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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Pogo - EA Games customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 7, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I'm unable to access my Pogo.com account. My late husband of 33 years recently passed away, leading me to be away from my computer while I was at the hospital daily. Is there any way to renew my subscription and recover my lost points? I go by the username whisperingdawn15, previously used the email [redacted] but now use [redacted] I've been a member of Pogo for 8 years and it would mean a lot to me to have access to it during this difficult time following Claude's passing. Thank you, Cindy M.
Reported by GetHuman-cloudyda on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 1:46 AM
I seem to have misplaced all of my purchased Clues Secrets and Spies games. I am unable to access them this week despite trying for the past 4-5 days, continually receiving messages indicating the issue is on your end. Similarly, I am experiencing difficulties with playing Bingo Luau. I am unable to use my minis, and my profile is not visible. Furthermore, I am experiencing issues modifying my badge request for this week. The series of problems has left me feeling extremely frustrated. I am hesitant to spend $20 on resolving these issues given my long-standing membership. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-dbroecke on Monday, July 4, 2016 5:39 PM
I am concerned about losing my Scrabble statistics when the rights transfer back to Hasbro on July 31. I have dedicated many hours to playing over 20,[redacted] Pogo Scrabble games since the 2000s. After each game, I track my win-loss percentage and bingo ratio in MYSTATS. Is there a way to preserve MYSTATS and continue playing Scrabble after July 31? Do I need to reach out to Hasbro and/or EA.com to ensure I can continue playing Scrabble with the same options as on Pogo Scrabble? I am devastated at the thought of losing my stats on July 31. Your message about this change is distressing, so could you please clarify the arrangement with Hasbro and guide me on what steps to take to retain my data and continue enjoying Scrabble? Thank you for your help.
Reported by GetHuman650924 on Wednesday, May 2, 2018 8:58 PM
I have been charged for a membership that I did not order. Being at poverty level income, I would never have purchased a paid membership. With only $[redacted] a month to live on, I cannot afford this charge. I need POGO to refund the unauthorized $39.99 immediately. The transaction is currently on hold at my bank due to insufficient funds. I did not authorize this charge and it's causing me a lot of anxiety. I only want to access the free POGO games. Your urgent attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-rokkingr on Saturday, June 2, 2018 3:14 PM
I purchased Sims 4 from a store and have enjoyed playing for months without any issues. Recently, when I try to open the app on my MacBook, it prompts “activation required,” even though I activated my account months ago. It's asking for my product code, which is strange as I've been playing consistently. When I enter the code again, it shows that it has already been redeemed. Can you please help me resolve this so I can get back to playing? Player username: Th3Y3llowLuxray Thank you, M. Skaggs
Reported by GetHuman839592 on Sunday, July 1, 2018 6:58 PM
For the past two days, I have been attempting to log in as a member but keep being recognized as a visitor instead. I renewed my membership on March 1, [redacted], and can provide proof of purchase. I have encountered difficulties reaching out to your customer service team. Despite sending three emails and making three phone calls, I have faced challenges such as disconnected phone numbers or being redirected to other services. My screen name is Robbiedobbi1954. I kindly request your assistance in resolving this issue promptly. If not addressed, I may have to escalate this matter to the Better Business Bureau or another relevant authority. I also believe the time lost due to this issue should be compensated by adding it to my subscription length.
Reported by GetHuman-robbiewh on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 3:18 PM
My Pogo account seems to have disappeared. My login credentials are not working, even though I always stay logged in. This morning, when I was prompted to sign in, my account couldn't be found. I've been a POGO member for over 10 years and I have accumulated over 38 million tokens. I spoke with an EA representative about 30 minutes ago, but he seemed clueless. He suggested I restart my computer, which I knew would end our chat. Despite my doubts, he claimed the issue was fixed by restarting my computer. As I suspected, the chat was disconnected, and I still can't access my account. This situation is frustrating, and I need a prompt resolution. The customer service provided has been subpar. Why did POGO make this change? I've never encountered login issues in over a decade until today. I'm extremely dissatisfied with this experience...
Reported by GetHuman-walkerct on Thursday, August 30, 2018 8:49 AM
I am having trouble accessing my Pogo account as I have forgotten my password. Despite trying various combinations, I am unable to log in. My screen name is jay1954t, and my previous password was lovinit38. After changing it to EA, it shows an error. I modified it to Tre1938pj@, with the security question of my best friend being Gloria. I am concerned about losing my account as I pay to play on Pogo. My email address is [redacted], but I have forgotten that password. I now have a new email, [redacted], and do not remember its password either. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If contacting me by email, please use [redacted], as I am more likely to see it there. If you are unable to help, I would like to cancel my payment. Thank you in advance.
Reported by GetHuman1133992 on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 5:54 PM
I am concerned about the sudden loss of my gems. I had a couple of hundred, and now I only have 5 left after renewing in June for $56 CDN. I have been a member for a long time, and I didn't use or remove them. I was also supposed to receive [redacted] gems for renewal, but they seem to have vanished. I hope you can assist me in locating the missing gems and ensure I receive the ones I should have gotten for renewing. Unfortunately, I don't have the exact amount that disappeared.
Reported by GetHuman-jmlundst on Thursday, September 13, 2018 10:37 PM
I am experiencing difficulties getting assistance with my online account. I am attempting to restore my club membership for my Pogo games that I pay for through EA Sports. Despite having had this account for over 15 years, I am unable to recall the email address associated with it from that long ago. Support advised me to restart my account, but I am still encountering issues even after following their instructions. Due to changes in login procedures, I have been unable to access my paid membership and play on Pogo. This situation has left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. I am eagerly seeking help as a paying member. Recently, I received a message indicating that my request was being processed, but I have yet to connect with a chat representative despite the initial wait time estimation being one minute. My Pogo username is rvb31.
Reported by GetHuman-kjaeger on Monday, September 17, 2018 1:40 AM
I am encountering difficulties trying to input my credit card information in my account. My problem started when Pogo wrongly charged my account for gems, but despite the correction, the gems were not deducted, potentially causing the issue. After two calls, I was told to connect with an external company to access my computer, which seems unnecessary as the problem is within Pogo itself. I am hesitant about creating a new account as I do not want to lose my 3,[redacted],[redacted] points or restart. Additionally, I have noticed other players winning cash in games, and I am unsure if this involves points. As a long-time Pogo member, if my initial issue remains unresolved, I may have to reconsider staying with Pogo.
Reported by GetHuman-sundaybl on Monday, September 17, 2018 3:35 PM
I have been a Pogo Word Whomp player for 10 years. Pogo is currently transitioning to upgrade to EA accounts. Their instructions were until notified of my upgrade, I can keep accessing Word Whomp using my screen name and old password. Since I have not received the upgrade notification, I am still using my screen name and old password, but I cannot access the game. I enter my details, and the Word Whomp screen shows up with my name and last score. However, a green screen with 3 carrots circling appears, saying "Loading" at the bottom, but the game is not accessible. As a senior, playing this game daily relaxes me. Please help me access Word Whomp.
Reported by GetHuman-tinarec on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 8:03 PM
I am experiencing the same issue that was reported by GetHuman[redacted]. However, upon attempting to locate this individual on Pogo, I couldn't find them as a member. The problem, as described by GetHuman[redacted], involves encountering error messages immediately after logging in and before the game room loads while playing Pogo Backgammon on a Mac with MacOS High Sierra **.**.*. This issue has occurred recently after ** years of gameplay, and the specific error message displayed is "Oops, Something is not right....Your browser couldn't load this Java Game." Despite trying to fix the problem by reinstalling and updating Java and Flash, the issue persists. I am seeking guidance on resolving this issue.
Reported by GetHuman-cpparise on Saturday, September 29, 2018 1:10 PM
When attempting to switch to an EA Sports account for Pogo, I discovered that there are two accounts associated with my email address. I do not remember creating two accounts and would like assistance in accessing both of them. I used to have a Club Pogo account from Coca Cola points my daughter redeemed for me, which I had until it expired. I am wondering if that could be one of the accounts in question. Please reach out to me to help resolve this matter before I proceed with the switch. I prefer to keep the account with the most points but do not wish to maintain a paid Club Pogo membership. I, like others, have noticed differences between free and paid memberships regarding game performance and would like to avoid another paid subscription.
Reported by GetHuman1334531 on Friday, October 12, 2018 7:48 PM
I created a Pogo account for my grandmother a few years ago. I believe I used either the email "[redacted]" or "[redacted]" Her screen name on Pogo was "rosedaft6," and she has had a subscription for years. After the transition to EA, she was logged out, and despite trying to recover the account, we only managed to access it using "[redacted]" She lost all her tokens and her subscription. We are struggling to log in to the correct account due to the uncertainty about the email used. If we cannot resolve this, we will reach out to her bank to cancel the subscription. Please advise on the necessary steps.
Reported by GetHuman1347616 on Monday, October 15, 2018 2:33 PM
This morning, I received an email about the "pogo prize drawing results," but when I tried to access the entry page, it didn't work. As a senior member of POGO, I've been a loyal player for years. I've been struggling for hours to log in with my trusted screen name to enjoy the games I've purchased. Since moving to Arizona from Massachusetts due to health reasons, POGO has been a significant source of entertainment for me. Being far from my home, family, and friends of six decades, POGO has been a vital pastime for me. I'm disappointed by the recent changes and the lack of support options. I hope to see improvements or consider a refund if this issue persists.
Reported by GetHuman1351072 on Monday, October 15, 2018 9:33 PM
I am having trouble logging into my Pogo account. I am not sure how to resolve this issue, which is why I am seeking assistance here. I provided my email address, but when I tried to retrieve it, I was unable to. I made a payment to your service in August and I believe I shouldn't be experiencing these problems now. If I have to create a new account, I will lose years worth of coins and badges. My username is stormfront28 and I have never encountered any sign-in issues until now. I kindly ask you to look into this matter and see if you can assist me. My email address for the account is [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman1351117 on Monday, October 15, 2018 9:39 PM
I have been unable to log in to Pogo for the past two days. Despite being a fully paid-up club member, all my tokens, gems, and badges have reset to zero. I am unable to access my friends list or chat with anyone to seek help. Tournaments are blocked, and I am missing out on working towards important badges. Pogo has been my connection to the world for the past five years, especially since I am housebound due to health reasons. The lack of support and vague responses, like an email from EA games confirming my password but not resolving the login issue, is frustrating. If this matter is not resolved promptly, I may have to request a refund and switch to a different gaming platform.
Reported by GetHuman1357253 on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 9:08 PM
I am having trouble sending a contact form for support after being a customer for 20 years. Recently, games like Lottso that I always play are cut off and I can't enlarge them. Even using the keyboard to zoom in doesn't work, leaving white space around the cut-off box, affecting chat, scoring, and gameplay. This issue started a few weeks ago; I can no longer log in, even after changing my password. The system doesn't recognize the new password. I am frustrated with this sudden change and lack of accessibility to the games I paid for. I wish there was a better way to contact support as the current options don't address my concerns. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman1367819 on Thursday, October 18, 2018 4:32 AM
Yesterday, on October 17, [redacted], I spent three hours trying to update my POGO account to an EA account. The annual subscription is automatically deducted from my primary bank account. After speaking with an EA technician who was unable to resolve the password issue and mentioned a third party on my computer, I felt uncomfortable. Despite the confusion about a one-time check, which seemed odd, I decided not to proceed with their offer. I reached out to Lifelock for further advice, and they recommended contacting my cable company. Following Spectrum's suggestion, I ran a full Sophos scan on my computer and found a "PUA" file, which I manually removed on October 18, [redacted]. I have been a loyal POGO customer since [redacted], and previous incidents with subscription screens being a scam have left me frustrated. Given my concerns, I aim to have my checking account information removed from POGO/EA GAMES and switch to paying my membership by money order in the future.
Reported by GetHuman-bzager on Thursday, October 18, 2018 1:49 PM

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