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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Regions Bank customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported May 4, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I issued an online check for a vendor due by April 27th. The vendor informed me on May 3rd that he had not received the check. Surprisingly, upon checking online, I found the check was canceled on May 3rd without any notice from Regions. Currently abroad, this has led to an awkward situation as checks take 10 days to reach the US from Australia. Despite reaching out to the helpdesk at 9 p.m. US time, within the stated hours, it's been challenging to get through as the lines have been busy, including the international line. I've been trying since 6 a.m. Central Time on Friday with no luck. Looking to resolve this matter before the weekend, I'm puzzled by why the check was canceled. The reference number is [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-tukatsha on пятница, 4 мая 2018 г., 11:40
I am currently traveling abroad and encountered an issue with my credit card. I arrived one day earlier at my destination, and the customer service person advised me to call to register my travel plans before using my card overseas. Upon checking into a disappointing hotel in Avignon, I noticed my card was missing the next morning, despite thinking I had secured it safely. I urgently tried to contact my bank but have only limited internet access. Unauthorized charges were made in town, and my attempts to cancel the card were unsuccessful. I urgently need assistance to resolve this situation as it has become quite stressful for me. My name is Virginia L. P., and you can reach me at [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-millhave on суббота, 30 июня 2018 г., 8:11
I am experiencing issues with multiple payments to AT&T and Regions Bank for my monthly bills. When I requested to speak to a Senior Supervisor, they claimed to already be the senior supervisor. However, these companies are facing serious cancellations due to the problems I've encountered. It is frustrating to see the Alabama Board of Directors react to the significant amount of money that will be withdrawn in the next 70 days. This will definitely get their attention. I am tired of banks taking advantage of me. One particular instance with Discovery made it difficult to dispute charges older than 6 months. I had $[redacted] in questionable charges over three years but could only dispute $[redacted]. Although they try to wear you down, I am determined to address these issues. Referring life insurance policies to Regions Bank for 21 years has accumulated significance, and I anticipate a strong reaction from the Alabama headquarters soon.
Reported by GetHuman1132965 on среда, 12 сентября 2018 г., 14:46
I have noticed that my savings account, which has been closed for quite some time, is receiving $10.00 inexplicably. Unfortunately, I am unable to withdraw this amount. This is a recurring issue that I am extremely displeased with, as it is affecting my ability to transfer my payment to my credit card. The only transfer option provided is from my checking account to my savings, which, I must emphasize, has been closed for quite some time. I have been a loyal customer for some time now, but I am contemplating switching to another bank due to this ongoing problem. I would appreciate it if this matter could be resolved promptly.
Reported by GetHuman1136887 on четверг, 13 сентября 2018 г., 8:04
We discovered unauthorized transactions from our bank account on Monday morning, resulting in all our funds being taken. We were away working in Indiana during the time the transactions occurred at a Huntington bank in Columbus, Ohio. Despite reporting this promptly to our bank, the overdraft fees were not halted. They had assured us of an expedited investigation to recover our money by Friday, but to our dismay, that did not happen. The delay in resolving this issue has left us financially strained. Communication from the bank has been lacking, with unfulfilled promises of regular updates. We are frustrated by the prolonged wait for a resolution and the seeming indifference to our predicament. Being falsely accused of providing our PIN further complicates the situation. The experience has been disappointing, and we are considering switching banks due to the distressing ordeal. All we seek is the return of our $[redacted].50 and the cessation of additional fees as soon as possible.
Reported by GetHuman1176136 on пятница, 21 сентября 2018 г., 15:19
I canceled my card using your automatic line due to it being stolen. When I received a new card, I did not update it with the gym as I was canceling my membership with them. Despite this, your bank allowed the gym to charge $[redacted] to my account by providing them with my new card number. I tried calling but have not received a refund. This is fraudulent and unacceptable. I demand my $[redacted] back as this money is crucial for my children's needs. It is concerning that without my permission, you shared my new card details with a previous transaction from months ago. I feel violated and am considering legal action. This breach of privacy and security is inexcusable. It is not your place to facilitate transactions without consent or divulge my information without authorization. I expect a resolution to this matter immediately.
Reported by GetHuman-jtorre on вторник, 2 октября 2018 г., 18:22
Estoy muy frustrada y estresada debido a un robo de identidad perpetrado contra mi hijo después de su fallecimiento. Hace dos años, alguien se hizo pasar por él y vació su cuenta bancaria. A pesar de proporcionar toda la información posible, incluyendo contratar un abogado, no han tomado medidas contra el responsable. Esta situación ha sido angustiante y emocionalmente agotadora. Siento impotencia al ver la inacción de las autoridades ante el robo que sufrió mi hijo. Estoy considerando que el banco no ha respondido porque saben que tendrían que asumir la responsabilidad. Aunque nadie ha contactado para investigar, estoy en proceso de ser entrevistada por un medio de comunicación, lo que espero impulse a que actúen. No recomendaría este banco en absoluto.
Reported by GetHuman-triamoo on понедельник, 29 октября 2018 г., 16:35
I received a notification in the morning that my account was overdrawn by $[redacted]. After reviewing my account, I noticed that I had already incurred overdraft fees without receiving prior notification. This lack of communication prevented me from depositing the necessary funds into my account. When I called customer service, I spoke with representative Demitria. While explaining the situation, Demitria informed me that Regions does not offer a "grace period" for deposits, and overdraft fees are applied automatically. Despite trying to discuss what I was told when opening the account, I was repeatedly interrupted. Moreover, Demitria was condescending and ignored my request to clarify her statements. I am deeply disappointed by the unprofessionalism and disrespect shown by this representative. The name-calling and disregard for customer concerns are unacceptable. I would like to escalate this matter and file a complaint against Demitria. Thank you and have a great day.
Reported by GetHuman-candymen on среда, 21 ноября 2018 г., 13:48
My mother is struggling to use her credit card for essential purchases, despite having available credit. As the recipient of the items she is trying to buy, the declined transactions are causing us both inconvenience at different times. I need her assistance to complete these transactions before we embark on a long drive together. Fuel costs money, and we are unable to proceed if the card continues to be declined. Although we have confirmed with customer service that this is not a fraud issue, the problem persists. Please identify and resolve this issue promptly. This situation is particularly challenging as it is our first holiday season without my late father, adding to the stress. If this problem is not resolved, I will have to consider taking my business elsewhere. I have a significant following on social media, which could influence others' perceptions of your institution. Let's address this matter promptly to avoid negative outcomes for both parties.
Reported by GetHuman1819439 on воскресенье, 23 декабря 2018 г., 19:20
All packages from the Local Post Office are arriving unauthorized and unwanted, blocking my mailbox and being left outside. Despite leaving notes in the mailbox and on the door, there has been no response. A letter from the US Postal Inspection Service Criminal Investigations Service Center dated 2/7/19 instructed me to request the letter at [redacted] Due to disability affecting my hands, I can only communicate via email. If necessary, someone could come here. I am considering giving up on Regions, with the FDIC intervening if required. I believe these practices are unfair and potentially fraudulent. Deception and lies are unacceptable. I plan to surrender all documents and pictures to the FDIC, as this situation is too stressful for me. 😢
Reported by GetHuman-pmckown on понедельник, 18 марта 2019 г., 20:26
Hello, I'm Rafael Asbeuri. I recently encountered a concerning issue with my accounts in Branson, MO [redacted]. I had two accounts, one for receiving my paycheck and the other for various payments. I added the mother of my children, Ximena Mejia Salvador, to the secondary account for convenience. Unfortunately, she wrongfully accessed and withdrew my entire paycheck of approximately $[redacted], which she was not supposed to. I am now in another country and seeking reimbursement for the stolen funds. You can reach me at my international phone number [redacted][redacted] or via email at [redacted] Thank you for your help.
Reported by GetHuman-asbeuri on среда, 3 апреля 2019 г., 7:08
I am writing this email regarding a recent experience with your company. My mother recently passed away, and she had multiple accounts at your bank where my brother and I were listed as pods. Uncertain of the process, I reached out to your Commercial Way branch in Springhill, FL. I had the privilege of working with Stacy Demarco who was empathetic, prompt, and courteous. When my brother and I visited the branch, we were assisted by Traci Warncke, who was also compassionate. I later learned she was instrumental in preparing the necessary documents. Traci conducted herself professionally, showing compassion and genuine care. We also interacted with another unnamed staff member who was equally courteous and helpful. My brother and I appreciate your bank's support during this challenging time. We also received assistance from another staff member in your Hudson branch regarding a checking account with power of attorney. It is evident that you have a well-trained and caring team that you should be proud of.
Reported by GetHuman-tcsjohns on воскресенье, 7 апреля 2019 г., 12:37
I am seeking assistance with my deceased brother's mortgage. I believe my name is on the original title. Despite numerous attempts to contact Regions Bank, I have been unsuccessful. I live abroad, making communication challenging. I have emailed Regions Bank without a response. Could someone provide me with a direct contact phone number for the Brentwood branch in St. Louis, Missouri, where the mortgage was initiated? Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman2711097 on вторник, 9 апреля 2019 г., 19:02
I made a purchase at Wawa last Tuesday. The next day, when I tried logging into the mobile app, it indicated that I was locked out. Upon investigating, I discovered an unauthorized deposit of $[redacted] into my account. I did not make this deposit, and it seems like someone used my card information to compromise my account. Additionally, on Thursday and Friday, I noticed two Stripe deposits of $71.25 each, which I couldn't access due to the account breach. After contacting Stripe, I changed my payment account to another bank. However, Regions Bank retained both payments totaling $97.18. Stripe informed me that, by law, the $97.18 should be refunded to me, and the two $71.25 payments need to be returned to them for redirecting to my new payment account. This is a situation I have never encountered before, and I urgently need a resolution. Stripe mentioned that holding my money without authorization constitutes a crime, so I am counting on a prompt resolution from you.
Reported by GetHuman-leighmee on пятница, 17 мая 2019 г., 16:56
Today, on Thursday, May 30, [redacted], around 1:15 p.m., I visited the Fox Meadows Branch located at [redacted] South Mendenhall Road in Memphis, TN, near Winchester Road. During my visit, I deposited money into one of my accounts. The teller who assisted me was Marquise, and he provided excellent service. However, I have some concerns regarding my CD and online banking that I would like to discuss with someone. After sharing my concerns with Marquise, he directed me to speak with an associate at the next window. While waiting, another associate, who seemed new, required assistance, delaying my turn. Later, when the associate was available to help me, another customer approached him before me, even though I was waiting. This interaction lasted about three minutes, which led me to feel disregarded and frustrated. As he didn't have a visible name tag, I am unable to provide his name. I contacted customer service and obtained Reference Ticket number [redacted] [redacted] regarding this incident. I simply hope for improved customer service, emphasizing the importance of timely assistance for all customers and the necessity for employees to wear name tags for proper identification.
Reported by GetHuman3006507 on четверг, 30 мая 2019 г., 21:18
On 7/5/19, I encountered issues with my Visa debit card despite having funds in my account. I called the customer service number on the back of my card and after several attempts of entering my information with no luck, I was informed my card was locked and was transferred to the fraud department. Unfortunately, after a long 27-minute call, it was disconnected. This happened twice more, making it frustrating to reach a resolution. The process took over an hour and a half, causing significant inconvenience, especially with a handicapped child and a 3-month-old. I urgently need my debit card unlocked.
Reported by GetHuman3199901 on пятница, 5 июля 2019 г., 18:24
Today, I visited three bank branches in search of a new debit card, encountering various obstacles along the way. The first bank teller I encountered seemed somewhat unwelcoming, making me wait before assisting me with a new card. Despite receiving the replacement, I faced issues using it at a grocery store due to an incorrect PIN. Following a frustrating phone call with Regions, where the representative was unhelpful and questioned my account of events, I found myself relying on Samsung Pay to make purchases. Overall, my experience left me feeling dissatisfied with the service provided by the bank employees, prompting me to consider exploring other banking options. I am hopeful that Regions can promptly send me a functioning card to restore my confidence in their services.
Reported by GetHuman-mikewhet on вторник, 16 июля 2019 г., 21:21
I encountered an issue while setting up my Zelle account. After entering my email, I did not receive the 6-digit verification code despite multiple attempts to resend it. I sought help from a fraud department representative who advised contacting "online banking customer service" to have my resend requests reset. However, I remain uncertain if this will resolve the underlying problem since I never received the emails (not even in my spam folder). Although the fraud department confirmed that the code emails were sent, I never received them. While I managed to verify my phone number, I need my email address specifically for Zelle, as it is the preferred method for my university to send me money through the service.
Reported by GetHuman-anawalla on вторник, 30 июля 2019 г., 22:20
I have been a loyal customer of Regions Bank for 40 years. Recently, my wife passed away, and I am experiencing issues with automatic payments being processed by both Regions Bank and my local bank in Arizona. I am reaching out to request assistance in resolving this matter. I believe providing a copy of the death certificate will allow me, as the primary account holder, to address these automatic payments properly. I kindly ask for the name and contact information of a specific person who can assist me with this request. Having a designated point of contact will streamline the process for me. Ultimately, I need to halt the automatic payments initiated by Regions Bank. Living in Arizona, I am unable to visit a Regions Bank branch in person. Any help in resolving this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Best regards, Ronnie
Reported by GetHuman-srodder on среда, 21 августа 2019 г., 15:42
When I attempted a withdrawal that exceeded my daily limit, my card got blocked without any verification call. The Fraud Monitoring department asked me to visit the branch for verification, but I am overseas and unable to do so. They suggested contacting the specific branch where I opened my card, in this case, the Pier Park branch in Panama City Beach, FL. However, my calls to the branch at [redacted] are going unanswered. I urgently need my card unblocked.
Reported by GetHuman-zaidama on среда, 28 августа 2019 г., 14:51

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