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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Sprint Corporate Care customer service, archive #23. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported April 4, 2019 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I experienced an issue with a payment sent to Sprint on 3/14/19. Even though my bank sent an e-payment, Sprint requested a paper check. The check was then sent by my bank, but it arrived late, resulting in me now owing Sprint. Today, when I tried to make a payment over the phone, Sprint declined my checking account. After a three-way call with my bank, Sprint still rejected my account, despite there being no holds or stops on it, which surprised the banker. Hopefully, my next auto payment on 4/5/19 goes through without any issues. I had a conversation with someone named "Windy" who informed me that the money I was sending would not be used to pay off the outstanding amount. I am uncertain if "Windy" understands English or if she is knowledgeable about the situation. It might be helpful if Sprint had English-speaking Americans handling their phone customer service to avoid situations like this. When I requested to speak with a manager, "Windy" mentioned they were all too busy. I frequently contact Sprint because my payments vary each month, which I find frustrating. I have been a long-time customer, and despite Sprint's so-called customer appreciation, their customer service leaves much to be desired.
Reported by GetHuman-jaynepak on jeudi 4 avril 2019 18:20
I've encountered numerous billing issues recently. Despite multiple calls, I've been transferred multiple times to reach the escalations department, only to face disconnects after being on hold. Even the chat support was unhelpful. As a loyal 16-year customer with six lines and an Apple Watch, facing constant billing errors since upgrading phones and adding a line has been frustrating. The lack of care and communication is concerning. If further issues persist, I may switch carriers despite the high monthly cost. My time is precious, and dealing with these problems while traveling for work is inconvenient. Hearing how seamlessly my friends' carriers operate adds to my disappointment. Unless I receive a call from escalations or their contact information, there's no need to reach out to me. Considering a switch to AT&T, which offers to cover lease break fees and provide similar phones, seems like a viable solution.
Reported by GetHuman2682288 on jeudi 4 avril 2019 20:40
I am experiencing account issues with fraudulent activity. Several unauthorized phone lines were added to my account without my knowledge. After contacting the fraud department and mistakenly assuming I knew the culprit, I realized I was wrong. Despite resolving payment for my four lines, the unauthorized lines are causing service disruptions. The numbers affected are [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted]. Due to the accurate information used by the perpetrator, proving my innocence is challenging. The outstanding bill surpasses $[redacted], and I seek assistance in removing these unauthorized charges, unlocking my paid phones, and canceling the service. I am reliant on my phone for my family's support and urge a resolution to this distressing situation.
Reported by GetHuman2702933 on lundi 8 avril 2019 16:55
I have been attempting to reach Sprint for assistance since last week. I have visited a store, engaged in a chat on mysprint.com, and made several phone calls. Unfortunately, I have been given conflicting information, transferred to various representatives and departments, and promised a supervisor would contact me, which never happened. Despite my loyalty to Sprint since [redacted], the frustration has led me to consider switching to a different provider. The last supervisor I spoke with requested a call back number in case of disconnection, but I was disconnected and never received a return call. My initial intention was to upgrade my phone, but the continuous runaround has pushed me to seek resolution or end my service with Sprint. I am hopeful for a manager who can address my concerns without disconnecting or further transfers.
Reported by GetHuman2705495 on lundi 8 avril 2019 22:27
Since [redacted], I have consistently used the same debit card to pay my Sprint bill. However, my recent payment was rejected after my phone was fully paid for. When I contacted Sprint, they advised me to speak with my bank. Despite being told by Huntington Bank in White Oak, Pa. that there were no issues with my card, the problem persisted. The Sprint website directed me to a local store in Monroeville, Pa. Yet, the staff there were unable to provide a solution and couldn't accept a check as an alternative payment method. I am frustrated by the lack of clarity regarding why my card is suddenly being declined, especially when I haven't encountered any problems using it elsewhere on the same day. Due to this ongoing issue, I may need to resort to receiving paper bills at home or explore other service providers.
Reported by GetHuman2715366 on mercredi 10 avril 2019 13:15
I am seeking a solution for my account problem. Despite having a significant balance due on my bill, I currently lack the necessary funds to bring my account up to date. I am inquiring if there are any options available to restore my services temporarily so that I may generate the income needed for payment. I have been attempting to contact customer service for over a week without success. Prolonged wait times on hold have been an ongoing issue. Today, after getting through, the representative claimed to be the highest authority available but offered no viable solution and refused to provide guidance on the cancellation process. He exhibited poor communication, failing to answer my queries and suggesting he couldn't hear me well. Requesting to be connected to another representative, he abruptly ended the call. Unfortunately, I do not have the reference number for this unsatisfactory conversation with Sprint.
Reported by GetHuman2715882 on mercredi 10 avril 2019 14:39
I've encountered ongoing issues with my s10+ since purchasing it, and the situation appears to be deteriorating. Approximately 5 days have passed since the 14-day return/exchange period. It appears that I may have acquired a defective device. The battery drains swiftly even with minimal usage, and essential functions such as texts, calls, and GPS are unreliable. Despite multiple visits to the point of purchase to have it assessed, no resolution has been found. I am keen on exchanging it for a fully functional device as I depend on having a reliable phone. Having anticipated an upgrade after 3 years, this experience is disappointing.
Reported by GetHuman2718619 on mercredi 10 avril 2019 20:23
I am disappointed with Sprint's handling of existing customers. Around two years after my phone contract ended, I was lured in by a text offering a $5 monthly lease for a Samsung Galaxy S9. However, upon trying to upgrade, I was informed the offer was only for new lines and not for existing customers like me. Despite engaging with customer support via chat and phone, including multiple escalations, no satisfactory resolution has been reached. It seems existing customers are only offered promotions if they add a new line, creating a frustrating situation where I might need to cancel and re-add lines to access deals. Moreover, the phones I want to upgrade exhibit worrying issues like frequent reboots during calls and sudden shutdowns despite sufficient battery charge. The lack of effective customer service in addressing these urgent concerns is concerning, highlighting Sprint's ongoing struggle in delivering satisfactory support to its customers.
Reported by GetHuman-pclive on jeudi 11 avril 2019 19:48
After paying off my leased phone and cancelling my service on the due date, I quickly contacted customer service. Despite being assured by the store representative that the phone lock would be instant, the truth was the process takes 24 to 48 hours, as explained by the customer service representative. Surprisingly, I am now being informed that I owe for the previous month's service, February and March, which contradicts my understanding of billing cycles. The customer service experience has been unpleasant, with difficulty reaching a supervisor and unclear information regarding the cancellation process. Despite being promised freedom to switch providers after paying off the phone, the phone remains active without explanation.
Reported by GetHuman-ocpinky on vendredi 12 avril 2019 14:27
I called earlier this morning about my account. After the call was answered, I was asked for my information. When they wanted my Visa card number on file, I couldn't remember which one I used since it was set up over a year ago. The representative insisted on the specific Visa card number, even though I have multiple cards. Despite my explanation, they still asked for the full number. I requested to provide some details, but they were persistent. Eventually, I spoke to the supervisor and expressed the same concerns. They kept asking for the Visa card number without offering any identifying information. Frustrated, I questioned the need to provide all my card numbers. This led to the supervisor hanging up on me when I expressed my frustration. I tried calling back later today, but I got a message saying it's after business hours. This experience has been disappointing after being a long-time Sprint customer.
Reported by GetHuman2731444 on vendredi 12 avril 2019 18:42
I bought a Samsung S10+ from my local Sprint store a month ago. Lately, my internet connectivity, bluetooth, and texting have been really spotty. A store employee mentioned a Samsung update causing issues and suggested calling the insurance company for a $[redacted] replacement fee since I'm past the return window. After contacting Sprint Technical Support and Customer Care with no resolution, I asked about canceling my contract. I was shocked to find out I'd need to return the phone and pay an extra $[redacted] on top of what I've already paid. As a long-time, paying customer, I feel undervalued by Sprint's lack of assistance and steep fees for a malfunctioning phone. I hope to return the device, cancel my contract, and receive a refund without additional charges.
Reported by GetHuman-akhalili on vendredi 12 avril 2019 19:37
On April 8, my iPhone 10 XS Max 64GB started randomly turning off and on, especially during calls or playing games. The issue has been increasing each day, and there seems to be no visible physical damage. Unfortunately, every time I contact customer service, I receive different answers which is unprofessional. This inconsistency is pushing me to consider switching providers. My husband and I, both seniors with health issues, find it challenging to be without reliable communication. I would appreciate a replacement phone and a return kit for the faulty one. Despite contacting tech support, the issue remains unresolved after failed attempts. The technician mentioned it would take three days to escalate the matter, causing further inconvenience. I urgently need a functioning phone. Can you offer any assistance?
Reported by GetHuman-lpmoran on lundi 15 avril 2019 13:47
I contacted Sprint customer service to add an additional line, but the representative mistakenly charged my card multiple times, causing my account to be locked. Despite my instructions not to process the payment multiple times, he attempted it with another card and failed to fix the issue, stating I had tried my card nine times, even though I had only done so once successfully. I requested to speak with a manager, but he claimed there were none available, falsely documenting in my file that I had made the multiple payment attempts. I have evidence through text alerts that while on the call, he continuously tried my card without permission, and when I sought help from higher management, he placed the blame on me.
Reported by GetHuman2748474 on lundi 15 avril 2019 16:48
As a disabled senior citizen, my wife and I faced a critical issue when a text message from my doctor disappeared without my action. Despite reaching out to multiple service representatives with no resolution, Apple advised me to contact the network provider to resend the message. Disappointed by the lack of assistance, I am now considering involving my congress person linked to the FCC committee in addressing this matter. With a long-standing history as a loyal Verizon customer, I am disheartened by the lack of text maintenance and support from the current network. The language barrier with representatives and the inability to escalate the call to a supervisor added to the frustration. This experience raises concerns about the company's commitment to customer care. Considering the impact on our health, I may seek legal advice to address this issue promptly. This level of service in just a few months prompts me to question the adherence to regulatory standards.
Reported by GetHuman-jhnd on mardi 16 avril 2019 15:30
Both my wife and I, as disabled senior citizens, encountered an issue with a text message from my doctor that disappeared on its own. Despite reaching out to service representatives, the problem remains unresolved. I was informed by Apple that you should be able to resend the missing message as you are responsible for maintaining texts. Dissatisfied with the lack of assistance, I plan to escalate this matter to my congressperson, who has ties to the FCC committee, to ensure proper action is taken. After being a loyal Verizon customer for many years without any problems, I am disappointed in the level of care provided by your network. The language barrier with representatives and the inability to speak with a supervisor further added to my frustration. The recurring issues have led me to consider legal options to address the potential impact on my wife's and my health. I hope to see compliance with FCC regulations in resolving this matter promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-jhnd on mardi 16 avril 2019 15:42
I have detailed my concerns in my account. It has been nearly two weeks without a response. Promised supervisor callbacks were not received, leading to being transferred or disconnected during calls. Despite offering a call back number, no calls were returned after disconnections. Trying to upgrade my phone from an email offer resulted in conflicting information on eligibility, pricing, and outdated promotions. After two weeks of no resolution, even reaching out to corporate, I am considering paying off my current phone balance and switching to a more supportive company. It is frustrating to face continuous runarounds despite being a customer since [redacted]. The lack of assistance and responses from Sprint is perplexing and disappointing.
Reported by GetHuman-spolizzi on mardi 16 avril 2019 20:50
I had an accident with my car, and my Galaxy phone was damaged. The screen is broken, and it's not charging properly. I contacted Asurion for help, and they needed to keep my phone for over a week since there's no nearby store. To stay connected, I tried to activate an old phone Asurion sent me through Sprint, but they directed me back to Asurion due to a MEID issue. After several frustrating hours on the phone with 11 people, my call got accidentally disconnected. I had to use someone else's phone to get help and Hunter finally assisted me. I believe Sprint should offer me a free upgrade or some compensation for the inconvenience caused. I have lodged a complaint with Consumer Affairs regarding this situation, which I find unacceptable.
Reported by GetHuman2775001 on vendredi 19 avril 2019 14:27
I bought five phones (four iPhone 7 and one iPhone 8) from the Sprint Corporate store in October [redacted] under the BOGO promotion. Hector Orsoto, the salesperson, confirmed it would be 18 installments at $22.92 each, as shown on the receipt. However, it took Sprint a long time to remove the extra charge on the 4th unit. After numerous calls to customer service and a visit to the store, the manager helped with a credit of $[redacted].56 in June [redacted] but did not address the lease end issue. I disputed the last lease payment on 11/13/[redacted] after seeing the first bill (Interactive ID #[redacted]). Please waive the lease end charges as I never agreed to them. A contract cannot be valid if it was initiated with fraudulent intent by the sales representative. Looking forward to your response. Regards, John Vu
Reported by GetHuman-jnvu on samedi 20 avril 2019 07:29
I recently received an unsolicited text with inappropriate content from a suspicious source, "doc.google". This could possibly be an effort to recruit young individuals for harmful purposes. The number associated with this text is [redacted]. I have blocked the number, but I am worried that this could be more than just a spam message. It appeared as a regular contact and SMS on my iPhone 7, not as an unknown sender. As a retired 67-year-old nurse, I am deeply troubled by the potential recruitment of young people through such deceptive means. I kindly request your help in investigating the source and preventing any further unauthorized texts. This type of activity, whether for extreme ideologies or other motives, should not be allowed to spread unchecked. Your prompt action in addressing this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance in stopping these harmful actions before they impact individuals negatively. Sincerely, Cheryl RN
Reported by GetHuman2797111 on mardi 23 avril 2019 18:27
I am Carlethaus Dwayne Hopper, a long-time Sprint customer who has been facing issues with my phone service recently. Despite being with Sprint since [redacted], my service gets interrupted every month even after paying my bill. Today, my service was cut off again, and after speaking with a representative, they offered me an unsolicited $52 credit and discouraged me from contacting corporate. The service was not restored as promised. I rely on my phone to stay connected, especially with a sick mother far away. I have encountered rude representatives and constant threats to terminate my line, which is unacceptable. This recurring problem needs to be resolved promptly. The situation of offering a credit while avoiding corporate contact is disrespectful, as I pay for the services I use. I urge Sprint to address this issue urgently. Please reach out to me at 1 [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman2830153 on lundi 29 avril 2019 15:24

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