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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Priceline customer service, archive #3. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 25, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I am attempting to modify my reservation with Price line without facing excessive change fees. Initially, I booked a trip to Kabul, Afghanistan, but due to safety reasons, I am unable to travel on the specified dates. I am seeking to adjust the reservation without canceling it as it is non-refundable. Originally, Price line agreed to a $[redacted] fee, which seemed reasonable. However, after a few days, they retracted this offer and are now quoting $[redacted] in addition to the ticket's original cost and a $[redacted] change fee. The tickets for the new dates are listed at the same price as my initial booking. Details: - Airline Confirmation Number: Turkish Airlines TN6FRZ - Priceline Trip Number: [redacted]-[redacted]-[redacted]-30 - Confirmation sent to: [redacted] - Billing Address: [redacted] Norfolk Sq. Norfolk, VA [redacted] - Customer: David Lawrence / Yellow Dog Software - Trip To: Kabul, Afghanistan for U.S. State Department / Dyncorp
Reported by GetHuman-dlawvb on Isnin, 25 Jun 2018 pukul 20.45
I accidentally left my credit card at home, so my 19-year-old son used his card to book a hotel. However, due to his age, we were denied check-in at 1 am. I ended up paying cash and the room rate increased from $77.13 to $[redacted]. I would like to add his card to my account for this trip and then switch it back afterward. Can the hotel refund the money to his card so we can continue our journey and book multiple nights ahead? It would be appreciated if the rate difference between the original booking and the cash payment could be refunded as well. The reservation was made under Gavin Grim PHR [redacted]6.
Reported by GetHuman821880 on Selasa, 26 Jun 2018 pukul 13.27
I reserved a car rental on Priceline for downtown Seattle with a pick-up time of 5:00 pm. However, the store closed at 4:00 pm contrary to what was listed online. Due to this discrepancy, we were unable to collect the car as the staff explained that their systems shut down by 5:00 pm. Priceline advised us to create a new booking and send over the receipt via fax for a full refund, which would include any price difference. I've attempted to fax the details multiple times but have not been successful as there has been no response on the other end. Our trip number is [redacted]-[redacted]-[redacted]-19 and our confirmation number is [redacted]2US4.
Reported by GetHuman823289 on Selasa, 26 Jun 2018 pukul 19.09
I had an issue with my hotel booking. The customer service agent canceled my reservation without informing me that I wouldn't be able to rebook at the package rate online. The hotel was supposed to be downtown according to your site. Moreover, my refund was $47 short, and I've been waiting for five days for this to be corrected. Despite being told it was escalated and that I'd be contacted within 24 hours, more than 48 hours have passed without any communication. Upon calling again, I was informed it could take 3-5 days, which is unacceptable. I simply want to cancel my flights with a full refund and make alternative travel arrangements. The trip number is [redacted]. I insist on a full refund and cancellation of my flights due to the poor customer service experience I have encountered.
Reported by GetHuman-scbesaw on Rabu, 27 Jun 2018 pukul 23.20
I contacted Fairfield Inn by Marriott Kennett Square, PA for a booking on June 16-18, [redacted]. Initially quoted $[redacted].36 for the stay prepaid on our Marriott credit card as confirmed with Marriott Reservations Employee. Upon checking out, we were billed $[redacted].98, $[redacted].38 less. Hotel said Priceline handled payment and refund queries. Priceline indicated the difference was their fee, which was not disclosed initially, and representatives were misleadingly referred to as Marriott Reservation Employees. Requesting a refund of $[redacted].38 due to misrepresentation. Booking Reference Number: [redacted]4; reservation phone number: [redacted]. Seeking prompt resolution and further assistance if necessary via email. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-rwbernin on Khamis, 28 Jun 2018 pukul 20.55
Good morning, I want to share my recent experience with Priceline booking a 2-bedroom room at a Best Western in Maumee, OH. Upon arrival, I was informed of an overbooking issue. Despite some discussion, I was given a room with one double bed instead of two queens. My friend found some dead ants in the bed and I ended up sleeping on the floor, as no cots were available. This situation is unsatisfactory, and I believe a refund is warranted. I have yet to detail this incident publicly, but I may do so if the matter is not addressed by customer service. Thank you, Dave Z
Reported by GetHuman836507 on Sabtu, 30 Jun 2018 pukul 14.24
Hello, I recently had a bad experience trying to cancel my flight with Priceline due to a family emergency. I spent over half an hour on hold and was transferred to multiple representatives, including Jane and Gray, without receiving the help I needed. Even after speaking with Divine, I was informed that I wouldn't be refunded and was directed to contact Delta Airlines. It's frustrating to navigate through the customer service process only to find out that I couldn't even receive a voucher for a future flight. This experience with Priceline has left me feeling disappointed and frustrated.
Reported by GetHuman-yewebdar on Sabtu, 30 Jun 2018 pukul 21.21
I recently booked a hotel through an "express sale" on, specifically choosing a pet-friendly option. However, upon receiving the booking confirmation, I noticed there was no mention of the hotel being pet friendly. When I checked the hotel's website, I discovered that pets were not allowed. I immediately tried to cancel my reservation within 5-10 minutes of booking, but the agent informed me that it was not possible. I expressed my dissatisfaction and mentioned that I would dispute the charges with my credit card company. I also stated my intention to share my negative experience with others to caution them about using While I realize one voice may not make a big impact, I believe in the power of word of mouth and want to share my disappointing encounter with the company.
Reported by GetHuman-colopete on Selasa, 3 Julai 2018 pukul 02.13
On June 22, [redacted], a hotel reservation was made through Priceline. The payment made was $[redacted].97, with a confirmation number of [redacted]. The reservation was under Nikki Foote at Extended Stay America in Carmel, Indianapolis, [redacted] Lakeshore Dr. Upon arrival, there were no rooms available despite providing the confirmation number. No cancellation notice was received from the hotel or Priceline. As a result, they had to drive to Kokomo, IN, one hour away. A refund was obtained today as none had been issued prior. This experience has raised doubts about booking through Priceline in the future, and clarification is sought on how this situation could have occurred.
Reported by GetHuman-mgerald on Rabu, 4 Julai 2018 pukul 04.11
I have been a loyal customer of Priceline for a long time now. I would like to share an experience I had during a recent stay in Pigeon Forge, TN. Upon checking into our room, I discovered that the bathtub was not clean and had water in it. After informing the front desk and showing them a picture, they apologized and reduced the room rate to $75, indicating this should reflect on our Priceline charge. Unfortunately, upon our return, although they had cleaned the bathtub afterward, they left dirty cleaning tools on the "clean" sink. Additionally, the air conditioner was not functioning properly, and the room was uncomfortably hot. Despite notifying the staff, we had to manage with a fan, and it was still very warm. I believe the staff were aware of the AC issue as they mentioned a repairman was scheduled to come. I have always had positive experiences with Priceline in the past and recommended them to others. However, I am currently uncertain where to book our next accommodation. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-lessenbe on Jumaat, 6 Julai 2018 pukul 15.53
I recently booked a 4-star hotel in London through Priceline using the bidding feature for a seven-night stay in September (itinerary # [redacted]-[redacted]-[redacted]-50). The hotel I was assigned, the Best Western Seraphine Kensington Olympia, falls short of the 4-star standard described on Priceline's website. Many customers have left negative reviews citing cleanliness issues, a broken elevator, small rooms, and the lack of larger beds typically found in a 4-star establishment. Furthermore, the hotel is listed as a 3-star on various other platforms. Not only did I not get a better deal through the bidding process, I could have booked it at the same price without bidding, and even found a better offer with breakfast included on other websites. Disappointed by this misrepresentation, I seek to cancel my reservation and receive a refund. Thank you, Richard C.
Reported by GetHuman-richjc on Jumaat, 6 Julai 2018 pukul 19.43
I have used Priceline before without any issues but I'm having trouble booking a room in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The website is not accepting any of my credit or debit cards, even though they are all fine. I've been trying to contact someone for help for the past 24 hours. Please reach out to me at [redacted] or email me at [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman859548 on Ahad, 8 Julai 2018 pukul 02.29
I made a reservation through Priceline for July 7th because I am from Pennsylvania and am getting married in Simi Valley, California. Priceline (or possibly my fault) charged me over $67.00 for staying at The Thousand Oaks Premiere Inn. At that time, I was at my employer’s office in East Petersburg, Pennsylvania, working as a State Farm agent. Today, on July 7th, I arrived at the Thousand Oaks Inn, even after noticing the charge. I assumed it would be resolved after my wedding. When I reached the Thousand Oaks Premiere Inn, where my father had made the reservation for me, I was informed there were no available rooms. Exhausted from driving 3,[redacted] miles across the United States with my disabled child, I was distraught. The hotel mentioned they couldn't cancel my reservation as it was Priceline's error. They advised me to contact Priceline and clarified I would be charged if I didn't stay at the hotel. I urgently need assistance as being charged further when all I have is my car to sleep in is not acceptable. Please help me rectify this situation.
Reported by GetHuman859638 on Ahad, 8 Julai 2018 pukul 03.32
I made a reservation to stay at Comfort Inn and Presidential Suites in Little Rock, AR on July 6th, 7th, and 8th, [redacted]. However, upon arrival, only one room had been reserved even though we were charged for two rooms. I was instructed by Zac to contact Priceline for a refund for the second room that we never received. The confirmation numbers for the rooms were #1 Room [redacted]02 and for the second room [redacted]06, but the second room did not exist with that confirmation number. We used our Chase Visa card and have reported fraudulent charges to them from Priceline. We are requesting a full refund for the second room that was not provided. Despite a last-minute cancellation by the hotel, we were still charged for the room and had to pay an additional $[redacted]. We have all necessary information to pursue this matter further if required. We have tried contacting Priceline from the hotel but were unable to speak to a person. We are asking for a refund to our card or a check by mail to resolve the issue. Thank you, Chester and Federia Smith. Email at [redacted], address #2 Quail Circle Wake Village, Texas [redacted]. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-federiac on Ahad, 8 Julai 2018 pukul 22.42
Reservation Number: [redacted]1 I made this reservation through Priceline, which advertised the hotel as a 4-star establishment. However, upon further research, it appears to be a 2-star hotel with unfavorable reviews about the rooms. I am not accustomed to staying in 2-star accommodations and requested to switch my reservation to a 4-star hotel in the same vicinity. Despite offering to pay the price difference, customer service stated this was not possible. I believe Priceline misrepresented the hotel and has failed to meet customer expectations. I have been a loyal Priceline customer and am disappointed by the lack of flexibility in this situation. I would like to change my reservation to a 4-star hotel, as initially indicated on the website. Additionally, better communication in English would be appreciated, as I was transferred multiple times and kept on hold for over an hour and a half. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman864609 on Isnin, 9 Julai 2018 pukul 21.26
I was disappointed with my stay at the Budget Inn in Hayward, California. The website advertised a swimming pool and breakfast, but upon my arrival on 7/8/18, I was informed by a rude manager that the pool was filled with dirt and breakfast service had been discontinued. He pointed out a sign indicating the closure of breakfast since 5/17/17 and claimed that all booking platforms were informed. I suspect the manager is being dishonest and benefits from the misleading information on the website. Unfortunately, my reservation was non-refundable, so I had no choice but to stay. This experience has left me frustrated, and I will consider alternatives to booking hotels in the future.
Reported by GetHuman865635 on Selasa, 10 Julai 2018 pukul 03.37
I made a car rental reservation through Priceline at San Antonio Airport for July 10 with Enterprise. The initial agreement allowed the renter and spouse to drive the vehicle for a total of $[redacted]. When I tried to change the drop-off time on the Priceline app, it was unsuccessful. After contacting customer service, they advised me to cancel and rebook. The new reservation for the same duration was now $[redacted] with Thrifty, not Enterprise like before, resulting in a $39 price increase. Upon pickup, I discovered that Thrifty charges an extra $13 per day for a second driver, which was not the case with Enterprise or Alamo. This additional cost should have been made clear. Originally, my reservation was $[redacted], but now I'm spending over $[redacted] due to these changes. I am dissatisfied with the experience with Thrifty and have reservations about using Priceline again unless this matter is addressed.
Reported by GetHuman-hzarcon on Khamis, 12 Julai 2018 pukul 01.02
We made a hotel booking through Priceline (trip number [redacted]-[redacted]-[redacted]-72) for a trip that was unexpectedly cut short due to a family emergency. After contacting Priceline for a refund, we were given conflicting information by their representatives. Initially, Tanya asked for time to process our request, then Juan mentioned a partial refund subject to contacting them after noon. However, Saval later denied us a refund citing the hotel's policy. When we reached out to the hotel, the general manager, Mary, mentioned she would have issued a refund, had Priceline allowed it. Despite our disappointment with this experience, we were surprised that the reservation paperwork did not specify it as nonrefundable. It's disheartening that the representatives (Tanya, Juan, and Saval) seemed unaware of this policy and attributed the decision solely to the hotel. This has left us dissatisfied with our first encounter with Priceline.
Reported by GetHuman878257 on Jumaat, 13 Julai 2018 pukul 18.48
I am deeply disappointed with the experience my family and I had at the Hampton Inn in Sheridan, Wyoming booked under trip numbers [redacted]4 and [redacted]2. Despite being a Hilton hotel, the accommodations were deplorable. The staff was unfriendly and unhelpful. The rooms were unclean, with disturbing hygiene issues like soiled feminine napkins left in one room. Service requests were met with significant delays and a lack of professionalism. Additionally, the breakfast quality was subpar, with unappetizing sausage. The manager's refusal to assist me when I was locked out of my room without ID was unacceptable. Furthermore, the closure of the pool and hot tub during limited hours inconvenienced guests. The management's response to our complaints, stating they couldn't assist us due to being a third-party booking, was unsatisfactory. This poor experience does not reflect the standards expected from a Hilton hotel. I urge Hilton upper management to address these issues promptly. -Lila R.
Reported by GetHuman-lilafaye on Jumaat, 20 Julai 2018 pukul 18.05
I've been using Priceline for over thirty days. I booked a room from Friday 08/20 to Monday 08/23, expecting a kitchen as shown in the pictures, but upon arrival, the room didn't have one. The staff were rude and unhelpful, even when I called the number provided. They said they could only offer me a room with a microwave or fridge and promised to move me before noon today. However, when I packed up, including my desktop, printer, and work files, they informed me I couldn't move until after 2 pm. I wasted my morning due to Priceline's mistake at Delia T.'s Motel 6 in Pinole, California.
Reported by GetHuman-richluvs on Sabtu, 21 Julai 2018 pukul 18.24

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