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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about McDonald's customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported May 1, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I have repeatedly requested the staff at the McDonald's located on [redacted] McMahon in Albuquerque, NM [redacted], to cover the windows of the drive-thru and pick-up area due to the intense morning sun glare, which is painful for drivers approaching to pay and collect their orders. Today, when I addressed this issue directly with the manager, she responded with a dismissive smirk, which was very disappointing. This lapse in customer service is concerning, as I visit this location daily to grab a quick snack for my kids, but the service quality seems to be deteriorating. I have encountered issues like missing ketchup or excessively hot and oily French fries. This negligence could pose a safety hazard, especially for children. Is McDonald's no longer concerned about potential lawsuits? The blinding glare from the windows affects my vision after picking up orders.
Reported by GetHuman645770 on मंगलवार, १ मई २०१८, दोपहर २:२६ बजे
I have been a loyal customer at McDonald's for many years, but recently I have noticed some concerning customer service problems at the Shawano, WI location. Other customers have been complaining about incorrect orders, and unfortunately, I experienced the same issue during my last visit. I traveled six miles each way just to enjoy their delicious fries, and to my disappointment, my order was missing the fries. I hope McDonald's can address these issues with the training or staff because it seems like a simple task to get the orders right. I am requesting a reimbursement of $2.39 for the missing fries as a long-time customer. It's disheartening to see the decline in service quality at the Shawano branch after all these years of patronage.
Reported by GetHuman-brockboy on मंगलवार, १५ मई २०१८, रात ९:५५ बजे
Hello, I am reaching out to discuss a recent order mishap with an egg McMuffin I purchased from your establishment. Regrettably, upon biting into the sandwich, I discovered what appeared to be mold inside the egg portion. The discoloration was primarily green with some dark brown/black circular spots. It's concerning as I have a severe mold allergy to three types. This incident has occurred previously at this location, and I had hoped to address it now to prevent any future occurrences. I typically utilize the drive-thru service, which is why I didn't bring it up in person. I would appreciate either a refund or a coupon for a future purchase. I understand these things can happen unintentionally, and I simply wanted to bring it to your attention for quality control purposes. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. I attempted to share this feedback on the store's website but encountered technical difficulties. The store is located in River Falls, WI.
Reported by GetHuman696329 on शुक्रवार, १८ मई २०१८, दोपहर १:२२ बजे
Yesterday at 10:30 a.m., I visited McDonald's and ordered my usual Double Quarter Pounder with cheese. Unfortunately, when I got home, I found the bun was not fresh. I called the restaurant around 11 a.m. to inform them about the issue with the buns to prevent other customers from facing the same problem. My name is Tim, and I returned the next day to speak with a manager. The manager, whose name I believe is Mimosa, gave me a very difficult time and did not handle the situation properly. I spend $20 there every day since the new quarter pounder launch, but her behavior left me feeling humiliated as a customer. I know the store manager, Jeff, who was unavailable at the time. He understands how to handle such situations with professionalism. Unfortunately, I will not be returning to the store due to this experience. Good customer service is essential, and I will be sharing my negative experience with others to ensure they are aware. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-detlions on शुक्रवार, १५ जून २०१८, दोपहर ४:३४ बजे
I visited McDonald's on Hwy [redacted] in Mount Airy for lunch last Friday. I ordered a double Quarter Pounder meal, but it took a long time to receive it, and when I did, the burger was raw with blood on it. When I informed the store manager, he seemed upset, took the sandwich to the back, and brought back one that was burnt. I suspect this was deliberate. An employee identified the manager as Mike. I received a refund for the sandwich but was charged for the drink and fries after spending my whole lunch break there. I don't plan on returning to this McDonald's because of this incident. Actions should be taken regarding this manager, especially if he is in charge of the store.
Reported by GetHuman-jsardler on शनिवार, १६ जून २०१८, रात १०:५२ बजे
Today, I experienced a distressing incident in the bathroom at a McDonald's location where I am a frequent customer. While in a stall with a friend, an employee entered multiple times, questioning me and demanding to know what I was doing, even going as far as to imply I was taking too long. I needed to address a personal matter and showed the employee my feminine hygiene products to explain, but she continued to intrude on my privacy. She mentioned that the restroom is for customers only, despite my regular patronage, making me feel unwelcome. When I spoke to the manager about the situation, they did not address my concerns adequately, leaving me feeling offended. This experience has left me considering not returning to this McDonald's location or possibly any McDonald's at all.
Reported by GetHuman796452 on सोमवार, १८ जून २०१८, शाम ५:३२ बजे
I made a mobile order on 06/12/18, but needed to cancel due to a change in plans. Despite my efforts, the order went through, and I couldn't pick it up. I contacted my bank to dispute the charge, but they advised me to reach out to the restaurant directly. When I called McDonalds at CHGO-KEDZIE and WILSON on 06/13/18, I was told to call back when a manager was present. Today, during my follow-up call, I had a negative experience with the employee I spoke to, Honorio Brito. He accused me of lying about the order, my previous call, and my contact with the bank. When I tried to provide evidence, he raised his voice and wouldn't listen. This level of service was extremely disappointing to me.
Reported by GetHuman-hanfitz on सोमवार, १८ जून २०१८, शाम ६:४७ बजे
I am not a big eater, so after waiting in line for about 5 minutes, I ordered a hamburger and small fry. I was only owed $0.04, but they were out of pennies, so I didn't get my change or receipt. After another 10 minutes, I asked for my food, only a hamburger and fries, to find out they gave it to somebody else. I requested the manager, but she was busy with drive-thru orders being mixed up. Still waiting for my food, change, and receipt, the manager finally came to the counter to address the issue. I explained I had been waiting for about 15 minutes for my order and change. Despite the small amount, I insisted on receiving proper change. The situation escalated as I was handed a bag but no change or receipt. After a back and forth, I left without food, money, or an apology. This experience was the worst I have ever had, and I expressed my disappointment to the manager before leaving for good.
Reported by GetHuman-billrode on शुक्रवार, ६ जुलाई २०१८, रात २:०१ बजे
I recently visited the McDonald’s in Montgomery, NY with my family. We ordered for eight people, including our four young children. Unfortunately, our order was missing several items when we got home, including 2 20-piece nuggets, 4 McDoubles, 2 large fries, 2 quarter pounders, and 2 chicken wraps. My husband called the store to resolve the issue and encountered a manager named Selena who was unhelpful and rude. She only provided a partial correction to our missing items and behaved inappropriately towards my husband. I plan to contact corporate to address this situation and request that the store compensate us for the missing items and issue an apology.
Reported by GetHuman310671 on रविवार, ८ जुलाई २०१८, दोपहर ३:४९ बजे
Hello, my name is Marc and I work in Norwood, Massachusetts. I frequently visit the McDonald’s located at [redacted] Providence Hwy, Norwood, MA [redacted]. Today around 3:35 pm, I drove through the drive-thru and encountered an issue with a promotion for free fries with a purchase. I tried to use the app for a deal but was informed by the employee that I couldn't combine offers. I then requested a large soda to qualify for the free fries, which was also denied. When I decided to cancel my order, the employee loudly made a disrespectful comment, calling me "SAD". This incident made me very uncomfortable during the entire interaction. I am reaching out to share my experience and leave it to McDonald’s to address this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman879230 on शुक्रवार, १३ जुलाई २०१८, रात ११:३५ बजे
I experienced issues with both of my orders at the Holt, Michigan McDonald's location. I did not receive a receipt, and when I brought this to the manager's attention, she was rude instead of being polite and addressing the problem. I mentioned I had my two children in the car in the hot weather, but she continued to be disrespectful and claimed there was nothing she could do. I left feeling frustrated and will be lodging a complaint on the website. My name is Cole G. I have received two incorrect full meals this time, following a previous occurrence of two incorrect meals with a similar unsatisfactory response. For resolution, kindly share your proposed compensation by text.
Reported by GetHuman883368 on रविवार, १५ जुलाई २०१८, रात ८:०९ बजे
As a disabled American and Veteran, I take pride in my service and wear my veterans hat with medals wherever I go. Recently, I encountered an upsetting situation at a McDonald's location in Hamilton, Ohio, where my loyalty to the establishment was tested. Despite being a regular customer, I faced a distressing incident in the drive-thru. While waiting to place my order, I noticed a significant delay compared to other customers, with employees seemingly ignoring me for an extended period. Shockingly, I later learned that employees inside were making derogatory remarks about my service and even joked about tampering with my food. This disrespectful behavior prompted me to leave without ordering and reconsider my patronage to McDonald's in the future. Such deliberate mistreatment of a customer, especially one who served the country, is unacceptable. Moving forward, I will be taking my business elsewhere, as no one should be subjected to such unwarranted disrespect and insensitivity.
Reported by GetHuman-daidalos on मंगलवार, १७ जुलाई २०१८, दोपहर ४:५४ बजे
I had a difficult encounter at McDonald's in West Monroe, LA. The manager, who was described as a black female possibly named Amanda, displayed unprofessional behavior during my visit. Despite multiple attempts to clarify my order of the big breakfast with hot cakes 2 @ $4.99=$9.98, the manager was insistent that I had paid a different amount. She refused to address the issue and seemed confrontational. I was unable to obtain her name as the staff was uncooperative. The lack of respect and refusal to acknowledge mistakes made my experience unpleasant. I hope McDonald's corporate management can address this situation promptly.
Reported by GetHuman896817 on गुरूवार, १९ जुलाई २०१८, दोपहर ३:५२ बजे
On July 27 at around 7:00 p.m., we made an order using your Mobile Order and Pay system. When my wife got to the drive-thru, she provided order number KW26 from the McDonald's app. After a bit of confusion about where to pick up the order, she was asked to wait in a designated parking spot. Despite waiting for 45 minutes to an hour, she received the wrong order at the window, which included a Happy Meal instead of the items we ordered. When she tried to speak to a manager about the mix-up, she was met with unhelpful responses. It was frustrating to experience such poor service and lack of communication at this McDonald's location. We hope that McDonald's will improve their training for staff to prevent similar incidents in the future.
Reported by GetHuman-dbhausma on शनिवार, २८ जुलाई २०१८, शाम ६:४६ बजे
I went for a meal and was given a raw burger. I returned it and an employee acknowledged the issue. However, he hesitated to address it immediately and mentioned dealing with other customers first. After some delay, he offered to make me a new burger, but I declined and requested a refund. He could only refund the burger portion of my combo meal. Despite my concerns about the raw food, he insisted on only refunding the burger. There was a misunderstanding regarding my gender, which the employee repeatedly disregarded when I corrected him. Another employee, identified as Austin, a manager in training, intervened and appropriately handled the situation, refunding my money. As I was leaving, the initial employee was rude, calling me "dude" and telling me not to return. This incident occurred in front of multiple customers and staff members. I would appreciate discussing this matter further.
Reported by GetHuman927232 on रविवार, २९ जुलाई २०१८, सुबह ४:०१ बजे
I ordered food through the new McDonald’s app and went to the drive-thru window with my number, but the cashier didn't recognize it. After confirming the ticket number with my husband over the phone, I was asked to move to a parking spot. After waiting for 45 minutes to an hour, I then went to the pickup window where the manager was called. Feeling flustered, I misspoke about my order, and the manager responded curtly, stating he was busy. This made me uncomfortable and I decided to leave without receiving my food. I later went to Jack in the Box to fulfill my order. Checking Yelp, I found others with similar experiences at this McDonald’s location. It's unfortunate as we were regular customers since the store opened, but it seems there have been consistent issues.
Reported by GetHuman928329 on रविवार, २९ जुलाई २०१८, शाम ६:३२ बजे
While visiting the McDonald's on Warren St. in Roxbury, MA, on Friday, September 3, [redacted], at 8:05 a.m., my granddaughters discovered a distressing situation in the handicap bathroom stall. There was feces, trash, and discarded clothing scattered all over the bathroom. Upon informing a cashier, they were told that there was no one available to clean it up. Determined to address the issue, I personally inspected the bathroom, took photos of the deplorable condition, and requested to speak with the Manager. However, it took ten minutes for the Manager to appear, and unfortunately, the interaction was unpleasant. Despite my effort to address the situation, no staff members provided their names, and no one was wearing name tags. I have photos of the incident but unsure how to submit them here.
Reported by GetHuman949664 on शनिवार, ४ अगस्त २०१८, रात १:०० बजे
I am frequently faced with the inconvenience of being told that only cash is accepted at the location I visit. Despite inquiring whether the card machine is out of service, I often receive no response and end up leaving without making a purchase, even when there are people waiting behind me. This scenario repeats itself regularly, making me suspect that the issue may not be with the card machine but rather a deliberate choice to only take cash after midnight. This has occurred four times in one week alone. It seems unlikely that the card machine consistently malfunctions only when the same manager is on duty. Perhaps they should consider switching to a more reliable card company to prevent such situations, especially considering the high volume of transactions they handle each day at their establishment.
Reported by GetHuman-halfdraw on शुक्रवार, १० अगस्त २०१८, सुबह ४:१९ बजे
I had a disappointing experience with McDonald's recently. During my visit on Saturday, Aug. 11, my son's order was incorrect, missing items, including a Sausage McMuffin with Cheese. When I contacted the manager for assistance, the response was unsatisfactory, offering Uber delivery at my expense. The manager's unprofessionalism added to the frustration. The Validation Code for this visit was [redacted]. Unfortunately, the contact number provided on the receipt was not in service. The service at this McDonald's location has deteriorated over time. With other fast food options nearby, the competition is steep. It's disheartening to receive such poor service from a longstanding outlet. My contact number is [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-spacecat on रविवार, १२ अगस्त २०१८, रात १२:५७ बजे
Subject: Complaint Regarding Incorrect Order at McDonald's Drive-Thru Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to address an issue with a recent experience at McDonald's regarding my takeaway order. On 16/08/19, I visited the drive-thru and ordered a McChicken sandwich meal and a Sweet Chilli Chicken wrap meal. Upon reaching home, I discovered that my order was incorrect. I received a garlic wrap without a meal and a quarter-pounder burger without chips, which is not what I had requested. Despite not consuming any of the items due to my dislike, I felt it was too late to return to the restaurant. This situation was highly disappointing as I have been a loyal customer of McDonald's and have never encountered such errors in my previous visits. I am requesting a refund and compensation for the inconvenience caused. I anticipate a prompt response to address this matter. As per Trading Standards recommendations, I prefer to communicate via email for a documented record of this case. Yours faithfully,
Reported by GetHuman-amyfairh on गुरूवार, १६ अगस्त २०१८, दोपहर ४:१८ बजे

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