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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Progressive Insurance customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported May 1, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
While driving straight in the left lane, an SUV unexpectedly switched from the far right lane to the far left turning lane in front of me. The traffic quickly came to a halt due to congestion, although the light was still green. After braking hard, I unfortunately rear-ended Ashley J.'s Black Mazda sedan at a low speed of about 8 miles per hour. My vehicle sustained no damage, but her car was significantly damaged. We exchanged insurance details at a Walgreens without involving the police. Both Ashley J. and I agree that the SUV driver is at fault for the situation. Ashley J. witnessed my attempt to stop and the erratic SUV maneuver. Identifying the SUV driver is crucial for accountability.
Reported by GetHuman647157 on вторник, 1 мая 2018 г., 19:53
Hello, I have a policy with your company and I am retired. The insured vehicle, a Ford diesel 4X4 [redacted], stopped working in late [redacted]. I contacted in January to inform you about the situation and requested to stop my payments. In January, my husband underwent serious neck surgery, and I cared for him as his nurse for two months. During this time, we also had to tend to our dog who needed toes amputated due to melanoma, leading to extensive foot care twice a day. Towards the end of my husband's recovery, I sustained a concussion. After a challenging few months, I returned to normal around mid-April only to discover that your company continued to deduct payments. My bank statements show deductions on January 1st, February 2nd, and March 20th. I would appreciate speaking to a representative about this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-dianasco on пятница, 4 мая 2018 г., 17:58
Hello, I am considering purchasing a [redacted] Kia Soul, and I will require full coverage as I plan to finance it. Currently, I have an insurance policy with your company for my [redacted] Toyota Corolla. I would like to request a quote for the cost of insuring the new vehicle and inquire about any associated fees for switching vehicles. I had a DWI over two years ago, and I was informed by the insurance company that they would provide a requote to potentially lower my high premium. I believe the current rate is too high and hope it can be adjusted accordingly.
Reported by GetHuman-bentleyt on понедельник, 7 мая 2018 г., 19:17
After being with my previous insurance company, I switched to Progressive a year ago for a much lower quote on my vehicles and homeowners insurance. However, upon my recent renewal, I noticed a 20% increase in my Auto Policy and an 11% increase in my Motorcycle Policy. While I haven't had any claims or changes, I am considering exploring other quotes to potentially switch again. I've been happy with Progressive and would like to continue as long as I feel valued as a customer and receive a fair deal. These sudden increases make it challenging to stay loyal. My Auto Policy #: [redacted]04 and Motorcycle Policy #: [redacted]97. Thank you. - Wayne J.
Reported by GetHuman-gccwayne on среда, 9 мая 2018 г., 22:04
While driving north on Sheldon Road at the Michigan Avenue intersection, I encountered a concerning situation. Approaching the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Sheldon with a green light, a silver Trailblazer driver unexpectedly pulled out from a stop sign near the Geddes intersection. To avoid a collision, I had to swerve and accelerate. Despite thinking I cleared his path, the Trailblazer driver continued, causing a collision that spun my car [redacted] degrees. As I managed the aftermath, the other driver fled west on Geddes. Fortunately, a helpful witness provided me with their details. I promptly contacted [redacted] to report the incident. When the police arrived, they obtained evidence from the other vehicle. Following my mother's arrival and discussion with the officers, she initially intended to press charges, but reconsidered upon learning the driver's circumstances. The driver, a 20-year-old male with autism, and his father returned, and my mother opted against prosecution.
Reported by GetHuman-lindacw on воскресенье, 20 мая 2018 г., 21:07
Hello, my name is Ziyang Q. I recently started a policy with Progressive Auto Insurance on 06/25/[redacted]. My policy number is [redacted]68, and I paid a half-year premium of $[redacted].88. This is the most affordable option I found with Progressive at the moment. I am 27 years old, obtained my US driver's license at 24, and my Chinese license at 23. I switched from Geico and have had no accidents in the past three years. The only blemish on my driving record is one ticket for crossing solid lines improperly when passing a slow truck during a Sting Operation by the police. Unfortunately, I couldn't dispute it in court in time to prevent it affecting my driving record. I am willing to provide any additional information you may need to assist me. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-qizy on воскресенье, 24 июня 2018 г., 3:43
I was in a car accident on 3/4/[redacted], where my car sustained undercarriage damage. The other driver's insurance, USAA, covered the repair costs. As I had additional out-of-pocket expenses due to the accident, I submitted receipts to USAA for reimbursement. They agreed to pay $[redacted], but required a property damage release form signed by Progressive. It has been four months, and despite my efforts and calls to my claim representative, Robert M., I have not received the form from Progressive. According to USAA, Progressive is requesting more money, causing delays. I am considering switching insurers due to the lack of communication and customer service from Progressive. I need updates on the claim status and a clear deadline for resolution. Additionally, I would appreciate a call explaining why I should maintain coverage with Progressive given the current service issues. My policy number is [redacted]1.
Reported by GetHuman-dibenson on пятница, 29 июня 2018 г., 19:18
This is my third request for the following information needed by the Florida DMV to reinstate a driver's license for Warren Steele. The required details are as follows: - Name of the insurance company - Company code - Policy number - Effective dates - Limits of coverage - Vehicles/persons insured Please provide this information on company letterhead and send it to the DMV email address [redacted] or fax it to [redacted]. Kindly cc: [redacted] on your response. Previous information provided by Progressive was inadequate. A prompt response would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-poppyo on воскресенье, 15 июля 2018 г., 17:42
I experienced a flat tire on I-10 during rush hour and arranged for a tow service. Recently, a Progressive representative informed me that I could submit the bill for reimbursement. I am inquiring if there is an alternate method to send the bill, such as an email address, or if I can handle it through my local Progressive agent. I have been a loyal Progressive customer for over a decade and have always received excellent service. I trust Progressive to address any necessary repairs.
Reported by GetHuman924884 on суббота, 28 июля 2018 г., 5:31
My name is Rafae Cassie, and I am inquiring about the possibility of a payment extension for my upcoming payment on 8/23/18. Recently, I had an unforeseen medical issue that required an ambulance ride to the hospital. While I am fine now, the ambulance ride added unexpected expenses, leaving my account short for the upcoming payment. Currently, my bank account does not have sufficient funds for the payment. I am hoping to find out if there is a way to receive a payment extension or a grace period for this installment. Although I adjusted my due date previously, I was informed that this was not considered a payment extension but rather a policy feature for due dates. I have maintained a good payment record and I am reaching out to explore any available assistance in this situation.
Reported by GetHuman-rafae on вторник, 21 августа 2018 г., 19:26
Dear Ameriprise/Progressive Insurance Co., I am writing to address the discrepancy in coverage for the hail and weather damage claim we have submitted for our home. While our roof is fully covered, only half of the siding damage is included in the estimate. Unfortunately, due to aging and weathering since the house was built in [redacted], it's challenging to find an exact match for the siding. Consulting with professionals at Tim O’Brien Homes in Madison confirmed that achieving a seamless match is not feasible. Our concern is to restore our home to its original uniform appearance, as any variation would be prominently visible from the multiple sight lines around our property. We request a full replacement of the siding in the color "Natural Slate" as chosen, to maintain the integrity of our home and its appraisal value. We have observed neighboring homes with similar damage receiving complete siding replacements, and we hope for a similar resolution for our property. Given our long-standing relationship with Progressive/Ameriprise Insurance, covering multiple vehicles and our home since [redacted], we trust that our concerns will be addressed promptly. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, Sarah M. and Randell M. Hanson Policy #: BH[redacted]4
Reported by GetHuman-rmhanson on понедельник, 27 августа 2018 г., 14:41
Dear Customer Service, I am writing to inform you that I canceled my auto policy ([redacted]32) with Progressive about two months ago. Progressive promised to send my bonus check after my policy was terminated. Unfortunately, the check was sent to my old address, and as I have relocated overseas, I am having difficulty updating my address online. I am unable to return to the States at this time, but I would appreciate if you could resend the check to my friend Arman's address at [redacted] E Thompson Road, Indianapolis, IN [redacted], USA. Thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Arlington Winoto
Reported by GetHuman-arliecw on воскресенье, 9 сентября 2018 г., 23:51
My renter's insurance was canceled recently due to a payment issue. I wasn't aware that my bill was pending since I usually pay every 6 months. Surprisingly, I didn't receive any notifications for my renter's insurance like I do for my car insurance. I want to restart my policy and ensure I receive timely reminders for future payments. I never changed the billing frequency from 6 months to quarterly and I would prefer to continue that way. Missing a payment is frustrating for me, and I wish there was an email alert similar to my car insurance. How can I rectify this and set up reminders for my renter's insurance moving forward?
Reported by GetHuman1316598 on четверг, 11 октября 2018 г., 1:33
Policy Number: [redacted] Attached are the requested documents for your policy from 10/14/[redacted] to 04/14/[redacted]. The active drivers are Albert Rivera-Zayas and Kimberly Borges-Otway. You can access your ID cards by downloading the GEICO Mobile app, logging in, and saving them. Your ID cards will update automatically at each renewal for easy access.* Please note, the ID cards only show the Named Insured and Co-Insured, but all active drivers on your policy can use them as proof of insurance. Deleted, excluded, or other insured drivers are not included on the ID cards. Thank you for choosing GEICO. *For information on state acceptance of digital ID cards, visit
Reported by GetHuman-albertri on понедельник, 15 октября 2018 г., 21:52
I have contacted multiple individuals with differing responses, and I am hoping that someone can address my situation and provide assistance. My policy was terminated on October 9th because of a missed payment. The missed payment resulted from a fraudulent activity on my checking account, which led to me forgetting to update my billing information. Unfortunately, I did not receive notifications from Progressive as my email filters out their messages. The discovery of the policy cancellation came as a shock after I was involved in an accident on October 15th. I had not received any legal notices or alerts prior to this. I was advised that the coverage lapse would occur on October 29th if I settled the account. Despite attempting to rectify the situation, I was unable to do so due to the accident. As a long-time loyal customer, I have always recommended Progressive but currently feel let down. I am hopeful that the company, known for its customer service, can assist me during this difficult time.
Reported by GetHuman1354597 on вторник, 16 октября 2018 г., 14:44
Subject: Concerns and Actions Against Progressive Insurance Dear Progressive Insurance Leadership, I have been a loyal customer of Progressive for several years. However, I regret to inform you that I am ending my association with your company due to your affiliation with Fox News. Fox News has been known to promote hate, division, homophobia, racism, antisemitism, and other concerning ideologies. I am currently initiating a boycott within my community in Medina, Washington, which is known to be one of the wealthiest zip codes in the state. I am informing fellow town residents, some of whom are also Progressive customers, about your support of Fox News and the values they propagate. I firmly believe that I can influence at least 10 customers to discontinue their relationship with Progressive. While I value your products and services, my commitment to creating a more inclusive and respectful society takes precedence. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Michael E. P. Medina, WA [redacted] [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman1458886 on среда, 31 октября 2018 г., 16:53
My name is Jonathan M. and my insurance policy number is [redacted]97. I was involved in an accident on May 10, [redacted], which resulted in my vehicle being declared a total loss. My insurance claim number is 17-[redacted]. The representative helping me was supposed to send a check by mail to my home address for the amount owed to me. However, I never received the check despite contacting her twice to resolve the issue. I still haven't received the money owed, and the representative I worked with is no longer with Progressive. It's been a year and a half since the accident, and no one has followed up on my complaints. I prefer not to have the check sent to my home address due to past issues. Could the check please be sent to the nearest Progressive office for me to pick up in person?
Reported by GetHuman-brendabb on четверг, 8 ноября 2018 г., 17:01
We were rear-ended in a hit-and-run incident, and we were planning on repairing our truck under our collision claim [redacted] until the other driver, who is also insured with Progressive, turned themselves in. Their policy number is [redacted]25. Our claim adjuster is rarely available in the office, does not return calls, and mentioned he could not provide the name of the other insured. He assured us he would contact us after the paperwork was processed so the repairs can be billed to the at-fault party. However, we have not received a follow-up call, and our truck is currently in the shop for repairs. We are anxious to confirm that the paperwork has been completed so the at-fault party covers the costs, and we do not have to pay the deductible. Additionally, we require a rental to commute to work but have been unsuccessful in reaching the adjuster. We are feeling extremely frustrated with the management of this claim.
Reported by GetHuman1637399 on вторник, 27 ноября 2018 г., 15:28
Last week, I submitted a quote for my [redacted] Honda CRV. I received an email from the underwriting department asking for proof of my current address. I faxed over my driver's license, two utility bills from different months, and my current homeowner's policy declaration page. I was informed by customer service that the underwriting process would take two days. I am awaiting confirmation of my auto policy approval. If approved, kindly provide me with the policy number. I have an agent, Todd Vann, in Orange Park, FL, who I plan to pay my 6-month premium to. My State Farm policy ends on December 7th. If not approved, I would appreciate an explanation from the underwriting department. Thank you, R. Kral
Reported by GetHuman-bkfe on среда, 5 декабря 2018 г., 3:57
Yesterday, my policy was canceled, and I missed the warning email previously sent. Due to the urgency of resolving this issue before facing fines or license suspension by the DMV in NYC, I need to speak with the branch that canceled my policy, which is closed on weekends. It's unacceptable to face a fine over this, and my only option seems to be starting a new policy if the old one is not reinstated Monday. I refuse to pay for both policies. I am willing to reinstate the policy I've been paying for if possible. A phone call would have been appreciated rather than relying solely on emails. I hope to resolve this efficiently and feel treated fairly. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman1592147 on суббота, 8 декабря 2018 г., 20:40

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