore, Kah Motors declined to provide me with a copy of the confidential report. This experience has left me deeply disappointed as a first-time Honda buyer. I am questioning the quality of the products Honda is manufacturing and whether customers are being pressured to accept these issues. SC Hoo
Reported by GetHuman-hooseng on giovedì 30 maggio 2019 07:21
We purchased our CRV in May [redacted]. After facing repeated dead battery issues, our interaction with Honda Roadside Assistance was unpleasant. The car was towed to the dealer, but the problem persisted. The dealership agreed to exchange our car. However, during the process, we were surprised by extra fees not mentioned during the original purchase. Despite our initial intention to pay in cash, we were pushed to finance the deal. To our dismay, additional charges of over $2,[redacted] appeared on the new finance paperwork. The general manager, Jason, claimed we were informed about these charges, which was untrue. When confronted, he abruptly ended the call. This battery problem seems known to Honda, as evidenced by online discussions. We urge Honda or Johnson City Honda to rectify these unfair charges promptly. [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-lannieha on venerdì 19 luglio 2019 13:22
I returned home from grocery shopping and parked my car. I was planning to visit my cousin's house, but when I tried to start my car, the key wouldn't turn in the ignition. I attempted to turn the key, but it only made a faint click. There are no dashboard lights or beeping sounds when I insert the key. However, the headlights still work when turned on, and the door panel lights function when the door is open. I'm unsure how to resolve this problem. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman3307654 on giovedì 25 luglio 2019 06:44
I recently purchased a New CRV EXL on 11-30-19, paying with cash (including trade-in, check, and credit card). The dealer informed me that the Honda warranty wasn't sufficient and offered a $4,[redacted] warranty which I declined. After signing the documents and taking the car home, I noticed a $1,[redacted] charge for a service contract that I did not agree to or discuss. I already have coverage through my Honda warranty and insurance. I'm disappointed in the dealer's actions and feel mistreated. As a loyal customer, I expect better treatment. I appreciate Honda's product but not the dealer's behavior. Sincerely, Gary Jensen
Reported by GetHuman3333337 on mercoledì 4 dicembre 2019 03:04
I purchased a Honda Activa [redacted] CC two-wheeler around three months ago. Since the beginning, the vehicle has had a serious starting issue. Sometimes it takes half an hour to start, and other times it won't start at all. I have raised this concern with Ananda Honda in Bangalore, but they have not been able to resolve the problem. When attempting to log a complaint with Honda customer care, I encountered the same issue with the system repeatedly not functioning properly. Whenever I call, they mention experiencing the same problem. I urge you to address and resolve this issue promptly. It is unacceptable that such fraudulent behavior has transpired toward a lady customer. Kindly rectify this matter as soon as possible.
Reported by GetHuman4071621 on martedì 10 dicembre 2019 12:17
I recently purchased a Honda CRV-EX [redacted] from a familiar dealer, and I'm quite dissatisfied with several aspects of the transaction. Firstly, we did not receive the Presidents Day discount we were expecting. Despite my husband inquiring about loyalty and veterans discounts, we were informed it was applied without verifying our eligibility. Subsequently, I left a case of CDs under my seat, which the dealer claims were not found except for two CDs on the floor. They did not offer to return them to me, leaving me frustrated as the CDs were valued at over $[redacted]. Additionally, we were charged $[redacted] for an anti-theft device we were not informed about. Furthermore, they are requesting us to pick up our registration instead of mailing it as done previously. This departure from past experiences has been quite disappointing. We reached out to customer service, who directed us back to the dealer. I am now seeking guidance on how to escalate my concerns further. Thank you for any assistance or suggestions you can provide.
Reported by GetHuman-lindakoz on lunedì 2 marzo 2020 22:00
I have been a loyal Honda customer since [redacted], having purchased multiple Honda vehicles for my family's use over the years, showing our preference for Honda products. The reason for my communication is the ongoing engine issues with my [redacted] Honda Accord. After facing engine trouble on Dec 30, [redacted], causing concern for safety, I had the vehicle towed to Lancaster Honda for diagnosis. Despite the repairs completed for $[redacted] due to a fault code (P0303), the car broke down again the same day after picking it up from the dealership. This incident occurred right after extensive engine maintenance, leading me to discover a lawsuit concerning similar engine problems in Honda Accords. I attempted to address the situation with Lancaster Honda's manager, Mr. Sean Homayoun, to no avail, as he redirected me to another manager offering a meager discount on a new vehicle. I am dissatisfied with the handling of this situation and believe that senior management needs to be made aware. Your prompt attention to resolving this matter is appreciated. You can reach me for any further inquiries at [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman4476013 on lunedì 16 marzo 2020 20:30
To whom it may concern, I reside in Istanbul, Turkey, and I am a Honda car owner reaching out to address an issue. In November [redacted], I purchased a Honda HRV ([redacted]) with license plate 34SB2311. My vehicle, with approximately 62,[redacted] km, has been diligently maintained at Honda Authorized Services. On 03.16.[redacted], while driving safely in Canakkale/Turkey, the malfunction light in my car illuminated. I safely pulled over, and with the assistance of a tow truck, my vehicle was taken to the closest authorized service center, Balıkesir Honda Authorized Service. Nine days later, I received notification that the malfunction was attributed to the fuel. A fuel sample was analyzed by OPET company, a Turkish petroleum company, confirming its compliance with official standards. I promptly informed Honda-Turkey. Subsequently, Honda-Turkey informed me that previous fuels used (over the years) caused the malfunction, thus, the warranty does not cover the breakdown. I want to emphasize that I consistently filled up with legal, high-quality fuels from stations like OPET or BP. Since March 16, I have been unable to drive my car. I am seeking compensation for both material and moral damages incurred. Sincerely,
Reported by GetHuman-eryamany on giovedì 9 aprile 2020 07:56
I have a [redacted] Pilot, and I encountered a sunroof issue a while ago where it wouldn't close. When I brought it to the dealership, they fixed it, but I began hearing new noises from the sunroof. Despite multiple visits and requests during servicing, the noise persists and is getting louder. Every time I bring it in, they claim there's no issue. Now, additional noises are coming from inside the cabin, and I'm uncertain about their source. My car is under warranty, but I am disappointed with Honda's quality and the poor service I've received from the dealership in Kuwait.
Reported by GetHuman-aalzoub on domenica 2 agosto 2020 09:20
This place is full of thieves and liars. They sold us a car, we paid, and then four days later, they called with lies saying there was a missing document to sign and claimed the bank didn't approve the credit. They took the car back, kept it, and haven't refunded us yet ($[redacted] initial payment, $[redacted] for someone to get insurance, $[redacted] for insurance, $[redacted] for Honda warranty, $[redacted] for a tire system, and $[redacted] tip for the salesperson). The car already had damage, and they won't refund us claiming it's why, even after we paid for everything. I will seek help from immigrant organizations as they take advantage of non-English speakers. My name is Isaac N. and you can ask Tony and Chicago about all of this. Sent from my iPhone
Reported by GetHuman5162293 on venerdì 14 agosto 2020 08:20
Dear Honda Get Human team, I placed prepaid purchase order number [redacted] on October 12th, [redacted], for a mini tiller from Honda Innovative in India. Despite assurances of delivery by October 18th and receiving an "out for delivery" email, I have not received the product. Multiple attempts to contact them via email, messages, and phone calls to Delhi and Bengaluru, including reaching out to Mr. Jasper and Mr. Adithya, have yielded no response. This lack of communication is disappointing, especially for a Honda subsidiary. Ecwid, a business partner to Honda Innovative, has acknowledged numerous similar complaints from customers and suggested seeking help from the consumer Redressal forum. I hope for a prompt resolution, either by fulfilling the order for the APMT 52 mini tiller or providing a refund of Rs. [redacted]. I look forward to your prompt response via email. Kind regards, Bhavani Shankar Bengaluru
Reported by GetHuman-aawishca on giovedì 10 dicembre 2020 11:26
After purchasing our Honda Self Propelled Lawnmower, we experienced issues with the wheels locking up after just three uses. Despite registering the lawnmower with Honda and it being under warranty, we have been waiting for it to be repaired since June. The repair shop had to file a warranty claim with Honda to get the necessary part. Despite multiple assurances from Honda about the shipment date of the part, there have been delays. We are frustrated with the prolonged wait as we are now spending $[redacted] weekly for grass cutting services while our lawnmower is inoperable. We just need the belt shipped to the repair shop so we can have our lawnmower back in working condition. We hope to receive a swift resolution to this issue.
Reported by GetHuman6330868 on martedì 13 luglio 2021 19:46
On Tuesday, October 26th, I purchased tickets to attend the Ducks game with friends. However, upon arrival, we discovered that either the venue or the team required vaccine verification or a test for entry. I had checked the Honda Center website and Ticketmaster for any such requirements before organizing the event, but found no disclosure. If I had known, I would not have proceeded with the plans. It's disappointing that the organizations involved did not clearly state the vaccination requirement. Unfortunately, we chose not to attend the game due to this issue. It is frustrating that these organizations are not transparent about this policy, risking trust with fans. Sincerely, A disappointed fan, Scott K.
Reported by GetHuman6760899 on sabato 30 ottobre 2021 22:05

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