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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about New York Times customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 18, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I have experienced ongoing issues with the delivery of my Sunday paper from NYT. Customer Service has offered credits but has not provided a satisfactory resolution to why the deliveries are inconsistent. I am willing to pick up the paper from the distribution center or delivery person's location if needed. Despite multiple escalations and requests for an explanation, no solution has been given. My main concern is the poor customer service tarnishing the reputation of the reputable paper. I value the service and do not intend to solely complain about the lack of paper delivery. My details are Tom D., with digital and Sunday delivery subscriptions in Minnesota under my phone number.
Reported by GetHuman796221 on Montag, 18. Juni 2018 16:45
I am searching for more information about old documents I found related to Colonel Sander D. Bruce from the 1800s. These documents include personal letters to Colonel Bruce asking him to register their horses in his American Stud Book. These were preserved when the old NY Times building was demolished, and I would like to locate the families or relatives of these individuals to share these historical letters. If anyone can assist me in finding or contacting these descendants, I would be very grateful, as well as the relatives. Please reach out to me via the email provided below. Thank you for your time. Mrs. H.
Reported by GetHuman-mommaski on Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2018 18:17
I am looking for updates on the articles from last year about Kaspersky Antivirus and its alleged collaboration with the Russian government. I am curious if these claims were substantiated. The articles suggested that regular users need not worry and advised against uninstalling the software. However, if the allegations are true, it would be wise to remove it. Additionally, I have concerns about U.S.-based internet security companies and their excessive data collection practices. It appears that they gather more information than necessary, which goes beyond appropriate business practices or national security measures. It seems like an insatiable appetite for data.
Reported by GetHuman-_snie on Samstag, 4. August 2018 13:28
I believe I may have been involved in a research study at the University of Minnesota during the 1950s and early 1960s regarding abuse issues among elementary students. I have shared my story which clearly depicts my experiences along with those of other students. I would appreciate your assistance in verifying if such a research study took place and if students were monitored throughout their lives. Based on the impact on my life, I strongly suspect this occurred without the students' knowledge. The research I have come across only mentions that these studies are restricted from public access, implying that they were conducted. I am eager to uncover the truth about any undisclosed research studies on students. Thank you, Cathy A.
Reported by GetHuman1263559 on Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2018 18:28
We love the world and aim for universal love and service as global citizens. Realty has been influenced by factors like a monster that has played a role in raising oil prices through OPEC. A private 2-hour meeting with this entity lacked transparency and seemed to be related to cyber attacks. The cost of oil is high, impacting the global population where some countries suffer heavily due to the current prices. Efforts to lower these costs are crucial, especially in regions where people earn low salaries but face the brunt of high fuel expenses. It's important to investigate and address these issues promptly to support a healthier global economy.
Reported by GetHuman-krishind on Samstag, 6. Oktober 2018 23:04
The Trump Administration has achieved several accomplishments worth noting. Key highlights include no more funding for military of other countries, levying significant taxes on China imports, creating millions of jobs, record low unemployment rates for various ethnic groups, record-high stock market performance, renegotiating international trade deals like NAFTA, boosting pensions funds, and implementing the biggest tax cut in U.S. history. The administration has also focused on strengthening ties with other countries such as Mexico, Canada, Japan, and South Korea, while halting socialist tendencies like those seen in Venezuela. Other achievements mentioned are improved economic indicators, increased accountability in various sectors, and tackling issues like pre-existing conditions under health insurance and gang violence.
Reported by GetHuman1320543 on Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2018 18:16
Please forward this to the correct department. Can the NY Times write about poverty in the USA and discuss why the country should help others when many of its own citizens are struggling? The article should cover the history of poverty in the USA, the amount of money spent on immigration versus assisting US citizens, as well as comparing government aid for immigrants and citizens (housing, food, tax breaks, education, etc.). It should pose questions about how inner-city issues could differ if US citizens received the same benefits as immigrants historically. Include data on funds allocated to immigration and US citizen programs, and identify the recipients who may be profiting. Provide an objective approach to resolving immigration and poverty issues, outlining ways to help everyone. Opinions on how to proceed and prioritize assistance should be included. Incorporate graphs and data for reader reference and suggest ways for readers to get involved through donations or volunteer work. Remember, volunteer work only costs time. Even one hour a month can make a difference. If this story is not suitable for publishing, please provide feedback. Thank you for considering this request.
Reported by GetHuman1644720 on Mittwoch, 28. November 2018 13:49
Is RT propaganda on Facebook being investigated? My spouse received an invitation to attend a taping of Redacted Tonight comparing it to liking Bill Maher or Jon Stewart. We visited the location and were shocked by the pro-Russia, anti-U.S. content. Shortly after, another invite came to discuss Democracy with Roof Top Revolutionaries, promoting alternative facts with an anti-U.S. stance. Concerned by the lack of news coverage on this, we suspect Russian influence aiming to portray America negatively.
Reported by GetHuman-rechonch on Samstag, 9. Februar 2019 20:31
I am a weekend customer who did not receive my Saturday copy of the NY Times on May 4, [redacted]. I followed the instructions on your website and reported the issue after 8:30 AM. Despite requesting the copy to be delivered that day, it never arrived. Today, I only received the skeletal weekender Sunday edition without several sections. I plan to purchase the full Sunday edition elsewhere for $6. I cancelled my subscription to the New Jersey Record recently, which should not affect my NY Times subscription, but I mention it due to ongoing confusion with your distributor in this area. Please deduct the $6 from my subscription rate for May or June if I have already been charged. I hope this issue does not occur again next weekend. Please contact your distribution manager promptly. My address is 31 Ray Avenue, Leonia, NJ, [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-frankjwo on Sonntag, 5. Mai 2019 12:07
Wednesday, October 30, [redacted] Newspaper Tips for Law Enforcement Please keep this tip anonymous. Witnesses reported that Cypress, TX resident, J.S., and J.S., paid T.L.K. and a group of individuals to use satellite weapons to spread asbestos poisoning in the Houston, TX area and Harris County. Remember to keep this tip anonymous. Women were subjected to torture for their appearance and health choices by C.T. resident, J.S., and her mother J.O. These individuals have been compared to infamous criminals and are accused of harmful behaviors resembling cult leaders.
Reported by GetHuman3853891 on Mittwoch, 30. Oktober 2019 14:26
Hello, Here are the details of my concern: The New York Times charged both my husband and me $4.00 each for the same subscription period. Although my husband doesn't have an account with NYT, his Visa ending in [redacted] was linked to my account. After changing my card, my service was terminated, and my husband reinstated service using his card. To resolve this issue, I contacted NYT today. I had my husband's card removed from the account and replaced it with my new card. The agent was unsure why we were both charged for the same account. It seems that NYT may have obtained my new account number from my credit union. We are not seeking a refund for the extra $4.00 but would appreciate it being applied to my next subscription period. Thank you, D. E. Louisell
Reported by GetHuman-delouise on Samstag, 23. November 2019 17:32
Hello, I am Eric, a concerned citizen of the United States. I recently had an encounter with Trump, finding him to be as narcissistic and cold as he portrays on TV. My main concern is why, if Republicans are certain of Trump's guilt, they do not take action. It seems like he can get away with any crime. The current leadership does not reflect Reagan or Lincoln, but instead, it seems to revolve around Trump. If our children's future is impacted by this, I believe it may be time for a movement akin to the spirit of the Black Panthers. This hypothetical resurgence would focus on unity and the expertise of professionals tired of the division in our current political climate.
Reported by GetHuman-ericingr on Montag, 9. Dezember 2019 20:34
As a loyal subscriber reading my Sunday TIMES, I noticed that two major articles were repeated, namely "The Taxman Cometh" and the one featuring Liv Turner. This duplication made me feel dissatisfied and left me wondering what content I missed out on. It's concerning that my previous inquiry to the TIMES about this issue three weeks ago went unanswered. I am hopeful for a response this time as I value the variety and accuracy of the news provided in my subscription.
Reported by GetHuman4068403 on Montag, 9. Dezember 2019 20:41
Why are you smearing Cenk Uyger? Why are you perpetuating President Trump's claims of fake news? Your dishonesty towards the public is equally troubling. The establishment media seems to fear Cenk, possibly because he advocates for policies that most Americans support. It appears you cannot challenge him on these issues. When did The New York Times lose its honesty and integrity, or did it never possess any? I had believed you were journalism-oriented, but your attacks on Cenk prove otherwise. This is why I refrain from subscribing to mainstream media/fake news. I prefer independent media sources instead.
Reported by GetHuman-shhanson on Dienstag, 17. Dezember 2019 22:40
I prefer the old mobile version which allowed me to easily navigate to specific sections for the articles I enjoyed reading. The current layout requires me to go through the "sections" and scroll through a long list. I rarely used the "for you" button as it didn't display articles of interest. I would like to request the old version back or I will consider canceling my subscription. I mistakenly thought I was on chat and was directed to email despite being told the wait time was 2 minutes. It's frustrating not to receive the expected support.
Reported by GetHuman-lisah_ak on Donnerstag, 19. Dezember 2019 02:42
I recently discovered that I was still subscribed to the NYT digitally and have been getting charged monthly for the past year. I believed I had already canceled my membership before. I now wish to cancel my subscription and get a refund for the months I was unknowingly charged for this subscription. Can you please guide me on the process to cancel my membership and arrange for a refund? Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-aamnaah on Montag, 23. Dezember 2019 12:57
I recently realized I have been unknowingly subscribed to the NYT digitally and have been charged monthly for the past year. I believed I had previously canceled my membership. I am looking to cancel my subscription now and request a refund for the charges from the previous months. Kindly provide guidance on how to proceed with canceling my subscription and obtaining a refund. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman4141349 on Montag, 23. Dezember 2019 13:11
I spent 17 minutes on hold trying to cancel my digital subscription to The NY Times. The customer service representative asked for details about the account that I was unaware of. I was supposed to receive a call back so I could gather the necessary information. The subscription was actually ordered by my daughter using my credit card about 3 years ago, so I didn't have the email account information of my son-in-law, which the agent needed. Despite being promised a call back, I have not heard from them yet, which is disappointing but not unexpected.
Reported by GetHuman4162021 on Freitag, 27. Dezember 2019 22:37
I recently had to cancel my credit card due to fraudulent activity. However, I am facing issues updating my new card number with your service. Liz mentioned that my account is currently in a grace period, preventing me from updating my payment information. 1) I experienced disconnections twice after waiting for 15 minutes on the phone. 2) My new credit card is functioning without any problems. 3) I am unsure about what a grace period entails, yet I am unable to access articles without updating my payment details. 4) Even direct deposit attempts are being rejected. I reside in Spain and my new card is issued by a Spanish bank; I am uncertain if this is causing compatibility issues. I am reluctant to contact support again after two unsuccessful attempts. Can you guide me on the steps needed to update my credit card details successfully, allowing me to resume my previous access without interruptions? Thank you, Craig D.
Reported by GetHuman-krekdaya on Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2019 16:43
During my trial period, I attempted to cancel but faced challenges. The chat function is malfunctioning, and the support email is inactive. The remaining option is to call, yet being in Chile poses a barrier since there is no provided local cancellation number. I find this lack of accessibility frustrating. I am seeking an international phone number that I can reach via Skype as toll-free numbers are incompatible. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-marierg on Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2020 19:55

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