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Archive 1

The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about LG Electronics customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported February 2, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I am experiencing screen issues with my LG G Stylo. Occasionally, the screen turns off and does not respond to the knock code or the power button, even though you can hear sounds as if the phone is functioning. Moreover, during phone calls, the screen flickers rapidly when moved away from my face. I have heard that this might be related to faulty software, but I am still awaiting the marshmallow update from Metro PCS for my phone. I have researched a solution involving using paper to secure the camera connector on other G series models, but I am unsure if this applies to my specific model due to the metal components. I am hesitant to perform a hard reset but might consider it if no other solutions arise. Despite searching extensively online, I have not found a resolution. I would appreciate any assistance as I really like this phone, except for this particular issue.
Reported by GetHuman-doppelga on मंगलवार, २ फ़रवरी २०१६, सुबह ९:३७ बजे
In July [redacted], we bought a Portable LG Air Conditioner #LP-[redacted]-WNR, with 10,[redacted] BTU and [redacted] volts. We even had an outlet specifically installed with its own circuit breaker. Despite living in Western WA with not too many hot days, we recently began using it again. Unfortunately, we are facing issues with it now. It displays a temperature of 95 degrees, blows cool air for about 5 minutes, then transitions to warm air. We made sure to clean it and the filter properly. What should be our next step to resolve this problem?
Reported by GetHuman-vikimayb on सोमवार, ६ जून २०१६, सुबह ६:१४ बजे
I am experiencing an issue with my air conditioner constantly shutting off with an error code "CH34." I have followed the instructions in the manual to reset it, but the problem persists. A technician visited recently and replaced the motherboard, but the issue remains. I suspect the compressor is shutting off at a specific temperature. My warranty is valid until July, and I would like a technician to address this before it becomes a permanent problem. The model number of my air conditioner is LW2416HR, and the serial number is either 701TAKKF5933 or 612KWCF56723. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-pinkiepi on बुधवार, २० जून २०१८, रात ९:१० बजे
I ordered a part through Service Power on May 24th and just received it today. To address the issue, I contacted LG Customer Service at [redacted] with the following details: Service request number: [redacted][redacted], Model number: 75UJ657A, Serial number: 706RMTT20361, Install date: 12/18/17, contact person: P. Flanagin. The sales department confirmed that the main board has been shipped, but the Panel is on back order until 07/06/18. However, there seems to be a lack of communication between the Sales Team and the 3rd Party Service Power. Our TV, purchased in Dec [redacted], has not been working since April [redacted]. The part is expected to arrive on July 6th. We are concerned about the repair process by A to Z Electronics and how it will impact our business operations. We urgently need a resolution to this issue. Please respond promptly via email. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman842527 on सोमवार, २ जुलाई २०१८, शाम ५:२५ बजे
I bought an LG microwave (Model #LMV1762ST/01; Serial #706TATTQC1609) in October [redacted]. Around June 1, [redacted], it suddenly stopped heating, although all other functions are working fine. After reporting the issue on June 8 to LG Customer Service Center, a technician finally came on June 21. Despite his efforts and a follow-up call, he couldn't fix it and suggested a replacement on June 23. After some delays and miscommunication, it was discovered there was a part on backorder, which hindered the replacement process. Despite multiple calls and attempts to resolve the issue, the situation remains unresolved by July 2. The back-and-forth with customer service and the lack of a clear resolution have been frustrating. When I escalated to a supervisor, the experience was unhelpful and rude. This entire ordeal has been unacceptable, considering the product's age and the poor handling of the situation. I am extremely dissatisfied and do not plan to buy from LG again, and I will be sharing my experience with others. I am also considering reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.
Reported by GetHuman-vwilborn on सोमवार, २ जुलाई २०१८, रात १०:४० बजे
I purchased three LG 4 phones from Sprint in [redacted] and [redacted]. Unfortunately, they have had multiple issues. In May [redacted], I visited Sprint for the third time to get one of the phones repaired. A Sprint employee informed me that the phones were defective even before I bought the first one. They also mentioned that LG and Sprint were aware of this problem but continued to sell them due to a contract obligation. I paid for all three faulty phones in full. Sprint directed me to contact LG regarding this issue. I am extremely disappointed by this situation and the unethical behavior. I believe both companies are dishonest and taking advantage of their customers. I will be reporting this matter to the appropriate channels.
Reported by GetHuman888235 on मंगलवार, १७ जुलाई २०१८, रात ३:४५ बजे
We are experiencing ongoing challenges with our refrigerator and have faced a lack of timely service. We contacted LG on July 8th but have been without a working fridge for nearly 2 weeks now. We have already paid $[redacted] to Shawn Garrett at Advanced Appliance Repair and are concerned about additional charges. After waiting on hold for a total of 1 hour and 10 minutes on July 13th and facing difficulties in communication, the replacement compressor LG sent is not working. Shawn, our service provider, has become unresponsive and has not shared tracking details with us. Despite our efforts to resolve this, we received a message on July 17th about potential delays in receiving the parts, impacting our Airbnb booking and causing significant inconvenience for our family. We are now considering requesting a replacement unit from LG and would appreciate discussing alternative models that may better suit our needs. We are eager to speak with you directly and hope for a prompt resolution. Please contact us at [redacted] or [redacted] at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, M. Ricca
Reported by GetHuman-michalge on गुरूवार, १९ जुलाई २०१८, दोपहर ११:०७ बजे
Hello, I am currently in Portugal. My experience with the local office was unhelpful as they were unable to address my concerns. About 10 months ago, I purchased an LG 43UJ620V-ZA TV with Serial No 709MAFCF7587, running webOS TV UJ620V Version 3.7.1-[redacted] (dreadlocks2-drto). Unfortunately, the outdated operating system is causing issues with accessing various platforms, especially British TV channels. The browser is so slow that platform suppliers recommend updating it, but my TV won't allow the update. Despite being prompted to update Chrome, the process doesn't go through. If LG doesn't release a browser update, it seems like my investment in this TV has been futile. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have to address this issue. Thank you, L. Medcroft
Reported by GetHuman-leshemed on रविवार, २२ जुलाई २०१८, दोपहर ११:२८ बजे
Hi there, I purchased an LG fridge model GNB402GLCT in May [redacted], and it started having issues this July with the lights and cooling system. When I contacted the seller, BHB, they informed me that the warranty had expired and suggested I contact LG service. After seeking help from a technician who diagnosed a problem with the PCB board, I found out that the part is out of stock and needs to be ordered from Korea, taking at least 4 weeks. This delay is frustrating, and I am disappointed in the lack of spare parts available. It seems like a misleading practice to sell products without ensuring spare parts availability for customers. My attempts to reach LG's customer service have been disappointing with no concrete solutions provided. I hope this issue can be resolved promptly to avoid further inconvenience. Thank you. Best regards, Deva Raj
Reported by GetHuman1003308 on शुक्रवार, १७ अगस्त २०१८, दोपहर १०:५० बजे
Our LG refrigerator is just 2.5 years old, but unfortunately, the ice maker is beyond repair. We have faced challenges with LG's lack of assistance despite spending a significant amount trying to resolve the issue. It seems the ice maker cannot be fixed. We urge LG to prioritize customer support as we have invested in a costly appliance and expect it to function properly. We have exhausted all efforts to remedy the situation. Please reach out to us promptly before we resort to voicing our concerns on social media platforms like Twitter. - Anne and Jim
Reported by GetHuman-kauaiirs on गुरूवार, २३ अगस्त २०१८, रात १०:३९ बजे
I received a bug report indicating that the keys on my touchscreen phone are not releasing. The representative suggested uninstalling recently installed apps to resolve the issue. I attempted this myself, but unfortunately, I mistakenly deleted my Google Play app without realizing the data stored there. I did not have the phone in 'safe' mode during the process, so I did not see any prompts or instructions on how to enter safe mode. I was expecting prompts or indicators for safe mode, but the problem continues to persist.
Reported by GetHuman-blommeje on शुक्रवार, २४ अगस्त २०१८, शाम ७:२५ बजे
I have an LG B470 phone. I replaced my old phone of the same model due to issues with maintaining the charger connection. However, my new phone is showing the same problem. When I connect the charger, it chirps, shows "charging," but then stops charging within a few seconds, repeating this cycle regardless of charger configuration. With my previous phone, I was told it was an internal connector issue, but since this is happening again, I believe it's a common problem. I don't want to upgrade as I prefer this model. I've had the phone for years before this issue arose, so I'm looking for a solution. Sending me a working B470 would be appreciated. If not, I'd consider a similar dumb phone suggestion. Any advice on addressing this problem would be helpful. Thank you. My email is [redacted] - Charles (Funny Papers)
Reported by GetHuman-philfp on शुक्रवार, ३१ अगस्त २०१८, रात १२:२२ बजे
I purchased an LG refrigerator on 7/07/14 along with a 2-year insurance plan. On 12/18/17, the ice maker and freezer stopped working. I contacted customer support, but since the insurance had expired and I only had coverage for parts, they provided me with three phone numbers for service. I had to cover the service costs, and LG would handle the parts. The technician identified the issue as the compressor, replaced it, and charged me $[redacted]. However, 6 months later, the same problem reoccurred. The technician discovered a lack of freon, added some and charged $45. The issue persisted after 2 months. When I contacted the technician again, he suggested a possible leak, hinting at more expenses. I am perplexed as to why this almost new fridge is causing so many problems. I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-maryhino on मंगलवार, ४ सितम्बर २०१८, दोपहर ४:३४ बजे
I have an LG plasma TV with a 60-inch screen that's about 4 years old. Recently, I've been experiencing some issues where the screen goes black, but the sound still works. I've tried turning it off, unplugging it, waiting, and then turning it back on, but the problem persists. There are days when it works fine, and other days when it shuts down after a few minutes or won't turn on at all. Sometimes tapping it seems to help temporarily. I even left it on overnight, and it worked until I turned it off. Any advice on how to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman1170312 on गुरूवार, २० सितम्बर २०१८, दोपहर १२:५९ बजे
In October [redacted], my daughter surprised me with an LG 42-inch flat-screen TV, model number 43LB6300. On September 14, my aide turned on the TV and the entire screen displayed a pastel blue that faded to black. The sound is working fine, but the screen remains black. I've previously had RCA's and a Vizio that lasted well over a decade. I'm currently watching the Vizio as a replacement. I didn't anticipate my four-year-old LG TV would stop functioning, and I was surprised to find out that it would be more cost-effective to purchase a new TV rather than repair it, which unfortunately, I cannot afford. Best Buy, where the TV was purchased, charges $[redacted] for a technician to come to the house to assess the TV and potentially ship it for repairs with a discount or recommend buying a new one. This experience serves as a cautionary tale, and in the future, I will consider purchasing a repair insurance package for electronic devices.
Reported by GetHuman1173717 on गुरूवार, २० सितम्बर २०१८, रात ११:४० बजे
I am disappointed that my 3-year-old washer needs a repair. I had to cancel the scheduled repair on 10/18 because the water company turned off the water in my area. I paid $[redacted], which was deducted immediately but will take 7-10 days to refund. When I contacted LG service, they only focused on selling me an extended warranty, which was frustrating. Dealing with the service center has been difficult, as they seem limited by their script. I just want my washer fixed under warranty without facing obstacles. Having to take a day off work and wait for a call daily for an appointment is inconvenient. I hope the company can find a solution to my issue. Thank you, Lisa Nicoud.
Reported by GetHuman-llnicoud on बुधवार, १७ अक्टूबर २०१८, दोपहर ३:५४ बजे
I am seeking assistance with a problem regarding my LG Style smartwatch repair under warranty. LG support failed to address the poor battery life issue promptly. After sending the watch for repair on October 16 with a promised return by October 25 (RA# A0189G16103), I was informed that the battery, needing replacement, was unavailable until late November. LG opted to refund $99 instead of returning the watch, which I found unacceptable. Despite speaking with several supervisors at LG, the problem remains unresolved since October 25. LG should return the watch or provide a new replacement, acknowledging my expectation to receive a functioning watch back after repair. Your help in expediting a resolution is appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-mkreindl on सोमवार, ५ नवम्बर २०१८, रात ११:४६ बजे
I own an LG TV - Model 43LJ594V - ZA - that has recently gone out of warranty by 2 weeks. Today, when I switched it on, the display appeared distorted, resembling a lightning strike effect. Though there are no visible cracks on the screen, there seems to be internal damage within the TV unit. This unexpected issue has left me dissatisfied as I believe a TV of this caliber should last longer than 54 weeks. There has been no physical impact on the TV, such as dropping or striking, that could have caused this internal breakage. I am seeking a resolution, preferably a complimentary repair or replacement. I can provide a photo showing how the screen looks upon powering on the TV, if needed.
Reported by GetHuman1656890 on गुरूवार, २९ नवम्बर २०१८, रात ११:०३ बजे
I am experiencing an issue with my LG Dryer, model DLEX3875V. The lint filters designed for this dryer seem to be faulty as they protrude out on the right side and snag my laundry. This results in either creating a hole in the fabric or leaving it overly wrinkled, requiring excessive ironing. The specific filter in question is Lint Filter #ADQ566564, and this problem occurs approximately 12-18 months after replacing it. Unfortunately, when we contacted customer service, we had difficulty understanding their representative due to their accent. Therefore, we were unable to resolve the issue. To prevent further damage and expenses, I am requesting that LG send us multiple replacement filters. Thank you. Sincerely, Sam & Joni M. [redacted] Ridge Road Bellevue, NE [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman1747443 on बुधवार, १२ दिसम्बर २०१८, रात १०:३५ बजे
I recently purchased the LG X Charge through Boost Mobile. It's by far the most frustrating phone I have ever used. Despite having high accuracy settings and location permissions enabled, the phone constantly displays errors about not being able to obtain my current location. It freezes frequently, the alarm goes off randomly, voice recognition is poor, and calls are frequently dropped. I am completely dissatisfied with this device. Additionally, the company sent me a user guide via email that I am unable to open. I feel trapped in a situation where I'm making payments for a phone that does not meet my expectations. It feels like a total waste of money. Can someone provide assistance with these issues?
Reported by GetHuman-ldtatum on सोमवार, २४ दिसम्बर २०१८, रात ३:४६ बजे

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