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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about John Deere customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported April 28, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Dear Ma'am/Sir, I am a retired military officer from Shreveport, LA, residing with my wife on a property with 4.5 acres of land. My current L110 lawn tractor mower is in disrepair after 10 years of use, requiring constant maintenance. Financial constraints have delayed my ability to buy a new mower. The repair facility advised replacing the deck and rebuilding the engine, complicating my grass-cutting efforts in the rainy weather. I am inquiring about potential factory seconds or military discounts on a lawn tractor suitable for 4.5 acres. I suspect the small size of my previous mower contributed to its premature wear. I am open to driving to your location if you have a product that fits my needs. Currently, I am forced to use a string trimmer due to my non-functional mower. My local Home Depot contact recommended John Deere for its reliability, prompting me to reach out to you. Thank you for any assistance you can provide for my situation. Kindest regards, Skip T. PS: If this email format is incorrect, kindly direct me to the appropriate contact in customer relations.
Reported by GetHuman-ctraffiv on السبت ٢٨ أبريل ٢٠١٨ ٢١:٥٣
My approximately 2-year-old Gator with 64 hours of use has never functioned properly. Our farm has 23 other green machines, and I am familiar with how they should operate. Despite multiple visits to the local JD service center, the Gator has not been fixed. Recently, we were told that the clutches need to be polished due to lack of use. Even though it's under warranty, we were charged $[redacted] during the last visit. The Gator still struggles to shift into reverse smoothly and operates jerkily at low speeds. I would appreciate assistance in finding a reliable repair shop to resolve this ongoing issue, as our local dealer has not been successful. If a resolution is not possible, please have a representative contact me at [redacted] to provide an explanation. The unit's performance has been disappointing since we received it, and I believe it qualifies as a lemon.
Reported by GetHuman-mdcorum on الأحد ٢٧ مايو ٢٠١٨ ١٧:١٤
I have a John Deere [redacted] lawn tractor with a 20hp diesel engine. Recently, I noticed a concerning issue where fuel was leaking out of the tank vent line after starting the engine. It happened consistently for a minute or two, leading to a considerable loss of fuel. This problem has been sporadic throughout the spring and summer. However, last night, I observed the leakage specifically coming from the tank vent line. Tonight, upon refilling the tank to the top and starting the engine, there was no repeat of the issue. The tank has three lines - vent, supply to the fuel pump, and another one going to the top of the engine whose purpose I am unsure of. I speculate that this line might be responsible for pushing air or fuel back into the tank, forcing fuel to come out through the vent. While I have some mechanical skills, my knowledge about diesel engines is limited.
Reported by GetHuman831299 on الخميس ٢٨ يونيو ٢٠١٨ ٢٣:٤٤
I am Gregory Horacek and my contact number is [redacted]. I am facing an issue with my X300 purchased from Shearers Equipment. Although the steering was repaired under warranty, I am concerned about the gap between the gear and the "toothed" section, fearing that the issue may recur. Shearers Equipment has stated that I would be responsible for any repair costs after the warranty period, quoting approximately $[redacted]. While I understand their policy, as a loyal John Deere customer, I am worried about the frequency of steering replacements. I have images of the repair showing the potential issue. I am seeking clarification on how John Deere's customer service and Quality Assurance teams will address this recurring problem. I believe that a lasting solution, such as repairing and covering costs up to 1,[redacted] hours or replacing the unit, would ensure my continued loyalty as a customer.
Reported by GetHuman882623 on الأحد ١٥ يوليو ٢٠١٨ ١٤:٢٤
I bought a XUV [redacted] from James River Equipment in Asheboro, NC, in [redacted], while it was still under warranty. After experiencing transmission issues and having repairs done, the problem recurred shortly after. The dealer informed me that the warranty had expired, but thanks to a John Deere representative, the repair was done at no cost. The dealer mentioned they had installed a kit from John Deere to address a known issue with that model. Despite this, after putting in 10 hours, I had to replace the carburetor and now I am dealing with shifting problems again. Can anyone assist in permanently resolving this shifting issue? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-jpresnal on الخميس ٢ أغسطس ٢٠١٨ ١٢:٠٥
I contacted the Sunsouth John Deere dealership in Barnesville, Georgia this morning inquiring about purchasing the FM3012. Rusty confirmed it was available and answered some general questions about the hours and condition. After discussing with my father, he called Rusty and secured the mower for $[redacted]. Despite being over halfway there for our scheduled pick-up on August 7, [redacted], we received a text stating the unit was sold to another dealer. I called back, left messages for Rusty, and spoke with James, requesting a manager. James promised to follow up but later informed me the unit had been sold and there was nothing they could do. This marks the second negative experience I've had with John Deere dealers. I am hoping to speak with a representative to provide further details and explore any possible resolution to this frustrating situation.
Reported by GetHuman-nealco on الإثنين ٦ أغسطس ٢٠١٨ ٢٢:١٨
I purchased an engine for my [redacted] combine after the previous one failed early at [redacted] hours. The sales representative mentioned it should have lasted 6 to 7 thousand hours, but since it wasn't under warranty, John Deere declined assistance. I bought a new rebuilt engine for $38,[redacted].00 with a 2-year warranty, but it now uses half a gallon of oil daily. John Deere claims this oil consumption is within their specifications, but I believe they should have disclosed this information prior to the purchase. It seems excessive for them to sell engines with such high oil consumption without informing customers.
Reported by GetHuman-bfleming on الثلاثاء ١٤ أغسطس ٢٠١٨ ٢٣:٤٠
I had a negative experience with Joe from the service department. The John Deere equipment I owned, specifically the [redacted] and 1025r, had breakdowns at [redacted] and [redacted] hours respectively which were not covered by the company. The front differential shaft broke while driving on a paved road in two-wheel drive. Harvest Equipment quoted $2,[redacted] for repairs before determining if John Deere would cover the costs, which was frustrating. I would advise avoiding John Deere and Harvest Equipment based on my experiences.
Reported by GetHuman1127447 on الثلاثاء ١١ سبتمبر ٢٠١٨ ١٢:٤١
During my visit to 3 Deere dealerships on 10/20, my experience seeking information about the price of a tractor and the appraisal of my used tractor was consistently disappointing. The dealerships in North Platte, NE, Ogallala, NE, and Fort Collins, CO, all lacked available salespeople and the staff in the parts department was unable to provide me with a quote. The Nebraska dealerships seemed unconcerned about assisting me and were unsure about the salesperson's schedule. At the Fort Collins, CO 4Rivers dealership, after a significant wait, the salesperson finally arrived but offered me a quote for a tractor with a more expensive transmission without checking with me first. When I inquired about my used tractor's value, I was asked for detailed information that I didn't have on hand. The lack of customer service and unhelpful attitudes at all the John Deere locations made me reconsider doing business with them in the future.
Reported by GetHuman-hawkey on الأحد ٢١ أكتوبر ٢٠١٨ ١٤:١٨
I had issues with my [redacted] model Deere [redacted] shuttle shift from when it was new. The brake light stays on, and the left rear tire drags when the oil is cold, working fine once it warms up. I suspect the dealer, who is now out of business, may have used the wrong oil when installing the loader. Despite changing the transmission oil twice this year and flushing the lines by running the loader, the problem persists, especially in colder weather. I'm unsure if a complete flush of the transmission and loader will resolve the issue, or if internal parts may be damaged and require further work. Rather than the dealer's costly estimate, I seek a knowledgeable professional who can determine the necessary repairs without unnecessary expenses or surprises.
Reported by GetHuman1439621 on الإثنين ٢٩ أكتوبر ٢٠١٨ ١٣:٥٨
In early [redacted], I purchased a John Deere Gator 825i S4 with an enclosed cab from Prairieland Partners in Kingman, KS. They have been a great dealer, and my issue is NOT with them. The machine has a significant design issue regarding the parking brake. We are about to have the brake replaced for the 3rd or 4th time. The warning beeper alerting when the brake is on is too muted to hear inside the cab, which is loud due to engine noise and a constant cab heater. Consequently, it's possible to start driving without realizing the brake is on, causing it to burn out. This occurred recently, leading to a dangerous situation where the machine almost ran over a child. To address this flaw, it is essential to either immobilize the drive train when the parking brake is engaged or amplify the warning beep to a level that cannot be missed, preventing costly repairs and potentially dangerous situations. Due to this ongoing issue, we are considering switching to a new Kubota. Best, Larry A.
Reported by GetHuman1451761 on الثلاثاء ٣٠ أكتوبر ٢٠١٨ ١٧:٥٨
I experienced a secondary transmission spring and pulley failure at [redacted] hours of use on my D105 mower, which seems to be a common issue based on various videos, testimonials, and feedback from mower repair shops. Despite believing I made a sound choice when purchasing the mower, it has been plagued by factory defects such as the voltage regulator. As a disabled individual, I am financially unable to cover the repair costs and parts. I am counting on John Deere to uphold their reputation and take responsibility for the products they release. I urge for a prompt resolution to this matter and for the company to make it right not only for me but for all customers who have invested in this well-known brand. This situation has left me frustrated, and I am determined to pursue a resolution, even if it means escalating to top management or seeking legal intervention.
Reported by GetHuman-kellonca on الخميس ١٥ نوفمبر ٢٠١٨ ١٧:١٨
I own a [redacted] JDXUV550 and I am experiencing difficulties with shifting gears. I purchased it used in [redacted] with 63 hours from Greenville Turf and Tractor in Greenville, SC. Initially, the gears worked well during a test drive at the dealership, but problems arose as the weather warmed up. The gears started getting stuck. The dealer replaced the clutch and belt at no cost, but now, after 60 hours, I am facing the same issue. I was advised by the dealer to turn off the engine, shift the gear, and restart, but now it seems like the starter is faulty. Researching on a Gator forum, I found out about an upgrade kit with a [redacted] clutch and gear shift cable that should have been recommended or installed before resale. I was never made aware of this kit or the shifting issues when buying the vehicle. I am wondering if John Deere has developed a permanent solution to this recurring problem, as the temporary fixes are proving frustrating. My positive experiences with other John Deere products are at odds with this ongoing issue with the Gator, disappointing me recently. Thank you, JP
Reported by GetHuman-stopman on الخميس ٢٩ نوفمبر ٢٠١٨ ١٥:٠٩
I have a [redacted] T0650 dozer with serial number [redacted] that functioned well one day but encountered issues when I returned to it two days later. Despite cranking up fine, the throttle wouldn't engage, and a trouble light appeared indicating codes F9C3, F9C4, F423. The TCU consistently displayed PARK regardless of lever positions, with the hydro temp light near the throttle remaining off. I've inspected all wiring, fuses, and connections but am unable to run TCU diagnostics. I reside far from a JD dealer, and local Green dealers haven't been of assistance. I seek guidance in identifying the root cause and wish to speak with a qualified technician as the owner's manual lacks detailed troubleshooting information. Your help is greatly appreciated. - Mike H.
Reported by GetHuman-mhcutter on السبت ٢٩ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ ٢٢:٤٩
To the appropriate party, I acquired a John Deere E100 tractor from Lowes in Webster, NY in July [redacted]. After using it for only 3 hours during the mowing season, I encountered a starting issue in November. Lowes informed me about the 1-year warranty and directed me to LandPro Equipment, the authorized John Deere dealer in Macedon, NY. LandPro requested a $60 fee to pick up my tractor, which seemed steep for a potential battery problem covered under warranty. I agreed to LandPro's alternative of waiting 2 months for a service technician to replace the battery at my place. On January 8, [redacted], the technician promptly changed the battery at my garage. However, shortly after, I received a call saying the battery wasn't covered, and I would be billed $[redacted].71. I feel misled by LandPro, as they didn't clarify the battery warranty exclusion upfront. I ask to be charged solely for the battery replacement. LandPro's failure to disclose the warranty terms regarding batteries is disappointing. Your attention to this matter is appreciated. Thank you, G. Clarevsky
Reported by GetHuman1971444 on الثلاثاء ١٥ يناير ٢٠١٩ ٢٠:٠٨
Here is my story: I bought a John Deere tractor E100 from the Lowes Store in Webster, NY in July [redacted]. After using it for a little over 3 hours, in November [redacted], I encountered starting issues with the tractor. Lowes informed me that the tractor was under warranty for a year and advised me to contact the authorized John Deere repair dealer called "LandPro" at [redacted]. LandPro confirmed my warranty coverage but requested $60 for transporting the tractor to their facility. I debated that the battery replacement cost should be less than the delivery fee. They offered to send a repair person to my house after 2 months to replace the battery. On 01/08/[redacted], the repair person arrived promptly, changed the battery in 15 minutes, and left. However, I later received a call from LandPro stating that the battery was not covered by the warranty and billed me $[redacted].71, with a John Deere logo on the invoice. I question the high cost for a 15-minute service and doubt that an authorized dealer would be unaware of warranty coverage details. Thank you, Greg C.
Reported by GetHuman2038970 on الجمعة ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١٩ ١٨:٤٣
Hello, I purchased a Deere X350 mower last July. Shortly after, I noticed a ticking noise in the engine. I returned it to the dealer, who identified it as a Kawasaki engine defect and replaced it at the season's end. The new engine also makes the same ticking noise, which the dealer believes won't affect its performance. My concern is the potential costly repairs after the warranty expires. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks, R. Gale
Reported by GetHuman2517644 on الجمعة ١٥ مارس ٢٠١٩ ٠٠:٠٤
Hello, I'm Stephanie Smith. I want to share my experience working as a temp to hire at John Deere in Paton, Iowa. I started in August [redacted] and worked until February [redacted]. Unfortunately, my time there was not pleasant. I enjoyed my job as a painter and hoped to be hired permanently. However, issues arose when a fellow temp named Randy began behaving aggressively towards me, despite my attempts to address his mistakes politely. Both I and another employee reported his behavior, but no action was taken. Feeling scared, I called in sick, and my agency advised me to stay home until they resolved the situation with Randy. However, John Deere Paton eventually terminated my contract for failing to report to work. I believe this decision was unjust, considering the circumstances. It was a stressful situation made worse by the lack of intervention by my supervisor, Jay. I hope to have the opportunity to return to work without fear and for Randy to be held accountable for his actions. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Stephanie Smith.
Reported by GetHuman2537313 on الإثنين ١٨ مارس ٢٠١٩ ٠٤:١٥
I want to share my experience working as a temp to hire at John Deere in Paton, Iowa, from August of **** to February of ****. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time due to a hostile co-worker named Randy who created a stressful and unsafe environment. Despite reporting his behavior to my supervisor, Jay, and even having another employee support my claims, no appropriate actions were taken. Randy's aggressive attitude and behavior made me feel scared and uncomfortable to the point where I had to take sick days. When the agency intervened, I was unfairly told to return to work without any assurances that the issue would be resolved. I believe that Randy's termination is necessary to ensure a safe workplace for everyone. I am hoping for a chance to return to work without Randy present and to be considered for a permanent position. I am disappointed by the lack of action taken by the supervisor and HR department. Thank you for listening to my concerns and for your consideration. - Stephanie Smith
Reported by GetHuman2537313 on الإثنين ١٨ مارس ٢٠١٩ ٠٤:٢٧
I own a JD LT [redacted], model # 133A149148, and engine serial #[redacted] purchased from The Hartville Hardware in Ohio in October [redacted]. Multiple issues arose with my wiring harness and starter switch in [redacted] and [redacted]. Recently, I experienced an electrical fire, and with advice from Hartville Hardware, I replaced the damaged wires myself using bullet splicers. During a recent service, my JD was fixed for a wiring issue. I contacted JD customer service with a case number, GSC65940 on 03-29-[redacted], and took my JD back to Hartville Hardware for service on 04-13-[redacted], costing $[redacted].74. When I contacted JD service on 04-10-[redacted], they said they couldn't assist further as I had already paid. I believe JD should assist with the electrical repair costs considering the recurring issue since [redacted]. As a retired fire investigator, I see a potential safety concern with the connectors. I have the damaged connector available for inspection. I request JD's assistance with the repair costs. Thank you, Bill K. [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-kneppbil on الأربعاء ١٠ أبريل ٢٠١٩ ١٩:٥١

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