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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Sprint Corporate Care customer service, archive #12. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported October 13, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I wanted to share my recent experience with Sprint. I had been a loyal Verizon customer for over 20 years until I switched to Sprint on Sept. 10 for a promotion offering 3 iPhones with unlimited talk and text for $[redacted] a month. However, I was surprised to see my bill was $[redacted] on 10/1 after facing issues setting up my account online due to a block in your system. I called Sprint (#I[redacted]) spending almost 2 hours on the phone without a resolution, awaiting a response from the escalation department within 10 days. While on a work trip on 10/4 and 10/5, I received a voicemail, prompting me to call (1-[redacted]) where Jacob couldn’t assist me and promised a callback with the correct department's number. Today, 10/13, after several transfers and another 3 minutes on hold, I remain without a solution. As a former Verizon customer, the lack of customer service and my initial Sprint experience have left me reconsidering my choice to switch.
Reported by GetHuman-sonichol on samedi 13 octobre 2018 17:08
I have been struggling with overbilling issues at the Sprint store for months. Despite my repeated attempts and conversations with a manager, my account has not been credited for the overcharges relating to the buy one, get one free iPhone promotion. I bought four iPhones during this offer, with two of them supposed to be free; however, I am being billed full price for all four. Last week, I spoke with a manager who assured me the issue would be resolved and a credit would show up within a day, but it has been five days with no credit in sight. Multiple follow-ups have not yielded results, and as a result, my frustration is mounting. This situation represents a breach of contract on Sprint's part, given the terms of the promotion I signed up for. Despite consistent acknowledgment of the error on my account, the promised credits have not materialized. After four months of battling with this issue, I am seriously considering ending my relationship with Sprint if this matter is not addressed promptly to lower my bill back down to the expected amount.
Reported by GetHuman1339153 on samedi 13 octobre 2018 17:25
I visited a store seeking help with my bill. The girl at the counter had an attitude from the beginning, and her manager was very rude as well. They mentioned there was nothing they could do to assist us because the manager was on vacation. My husband expressed frustration over the lack of support. Prior to visiting this store, I spent an hour on the phone and even went to another store, but was redirected to a corporate store where we still found no help. The manager, Margie Jimenez, unprofessionally kicked us out of the store, which was embarrassing and uncalled for. If this issue is not addressed with the manager and an apology provided, I will escalate this matter further. It was a ridiculous experience, especially with my 6-year-old present.
Reported by GetHuman-shastast on samedi 13 octobre 2018 18:48
I am a concerned consumer wanting to share my experience. In August [redacted], I bought 2 Sprint phones for my wife and myself, being assured of coverage in our area. However, we faced frequent outages at local spots in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, affecting our daily activities. Despite troubleshooting at the Sprint office, the issues persisted during a [redacted]-mile trip across 7 states. Sprint's customer service response indicated we were outside the return window and that we needed to pay $[redacted] for reliable service. A phone representative mentioned a lack of a cell tower in Lakewood Ranch, necessitating us to install portable cell boosters for a signal, which still didn't fully resolve the problem. Given the impact on our businesses where communication is vital, we are struggling with missed calls, undelivered texts, and unresolved issues from Sprint. I urge Sprint to halt service sales in Lakewood Ranch and have a manager address our ongoing concerns. Respectfully, Don S.
Reported by GetHuman-usplore on lundi 15 octobre 2018 16:38
I have been a Sprint customer for over a decade and encountered significant issues starting last May. Early in May, I purchased an iPhone X and added an extra line to have three lines. The sales representative assured me I would only pay $20 a month plus insurance and tax for the lease, which made me happy as it was a gift for my husband. I inquired about canceling another line that had no contract or lease, and was assured the price would remain the same. However, when I tried to cancel the old line, I was informed it had a lease that had started the day before. Despite assurances that the issue would be resolved, my bill increased, and upon contacting Sprint, the problem persisted. The lack of resolution and unsatisfactory customer service led me to cancel all my lines. Sprint is now demanding nearly $2,[redacted], rejecting my request for a payment plan, and threatening my credit. Despite making partial payments, the stress and financial impact continue due to Sprint's mishandling of the situation. - Mayra M. [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-mmalepan on mardi 16 octobre 2018 18:33
I recently purchased a Galaxy S8+ as a replacement for my husband's S7 Edge, which had an issue and I still have evidence of the incident. Despite having just paid off my contract that covered three phones, I decided to buy the S8+ as the S9 wasn't available yet. From the beginning, I've experienced problems with my phone number [redacted] - no one can hear me properly, apps and the phone won't update, and I've been told by customer service there are known issues with the S8+. A supervisor suggested I pay for a replacement, but why would I want another faulty phone? This has caused me stress, especially being away from loved ones who can't reach me due to phone issues. I have sought legal advice and will be submitting a formal complaint to your company. Thank you, Angela Smith.
Reported by GetHuman1357034 on mardi 16 octobre 2018 20:33
I am reaching out regarding my phone being stuck in Roam mode since 10/11/[redacted]. Despite spending 1.5 hours on the phone with Technical Support, the issue remains unresolved. The support agent asked me to reset my network information, resulting in my SIM card being disconnected from the network. Their strong accent made it difficult to comprehend her instructions. Upon requesting to speak with another representative, the next one also had a strong accent and simply repeated the same information. Feeling frustrated, I asked to be connected to an American representative, but was informed this was not possible. After being a loyal customer since Sprint acquired Nextel, I am incredibly dissatisfied with how this situation was handled. My phone remains in Roam mode, only functioning when connected to Wi-Fi, and I now have to travel over an hour to a store for assistance. It is crucial to hire individuals who can effectively communicate with customers to ensure customer satisfaction.
Reported by GetHuman1363850 on mercredi 17 octobre 2018 15:11
I recently visited the Kenwood branch in Cincinnati to address issues with my s8 phone. The staff recommended that I purchase a new LG G7 ThinQ, stating it was cost-effective at $16.50 a month. I agreed, thinking it would help me financially. However, my bills have been much higher than expected, and despite numerous calls to customer service, my concerns have not been resolved. The inconsistencies between what was promised and what I am being charged have left me feeling deceived. I value the service provided by your company but am contemplating switching to another provider due to the frustration I have experienced. I hope this issue can be resolved promptly as I cannot sustain these unexpected expenses each month.
Reported by GetHuman1369290 on jeudi 18 octobre 2018 14:10
I changed carriers from AT&T to Dish Network due to a promotion with Sprint for the iPhone X at $5.00 a month with trade-ins. After discussing the trade-ins over the phone with Kory from Dish and a Sprint representative, I initiated the process. I ported my numbers to Sprint and traded in two phones for buyback. However, upon receiving my final AT&T bill on October 14 and visiting Sprint on the 17th, I discovered I couldn't have both the buyback and the new phones at $5.00 a month as promised. Now, due to misleading information, I am facing increased costs and only three of my four phones being discounted. Sprint mentioned they could proceed with the buyback, but the phones would revert to full price. This experience has left me frustrated as I expected better pricing and now have unexpected charges to settle with AT&T. I feel deceived and seek resolution for this issue.
Reported by GetHuman1371463 on jeudi 18 octobre 2018 19:46
The store manager at this location must be replaced before it shuts down. Multiple complaints about her attitude and behavior with customers have been brought to my attention. My family members had a terrible experience, with the manager not even acknowledging them and being rude while handling their requests, leaving the assistant manager to pick up the slack. Today, we dealt with a nightmare situation with Jennifer M., who was unhelpful and displayed a rude attitude throughout. She had trouble with each step of activating the phone and even ignored my instructions, causing further delays. Her unprofessionalism and lack of tech knowledge were frustrating, leading me to take my business elsewhere. I urge the company to hire tech-savvy and friendly staff to avoid losing more customers. My family and I will be avoiding this Sprint store in the future due to the unacceptable behavior of the current manager.
Reported by GetHuman1378789 on vendredi 19 octobre 2018 23:07
I pre-ordered the new iPhone Xs Max and unfortunately received a defective phone. I visited the Sprint store on Pines Blvd and Flamingo in Pembroke Pines, FL, where I experienced poor customer service from an employee named Marvins. Marvins seemed distracted and focused more on another customer, even taking phone calls while assisting me. He also failed to take the iPhone I was trading in, requiring the manager's help. Sprint then contacted me claiming they had not received the phone, and I had to obtain my receipt from the manager. In addition, Marvins forgot to give me the box with earbuds and charger, leading me to return to the store the following day. I am disappointed with this service and would like Sprint to contact me, provide a credit to my account, and address Marvins' conduct. I will not return to conduct business at that store again.
Reported by GetHuman1381154 on samedi 20 octobre 2018 14:43
I have had Sprint for 20 days now. Being 76 years old and dealing with physical and mental health issues, I am distressed by the constant lies I have been told. I have endured being put on hold for an average of 22 minutes, with agents refusing to transfer me to a manager despite my requests. Not only that, but my account is being charged significantly more than the amount that was previously confirmed. At my age and with my health conditions, the stress, frustration, and resulting high blood pressure I am experiencing is beyond belief. It is disappointing that Sprint, a company I assumed was American, is providing such unhelpful service. I never signed any contract, yet I am being told I would have to pay until the end of a 15-month period. I am appalled by the treatment I have received and have considered taking legal action. I will not continue to pay for a service that has caused me such distress. Shame on you, Sprint, you owe me an apology for this shameful experience.
Reported by GetHuman-irische on samedi 20 octobre 2018 21:57
I contacted Sprint on 10/16/[redacted] to switch my service. The representative and his supervisor both assured me that my monthly bill would be $[redacted]. However, upon receiving my bill for $[redacted], I was shocked to find additional fees not disclosed during the call. I spoke with "Katherine A" online who offered a $49.99 credit but insisted I still had to pay the fees, bringing my bill to $[redacted]. After being transferred to Supervisor "Jacob", I was informed my bill would actually be $[redacted]. It's frustrating to receive conflicting information, especially without prior knowledge of these extra charges. I have a family of 5 and cannot afford a sudden $[redacted] bill or even $[redacted] monthly. My budget only allows for the original $[redacted] quote, as I was paying $[redacted] with AT&T. This situation is completely unacceptable and distressing. I have the chat saved for reference.
Reported by GetHuman1392564 on lundi 22 octobre 2018 19:43
I recently discovered an issue on my credit report while trying to apply for a home through the first home buyers program. It turns out I owe T-Mobile $1,[redacted] from an early termination fee dating back to September [redacted]. At that time, I had switched to Sprint and was assured that Sprint would cover the termination fee. Unfortunately, it seems the fee was never paid. Now, I find myself in collections with T-Mobile, and this situation is negatively affecting my credit. I trusted the Sprint representative who sold me their services and believed they would handle everything as promised. I am deeply disappointed by this situation and hope that Sprint can address and resolve this matter promptly to rectify the impact on my credit.
Reported by GetHuman1393706 on lundi 22 octobre 2018 22:21
I visited the Sprint store in Pembroke Pines to upgrade my iPhone and also ordered an Apple Watch and AirPods. Even though I was expecting a trade-in discount for the phone, it wasn't visible on the app but only in-store. The Apple Watch I wanted had to be ordered and was delivered to the store without informing me. When I tracked the order, I discovered an employee named Ralph had signed for it but didn't notify me. Despite waiting and receiving a receipt saying the watch was sent back because it wasn't picked up, I hadn't known it was there. The store offered me a different watch since they didn't stock the one I wanted. Contacting customer service led to a frustrating 90-minute wait without answers, and a promised call back that never happened. The service provided is disappointing, and it feels like loyal customers are not valued compared to new ones. I'm contemplating paying off my devices and finding another provider.
Reported by GetHuman-charong on mardi 23 octobre 2018 03:34
Subject: Account Concern - Urgent Attention Needed To Whom It May Concern, I am reaching out to address a pressing matter regarding my mobile account with Sprint. I recently upgraded to a Galaxy S8 phone and encountered some technical issues shortly after. Due to unforeseen financial difficulties stemming from personal setbacks, including being affected by Hurricane Harvey, I regrettably fell behind on payments. Presently, I am caring for an elderly family member who was also impacted by the disaster. Despite my current challenges, I remain interested in resolving this matter. I kindly request your assistance in reinstating my account under a more affordable plan. I can commit to a $20 monthly payment plan to continue using the Galaxy S8, which I originally accepted based on my loyalty to Sprint. I have faced bureaucratic hurdles and am yet to find a resolution while facing ongoing hardships. I urge you to consider waiving my previous balance and enabling me to resume my service with a lower payment plan. Please reach out to me via email at [redacted] or at [redacted] to discuss this matter further. I appreciate your immediate attention to this matter. Sincerely, S Griffin
Reported by GetHuman-sgprofi on mardi 23 octobre 2018 20:41
I had a disappointing experience at a store in New York where they refused to exchange my faulty phone within the 14-day return period. Moreover, they did not have the model I requested, the 8s. Though I was instructed last Tuesday by a supervisor named Fwain to wait for 3 days while they filed an escalation form, I have not received any feedback from either Fwain or Lucien from the Manhattan store on 14th St. Lucien, despite not being a store manager, was unprofessional and abruptly ended our call. I have been a Sprint customer since October 1st and this situation is pushing me to consider terminating my service. It is frustrating to not get the assistance I need within the 14-day window and then to be asked to wait longer while dealing with a dysfunctional phone.
Reported by GetHuman1400089 on mardi 23 octobre 2018 22:10
I purchased a ZTE Warp Connect from Sprint in January [redacted]. Recently, after 9 months, the battery has swollen, posing a danger when plugged in. Upon contacting customer support on the website, I spoke with a representative named "kingjoshua" who assured me that I could receive a temporary replacement device at no cost from a Sprint store while mine was being fixed by ZTE. He provided me with a reference ID number (I[redacted]75) to present at the store. Unfortunately, when I visited the store, the staff refused to honor this arrangement and instead suggested I pay off my account balance to choose a new device. This experience left me frustrated as I felt deceived by the representative and disrespected by the store employees. I later called customer support and was again pressured to purchase additional products. This lack of transparency and customer service is unacceptable, and I will not be renewing my contract with Sprint. I request the device I was promised without further delays or complications.
Reported by GetHuman-jufycs on mardi 23 octobre 2018 22:40
To whom it may concern, I visited your Sprint Loganville Store on October 8, [redacted], intending to switch from Cricket to Sprint and upgrade my phone. After considering the Samsung 9 and iPhone, the sales associate, Andy Nirahu, recommended the LG Stylo 4. However, I experienced poor reception upon using the phone at my residence where I have had good reception with my previous phone. Despite Andy's assurance, the issue persisted, and I returned to the store for assistance. Andy advised me to look up tutorials online as he couldn't provide further help with the phone's functionality. Frustrated with the situation, I returned to the store on October 22 to exchange the phone for a Samsung or iPhone or get a refund. I was informed by Max that I had missed the 14-day return window and was not adequately informed about the return policy by Andy. The lack of guidance and support with the faulty phone has caused me considerable stress. I would appreciate a resolution to this issue promptly. Sincerely, Rev. Dr. Debra T. Smith-Boykin
Reported by GetHuman-drterett on mercredi 24 octobre 2018 04:54
Dear Executive Officials, I am reaching out to request a review of a matter involving an unauthorized purchase made by our daughter at Sprint when she was 19 years old. We recently found out she owes $2,[redacted] for an iPhone 6X purchased in [redacted]. Due to her circumstances and health issues, we request the usage charges to be waived, so we can pay for the phone only. We are retirees and cannot afford this expense. We have started addressing this with the collection agency, Virtuoso, and have made a payment. I am unsure of the correct contact for this matter, but I hope it reaches the right person. Thank you for your attention to this email. Sincerely, Wanda N.
Reported by GetHuman-wandanel on mercredi 24 octobre 2018 16:25

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