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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Sears customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported December 28, 2015 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
We received a $[redacted] credit since the repairman couldn't fix our washer. Today, when we bought a new washer, the salesman mentioned that the purchase doesn't qualify for the 15% discount because the $[redacted] credit brought the price below the $[redacted] minimum required to be eligible for the promotion. I don't understand why the credit we received would make the $[redacted] washer not qualify for the discount.
Reported by GetHuman-office1 on सोमवार, २८ दिसम्बर २०१५, रात २:३० बजे
I have encountered three issues with my recent purchases. Firstly, the refrigerator I received was incomplete with the missing bottom part needed for the grill. Secondly, I ordered a stove and requested a conversion kit, but the wrong one was sent. To my surprise, the conversion kit was actually inside the stove all along. Lastly, I have decided to keep the stove despite noticing a defect where the part between the black and stainless steel screen is lower on one side. I would appreciate a discount for this imperfection. My name is Joanne C., and these matters can be verified in my recent order history.
Reported by GetHuman-chrissm on बुधवार, ३० दिसम्बर २०१५, दोपहर १२:०३ बजे
I own a Kenmore Series [redacted] washer that consistently tangles clothes during the wash cycle. In December [redacted], technician Glenn Robbins advised me to start the cycle on rinse and spin to add weight to the clothes, then switch to heavy duty due to the machine not filling with enough water. After recalibration and no further issues found by Robbins, we continue to experience the same problem. Scheduled repair services on multiple dates have all been canceled by the technician. I have spoken with Luke Mix, the Owner of our local Sears, and he is informed about the ongoing situation. What steps should I take next?
Reported by GetHuman-pcogbur on शनिवार, २ जनवरी २०१६, दोपहर ४:३४ बजे
I am writing to address the breach of the extended warranty on my Samsung TV. Following numerous attempts to resolve this matter with Sears, I was promised a reimbursement of $[redacted].00, which has not been received as of yet. After an authorized technician confirmed the irreparable state of my TV, I have been advised to contact you to request a replacement TV of equivalent value. I am now formally requesting the replacement as advised by Benoit Gamache. If my request is not fulfilled within 10 days, I will proceed with legal action through small claims court. Thank you, Donald M. from Longueuil, Quebec.
Reported by GetHuman-ddmassic on शुक्रवार, १५ जनवरी २०१६, दोपहर १२:३८ बजे
I've been having trouble with my new snowblower attachment for my YT4000 tractor. It keeps losing the main auger belt during snow storms, making clearing my driveway a frustrating experience. I've tried lifting the blades, adjusting the throttle, and slowly pushing through the snow, but the belt still comes off. After years of not having a snowblower, I was excited to clear my driveway myself, but this issue is making it difficult. What can I do to fix this problem? -Bob
Reported by GetHuman-bobmozer on रविवार, ७ फ़रवरी २०१६, दोपहर १२:२८ बजे
Hello, I am looking to buy the Whirlpool Refrigerator - Model # WRT311FZDM. I noticed that Sears is selling it for $[redacted].89, but I found it cheaper in other stores (almost $50 less). Would you consider price matching? Additionally, I plan to buy a washer and dryer. Is there a discount available if I purchase all three items together? Thank you, Bhavik
Reported by GetHuman-jigisha on गुरूवार, २५ फ़रवरी २०१६, रात २:२४ बजे
I am Aaron Dolin from the JCC, introducing the School’s Out program focusing on healthy eating and exercise for children aged 4-11. We provide transportation services, picking kids up at home and dropping them off at parents' workplaces after a day full of fun and health activities. The program is customizable for each company’s needs, including fitness activities for older children. We offer healthy cooking sessions and engaging gym games to promote a healthy lifestyle. For example, Cauliflower pizza making is a fun and healthy cooking activity. The benefits for companies include allowing employees to work while their children are taken care of during school breaks. The program fee is $50 per child, with prices subject to change based on enrollment, requiring a minimum of 15 kids to operate. For inquiries, please contact me via email at [redacted] or by phone at 1[redacted]. Thank you for considering our program. Best regards, Aaron Dolin
Reported by GetHuman-dolina on शुक्रवार, २६ फ़रवरी २०१६, दोपहर ४:३० बजे
Hello, I am Douglas J. Napoli. I have a DSS case that requires me to do 20 job searches. Failing to comply may result in losing my case and facing homelessness. I am a full-time student at SUNY Ulster and battle Asperger's, Anxiety, and OCD. Please assist me in avoiding homelessness by contacting me via email with job opportunities or any interest in hiring me. Thank you, Douglas J. Napoli.
Reported by GetHuman-napolid on मंगलवार, ८ मार्च २०१६, शाम ७:०९ बजे
My sister got a frozen outfit for my daughter's birthday from the Greensburg, PA store. When I went to put it on her, I noticed a 1-inch tear in one pant leg. I returned it to the store, and the sales associate informed me that the only solution was to refund the price in the system, offering $... I was taken aback by the amount since the outfit cost $30. I declined the offer and decided to repair the pants or buy new ones elsewhere. I know I didn't have the receipt, but shouldn't a company be willing to address a damaged product?
Reported by GetHuman-hollz on रविवार, १३ मार्च २०१६, सुबह ५:३२ बजे
On March 22, [redacted], I bought a refrigerator from Seats Outlet in San Leandro, CA. Along with the appliance, I paid for delivery, installation, and removal of the old refrigerator. The delivery was set for March 25, [redacted]. Unfortunately, the delivery did not happen, and I received no notification about the cancellation or a new delivery date from Sears Outlet or the delivery company. After multiple calls to the store, a new delivery date was arranged for March 31, [redacted]. Once again, no one showed up. I have been unable to reach the store as no one answers the phone. When contacting various Sears phone numbers, I get directed to other numbers and encounter unhelpful responses. I am left without a refrigerator and $[redacted].09 out of pocket. I possess all the receipts and necessary information.
Reported by GetHuman-zennd on बुधवार, ६ अप्रैल २०१६, दोपहर १२:१२ बजे
I purchased a Kenmore dishwasher in November [redacted] with a 3-year warranty. In June [redacted], the unit started leaking, and the technician initially thought it was due to the dishwasher not being level. The leaking continued, and in August [redacted], the same technician replaced an internal valve, which appeared to have fixed the issue. Unfortunately, the leaking caused significant damage to my wood floor. I was referred to Sedgewick to submit a claim, but the process has been frustrating. It took months for them to relay the information to Whirlpool, who denied liability despite the technician's report confirming the valve leak. They even tried to blame the installer. Dealing with multiple parties, including Sears, has been arduous. Nine months have passed, and Sedgewick or Sears have not provided an update on the situation. I may contact Sears customer service for further assistance or try reaching out to the CEO, Eddie Lambert.
Reported by GetHuman-bradath on मंगलवार, १२ अप्रैल २०१६, शाम ७:०५ बजे
I had a frustrating experience attempting to order from Sears online. When trying to change the color of an item in my cart, the process was not user-friendly. During checkout, after multiple attempts to receive a password via email, I called for assistance. The representative, Mae, had difficulty communicating clearly in English. After a lengthy call, I finally ordered two pairs of pants, meticulously spelling out my information. Unfortunately, I was informed my credit card was declined, with no clear resolution as all supervisors were unavailable. Despite requesting a callback, no one followed up. Such experiences make it understandable why businesses struggle. Laurel H. [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman627477 on बुधवार, २५ अप्रैल २०१८, दोपहर १:३३ बजे
I am extremely disappointed with the service I received from Sears. I ordered a refrigerator from, and upon delivery today, April 25, [redacted], I discovered it was significantly damaged with scratches and a large dent on the front. Despite the delivery person's attempts to resolve the issue, it was not successful. After spending over two hours on the phone seeking a resolution and speaking to multiple people, including a supervisor, I encountered language barriers and lack of cooperation. Eventually, after a long and frustrating negotiation, I reluctantly accepted a credit. I demanded a replacement but was informed I could only receive store points, which I found unsatisfactory. The lack of quality control prior to delivery is concerning, and the overall customer service experience was unacceptable. I am considering escalating this matter to the BBB if appropriate compensation is not provided. The refusal of the last representative to provide their name or ID added to my frustration. I expect Sears to address this issue promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-rockndj on बुधवार, २५ अप्रैल २०१८, रात ११:१७ बजे
I purchased a metal hardtop gazebo from Sears online. Unfortunately, I am missing a roof panel. I have been trying to contact the company for a month using the phone number provided in the manual. Each time, they promise to have the manufacturer reach out to me, but nothing has happened. After providing additional information via email, I received no further communication. Despite contacting Sears' complaint department, I was informed they could not assist with the issue. Having been a loyal Sears customer, I am disappointed with the lack of resolution. I also experienced issues with a separate gazebo order and payment on my Sears credit card in the past. It has been frustrating dealing with this situation, especially given the significant amount I paid for the gazebo. I simply need the missing part to complete the assembly. Your help in resolving this matter is appreciated. Thank you, Donald M.
Reported by GetHuman-dmannjr on शुक्रवार, २७ अप्रैल २०१८, रात ३:३२ बजे
I contacted Sears for a Kenmore washer service, and the technician recommended replacing the washer and dryer. I ordered the items on February 2 for delivery on February 6. However, Sears online canceled the delivery, rescheduled for March 6, and then canceled the delivery twice more without providing a valid reason. The delivery on March 10 was incomplete as the necessary stacking and conversion kits were missing. I had to order these separately from the store. When the appliances were finally ready for installation on April 17, the delivery team realized the dryer was gas, not electric, preventing installation. Customer solutions refused to accept a return or exchange due to the 30-day purchase policy. As a result, the appliances are stuck in the kitchen causing inconvenience and safety hazards. This situation is extremely frustrating and needs to be resolved promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-annavarg on शुक्रवार, २७ अप्रैल २०१८, दोपहर ३:४१ बजे
On April 18, [redacted], a UGI service representative inspected my A.C. unit to prepare it for summer. He found a refrigerant leak, soaked insulation, and a repair cost exceeding $[redacted]. When I called customer service, they stated my 5-year master protection agreement had expired. However, I disagreed because last April [redacted], a Sears technician added refrigerant without investigating the low fluid levels. Again, in October [redacted], no action was taken to address the problem during a furnace inspection. Both visits were within the contract period, yet customer service was unhelpful, transferring me over 15 times. The manager, David, said it wasn't the technician's responsibility to find leaks, raising concerns about the $1,[redacted] paid for the service agreement. I've spent over 5 frustrating hours on the phone. The issue could be resolved promptly by fixing the leak by Monday, April 30, [redacted], or by a refund for the unfulfilled agreement.
Reported by GetHuman-glmoyer on शुक्रवार, २७ अप्रैल २०१८, शाम ५:५२ बजे
I purchased a Kenmore Refrigerator online, and despite measuring it correctly, the wrong dimensions were sent to me. The delivery driver confirmed the error, and the fridge was not accepted, leading Sears to cancel the order on March 11, [redacted]. However, my refund of about $[redacted] has not been fully processed, with only approximately $11 refunded so far. I have had to rely on others for food and ice due to the incorrect fridge, incurring additional expenses. The case number assigned to me is [redacted]. If this issue is not resolved promptly, I may seek legal advice, including involving the Attorney General's Office.
Reported by GetHuman-lhealth on सोमवार, ३० अप्रैल २०१८, रात ११:४२ बजे
I bought Hancook Roadhandler tires on 5/17/14 with a 100K warranty and "road hazard warranty plus." After discovering two splits on one tire's front sidewall, the store manager, Josh Smith, assessed 6/32 of the tire and suggested a $60.44 tread adjustment for a similar tire due to the road hazard. He explained that the road hazard warranty had expired in their system, despite my invoice showing 15 days left. I am now seeking help to receive the benefits I am entitled to as stated in my original paperwork, which should cover a free replacement for the damaged tire. My account number is [redacted]. Please reach out to me at [redacted] or [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-rdhcpa on बुधवार, २ मई २०१८, रात ११:०४ बजे
I am disappointed in the service I received from Sears recently. On 05-06-18, I made a purchase at Sears, picking up a coffee maker from East Town Mall in Knoxville, TN quickly, but faced issues with picking up a cordless vacuum at West Town Mall. The employees were not responsive, and after multiple attempts, we found out they had the display model but refused to sell it. As a disabled person dependent on oxygen, the ordeal of waiting in the heat and inefficient service was challenging. I don't want my order cancelled as I selected West Town Mall for pick up and expect Sears to deliver the vacuum to my home address given the inconvenience. I hope for a prompt and positive resolution. Thank you. - Garry Fischer, [redacted] Kennedy Road, Knoxville, TN [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman663601 on सोमवार, ७ मई २०१८, शाम ५:०३ बजे
In December [redacted], I purchased a Kenmore coffee maker online as a gift for my wife. After about 35 or 40 days of use, the buttons on the coffee maker started malfunctioning, leaving only the on/off button functional. Despite having a product protection plan, Sears was not helpful when I contacted their customer service. They directed me to the local store, which declined to take back the coffee maker due to the missing box. When I called the purchase protection plan number, I had difficulty understanding a representative with a heavy accent, who ended the call abruptly. This experience was disappointing, especially since I have a background in customer service in my previous role. The sales check number is [redacted]48, order number [redacted]04, and the item is a 12-cup Programmable Aroma Control Coffee Maker with item number [redacted]. My name is Robert Whiting, and I can be reached at [redacted] I am requesting a gift card for $44.39, the amount I paid for the coffee maker.
Reported by GetHuman664600 on सोमवार, ७ मई २०१८, रात ९:२२ बजे

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