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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Soundcloud customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported February 25, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I uploaded a track privately containing a copyrighted sample for personal reference in my creative process. I mistakenly re-uploaded it after thinking the first attempt failed, resulting in two copyright strikes and potential account deletion. I must reach out to Soundcloud urgently to address this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-itsyaboy on Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2016 03:49
For the last month, my follower and following counts have been frozen. I have a subscription and rely on this platform for my music career. The inaccurate stats are causing me to lose followers, affecting my branding. I attempted to unfollow everyone in an attempt to reset it, but the numbers only increased. I am contemplating taking down my SoundCloud until this issue is resolved. Kindly advise on what steps I should take.
Reported by GetHuman-adamfal on Montag, 7. März 2016 17:49
I have two SoundCloud accounts: 1) 4316jubilee. 2) user[redacted]2. I signed up both accounts for Go-Pro for about £70 per year each, totaling £[redacted] annually. I removed Go-Pro from the first account (4316jubilee) but kept it on the second account (user[redacted]2). Recently, I encountered an issue when trying to upload a track onto user[redacted]2; it stated I no longer had Go-Pro. This is frustrating as I've invested in having Go-Pro on my SoundCloud page. My clients are unable to access my latest track due to this problem. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, P. Wilson.
Reported by GetHuman672774 on Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2018 16:52
After using SoundCloud for years, I've noticed that the same songs are played repeatedly, and my followers and locations seem stagnant. It seems like the visitors to my page may not be genuine, potentially stemming from an automated system. Despite reaching [redacted],[redacted] visitors, I'm starting to lose interest. SoundCloud's ads promoting real listeners are making me question our partnership. As a small contributor, every user counts for SoundCloud. The sincerity and authenticity of the platform are what I'm pondering now. Regards.
Reported by GetHuman-jmesaso on Freitag, 11. Mai 2018 08:37
Hello, I have previously reached out regarding this matter without success. I am requesting a refund for my SoundCloud Pro account. I upgraded on April 29th with a 30-day money back guarantee. Despite cancelling the Pro subscription on May 25th, I was recently billed £10 (£5 for the first month and another £5). It seems the cancellation did not take effect. After receiving a confirmation that the subscription was cancelled, I am confused as to why I was charged. I kindly request a refund of £10 to the account associated with [redacted] Thank you for your attention to this matter. I anticipate your prompt response. Best regards, Kalan
Reported by GetHuman-kscoupa on Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2018 23:37
I've just signed up for your Go+ 30-day free trial, and as a new user, I need help with two things: 1. How can I save downloads to my SD card instead of my device's internal storage? 2. Is there a way to download using my mobile data instead of requiring Wi-Fi? I would appreciate it if you could remotely adjust these settings for me. If that's not possible, clear step-by-step instructions would be great. Thank you in advance for your help!
Reported by GetHuman-gallipol on Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2018 09:48
I have encountered issues despite multiple attempts to resolve them. I would like to block someone but continue to face challenges. It seems like there may be ongoing issues with the service. I caution others to be aware that when disliking a song, it may result in the automatic addition of unwanted playlists that are difficult to remove. I hope this matter can be resolved promptly.
Reported by GetHuman854009 on Montag, 9. Juli 2018 11:40
Hello, my name is Aamari. A month ago, I purchased the SoundCloud free trial for a Go subscription. Unfortunately, I encountered technical difficulties and was unable to cancel before the trial ended on July 6th. Consequently, a charge of $10 was applied to my bank account, which resulted in insufficient funds fees from my bank. According to SoundCloud's Terms and Agreements, I am entitled to request a refund within 14 days of the first payment. It has only been 4 days since the charge, and I am struggling to locate a way to contact SoundCloud's representatives for assistance in obtaining a refund promptly. I have encountered challenges trying to reach out to SoundCloud's customer service and would appreciate your help. Thank you for your assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-aamariw on Dienstag, 10. Juli 2018 23:13
I am writing on behalf of our family regarding our late son's SoundCloud account. Unfortunately, after his passing, we have been unable to access his account and stop the monthly $15 auto withdrawal from his bank. We attempted to contact the phone number provided on his April bank statement ([redacted]) but did not receive a call back. We have also tried using his sign-in credentials without success. Another authorized person also faced difficulty accessing the account as the screen went blank. We are seeking assistance on how to retrieve our son's stored information from his SoundCloud account.
Reported by GetHuman-loripage on Dienstag, 17. Juli 2018 10:43
While trying to retrieve my phone, the SoundCloud app opened accidentally. In my haste to exit, I unintentionally initiated a purchase of SoundCloud Go when pressing the home button. Quickly realizing the error, I promptly cancelled the subscription as I have no need for it. Regrettably, despite receiving an email confirming the issue resolved, I discovered a subsequent charge of $5.99 for the unwanted subscription. I seek a refund for this charge and an immediate termination of the subscription service.
Reported by GetHuman-ajaijav on Sonntag, 5. August 2018 20:26
To whom it may concern, I am reaching out regarding the recent renewal of the Sound Cloud Pro subscription on my late husband Cuong Nguyen's account, user[redacted]9, which took place on 8/8/18 with reference number GFRZP300. Unfortunately, I was on vacation at the time and could not cancel the renewal promptly. We did not use the subscription, costing $[redacted].00, which was renewed last year. As no one in our family is interested in music or familiar with Sound Cloud, could you kindly consider refunding this as a one-time courtesy? I am sorry for any inconvenience and truly appreciate your understanding. I have also disabled the automatic yearly renewal today, but the system has switched me to a monthly plan. Kindly stop both the monthly and yearly subscriptions effective immediately. For any further communication, please reach out to me via email at [redacted] Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman986286 on Montag, 13. August 2018 17:20
My Soundcloud Pro subscription was recently renewed, but I missed the cancellation deadline because I was out of town. I kindly request a refund as I am experiencing financial hardship. Additionally, my late husband, C., was the one managing the music, and since he is no longer with us, none of our family members can continue his work on Soundcloud. We paid for the entire year's subscription in [redacted] and are unsure of how to proceed with the music now. Please take into account our circumstances and assist in resolving this matter.
Reported by GetHuman986286 on Dienstag, 14. August 2018 18:39
I logged out of my SoundCloud account on my Samsung phone so my friend could log in, but neither of us can access our accounts. We tried resetting the password multiple times, but it's not working. I've been a SoundCloud Go+ member for a week or two, and I've had this account for about 2 and a half years. I'm frustrated and would like my account back. I can provide my account information and email associated with it. Please email me back as soon as possible.
Reported by GetHuman-bryceols on Mittwoch, 15. August 2018 18:53
I recently signed up for a free trial of SoundCloud Go+ that was supposed to end today, September 3rd. Four days before the trial was scheduled to end, I attempted to cancel it as I had not really utilized the service. I followed the proper cancellation steps and believed it was successfully terminated. However, upon checking my bank account today, I discovered that I was charged for another month of SoundCloud Go+. After investigating on the iTunes Store, I confirmed that I am still on the paid plan, despite my efforts to cancel it. This must have been a technical error, and I am frustrated as I did not intend to continue the subscription. Although I have canceled it again today, I am seeking assistance in obtaining a refund for this month's charge and reverting back to the regular SoundCloud service. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman1086699 on Montag, 3. September 2018 17:58
I have been a paying member for almost 2 years. I recently checked and updated my account only to find that several songs have been deleted, one of them being quite popular with around [redacted] hits. It was clear that it was gaining listeners, potentially even industry professionals. How can you be so irresponsible and careless with artists' songs? I am extremely disappointed and concerned. It seems like you are just another corporate entity focused on collecting money rather than caring for your clients and maintaining a good image! I have re-uploaded the song, but it is now separate from my other tunes. Why are there multiple "tracks" listings? Where are my songs and the valuable statistics I was collecting? What happened to all the money I spent? -Robert P.
Reported by GetHuman-robpaul on Dienstag, 11. September 2018 17:57
I am frustrated with dealing with SoundCloud, an overseas company based in Berlin, Germany. They deducted my $9.99 from my account, but the transaction appeared to be from San Francisco, California when it was actually from Germany. The app worked fine during the free trial, but once I paid, it became a disaster. I have tried to contact them, but all I receive is a voicemail. SoundCloud needs to improve their customer service and communication. I want a real person to speak to, not an automated response. I am unhappy with the app's performance and their lack of support. I expect better service from a company I am paying for.
Reported by GetHuman1139006 on Donnerstag, 13. September 2018 18:15
I have had several music clips I posted removed for "copyright infringements". I am a professional background singer who sings on all those tracks, so they should fall under "fair use". I am only using parts where I feature prominently. I have disputed this but seem to be losing against Soundcloud's bots. The tracks removed include: Guns n' Roses- "Knockin' on Heaven's Door", Gin Wigmore- "Man Like That", Black Veil Brides- "Lost it All", Nick Waterhouse- "Let it Come Down", Foxy Shazam- "Connect", Warwick Rose- "On My Way to Jerusalem", and my band, The Nasty Housewives' songs "45 Shades of Blue", "Alternative Facts", and "Legend of Narcissis". Please assist. Thank you. -R.F.
Reported by GetHuman1143078 on Freitag, 14. September 2018 16:14
Hello, I have had an active account for about 2 to 3 years now, consistently receiving thousands, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of plays per track. Interestingly, a significant number of listeners appear to be from Vietnam even though we are based in the U.S. While these plays seem genuine as they are steady, each track typically has around [redacted],[redacted] plays but fewer than 10 likes. I am hopeful that these plays are authentic, although the situation feels quite peculiar. I want to clarify that I have never purchased listens or engaged in any fraudulent activities; this increase in plays started naturally when I first posted, and my account now boasts over 3 million listens. If you need to reach me, my account email is [redacted], and the account is named Porky Productions.
Reported by GetHuman-bencalla on Mittwoch, 26. September 2018 00:08
Hello, I am RutiCelli. I have a Soundcloud page with over 12.7k followers. I had a track named "The Beauty of This Moment" on a playlist called "Nocturnal Miniatures" with a "free download" option. Recently, I tried reordering my albums and moving the track to the top of the playlist. Unfortunately, this caused my page to freeze. I need this issue fixed quickly as I've been sharing my page with music supervisors and catalogs. Since my music is all original, I'm unsure why this problem occurred. I would appreciate any help in resolving this matter promptly. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-ruticell on Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2018 19:18
On October 16th, [redacted], at approximately 10:04 PM, I received a text message from My Bank Card alerting me that a "No Card Present Transaction" had been authorized in the amount of $9.99 without my consent. I neither use SoundCloud nor have I ever used it, as I prefer the Spotify app for my music needs. I demand that the unauthorized $9.99 be refunded promptly, and all of my bank card details removed from the SoundCloud system. This incident has caused me significant stress and anxiety, leading to a panic attack. Your immediate attention to resolving this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Mandy Stevens.
Reported by GetHuman-sexymarv on Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2018 13:32

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