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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Rogers Wireless customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 1, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I recently updated my iPhone as part of a contract renewal. I visited the Apple store first, but due to an issue with Rogers, they couldn't provide me with the phone. After contacting Rogers, I was directed to their store at the mall. Unfortunately, I was informed I couldn't get the phone there and had to call Rogers again once home. After several hours of phone calls, it was arranged for the phone to be delivered by mail, and I received it the next day. To activate the phone's SIM card, I was instructed to call 1-[redacted], but the answering machine directed me to their website. On the website, I found another phone number that didn't have an answering service or response when called.
Reported by GetHuman738167 on venerdì 1 giugno 2018 13:42
Yesterday evening, my cell phone lost signal bars temporarily and now shows no bars at all today. It's an older phone that was intended for emergencies but I've started using it more frequently recently. I'm interested in Bell's $25/month plan with 90 minutes of talk time in Ontario and [redacted] texts. I'd like details on the minimum plan, options for upgrading, and associated costs. Additionally, I'm curious about the free phones available with plan sign-ups. Please contact me at [redacted]. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-mellorw on giovedì 28 giugno 2018 10:57
Due to my daughter's intellectual disability, there is a note on her account stating that she should not be sold anything. Despite reporting a stolen phone promptly and seeking help, instead of waiving charges as required by law, the company sold her four new devices. The current and past billing practices seem abusive as her services are supposed to be cut off after a $50 overcharge, yet she has been billed thousands. I am scrutinizing her bills and plotting my next steps to protect her and bring attention to this unfair treatment by your company. My plan is to inform the CRTC of the broken promises and mistreatment by your staff. I want to reiterate that there was a note on her account prohibiting any sales due to her disability. I await your response. - V. O’Neill
Reported by GetHuman-vvnoneil on martedì 23 ottobre 2018 23:43
Recently, I've been repeatedly contacted by [redacted] on my Rogers wireless number [redacted]. Even during my travels in Hawaii with a 6-hour time difference, these calls persist, usually leaving voicemails instructing me to contact them for urgent matters related to my Rogers Wireless account. When I return the call, it only confirms my recent payment and the next due date before promptly ending the call. Despite reaching out to Rogers, their billing and payment department denied all involvement and were unhelpful. If this issue persists, I may have to consider switching to a different wireless provider to resolve this ongoing inconvenience.
Reported by GetHuman1496769 on lunedì 5 novembre 2018 02:11
I am trying to sort out the phone account of my deceased mother, Doro. She no longer uses the Doro flip phone, and I am taking over. Despite paying a bill in advance, there was an issue at the store when a line was mistakenly deleted. I have faced difficulties with the account, as my mother's canceled line keeps appearing on the bill. Her name was incorrect, which was eventually corrected after her passing. I have been requesting to have my name, Patricia Stevens, associated with my two active lines instead of hers. The process has been frustrating, involving numerous calls, texts, and chats to rectify the situation. I made sure all outstanding payments were settled and have receipts. I feel unsettled by the confusion surrounding the account and hope that my mother was not contacted for any credit card details. I was previously assured by Rogers that my SIN number and birth certificate were sufficient for these changes. My mother's line is canceled, and I have paid all dues up to date. There seems to be billing confusion, and I plan to address it in person at my bank. The experience has made me cautious about trusting service providers in the future.
Reported by GetHuman2029118 on giovedì 24 gennaio 2019 11:54
I am seeking assistance regarding a text message I received on my Rogers pay-as-you-go phone, which was unclear. Upon following the instructions to stop a texting service, I was informed that I would be unable to text within 10 business days, which was not my intention. Moreover, I have been charged over $40 for texts that I did not send or receive. I am looking to understand these charges and resolve the texting limitation promptly. Given the complexity of this issue, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to communicate with a live customer service representative.
Reported by GetHuman-yoohooho on sabato 9 marzo 2019 22:12
I signed up with Rogers years ago with the understanding of receiving a free phone upgrade every two years. However, when I recently tried to obtain one, I was denied citing new regulations. Contacting them by phone is nearly impossible with long wait times exceeding one hour. Even the call back feature failed. Visiting the Coquitlam Center Mall store, I waited 35 minutes without assistance and had to return days later for help. Despite being charged for setup and returning the phone promptly, I was billed for the whole month. I have decided not to pay the setup fee and have terminated my account with Rogers.
Reported by GetHuman3164085 on venerdì 28 giugno 2019 20:00
Upon landing in the Masai Mara, I attempted to send a quick WhatsApp message and was shocked to receive multiple text messages about reaching a $[redacted] roaming limit instantaneously. I called customer service and encountered an extremely rude agent who insisted I pay. I adamantly refused, citing that I had only sent one message. The reference number for this unpleasant interaction is I [redacted]04. This charge must be reversed, and as a 20-year customer (previously under my father's plan, Abbas B.), I expect better customer service in resolving this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-sbordian on domenica 25 agosto 2019 16:56
I am experiencing issues with my phone currently, but my main concern at the moment is paying my bill by the due date. Unfortunately, I am unable to go to the bank to make the payment. I am hoping someone will come to fix the technical problem, so I must stay at home and wait. I would like to make the payment using my VISA card number: 4[redacted] 2[redacted], expiry date 08/23, security code [redacted]. Please send me a confirmation email once the payment is processed. You can reach me at [redacted] Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman3837811 on domenica 27 ottobre 2019 17:04
I recently signed up for a phone plan with Rogers in Canada for $25 a month. However, I was unaware that most of my friends have plans based in the US, leading to international charges every time they contacted me. Unexpectedly, I received a bill for $[redacted], which I find unfair. Though Rogers reduced it to $[redacted], I still can't afford that amount and feel it exceeds what I budgeted. I'm eager to resolve this issue beyond speaking with a call center representative. I kindly request to escalate this matter to a manager or someone who can assist me further. I'm open to finding a mutually beneficial solution with Rogers, but if not, I may seek assistance from the CCTS. While I take responsibility for my oversight, I'm anxious about managing rent and food expenses after paying this unexpected bill. I appreciate your attention to my situation.
Reported by GetHuman-samaroni on martedì 29 ottobre 2019 06:41
Subject: Concern Regarding Transition to Digital Bills I am disappointed with Rogers' decision to go paperless as there have been past service errors. This change inconveniences me as a senior who still relies on paper records due to the errors encountered with digital services. The shift to online bills will require extra effort on my part as I prefer reviewing physical files, particularly for interactions with Rogers staff and managing service and billing issues. Additionally, I am now solely responsible for handling the bills without the ability to share them with my spouse. If there are no other options available, please unsubscribe me from all electronic communications with Rogers. I also received irrelevant emails, like the recent UFC event notification, which I do not appreciate and would like to stop receiving. I urge you to address these concerns promptly to ensure customer satisfaction. Thank you, Chuck Pattillo
Reported by GetHuman-pattillo on venerdì 1 novembre 2019 17:49
Hello, my name is Mathias Petersen, and my phone number is [redacted]. I am currently in Thailand and urgently need assistance with unlocking my phone. Despite multiple attempts over the past week, the unlock codes provided have not worked, and I was told a message was sent to the manufacturer. However, I have not received any communication from them in 4 days. Someone called on my behalf 36 hours ago, and they mentioned sending an email to prioritize the request, but I have yet to receive any updates. I was initially informed that it would take 24 hours for the manufacturer to respond after the initial contact. Could you please verify if the emails are being sent to the correct address I have on file, which is [redacted]? It is crucial for me to have cell service, so I would appreciate a follow-up on this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman3897476 on giovedì 7 novembre 2019 01:11
Hello Customer Service, I am Logan Pearce, and my cell phone number is [redacted]. I recharged my phone on January 30, [redacted], with well over $[redacted]. However, when I tried to make a call today, I was informed of insufficient funds. I am seeking clarification on what happened to the credit on my phone. I would appreciate a clear explanation regarding this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-logan_pe on giovedì 5 marzo 2020 23:43
I am seeking a refund for an undelivered SIM card purchase. I spoke with Buyers Remorse and was advised to contact Live Chat. During my chat, I explained that I cannot go out to pick up the card and requested a refund due to the delay. The agent mentioned a 15-day buyer's remorse policy, suggesting I add a family member to retrieve the SIM. I clarified it was for my granddaughter and that I have already purchased a SIM from another provider. I insisted on a refund to my VISA account. The agent explained the policy constraints and recommended calling the buyers remorse department at 1-[redacted] for further assistance. I appreciate the guidance provided during the chat session. Thank you. - BM
Reported by GetHuman4829604 on sabato 16 maggio 2020 19:56
Rogers is offering two months of free service and a 10% monthly discount to frontline healthcare workers from selected hospitals. The participating hospitals include University Health Network, Unity Health Toronto (St. Michael’s Hospital, St. Joseph’s Queensway, and Providence Health), Sinai Health Systems, Trillium Health Partners, Toronto East Health Network (North York General Hospital and Michael Garron Hospital), and The Ottawa Hospital. As a frontline healthcare worker and Rogers customer, I am inquiring why Women's College Hospital was not included in this offer. Women's College Hospital is actively involved in COVID-19 relief efforts with services like the COVID-19 Assessment Centre, COVIDCare@Home, and COVID-19 Mobile Assessment Unit. I believe it would be beneficial if Women's College Hospital could be considered for inclusion in this special offer.
Reported by GetHuman4971744 on venerdì 19 giugno 2020 15:36
Rogers has been offering 2 months of free service to frontline healthcare workers as well as a 10% monthly discount. This offer was initially available to specific hospitals such as University Health Network, Unity Health Toronto, Sinai Health Systems, Trillium Health Partners, Toronto East Health Network, and The Ottawa Hospital. The customer from Women's College Hospital is inquiring if their hospital could be included in this list, as they are actively involved in fighting against COVID-19 by running various services. They are hoping that Women's College Hospital will be considered for the special offer from Rogers.
Reported by GetHuman4971744 on venerdì 19 giugno 2020 15:44
I have been a customer of Rogers for over thirty years. Around June 15th, I switched from Bell internet to Rogers Ignite Internet as part of a program incentive with my condo corporation. I have two email accounts on Thunderbird: [redacted] and [redacted], the latter being a Gmail account. Despite extensive time spent with Rogers tech support to set up my Gigabit Wi-Fi Modem and [redacted] email, I am unable to set up [redacted] on Thunderbird successfully. Unfortunately, I lack the technical knowledge to adjust the server settings on Thunderbird. I have been advised that a Rogers technician familiar with Thunderbird could remotely access my computer and adjust the necessary server settings for both incoming and outgoing mail to resolve this issue. Rogers has apparently provided this assistance to others in similar situations before.
Reported by GetHuman5024193 on venerdì 3 luglio 2020 02:31
I am anticipating the arrival of funds in the next few days. I had arranged a payment plan with your company previously but unfortunately, I was unable to meet that commitment. The bills have been a bit overwhelming lately. I have always been responsible with my payments and I fully intend to fulfill my obligations. While I am running behind and cannot settle the full amount at once, I plan to make a significant payment on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you for understanding.
Reported by GetHuman-cgodz on sabato 12 dicembre 2020 21:30
I've been attempting to transfer my number from Rogers to Virgin for a week now. The issue seems to be on Roger's side. I require the port to be approved and my number released. Once I received the Virgin sim, I replaced my existing Rogers sim in my phone. Due to this, I had to verbally authorize the port with Rogers over the phone. Unfortunately, I was redirected to Rogers three times during calls with Virgin agents. After connecting both call centers, it was determined that Rogers needed to fix the problem. An agent provided me with a Bell phone number instead of the Rogers "Port fallout" contact that was needed. I'm currently back on hold for an hour, seeking assistance. If this isn't resolved with the next agent, I will have to escalate the issue to the Ombudsman.
Reported by GetHuman-ivydavi on domenica 31 ottobre 2021 16:45
Hello, three days ago, we spoke with a representative from this department who promised to call us back after we were disconnected. However, we haven't received any follow-up. We've been using an AT&T USA phone number since January 23 by switching our phones using an electronic SIM card. Despite informing Rogers twice that we do not want to incur roaming charges as we are out of the country, the charges still appear on our bill from January 23 onwards. We would appreciate it if these charges are removed. Furthermore, we wish to temporarily suspend our contracts with the numbers [redacted] & [redacted] until April 20th, for which we would like them reactivated. We kindly request a confirmation call to our overseas number or an email to Kim@[redacted]. We are removing the SIM cards from our phones today. Please contact us at 1-[redacted] or via email. Thank you, Kim Mara and Dave Sayle
Reported by GetHuman7075038 on domenica 30 gennaio 2022 20:45

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