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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Princess Cruise Line customer service, archive #2. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported February 18, 2020 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Subject: Urgent Correction Needed for Booking #WM3HHP - Ruby Princess Sydney/Fiji/Sydney Dear Customer Service Representative, I am reaching out for assistance with resolving a booking issue related to upgrade challenges. When my sister and I initially booked this cruise in December [redacted], there was a mix-up with our details during the booking process. Despite several attempts to rectify this over the past year, the necessary corrections haven't been made, as evidenced by the email regarding an upgrade opportunity attached to this message. Though I received the offer and thought it was all set when I saw a pending charge on my credit card, it appears the upgrade did not go through as expected. I've been informed that all the upgrade slots have been filled, which means I won't be able to dine with my sister and brother-in-law in the special dining room during the trip. Resolving this matter before boarding the ship is crucial to me. I have been assured that I'm now on the Priority upgrade list for a Suite or Club Class cabin and can address this issue onboard. However, I sincerely hope we can find a solution ahead of time. Given our long-standing plans for this trip, the ability to dine together is incredibly important to me. I'm more than willing to pay any additional fees required for this privilege, including an upgrade to a suite. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Warm regards, Susan S. - Princess Elite Member #[redacted] [redacted] Compass Point Drive, Fort Myers, FL [redacted] Phone: [redacted] Email: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman4372500 on Selasa, 18 Februari 2020 pukul 16.34
My family of five is currently booked on the Regal Princess departing from Fort Lauderdale on March 8 for a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise. The ages of our group are 93, 91, 87, 84, and 80. We are deeply concerned about the coronavirus outbreak and its potential impact on us. Our oldest family member suffers from severe anxiety and is under a heavy medication regimen. This situation has worsened due to recent events. The 87-year-old has significant URI issues that tend to lead to pneumonia during attacks. The 84-year-old has severe asthma and is undergoing treatment with a new monthly injectable drug. We all have heart conditions and various other ailments. Despite our current health status not warranting a doctor's note for cancellation, we are in a vulnerable position. We kindly ask Princess Cruises to consider our plea to cancel the trip due to our unique circumstances. This was meant to be our final family vacation, and losing this money would be devastating for us. Your understanding and assistance are greatly appreciated. Thank you, Thelma L. BookingXQ9PXQ
Reported by GetHuman-larrytem on Sabtu, 29 Februari 2020 pukul 16.39
We have reservations for two cabins on the Island Princess from March 17 to March 27 for the Panama Canal voyage. Our confirmation numbers are XKCVWN under James and Marilyn Shaver and XKCHXH under Thomas Shaver. We have attempted to reach Princess to cancel and rebook following the new coronavirus guidelines without success. Concerned we might miss the 72-hour deadline, we want to document our efforts. Please advise us on the next steps to take. - M. Shaver, March 9, [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman4442179 on Isnin, 9 Mac 2020 pukul 21.36
I've been patiently waiting for my refund and cruise credit. Every time I call for an update, I receive the same scripted response. I am concerned as I keep receiving conflicting information. I specifically wish to speak with Jan, as she made assurances to me. Please reach me at [redacted]. I made reservations for two balcony suites for a Hawaii trip with my wife, and for Mert and Betsey Smith. We are considering booking another cruise, but are hesitant to do so with Princess due to the handling of our refund. My booking number is XPCWMH, for a planned sail date of April 5, [redacted]. While I have enjoyed sailing with Princess before, this refund process is concerning. Thank you, Ray Haverson.
Reported by GetHuman4837711 on Isnin, 18 Mei 2020 pukul 19.36
July 14, [redacted] Princess Cruises Corporate Headquarters [redacted] Avenue Rockefeller Santa Clarita, CA [redacted] To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to lodge an official complaint regarding a cruise cancellation over 4 months ago. The cruise with the booking code XRMD3Q was canceled in March, and we are still awaiting a credit of over $[redacted]. Despite repeated calls, we have only been told that the matter is being looked into. Other customers seem to have received their refunds within 60 days, based on online forums. I kindly request a review of my case to understand why this process is prolonged. I've exhausted all avenues and now believe writing to Corporate Headquarters is necessary. Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Leslie P. Whitney [redacted] [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman5065698 on Selasa, 14 Julai 2020 pukul 21.39
Regarding Voyage 8005E on February 18, [redacted] with Booking Number CK7K7D, we are still awaiting reimbursement for expenses and airfare as the cruise aboard Majestic Princess was canceled. Initially, I was in contact with Katie and other customer service representatives; however, communication ceased in April. Despite being informed that all necessary documents were received and the matter would be resolved in less than a week, it has been approximately 90 days since I last heard from Princess Cruises. I hope to receive a check soon so I can book another cruise with Princess. Until then, I will explore alternative options. Thank you and take care. - J.I. Reed, PhD
Reported by GetHuman5072641 on Khamis, 16 Julai 2020 pukul 18.27
Hello Princess Cruises customer service team, I wanted to bring to your attention some issues I have encountered with my booking. Due to the Covid-19 situation, my May [redacted] cruise was cancelled. With the help of my travel agent, Jeannie Watkins, I rescheduled for May [redacted] and opted for cruise fare credits. After rebooking, I paid for my shore excursions. However, as of today, my cruise credit and [redacted] excursions credit have not been processed. Furthermore, my [redacted] excursions were cancelled and refunded erroneously. I discussed this with Jeannie, and it seems the confusion arose because my credit hadn't been applied, making it appear I hadn't paid deposits. This has led to me canceling my [redacted] cruise. Currently, over $7,[redacted] in total for the cruise fare, airfare, and excursions remains unprocessed. I am disappointed by the lack of response and individual attention from Princess Cruises. I understand the challenges posed by Covid-19 but find this delay unacceptable. I request a prompt refund and seek a resolution within the week.
Reported by GetHuman-diannadk on Jumaat, 17 Julai 2020 pukul 14.00
Hello, we are interested in taking advantage of the current promotion. However, we noticed that when we tried to purchase the $[redacted] gift cards online, we were redirected to a different gift card website than usual, This website has received negative reviews, including complaints of undelivered gift cards and unauthorized charges. We are concerned about the legitimacy of this site. In your terms and conditions, it states that gift cards bought from unauthorized sellers may not be valid or have less value than promised. Could you clarify if purchases from BuyATab are guaranteed by your company? What recourse do we have if the promotional gift card is not honored or if we do not receive it at all? Thank you, Candy L.
Reported by GetHuman6302508 on Rabu, 7 Julai 2021 pukul 05.19
We have a staycation planned for September, a week traveling around the UK, with stops in Liverpool, Glasgow, and Belfast. We are both UK natives and have received both doses of the covid vaccine. We were informed recently that we must only disembark the ship for a Princess-arranged tour. Neither of us enjoys guided tours and prefer exploring on our own, which seems to be prohibited. We find this restriction puzzling since we could easily drive to these ports independently. Could it be motivated by profit, as Princess charges a steep price for their tours? Given that the UK will fully reopen on the 19th, will this rule change? If not, we would like to cancel our booking.
Reported by GetHuman-drivercr on Jumaat, 16 Julai 2021 pukul 14.01
My son and I have reservations for the Majestic Princess departing from Seattle on August 22nd. Recently, I received information from Princess that despite being vaccinated against covid-19, we need to take a covid test within 72 hours of sailing to board the ship. Can anyone suggest a place in Houston, Texas, where we can get an antigen test with results in 48 hours or less? We are flying to Seattle on August 21st and staying overnight at a hotel, making it tight to get tested and receive the results in time for the 22nd. Would appreciate any recommendations for rapid testing locations in the Houston area. Additionally, I am concerned about potential costs if our insurance does not cover the rapid test.
Reported by GetHuman-cakay on Khamis, 5 Ogos 2021 pukul 18.52
I purchased an Alaska cruise in [redacted] and started making payments in February [redacted]. There were multiple payments made towards the cruise, which was eventually canceled due to the pandemic. The person in charge, Carol Wenger-Bajirek, offered options regarding the refund or keeping the money for future use. Despite expressing a desire to still go on the cruise, I was later informed that I couldn't go due to not being vaccinated. Instead, vouchers were offered. Attempts to get a refund through my credit card company, CapitalOne, were complicated by a misunderstanding with the required forms. With family responsibilities due to my ill father, who has Dementia, I was unable to meet the dispute deadline. As the situation remains uncertain with my father's health and my personal beliefs regarding vaccination, I am now seeking a refund for the cruise payments made.
Reported by GetHuman6457200 on Jumaat, 13 Ogos 2021 pukul 17.42
The company recently canceled the [redacted] world cruise but is offering a [redacted] cruise with price protection. There is limited space on a [redacted] cruise without price protection. Considering the company canceled the [redacted] trip, I wonder if there is a possibility to book the [redacted] cruise at the same price as a gesture of goodwill.
Reported by GetHuman-venturer on Isnin, 30 Ogos 2021 pukul 18.24
I am writing to address an issue related to the payment and reservation of two cruises on Princess Cruises. On August 26, [redacted], my partner (Charlotte Williams) booked a 4-night cruise aboard the Sky Princess for September 13, [redacted], with my mother (Marion McCulloch). Unfortunately, my mother lost her passport, leading to complications for the upcoming trip. We explored options with, your authorized agents, to resolve the passport issue, but no viable solutions were found due to time constraints and lack of passport appointments. Given the circumstances, we are seeking assistance from Princess Cruises to explore options such as transferring the booking to a later cruise date in October or allowing a family member to use the paid-for stateroom. We are disappointed by the negative responses we received regarding these inquiries as my mother’s dream holiday is now in jeopardy. We are hopeful that Princess Cruises can provide a resolution promptly. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Sandra McCulloch.
Reported by GetHuman6556539 on Sabtu, 4 September 2021 pukul 18.12
I have a cruise booked for November 16, [redacted] with booking number 2GDK9V. I am logged into the app on my phone. I have successfully entered my personal information, chosen my lanyard, and provided my credit card for onboard expenses. However, I am experiencing an issue when trying to input my passport details. I keep receiving an error message stating, "THERE IS AN ERROR GETTING DOCUMENT RECOMMENDATION. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER." I have been attempting to resolve this for four weeks now. Can you assist me with adding my passport information to the app, or should I bring it to the terminal for check-in? Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman6659401 on Khamis, 30 September 2021 pukul 22.54
I am experiencing an issue with the Captain's Circle loyalty program. I would like clarification on whether the cruises taken onboard P&O cruise ships are counted towards our membership level. Currently, we have completed two cruises with Princess Cruises, making us gold members. Additionally, we have taken 2 or 3 cruises with P&O Cruises. I am seeking clarification on whether the loyalty status transfers between P&O and Princess Cruises. Thank you, Andrew.
Reported by GetHuman6690549 on Sabtu, 9 Oktober 2021 pukul 14.27
We are planning to undergo a rapid antigen test at the Walgreens near the Princess dock in Ft. Lauderdale before our cruise. I need to know if these results will be accepted for our trip since we are traveling from Boise, Idaho, and will need to get the required Covid test upon our arrival in Florida. I wouldn't want to risk our $19,[redacted] cruise if the Covid test from Walgreens is not valid. Are there any providers at the Ft. Lauderdale dock offering the necessary Covid test for Princess passengers? There seems to be conflicting information on Princess's website regarding this matter, mentioning a health provider on-site for $[redacted] or working towards having one available for Covid testing. Ultimately, we must ensure that the Princess-required Covid test can be conducted the day before we board the ship with results available on the same day.
Reported by GetHuman-lehuaalo on Isnin, 18 Oktober 2021 pukul 23.06
I recently received a complimentary cruise from your company, for which I paid $[redacted] in full upon booking. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my trip due to cancer treatment and was informed that I would receive a full refund of $[redacted]. However, I later noticed a charge of $[redacted] on my account, with the explanation that I canceled after the total amount was due. This is causing me distress as I complied with the payment terms for the complimentary cruise. I have been waiting on hold for over 7 hours now in an attempt to resolve this matter. Please contact me at [redacted] (home) or [redacted] (cell) to assist with this issue. My booking number is 2Q7R6C. Unfortunately, my health situation does not allow me to travel due to ongoing cancer treatments. The long waiting times on the phone while dealing with my health issues are making a difficult situation even more challenging. Thank you. - J. D. Curtiss
Reported by GetHuman6742350 on Isnin, 25 Oktober 2021 pukul 16.51
Subject: Booking Number #2GDD4K Encountered Several Issues I have been struggling with the Medallian app for days. Initially, I had our dining time at Micheal Angelo in the dining room at 5 pm, but today that reservation vanished without explanation. After spending over 3 hours trying to get help from customer service, I was redirected to Ocean Navigator, where I waited for an additional 2 hours. Thankfully, Katie managed to secure our dining time in the Botticelli dining room after numerous challenges with the Medallion app. Despite Katie's efforts, we were unable to book the specialty dining we paid for twice in August. Our reservation for the Crown Grill on 12/14 at 6:10 pm somehow disappeared, even after we followed up in October. Despite multiple attempts, the app wouldn't accept our credit card for payment. We also wanted to reserve Sabatinis and Salty Dog Gastro Pub for another evening, but these issues have been incredibly frustrating and time-consuming. We are disappointed with Princess and the new application, as it has disrupted our plans and dampened our excitement for this trip. It feels like everything will be fully booked before we even board the ship. As loyal Platinum members, we expected better service from Princess.
Reported by GetHuman-janchip on Rabu, 17 November 2021 pukul 00.47
Dear Kristen Malbon at Princess Customer Service, I have been in contact with Kelly Stadelhoffer, who mentioned you could assist me. A few weeks back, I spoke with Kelly and we are trying to locate a missing $[redacted] cruise deposit that our former travel agent, CruCon, indicated was deposited into our Princess account. If needed, CruCon can be reached at [redacted]. Our Princess Member Numbers are [redacted]23A or B. I have documentation for the original cruise booked through CruCon, which was later cancelled. The booking number for this is 2QHDCV dated March 30, [redacted]. We rebooked the same cruise directly with Princess due to COVID policy changes and received a deposit confirmation on 10/16/21 for booking number 2THHMW, showing a $[redacted] credit from prior cruise deposits. This should total $[redacted] in credits along with military and Carnival shareholder credits. Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, Rob Pickman
Reported by GetHuman-rpickman on Rabu, 17 November 2021 pukul 21.59
I've been attempting to contact Princess Cruise for assistance with paperwork using booking number 2xCV7D. Despite trying four times over the past two weeks, I haven't been able to get the help needed. Being in our 80s, technology is not our strong suit, making this process more challenging. Each call has left me on hold for 20 to 30 minutes with no response. The lack of customer service is disappointing, and I'm considering canceling my booking. Currently, as I type this message, I've been on hold for another 15 minutes without any luck in reaching a representative.
Reported by GetHuman6862046 on Rabu, 1 Disember 2021 pukul 17.27

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