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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about customer service, archive #16. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported April 9, 2019 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Dear Customer Service, I am writing regarding reservation 30 [redacted] [redacted]. Our recent correspondence mentioned a refund of [redacted].88 € for our Stockholm to Orlando flights, which we believe is insufficient. Allow me to explain the events that transpired. On April 2nd, we received an email detailing a revised flight schedule for April 3rd. This schedule differed from the original, prompting Jukka to contact Norwegian Airlines for clarification. Norwegian informed us that the Stockholm to Paris flight was canceled, causing significant concern as our Tampere to Orlando via Paris flight was scheduled the following day. Upon contacting, we were instructed to contact Norwegian directly, and vice versa, resulting in a frustrating cycle of unproductive communication. Despite our efforts, a late-night email from stated that they would not assist us and refused to alter our flights. With our vacation imminent and pre-booked accommodations and transportation in place, we were compelled to secure alternative flights independently. After a challenging search, we eventually booked flights from Stockholm to Oslo, Oslo to New York, and New York to Orlando at a total cost of [redacted].45 €. Given these circumstances, we request a further refund of [redacted].57 € (total cost of new flights minus the initial refund). We hope for a satisfactory resolution and potentially a gesture of goodwill on our return flight. Best regards, K. Rouhiainen and J. Vuorjoki
Reported by GetHuman-jukkavu on martedì 9 aprile 2019 00:44
Hello. I reserved flights with Oman Air from Mumbai to Moscow for April 3, [redacted]. I attempted to add extra baggage allowance online, but couldn't access the page. I contacted their call center and was informed that the extra allowance was already added to my ticket on the same day. I am confused as neither my husband nor I made any payment for this, and the last 4 digits of the MasterCard number on file do not match ours. I would like this error investigated promptly to avoid any travel complications. Please address this matter and reach out to me for further information if necessary. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman2707524 on martedì 9 aprile 2019 07:55
Subject: Issue with Purchase of Priority Plus 2 Bags on Ryanair Flight Hello, I am writing to address an issue related to my booking for Ryanair Flight [redacted] from Bratislava to Kiev with the confirmation number Q37G9G. I am unable to purchase the Priority Plus 2 bags option on the Ryanair website. When I spoke to a support agent, they mentioned that the confirmation number was correct, but the email address associated with the booking ([redacted]) did not match the initial email address provided to I was advised to reach out to to rectify this discrepancy and obtain the correct email address linked to the booking in order to upgrade to Priority Plus 2 bags on Ryanair. Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter promptly. Best regards, Stefan J.
Reported by GetHuman-stefanja on martedì 9 aprile 2019 09:43
I am looking to book last-minute flights for my elderly parents-in-law to attend a wedding. They have just obtained their visas and will need assistance navigating through their journey from Dimapur to Jersey Channel Islands from the 10th of April to the 20th or 25th. This includes guidance for their connecting flights. Could you please advise on how to organize this for them as they have never traveled outside India before? Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-xavfusio on martedì 9 aprile 2019 11:45
I have recently ordered a replacement passport due to losing my previous one with expedited service. Despite its anticipated arrival last week, I have yet to receive it, hindering my travel plans. I am eager for it to arrive within the next few days so I can make my way to Warsaw, where I have a flight scheduled for this evening. Upon reaching out to the passport service, they informed me they do not have a tracking number for my document yet, although they did guarantee it would be processed promptly for my impending trip. I am seeking assistance in adjusting the departure date for my flights to Warsaw to either next Tuesday (4-16-19) or Wednesday (4-17-19). Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman2708364 on martedì 9 aprile 2019 12:46
Hello, I am contacting you regarding my booking [redacted]1 for a trip from Dublin to Marseille. I have previously reached out about my issue, but it remains unresolved after a week. I booked my ticket under the assumption that I could add a carry-on for an additional fee, as my ticket only included a personal item. However, I discovered that I had no access to do so on the RYANAIR website after booking. The inability to add a carry-on is unacceptable, as I was not informed of this restriction during the booking process. I am now forced to cancel my flight, incurring extra charges and not receiving a full refund. This cancellation is due to KIWI's lack of transparency, not my own actions. There should have been clear warnings prior to booking regarding these restrictions. If I am not granted permission to cancel my ticket without penalty and receive a full refund, I will escalate this matter further. I have attempted to resolve this issue amicably, but have not received a response. Sincerely, Judi
Reported by GetHuman-juditar on martedì 9 aprile 2019 15:34
Hello! We have a reservation with the number: [redacted]6. We are traveling from Budapest to Belfast with a layover in London lasting only 90 minutes. Due to the short layover, we are unable to check a bag. We were unaware that we needed to purchase priority to bring a larger cabin bag (10kg) on board. Kiwi states that it is no longer possible to add priority. However, we noticed that it is still an option on Ryanair's website. Can you assist us in adding priority boarding to our flights there and back for the two of us? We need to bring our clothing and essentials along. Thank you for your assistance. We are eagerly awaiting your response.
Reported by GetHuman-dancsod on martedì 9 aprile 2019 18:52
I made a booking for my flights to and from Budapest with booking number [redacted]1. After contacting customer service, I added 2 *10kg cabin bags to my booking for £10.63 for the first bag and £21.10 for the second. However, upon arriving at the airport, Ryanair informed me that only one bag was booked and charged me an additional £33 to add the second bag, causing significant delays. I seek a refund for the extra charges incurred and compensation for the inconvenience. I called Kiwi three times to verify the two bags were booked for the return flight and was assured they were confirmed and paid for. Urgent assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-shawalke on mercoledì 10 aprile 2019 11:45
Hello, I recently made a booking for a flight from Denver to SJU with the reservation number [redacted]1. Unfortunately, my daughter accidentally altered the dates during the checkout process, and I ended up with the wrong itinerary. I have since made a new booking with the correct details. I am seeking assistance in either receiving a refund or travel credit for the original booking, considering it was a genuine mistake. I am willing to cover any 24-hour cancellation fee that may apply. Thank you for your understanding and help in resolving this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-trueform on giovedì 11 aprile 2019 22:25
Dear Sir or Madam, I am reaching out regarding an intriguing acquisition opportunity for called Project Free. This company is a top Dutch hybrid online travel agency and virtual tour operator that has shown impressive growth, with a 33% revenue CAGR and an expected revenue of EUR 70M this year. The shareholders are looking to sell [redacted]% of the shares in Project Free. IMAP Netherlands, an independent corporate finance boutique, has the exclusive mandate for the sale of Project Free. As the exclusive partner of IMAP in the Netherlands, they have more details available and are eager to discuss this opportunity further with the right individual. Please let us know if you are interested in this acquisition opportunity. We are prepared to provide additional information and are available for further discussions. Thank you for your attention and we look forward to your response. Best regards, Wouter Mostert
Reported by GetHuman-wmostert on lunedì 15 aprile 2019 08:53
Dear Sir, Thank you for reaching out. I am Zeev Muliashia, and I flew with WIZZ AIR on the following flights: W6 [redacted] from Tel Aviv to Paris via Bucharest on April 7, [redacted], and W6 [redacted] from Bucharest to Paris on April 8, [redacted]. I encountered issues with my checked baggage, which I was assured would reach Paris without rechecking at Bucharest, but unfortunately, it did not. Upon arrival at BVA airport in Paris, my baggage was missing due to miscommunication by WIZZ Air staff. I reported this and received a Property irregularity report with reference BVAW61731/08APR19/0718GMT. Despite multiple attempts, I have not received a response when contacting [redacted] 0 3 [redacted]5 for four days. I kindly request WIZZ AIR to promptly ensure the delivery of my baggage to my address in India at OM 3, Astron Society, Amin Marg, Rajkot [redacted], Gujarat. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Zeev Muliashia
Reported by GetHuman2754393 on martedì 16 aprile 2019 08:59
On February 27, I notified regarding our inability to travel on March 1 for our return flight on March 7 due to changes in work permit policies in SW India affecting our plans. Despite applying in December, we only received confirmation on March 21, causing us to miss our Vietnam vacation. When trying to reschedule, we discovered high fees and extra baggage charges. After reaching out to on August 27 for a voucher or credit, we were informed of a potential 4-week wait for a response. Now, having our visa permits, we are eager to rebook our flights but have not received any updates from for over a month. David A. Booking [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-danstedj on martedì 16 aprile 2019 11:46
I was unable to check in for my Ryanair flight from Lisbon to Bordeaux on April 12th as Kiwi did not provide the boarding pass as promised by April 10th. Consequently, I had to pay 55€ for airport check-in. I can supply the receipt and email stating Kiwi would send the boarding pass. I am seeking a refund of the 55€. My booking number is [redacted]2. Despite emailing on April 11th, Kiwi responded just before I arrived in Bordeaux on April 12th for my connecting flight to Cologne with the boarding pass for that leg, but failed to send the Lisbon to Bordeaux pass.
Reported by GetHuman2762095 on mercoledì 17 aprile 2019 13:00
Subject: Booking Number 29 [redacted] [redacted] Dear Customer Service Team, I am writing in reference to the recent emails concerning our booked flights with the aforementioned booking number, which have indicated that the flight has been rescheduled. Initially, we had carefully selected the flight timings, taking into account that we are traveling with young children. However, the revised schedule and the long gap between the connecting flights to Denizli are highly inconvenient for us. It is perplexing to us that the flight delay has occurred while other platforms are still showing availability for the 4:55 PM flight to Denizli. Managing a one-year-old child during such extended waiting times at the airport would be extremely challenging for us. Additionally, we are traveling with Ankit Birawat and family, who have a three-year-old daughter, as well as Mr. Vikesh Rathod, who is also accompanied by a three-year-old child. We kindly request that you make suitable accommodations for us, or alternatively, put us on a flight with a more acceptable schedule. We eagerly await your prompt and considerate response. Warm regards, Suken (India)
Reported by GetHuman-sukenrat on mercoledì 17 aprile 2019 19:54
I made a reservation for a flight in mid-May but now I wish to select an earlier date in late April. The mid-May flight cost me approximately $[redacted], while the April flight is $[redacted]. Currently, the system is indicating that changing my ticket to the April flight will also cost $[redacted]. I find it confusing why changing the date would require paying for a new ticket altogether. It is unclear if the system plans to refund the original ticket and ask for payment for the new one. My goal is solely to alter the flight date, so any assistance in understanding this process is welcomed.
Reported by GetHuman2767520 on giovedì 18 aprile 2019 07:06
Hello, I made a total of three reservations through, but I received the following responses: Reservation number [redacted]5 was not charged. Reservation number [redacted]8 for [redacted].69 USD has been refunded. Reservation number [redacted]8 for [redacted].8 EUR was refunded in the form of a credit of [redacted].92 USD. I did not cancel reservation number [redacted]8 for February 15th, which was later canceled without my knowledge. I received a confirmation email on April 12th and attempted to board on April 15th as planned, only to find out it was canceled. When I called the provided number, I was informed it had been canceled. Despite following the instructions to print my boarding pass and go to the airport, I encountered issues. Southwest Airlines staff mentioned they could not find any information under my name or reservation number. This experience is unprecedented for me. I have raised issues with the reservation process multiple times but received repetitive responses. I am preparing to send a formal claim with bank statements and email copies as evidence. Please provide the correct department or mailing address for submitting the claim and provide all relevant reservation information for all three bookings made through with Southwest Airlines. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman2768660 on giovedì 18 aprile 2019 13:26
Hello, I have reserved an air ticket from Semarang to Hong Kong with a luggage package of 20kg for my friend. However, when my friend checked in at the airport, the AirAsia staff informed them that the air ticket did not include the luggage package in their records. As a result, my friend had to pay extra for the luggage. I am requesting a review of this situation, and I would like a refund for the luggage payment and any associated costs. Here are the details: Booking Number: [redacted] Name: M. R. Yuliyani Flight No: AK131, SUG to KUL Flight No: AK130, KUL to HKG Flight Date: April 20, [redacted] Please let me know if you require any additional information, and I hope for a prompt response. Regards, David H.
Reported by GetHuman2779795 on sabato 20 aprile 2019 09:22
On January 21st, I made a reservation with booking number [redacted]3 and paid [redacted] zl for it. I received a confirmation with incorrect payment details mentioning a card number that does not exist under Piotr Tokarz, which is 5[redacted] 5[redacted]. In reality, the payment was made by Agnieszka Chumiecka from my bank account using card number 4[redacted] 8[redacted]. During our flight from DEL to BLG, I had to pay again due to the payment issue. Indigo Lines has informed us that your company will refund the amount within 7 days. I have proof of the transfer if needed. Please inform me if more information is required and provide details on when the refund will be processed.
Reported by GetHuman-achumiec on sabato 20 aprile 2019 12:13
My daughter and I recently faced two disappointing incidents with booking through During our trip from Hurghada to London with a layover in Dusseldorf, we encountered an issue at the Hurghada airport where we were not listed as passengers and could not board the plane. Another distressing experience occurred when we booked a flight for April 20, [redacted], from Hurghada to London with a layover in Munich. The initial flight with Nesma Airlines was delayed for nearly an hour without explanation or apology. As a result, we arrived in Munich only in time to either catch our flight to London or retrieve our luggage. We opted to board the flight and left our luggage behind. I reached out to Nesma Airlines regarding the luggage but was informed they do not operate flights from Hurghada to Europe and advised me to contact our tour operator. We are now in urgent need of assistance to recover our luggage.
Reported by GetHuman-bluchimp on domenica 21 aprile 2019 19:53
Dear Sir or Madam, I am not in agreement with the refund amount provided. During the cancellation, I clearly stated that I must be fully refunded as you offered me an unreasonable, free alternative. I deliberately chose the flight and paid extra due to TXL being the departure airport and the short flight duration with only one layover. The alternative you offered had a 24-hour flight time with two airports, which is unacceptable. Other providers offered better alternatives, but you presented me with the worst, free option. I would need to pay for the better ones. This is outrageous and feels like a questionable business ploy to profit more. I was never informed that only a partial refund would be issued and how it was calculated. You initiated the refund without allowing me to object. The lack of transparency on how this sum was derived and why 50% is being withheld, despite the supposed "guarantee," is concerning. I kindly request you to review the case thoroughly and issue the full refund. Otherwise, I will have to involve my lawyer. Until then, I will definitely not book any of my future flights through your company. Sincerely, J. Wiens
Reported by GetHuman-juljawie on lunedì 22 aprile 2019 06:39

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