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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Lufthansa customer service, archive #2. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported July 17, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Upon our arrival in Denver, CO, USA on Friday, July 13th from Munich, Germany, my husband and I encountered an issue with our luggage. Although his bag was delivered on Sunday, mine has not yet arrived. Despite the tracking information indicating delivery, the service claims they only received one bag. Numerous calls to the baggage call center and the delivery service have not resolved the situation. I am deeply frustrated by this ordeal and urgently need my missing black soft upright bag to be located. The tracking system clearly needs enhancement. My file reference number is DENLH31613 under the name Thompson.
Reported by GetHuman888848 on mardi 17 juillet 2018 12:47
I am experiencing issues with your subsidiary Austrian Airlines. The airline's management of short transfer times is causing chaotic passenger experiences and resulting in missed flights and additional expenses. During a recent flight connection through Vienna, there was a lack of coordination that led to a rushed and stressful journey through immigration, security, and to the gate. The unrealistic 35-minute transfer time from an off-stand parking spot to catch the connecting flight is inadequate. This tight schedule, combined with delays in the process, resulted in missing the flight and being relocated to a disappointing hotel with early morning rebooking. The communication with ground staff was unhelpful, and the overall experience was distressing for myself and other travelers facing similar short transfer times. I am seeking the compensation promised for this inconvenience and the management of such poorly planned connections needs urgent attention to avoid further dissatisfied customers and financial losses. Additionally, the chaotic situation highlights the need for improved scheduling and customer service practices to ensure a smooth travel experience for passengers.
Reported by GetHuman-jpaget on mercredi 18 juillet 2018 11:06
I am writing to address the issue regarding FB ID [redacted]2 on behalf of my father, Mr. Tzung-Dau Wang. On March 18th, my father took a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to Copenhagen. Unfortunately, his trip was delayed for 7 hours due to a late connecting flight and a rescheduled flight because of mechanical failure and maintenance issues, as reported by the flight crew. I was surprised that the previous customer service representative was not aware of the mechanical failure and wrongly attributed the delay to weather conditions. The Court of Justice of the European Union ruling in Tui & others v CAA established the eligibility for compensation in cases like this, as outlined in the Sturgeon case. Therefore, I am requesting compensation under EC Regulation [redacted]/[redacted] for the delay on this flight.
Reported by GetHuman837411 on mercredi 18 juillet 2018 17:32
I purchased a Lufthansa ticket (VUWB44) on Tuesday, July 10th, [redacted], from Lagos, Nigeria, using my Lloyds Bank debit card. I received an email confirmation, and my card was charged. However, upon trying to check in online on July 14th, I encountered issues. The behavior of the staff at Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful. They demanded to see the purchase card, even though it was a debit card in my name and not with me. Despite showing my online account statements, they refused to listen or allow me to fly. I was forced to buy another ticket at a higher price and faced further disrespect from the supervisor. I request an investigation into the conduct of the employees involved and reimbursement for the additional amount I had to pay for the new ticket. Your prompt attention to this matter is essential. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, A.F.
Reported by GetHuman-bfasinro on mercredi 18 juillet 2018 18:32
I recently booked a flight from Astana to Boston with a return on July 22nd. I was surprised to find out that I needed a Schengen visa for the Frankfurt-Munich leg of my journey, which I was unaware of as an Indian passport holder with a US visa. Despite trying to modify my Economy flex ticket online, I couldn't find an option to change my booking. I attempted to contact Lufthansa Kazakhstan without success, ultimately having to cancel my trip. I then re-booked my flight through a travel agent with Lufthansa for the same dates. I kindly request that my refund consider the circumstances of my re-booking.
Reported by GetHuman-vipinkme on jeudi 19 juillet 2018 10:26
I am Amrita Fitzgerald, a Mauritian. I departed Mauritius on 16/07/[redacted] for a pilgrimage to Medjugorje with my husband and son via Emirates airline, first to the UK. Later, in France, on 24/07/[redacted], I booked three tickets online for a flight from Paris to Dubrovnik, flight LH2229 ref OCO2VM. However, upon arriving at the airport on 25/07/[redacted], I was denied boarding because my husband's passport was expiring on 26/08/[redacted]. This situation seemed unusual to me as his passport was accepted in Dubai and Heathrow, as well as being part of the Schengen area. I kindly request a refund of the Euro [redacted] I paid for the tickets, as I have been saving for this trip for over 2 years and need the funds.
Reported by GetHuman918157 on jeudi 26 juillet 2018 05:25
Dear Lufthansa Customer Service, During our recent flight (LH411) from JFK to MUC on July 16, my wife Emily M. experienced an unfortunate incident involving a passenger who vomited, causing damage to her Tory Burch Ella Tote bag valued at $[redacted].00 USD. Despite our efforts to clean it, the odor persists. I kindly request information on the replacement process for the damaged bag. I want to express that despite this setback, I was pleased with Lufthansa's service and would consider using and recommending the airline in the future. Thank you for your assistance in addressing this matter promptly. Sincerely, Rick A. [redacted] [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-ranastas on samedi 28 juillet 2018 13:35
Hello! Unfortunately, my flight from Trieste to Munich, with a connection to Mumbai, was cancelled due to an engine failure. Lufthansa rebooked me on an Air Italia flight that went from Trieste to Rome to London then on to Mumbai. Tragically, at Rome, I was not permitted to board as I only had a Schengen visa and not a British visa. That led me to a challenging time at the Rome airport, trying to sort out my luggage and find a new flight, a process that lasted close to 10 hours. Finally, a solution was found, and I will now be boarding a Turkish Airlines flight tomorrow, the 29th of July [redacted], from Rome to Mumbai via Istanbul at 3:25 pm. Given the 14.5 hours of ordeal, I believe the appropriate compensation would be an upgrade to business class on Turkish Airlines. Kindly reach out to me via email. Thank you, Esha.
Reported by GetHuman-eshakoch on samedi 28 juillet 2018 17:20
I anticipate receiving an unaccompanied minor at Detroit Metro Airport tomorrow. I have spent all day attempting to contact Lufthansa to ascertain the pickup location. Despite waiting on hold for four hours, I was unable to reach anyone. Visiting the airport twice, I found all counters closed, with a note directing me to call customer service. My calls at 7:00 am, 11:00 am, noon, and 5:00 pm ended with disconnections after long waits. The lack of access to information is unprecedented in my experience. The online resources were equally unhelpful, offering no guidance on picking up unaccompanied minors at the Detroit Metro Airport. I am disappointed and shocked by this lack of assistance. Thank you. Dean
Reported by GetHuman-deanzdr on samedi 28 juillet 2018 22:52
I am writing to inform you that my husband and I were scheduled to travel to Dubrovnik on Saturday, May 26, [redacted], but had to cancel due to a family funeral. We rescheduled our flights for Sunday, May 27, until Friday, June 1. We booked through your company and I am inquiring if we could receive a refund for the cancelled flights. The original reference number is NBYFOY, and the flights were LH943 (Manchester to Frankfurt), LH5990 (Frankfurt to Dubrovnik), and LH1711 and LH2504 (Dubrovnik to Munich and Munich to Manchester). The new booking reference is O7RYQN, with flight details LH2503, LH5984, LH1711, and LH2504 (Manchester to Munich, Munich to Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik to Munich, Munich to Manchester) for travel on May 27 to June 1, [redacted]. The passengers are Lisa Jayne Lester and Thomas Lester. Our holiday plans were impacted by my father-in-law's passing and my cancer diagnosis last year, and this trip was meant to celebrate my remission. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, Lisa Lester
Reported by GetHuman-lisalest on lundi 30 juillet 2018 14:08
Hallo zusammen, Am vergangenen Samstag, den 28. Juli [redacted], waren wir am Münchner Flughafen und unser Flug wurde aufgrund eines Vorfalls storniert. Wir verbrachten den ganzen Samstag und Sonntag am Flughafen. Am Sonntag erhielten wir um 16 Uhr einen Flug nach Oslo, aber unser Gepäck kam nicht an. Wir meldeten das Problem und gingen zum SAS Service-Schalter. Dort bekamen wir ein Hotel und einen weiteren Flug nach Tromsø über Trondheim für Sonntag. Wir sind heute um 13 Uhr in Tromsø gelandet, haben jedoch noch keine Gepäckstücke erhalten. Da wir einen Angelurlaub gebucht haben und all unsere Ausrüstung und Wechselkleidung fehlen, möchten wir wissen, ob die Kosten für neue Ausrüstung und Kleidung von der Lufthanse übernommen werden. Derzeit warten wir schon seit [redacted] Minuten in der Warteschlange und benötigen dringend Informationen und Hilfe.
Reported by GetHuman931594 on lundi 30 juillet 2018 18:50
I was affected by the cancellation of my flight LH2476 from Munich to Heathrow on July 15th, which caused me to miss my Air China flight CA938 from Heathrow to Beijing. To support my travel insurance claim, I need a letter on Lufthansa letterhead explaining the cancellation. Please send me an email with the letter attached detailing the reasons for the cancellation of LH2476. Sincerely, Cam Odlin Email: <[redacted]> Mobile: [redacted] 27 [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-camodlin on mercredi 1 août 2018 04:55
Upon arriving from LH2505 from MAN to MUC en route to LYS this morning, I encountered an 18-minute delay. Despite having just 7 minutes to transfer to my connecting gate G31 for LH2248, I managed to, but found the bus had already departed at 10:35. I was dismayed to discover LH2248 was parked offsite. This tight connection window would only be feasible if both flights were at the same terminal. When I raised my concerns with the gate agent, she defended the transfer time. I chose LH specifically for my MAN to LYS journey today for an important business meeting in Lyon at 15:00. Anxiously, I had little rest prior to my early start at 03:50. The chaotic transfer in Munich has left me dissatisfied. This is not the first time I have faced service issues with LH, citing a prior incident connecting in FRA to SFO from MAN some months back. Despite arriving slightly late, I missed my connection as the gate agent gave away my seat, leaving me stranded. I express my frustrations and disappointment with LH's planning and customer service. Regards, Hans Hoefler.
Reported by GetHuman-hjhofler on mercredi 1 août 2018 10:43
On the 27th of July, we boarded a connecting flight to Amman through Frankfurt. Unfortunately, our initial flight to Frankfurt experienced a 3.5-hour delay, forcing us to spend the night there. Despite assurances, upon arrival in Amman, 2 out of our 5 bags were missing. One bag was recovered a day later, but we are still waiting for the final bag. This missing bag belongs to my grandmother, who urgently needs her medication from it. Additionally, she has been without a change of clothes for the past three days. Despite numerous attempts, contacting both Lufthansa and Frankfurt airport has been unsuccessful. Urgent assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.
Reported by GetHuman-reemm on mercredi 1 août 2018 14:20
We have booked a shipment from Chennai (MAA) to Houston (IAH) on td-flash mode with AWB No.[redacted]5. The original schedule was ETD Chennai on 29.7.[redacted], and ETA Houston on 31.7.[redacted]. Due to a freighter cancellation from Frankfurt to Houston on 31.7.[redacted], our consignment is stuck in Frankfurt and rescheduled for 3rd Aug'18. This is causing problems with our vendor who expected delivery by 31st July. We urgently need our shipment to depart today with top priority. We trust in your services.
Reported by GetHuman-headlega on jeudi 2 août 2018 05:29
Upon departing from Boston on July 27 on Lufthansa flight LH [redacted] to Athens via Munich, upon arrival in Munich on the 28th, the airport was closed due to an incident causing delays. Despite being assured by flight attendants that all flights were delayed, confusion arose when email notifications indicated the flight to Athens was on time. After a long wait and lack of guidance from Lufthansa representatives, finding out the flight had departed while still at the terminal caused further distress. Rebooked for the following day, Sunday, luggage with tracking number LH [redacted] is missing, requiring urgent resolution. A new claim, ATH44845, has been initiated due to the situation.
Reported by GetHuman-liasiach on jeudi 2 août 2018 19:35
Hello, I am Florinda H. I am seeking feedback regarding my ticket reservation made in Tirana in the last 48 hours. The ticket was purchased by an agency in Tirana under ticket number [redacted][redacted] for a flight from Tirana to San Francisco on August 3rd for €[redacted]. However, the electronic ticket number was changed to [redacted][redacted] on August 4th. I requested a free cancellation on the morning of August 4th, but was informed that it could only be processed on Monday. The agency did not inform me about these changes, leading to a concerning situation, which I am handling legally. I kindly ask for the following information: - Feedback on the last 48 hours - Confirmation of payment and reservation status - Cancellation charges if the reservation is finalized Thank you for your assistance, and I await your prompt email response for further clarity. Sincerely, Florinda H.
Reported by GetHuman952779 on samedi 4 août 2018 23:45
Dear Lufthansa representative, My name is Eitan Levy, a loyal frequent traveler who recently flew with you on July 13 and July 29 using booking code PWDLDV. I thoroughly enjoyed the service in your Business Class on flights [redacted] and [redacted] from TLV-FRA-MEX. However, during my journey, there was a delay due to a storm upon landing in Mexico, causing me to miss my connection with Volaris. Consequently, I had to purchase a new ticket with Interjet. The Volaris ticket from Mexico City to Merida on July 13 cost €[redacted].74 with booking code NEJVUX, and the Interjet ticket on July 14 cost €[redacted] (4,[redacted].15 mex pesos) with booking code VG4GFH. I have been attempting to resolve this issue with Volaris, who claims they are not responsible. Could you kindly advise me on the appropriate steps to address this situation? Warm regards, Eitan Levy
Reported by GetHuman-primaeit on dimanche 5 août 2018 03:55
Hello, I am a dedicated Lufthansa customer and have frequently flown with them. However, my recent experience has left me extremely disappointed. I was scheduled to take Flight number [redacted] from Frankfurt to Boston with a departure time of 1:05. Upon arriving at the gate, I discovered that the gate had changed last minute, causing me to miss boarding as the last few passengers were boarding the flight. The staff informed me that the flight was overbooked and I was not allowed to board, causing me to miss an important college orientation. Currently, I am in a hotel and on the waiting list for tomorrow's flight at the same time. I have my boarding pass but without a final seat number. This situation is unacceptable, and I am requesting compensation for the inconvenience. I urgently need to reach Boston for college purposes. Please assist me promptly. Best regards, Sarah A. +[redacted]7 [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-sarahabd on mercredi 8 août 2018 20:37
During my recent trip to Kenya with my son's family of five on Lufthansa flight LS590, we encountered a luggage mishap upon arrival in Nairobi. Despite searching extensively, one bag was missing, causing distress especially with two young children aged 9 and 11. After hours of inquiries, we were informed that Lufthansa had withheld the bag. The process of filling out a form was lengthy, leaving us fatigued. The assurance of next day delivery was unfeasible as we were departing for Masai Mara early in the morning. Despite providing an address in Nairobi, the bag was delivered on the third day, disrupting our plans. This added stress to an already tiring journey, especially when trying to find clothes for the children. Given our repeated travels with Lufthansa, we hope for suitable compensation for the inconvenience faced. Thank you for addressing this matter promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-arunarai on vendredi 10 août 2018 14:32

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