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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Kayak customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 8, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I recently booked a flight with flyus.com and encountered a significant issue. They canceled my reservation that was made on June 3rd, claiming my credit card was declined. However, I never received any notification from them. They alleged leaving a voicemail, but I have no such record on my phone. Despite their email alert on June 7th from a different site called webjet, which I missed in my spam folder, my initial booking and itinerary were with Flyus.com. Even my credit card company has no information about any declined transactions with Flyus.com. Now, they are offering a rebooking at an additional cost of $[redacted] for my flight from PHL to London set for June 16th with a return on June 30th, which is vital as my daughter is having a C-section. I am questioning the legitimacy of Flyus.com as a flight booking agency, considering these circumstances. I feel as though they may have deliberately canceled my reservation to pressure me into accepting a higher-priced booking. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-chrislen on Friday, June 8, 2018 5:28 PM
I booked a reservation through Kayak for Easirent car rental (Booking Number: GB[redacted]60) expecting to find the rental location at the Hilton Gatwick as indicated on the website. However, I later discovered that Easirent moved to the Crown Plaza two years ago. This confusion caused us a lot of inconvenience and wasted time as we had to locate the correct rental location. As loyal customers of Kayak for several years, this experience has left us feeling frustrated. I hope Kayak can ensure their information is accurate to prevent similar issues for other customers in the future. I believe some compensation for the time lost is appropriate. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-vivianay on Saturday, June 23, 2018 10:00 AM
I recently bought tickets for my family's return trip and discovered a flight priced at $[redacted] per person. However, upon clicking for more details on Kayak, I was directed to Primera Air's website where the currency switched to Pounds Sterling, increasing the cost to [redacted] pounds. Opting for the comfort level tickets with luggage, the total came to [redacted] pounds. The same flight for the 4th of July was listed at $[redacted] on Kayak but remained in dollars. Had I been able to book at the initial price and currency, I would have paid $[redacted] based on the Kayak invoice. Due to the currency discrepancy between Kayak and Primera, I ended up paying $[redacted].45. I'm requesting a $[redacted] refund for the currency difference. Although this experience had inaccuracies, I am a loyal Kayak user and intend to continue using the service.
Reported by GetHuman817693 on Monday, June 25, 2018 12:23 PM
I have encountered considerable difficulty with my car reservation process. I had initially made a reservation for a car rental from Aug. 4th to Aug. 12th, picking up at [redacted] Greece Ridge Center and returning to Norfolk, VA airport through a booking with Priceline. When I attempted to modify the reservation to include Friday, August 3rd, I faced challenges locating the Budget pick-up point at the specified address. Despite contacting Budget and Priceline customer service, I found myself caught in a frustrating loop of unhelpful responses. Subsequently, I was advised to address any changes with you directly. As a heart transplant recipient, this situation has caused significant stress. I am now requesting to either change the pick-up location to the Rochester, NY Airport for August 3rd at 8:30 am and return the vehicle to Norfolk, VA airport on August 12th at 4 pm, or cancel the reservation entirely. The lack of clarity and assistance from both Budget and Priceline staff during this process has been disappointing and unprofessional. The confusion regarding the location of the rental site and the inability to escalate my concerns to a supervisor have added to my frustration.
Reported by GetHuman935343 on Tuesday, July 31, 2018 6:53 PM
Regarding my reservation number [redacted]-[redacted]-[redacted]-40 and flight H[redacted], I need to adjust my rental car return from Sunday to Friday when I fly into Anchorage on UA6282 departing Pensacola at 7:15 am on September 28. Despite attempts online, the webpage keeps freezing, preventing me from making the change. I'm a loyal Kayak customer and prefer not to cancel but cannot confirm the alteration. Please send me an email confirmation once this is sorted. I can be reached at [redacted] for a call, text, or at [redacted] Thank you for looking into this. Karen.
Reported by GetHuman987415 on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 12:00 AM
I made a flight reservation via Kayak for a trip from Kansas City to Paris on 1/14/18, with Iceland Air for 9/15/18 to 9/25/18 for me and my wife. I have my Vayama E-ticket (Booking # KUSW-[redacted]) and an Iceland Air online check-in number (QLVFCX). The ticket indicates an economy class. After contacting Iceland Air to confirm our checked baggage allowance, they informed me that we had booked economy light but this was not specified on my confirmation, so we are only allowed a carry-on each with the option to buy checked baggage at $[redacted] per bag. This unexpected cost applies to my family members who also booked through Kayak. Unfortunately, for our group of nine, this totals $1,[redacted] to check one bag each. It would have been more helpful if Kayak had clearly stated the baggage policy at the time of booking. - Peter M.
Reported by GetHuman-pcmorley on Wednesday, August 15, 2018 2:19 AM
Hello, we are on our honeymoon and will be traveling for about a month. We have purchased flights through your service this month. Today, we booked a flight from Koh Samui to Bangkok on Kayak's website. After the payment was processed, the website displayed a message stating that the trip was not yet ready, asking us to check back later. Despite waiting and checking again, nothing changed. We thought there might have been an error, so we rebooked the same flights at a higher price, only to receive the same message stating the trip was not ready. Our flight is scheduled for the 26th, this Sunday. We have two confirmation numbers: KUSW [redacted] and KUSW [redacted]. We can provide screenshots from the website showing that we are booked. We greatly value your website and have made many purchases through it. We kindly request your assistance and hope for a prompt reply. Thank you for your help.
Reported by GetHuman-barnimni on Thursday, August 23, 2018 8:04 AM
I made a hotel booking for one night, but I was actually charged for two nights, which is incorrect. I attempted to cancel the reservation by contacting the hotel, but they advised me to reach out to the booking platform. I have been struggling to speak to a representative to resolve the issue, and I can see on my bank statement that I was billed for two nights on my credit card. I would appreciate a call back to address this situation promptly. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman1029292 on Thursday, August 23, 2018 10:09 PM
I am currently unwell and need to reschedule my flight from FCO to LAX on Alitalia departing tomorrow. I was advised by Kayak to contact Priceline for assistance. However, I have called Priceline four times without any success, as the calls are handled by a call center in the Philippines, resulting in communication issues. This frustrating experience may lead me to avoid booking through Kayak in the future if I am unable to change my ticket. I seek to switch to the same 9:35 am flight on either Saturday, Sept 1, or Sunday, Sept 2. My Alitalia booking confirmation is YXNEUK, with flight TF4854 under the name Dr. Sina SAfahieh. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-sinamd on Thursday, August 30, 2018 8:40 AM
I made a hotel reservation through Kayak after finding a great deal on Hotwire the night before. Initially, while booking the room on Kayak, the site unexpectedly closed, almost charging me twice. Upon arrival at the hotel, I discovered both my boyfriend and I needed IDs, which would have been helpful to know beforehand. Additionally, a surprise $50 cash deposit was required, inconvenient as I had to visit an ATM incurring extra fees. The hotel itself was disappointing, with a strong unwanted odor, and limited amenities like only one ice machine, which was out of order. The upper floors were even worse, with dim lighting, a strong odor, and mold visible. Despite the unsatisfactory experience, I chose not to relocate due to exhaustion. This experience has left me extremely dissatisfied with Kayak and I recommend removing the Katarina Hotel from your listings promptly.
Reported by GetHuman1187236 on Sunday, September 23, 2018 3:16 PM
My name is Bolivar Tarquino Jara. I made a booking with reference number KUSW-[redacted] and purchased a ticket for $[redacted] on your website. I was scheduled to fly from Cuenca to Quito, Bogota, and New York on October 1st. I received an email from the website [redacted] changing my flight time by approximately 6 hours. I followed the new schedule provided, but when I arrived at the airport, the airline had not updated my itinerary, causing me to miss my flight. I had to purchase a new ticket for $[redacted]. I am deeply disappointed and feel deceived. I urge you to find a resolution promptly, as I am willing to take legal action if necessary. I request a full refund from Kayak to address this issue.
Reported by GetHuman-bolialbo on Monday, October 1, 2018 11:36 PM
Hello, I purchased plane tickets through JustFly on KAYAK's platform. The payment information was on KAYAK's platform. I was given the option to apply for a loan that would break out the flight payments, so I applied through KAYAK's platform. Then, I finalized the booking through KAYAK's platform. I received an email from JustFly shortly after, saying they had to cancel the flight due to not having my payment info. Once I provided it, they charged me for the whole flight. I am confused. How do I use this monthly loan from Uplift now? I had to cancel the flight out of fear of not being able to afford my rent. If someone could contact me to assist me in paying for my flight using this loan, that would be wonderful. My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow, and I wanted to have these tickets to surprise him.
Reported by GetHuman1321840 on Thursday, October 11, 2018 9:24 PM
My daughter and her friend are embarking on their first international trip together. We secured a flight from Denver to London and then to Pisa for her. I have the seat number of her friend, but I am unable to select the seat next to her friend for the Denver to London leg or any seats for the London to Pisa leg. It is crucial for her comfort and safety on this journey that she sits next to her friend, especially since she will be alone and in an unfamiliar country where she doesn't speak the language. Details of the flights are as follows: - Denver to London on Oct 10, [redacted], Norwegian Air UK flight [redacted]. Seeking a seat adjacent to seat 9-K. - London Gatwick to Pisa (Tuscany) on Oct 11, [redacted], flight EZY8233. Looking for a seat near seat 7A. I would greatly appreciate any assistance in resolving this seating issue.
Reported by GetHuman1435208 on Sunday, October 28, 2018 3:10 PM
I have been struggling to modify my flight with airfare.com since Thursday. Their lack of assistance is incredibly frustrating. They refuse to assist over the phone, directing me to make changes online. The only email provided, [redacted], has been unresponsive despite two attempts to contact them. Kayak advised that airfare.com must handle the alteration, but no progress has been made after expressing my urgency. I need to adjust my flight from Friday to Thursday due to a family emergency. Despite the availability shown by Emirates for Thursday flights, I have not received any helpful information or support from either Kayak or airfare.com. My Confirmation # is HF4S62, and my name is Michael Gunn.
Reported by GetHuman1541009 on Sunday, November 11, 2018 6:39 PM
I recently booked a return flight from London to Abuja and back with your airline. Unfortunately, I missed my flight back to London and have been stuck in Abuja since the 19th. Originally from London and a single parent, I do not have enough funds to purchase a new ticket back home. I reached out to your offices, and although a lady said she would follow up, I never received any communication. Feeling increasingly desperate, I am reaching out for assistance, possibly with a discounted fare to help me return home. My reservation number is [redacted], and my support code is [redacted]. You can reach me at +[redacted] (0) [redacted]. My name is Reginald Alaneme, and I believe the agent I spoke with is from My-Trip.
Reported by GetHuman-regialan on Friday, November 30, 2018 7:21 AM
I recently booked a return flight from London to Abuja and back with your airline. Unfortunately, I missed my flight back to London and have been stranded in Abuja since the 19th of November. As a single parent from London, I am facing a difficult situation. I lack the necessary funds to purchase a ticket back home. I reached out to your office and spoke with a lady named My-trip who mentioned she would contact me, but I never received any follow-up. I am getting increasingly desperate and would appreciate any assistance you can provide, perhaps by offering a discounted fare for my return journey. My reservation number is RP28A7 and support code is [redacted]. You can contact me at +[redacted] (0) [redacted]. My name is Reginald Alaneme.
Reported by GetHuman-regialan on Friday, November 30, 2018 7:26 AM
I recently booked two round-trip tickets from Seattle, WA to Mexico City through kayak for the dates January 19th to February 2nd. I used Aero Mexico and added one bag each way. I selected the "standard service" for customer service at an additional cost of around $18 per ticket. However, after receiving my confirmation email, I discovered I had used a third-party site called eDreams. I received a bill from eDreams showing the total cost of $[redacted].50, broken down as $[redacted].02 charged by Aero Mexico and $55.48 by eDreams. I want a refund of $55.48 from eDreams as I did not intend to use their services and already have my non-refundable tickets. Aero Mexico informed me that the customer service I paid for was not included. I trust Kayak for my bookings and believe they are responsible for this situation. I request assistance in resolving this issue and preventing such scams in the future. Please contact me at [redacted]. Thank you, Madeleine Sosin Rocha
Reported by GetHuman1788375 on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 10:36 PM
I made a reservation for a rental car through Kayak, but unexpectedly my booking was cancelled without my knowledge. Upon arriving at Hertz at the airport and providing my Confirmation number, I was informed of the cancellation. Despite not cancelling it myself, there is now a charge of $[redacted].23 on my credit card from Hertz. They advised me to contact you for assistance as they couldn't resolve it. This put me in a tough spot as I couldn't rent the car due to insufficient remaining credit on my card after the charge. Although I didn't receive a confirmation email from Kayak, Hertz did provide me with a confirmation number (H[redacted]) during a previous call where no cancellation was mentioned. I urgently require the removal of this charge from my Discover card. Thank you, Stephanie Trogden.
Reported by GetHuman2220191 on Saturday, February 16, 2019 6:22 AM
I made a reservation for a rental car through the Kayak app in Québec, Canada from February 22, [redacted] to February 25, [redacted]. I had booked a premium car, expecting a Ford Taurus or similar mid-size sedan. Upon arrival at EZ car rental in Montréal, Québec, Canada, I was informed that I had booked a standard car, not the premium one I requested. Despite showing the rental manager my booking details, I was given a Nissan Sentra instead. The rental manager insisted that their records showed a standard car booking. This discrepancy was frustrating, especially since the app promised unlimited kilometers, yet I was charged extra upon returning the car. Paying a premium rate for a smaller car and being charged for additional kilometers was unexpected. I hope this issue can be resolved promptly. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Best, Nitin T.
Reported by GetHuman-nitinstr on Monday, February 25, 2019 5:10 PM
I reserved tickets on your website, ensuring that checked baggage was part of the deal. Before booking, the site indicated that checked baggage was included. However, after receiving the confirmation, it showed that baggage wasn't part of the booking. Had I known this, I wouldn't have booked the ticket. I made the reservation through Kayak, who processed it via LastMinute.com. LastMinute.com mentioned that the ticket from their end did not include luggage, contradicting what was shown during booking. Despite efforts to reach Kayak's customer service, I couldn't find a UK contact number. Please assist me promptly with this matter. Booking Reference: [redacted] Thank you. M.E.
Reported by GetHuman2363613 on Sunday, March 3, 2019 6:40 PM

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