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As a dedicated Sprint customer for 20 years, I am disappointed by the lack of special treatment and pricing available for upgrading the 5 lines on my account that are now out of the lease period. Despite my efforts over the last two months to reach a resolution, I have not been able to speak with anyone who can address my concerns satisfactorily. It is disheartening to see new customers receive better treatment than a loyal customer of two decades. I am seeking better upgrade promotion rates than those currently available to me. Considering switching providers due to this experience but giving Sprint one more chance to rectify the situation and retain my business. Please reach out to me at your earliest convenience. Best, AF
Reported by GetHuman4768129 on lunedì 4 maggio 2020 20:21
I have encountered a frustrating situation with my phone leases and an incorrect charge for an iPad. Despite multiple attempts to resolve the issue with different managers promising to help, I have not seen any changes on my bill. I was reassured multiple times that my credits would appear, but it seems like a tactic to delay past the return period. My experience with Customer Care has been disheartening, with numerous disconnections and unfulfilled promises to reduce my bill. I feel like I have wasted so much time and money on this issue, with no satisfactory resolution in sight. As my contract nears its end in three months, I am concerned about the potential charges upon returning my devices. Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman4768623 on lunedì 4 maggio 2020 21:14
I am trying to reach the Sprint Corporate office located in Overland Park, KS, not the retail store. I am representing the landlord of the property in San Diego, CA, where Sprint cell antennas are installed, and I need to discuss our agreement. Despite multiple attempts over several days, including web searches and T-Mobile's efforts, I have been unable to make contact. It is frustrating how difficult it is to find corporate contact information for such a large company. I am doubtful that I will have any success, but I am hopeful that you can assist me.
Reported by GetHuman4285644 on mercoledì 6 maggio 2020 00:52
I spent over two hours on the phone with a Sprint representative trying to upgrade my wife and daughter's phones. I was offered an iPhone XS for my daughter and wife with a special deal: paying $29.95 for my wife's line and receiving the line for my daughter for free, saving me $40 a month. However, I was stunned to learn later that I needed to add a fourth line, which was never communicated to me initially. After being transferred multiple times and waiting for another 30 minutes, the next person I spoke to confirmed the need for a fourth line, despite my earlier conversations. When I questioned this and expressed my frustration, they abruptly hung up on me. This treatment and deception have led me to start looking for a different phone provider. I plan to file a formal complaint against Sprint for their dishonesty and poor service.
Reported by GetHuman-cfsatter on giovedì 7 maggio 2020 03:10
I attempted to order a phone from the Sprint website using the Chrome browser on my current phone. When I entered my social security number for a credit check, it failed, prompting me to call customer service to complete the purchase. I called, provided my social security number, and was told they needed to contact a colleague to check my credit. Unfortunately, the credit check did not go through, and I was unable to make the purchase. I find this frustrating as I have never had a credit card and plan to use my debit card for the purchase. I simply want to buy the phone I need for data and communication with my family and work. It would be greatly appreciated if I could speak with someone who could help me resolve this issue. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman4792160 on venerdì 8 maggio 2020 15:06
I have been facing various issues with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ since I switched to Sprint almost two years ago. Despite trying to get help from Complete, the problems persist, and my device's performance is severely impacted. Recently, the frequency of my support interactions has increased, but the solutions provided are short-lived, leading to a continuing cycle of malfunctions. Despite reaching out to them again for assistance just last Saturday, the support I received was minimal. As someone with chronic health conditions and limited mobility, relying on my phone for crucial needs, this level of service is unacceptable. If Sprint cannot offer a resolution promptly, I will have to consider alternative service providers to ensure my accessibility and functionality are not compromised further.
Reported by GetHuman-dogbugs on lunedì 11 maggio 2020 07:17
I visited Sprint seeking an affordable plan and phone. Brenda recommended the $35 starter plan and a pre-owned Samsung S9. She informed me my first bill would be about $60, but it came to over $[redacted]. Upon calling, I was told I had signed up for the $75 plan along with leasing the phone. Despite disagreeing, they insisted. I returned to the store, but without a mask, I couldn't enter. The next day, they denied my request to switch to the $35 plan upon purchasing the phone, stating my number was tied to it. I contacted customer service, and Shamsum adjusted my plan to $40 with a $10 phone fee, offering a $10 credit for the trouble. She confirmed my $[redacted] Mastercard promotion but it hasn't arrived in 2 months. The tracking number is [redacted]70. I seek a swift resolution to this issue and am willing to pay the $50 monthly as initially agreed. Thank you. - Pamela Dove
Reported by GetHuman4825854 on venerdì 15 maggio 2020 21:03
We joined Sprint in September of last year with the promise of a phone buyout deal for 5 lines and 2 device buybacks totaling $[redacted]. Despite the written agreement, we haven't received any money. We've visited the store four times but have been unable to speak to a supervisor. The promised payment to cover our balance with Verizon never arrived within the 8-12 week period, leading to our Verizon account being closed and sent to collections. The lack of payment is unacceptable, and we are considering involving an attorney to address this issue. Additionally, the service quality is poor, with my husband unable to make or receive calls on his phone, forcing us to rely on texting. We urgently need a resolution to these problems. Thank you. -E and T. Johnson
Reported by GetHuman4832632 on domenica 17 maggio 2020 19:28
This is my second time addressing my concern. Two months ago, I visited Sprint to get a new phone. The local store was closed, so I went to the store in Long Beach where Brenda assisted me. She recommended a pre-owned galaxy S9 with a $35 plan and a $10 phone lease promo. I also qualified for a $[redacted] Mastercard gift card for switching to Sprint. However, my first bill was $[redacted], not the $60 Brenda mentioned, and customer service claimed I signed up for a $75 plan. After several calls, the issue seemed resolved with a $40 plan and $10 phone lease, but my second bill is back to the original problem. The customer service representatives have been rude and unhelpful, insisting I agreed to the $75 plan. I am upset and frustrated with the service. My service is scheduled to be shut off today. I hope this can be resolved promptly. Thank you, Pamela Dove.
Reported by GetHuman4825854 on lunedì 18 maggio 2020 16:09
I have been a loyal customer with sprint for more than 7 years. I used to have 3 lines for my children in Randallstown, but due to a separation agreement, my ex-wife took over their cell phone bills with a different carrier, leaving me with unnecessary lines. Having switched from Verizon to sprint, I rely on a reliable service for my home-based business in Harford County. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing dropped calls during important conference meetings. Despite receiving a booster from sprint, the service issues persist. The installation of the booster is challenging due to my window shutters and poses a safety hazard in my living room. Sprint acknowledges the poor coverage in my area but offers no viable solutions. With the financial impact of Covid-19, I cannot afford to lose more business opportunities. As a retired Police Officer, I value integrity and fairness. Sprint's suggestion of paying $[redacted] to exit the lease feels unjust given my circumstances.
Reported by GetHuman-hwworld on giovedì 11 giugno 2020 03:36
I am quite unsatisfied with the service I have received. It seems there has been a mix-up with my order delivery. The worker sent it to the wrong address, and both UPS and the old address at the apartment complex have been unhelpful. I am reaching out to you to resolve this issue promptly. I have invested a significant amount of money for Sprint's services, and it is disappointing to encounter such difficulties as a new customer. I urgently require an address correction with UPS or a hold at the local UPS facility. If the current representatives are unable to assist, please direct me to someone who can address this matter. I am hopeful for a swift resolution; otherwise, I will have no choice but to pursue legal action.
Reported by GetHuman4963579 on mercoledì 17 giugno 2020 16:27
While at Walmart on 6/30, I was enticed by an electronics associate to purchase an LG Styl.o 6 on Sprint under false pretenses. Contrary to what was promised, the paperwork provided indicated a down payment of over $[redacted] due on 7/23 and monthly installments exceeding $80. I was under the impression of a $40 down payment and $4/month for 24 months to own the phone, with a total monthly cost around $40. The sales rep failed to provide me with the full contract, only showing the last page labeled "Retail Installment Contract." Despite assurances of assistance and a call back from a manager named Dave, I received no communication and was met with resistance during attempts to return the phone on 7/1. I intend to return the device and seek a full refund, considering involving Walmart security or law enforcement to ensure a fair resolution with the vendor.
Reported by GetHuman5032181 on lunedì 6 luglio 2020 00:28
I recently purchased an LG Styl.o phone from Walmart with Sprint service, based on the terms given to me by the electronics associate. However, when I got home and reviewed the paperwork, the payment amounts and contract terms were different from what was explained to me. I attempted to return the phone twice due to the discrepancies, but faced challenges with the store employees. The manager promised to address the issue but did not follow through. I have yet to successfully return the phone and am considering involving Walmart and Sprint to ensure a smooth return process. I am seeking a full refund and wish to return the device to the vendor.
Reported by GetHuman5032181 on lunedì 6 luglio 2020 00:38
Since November [redacted], I have been trying to get Sprint to rectify billing errors. Despite speaking with representatives who claim changes were made, the corrections have not been implemented. My attempts to seek help through a letter writing campaign have been unsuccessful, as Sprint has not been responsive. I escalated my complaint to the BBB and received initial contact from a representative who then passed me on to another representative. Unfortunately, the new representative has not returned my calls, and Sprint continues to disconnect service to two of my phones.
Reported by GetHuman5046322 on giovedì 9 luglio 2020 10:16
I recently bought a new phone on my account on Saturday, July 11, [redacted], at 6:44 p.m. I opted for overnight shipping as the phone was not in stock at the store. The store mentioned it would arrive on Monday, but upon checking with them on Monday, they had no information. When contacting Sprint, they also couldn't provide details and mentioned asking the store. The store then explained that deliveries are based on business days, so it would arrive on Tuesday. The phone did not arrive, and after speaking with a representative named Jane Bennet on chat, I was advised that the retail system's access was limited and suggested that the store manager reach out to National Sales Support to track the order. Unfortunately, the store employee my granddaughter interacted with during the upgrade process was unhelpful and rude. I have been a loyal Sprint customer for years and expect better service. I bought the phone at the Sprint Store in Schaumburg, IL, on July 11, [redacted]. The new phone is an iPhone 11 Pro Max in green with 256GB. I was charged $[redacted].77 on my Discover card but have yet to receive the phone, and no one can offer a clear explanation for the delay.
Reported by GetHuman-terryenr on martedì 14 luglio 2020 22:38
I received an email from Sprint regarding my upcoming lease expiration on August 13, [redacted]. I was interested in upgrading my device, but when I tried to do so online, the leasing option was not available. After speaking with an agent who mentioned my credit limit, I called Telesales and spoke with Ethan on 7/17/20. He offered a special promotion to lease the Galaxy S20 Ultra for $37.49 a month, which I agreed to as I preferred this deal over the upcoming Note 20+. However, Ethan did not call me back as agreed due to a meeting. When I followed up, no one recognized Ethan's offer. Frustrated, I tried to escalate the issue but faced difficulties with the customer service. Despite being a loyal customer with good credit, my attempts to get the deal Ethan offered have been met with confusion and setbacks.
Reported by GetHuman5078584 on sabato 18 luglio 2020 16:22
I am extremely frustrated with the recent encounter I had at the Preston Highway site in Louisville, KY. I visited due to an insurance claim, expecting to be able to obtain a phone by paying my deductible. After spending over an hour on the phone with the insurance company and resolving the issue for a phone tomorrow, we got disconnected before I could provide my card information. While waiting to reconnect, the store manager asked me to leave because I was adjusting my face mask due to my ADHD. I cannot control my fidgeting, especially with an unfamiliar item on my face. This feels like discrimination, similar to mistreating someone with a tracheotomy. I urgently need a phone for work and demand action regarding this unacceptable incident that occurred less than an hour ago. If my concerns are ignored, I will seek legal counsel.
Reported by GetHuman5085346 on martedì 21 luglio 2020 00:20
I am deeply concerned about the overseas team you have a contract with. It is essential to terminate this contract and seek alternative workers as they are causing numerous issues for many individuals, including myself. Since January, I have been trying to replace my faulty government phone. Despite contacting them seven times, I have yet to receive a new phone. Please, on behalf of everyone affected, consider ending this contract and finding more capable and efficient workers who understand their responsibilities. Countless individuals, including myself, are frustrated with the current service. I urge the CEO or someone in a higher position to reach out to me as soon as possible. It is crucial to address this matter promptly. The ordeal I have faced over the past few months trying to resolve the phone issue due to the incompetence of the current team has been incredibly distressing. I eagerly await a resolution. - Deborah S.
Reported by GetHuman5100939 on sabato 25 luglio 2020 19:13
In February, I traded in my iPhone 6s for two free iPhone 11s with 2 new lines from Sprint. The first line [redacted] was supposed to have business unlimited voice and data with a [redacted] GB hotspot, and the other line should have had basic monthly unlimited service with $10/month insurance. I was told the total cost would be $[redacted] per month before taxes with a $10 business credit applied. They also promised a $30 credit for activation but did not mention that there would be a hard credit check that would affect my credit score. Since signing up, my account has been overcharged, I never received the hotspot service, my trade-in phones were not credited, and my bill is consistently incorrect every month. Despite numerous attempts to resolve these issues with Sprint, I have not received any assistance or correct billing. This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had, and it seems impossible to get anyone to fix these ongoing problems with my account.
Reported by GetHuman5131738 on martedì 4 agosto 2020 21:05
I contacted Sprint to inquire about potential discounts for loyal 20-year customers. The representative mentioned a $[redacted] credit for trading in my phone if I upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max for $14.50 per month. Despite clarifying this twice, once transferred to sales, they informed me it was $35 per month. After multiple transfers between departments without resolution, frustration grew as I spent 2.5 hours on the phone. Disappointed by the conflicting information and lack of prompt solutions, I contemplated moving on from Sprint given the treatment of longstanding customers. I believe that what a representative promises should align with the final outcome.
Reported by GetHuman5172627 on lunedì 17 agosto 2020 20:05

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