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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Synchrony Bank customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported December 16, 2015 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
In November [redacted], I made a furniture purchase at Ashley Furniture in Harrisburg, PA, with the delivery scheduled for 4 to 6 weeks later. Due to unexpected knee replacement surgery, I couldn't accept the delivery, and Ashley advised me to contact Synchrony Bank. Even after explaining my situation to a Synchrony Bank representative, ensuring I could extend the promotion, they failed to follow through. Since my surgery complications have kept me out of work, I've diligently made payments. Today, I discovered my balance increased from $1,[redacted] to $2,[redacted] as the promotion period ended without extension. Despite reaching out to multiple customer service representatives and managers, the issue remains unresolved.
Reported by GetHuman-echolss on mercredi 16 décembre 2015 14:39
I have owned various motorcycles and hold credit cards through Synchrony. I have a history of timely payments and proactive communication if any issues arise. I sent out my motorcycle payment with the account ending in [redacted] on March 30th. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I experienced an NSF. I promptly reached out within 2 days to inquire about a retrial of the payment once funds were available. Despite being assured by numerous representatives and the automated system that the check was successful on the second attempt and my next payment wasn't due until May, my bank account didn't reflect the payment. After contacting multiple times over 3 weeks and receiving the same response, I am now receiving collection calls for a returned check and facing a nearly $50 late fee. I typically pay more than the minimum monthly requirement and find it concerning to incur such a substantial fee despite my efforts to address the situation. I am willing to share my account details upon contact for further assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-jcamron on mercredi 25 avril 2018 15:07
My Discount Tire card has been incorrectly closed, and I wish to request to have it reinstated. I have been a customer for over 18 years, consistently maintaining a low to no balance. Recently, I received a letter stating that my account was closed due to my credit score, even though my credit score is currently one of the highest it has been in years. This closure not only impacts my credit score negatively but also hinders my husband's ability to purchase much-needed new tires for his car. This card has been our go-to for car-related expenses, and I am surprised by the treatment I have received as a loyal and long-standing customer. If my request is still denied, I kindly ask for the account closure reason to be updated to "closed by customer" rather than "closed by company." Any assistance with this matter would be greatly valued. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman652897 on jeudi 3 mai 2018 15:13
Hello, I am reaching out regarding my Ebay Extras MasterCard, issued by Synchrony through PayPal. Upon checking online for my first payment due date, I found none listed. Despite this, I made a payment. When I checked the following month, I saw my due date was May 2nd and a late fee was charged on May 5th. I am frustrated as I started paying early in April for caution. I did not see an option to set a due date initially. Could you kindly waive the late fee this once? I usually make timely and substantial payments. Can I change my due date to the 6th each month since I receive my paycheck on the 3rd or 4th? I appreciate your prompt assistance. You can contact me via my account email. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Regards, Laurie S.
Reported by GetHuman659248 on samedi 5 mai 2018 17:35
Hello, my name is Jake L. Ellerbee. I have recently faced issues with my Walmart credit card due to rejected payments. Despite my consistent on-time payments through auto payments from my bank, my Discover card payment was rejected. Discover eventually paid $2,[redacted], and the payment went through smoothly. The rejection led to the loss of my Walmart card, with a customer service representative citing "insufficient funds." This situation has impacted me negatively, affecting my credit score and hindering my debt repayment efforts. I am seeking clarity on this matter beyond the generic explanation of insufficient funds. I intend to reach out to Discover as well. Thank you for addressing my concerns. Jake
Reported by GetHuman-jakeelle on lundi 7 mai 2018 23:02
I recently contacted Synchrony Bank regarding a $9.59 balance on my Lowe's credit card that appeared out of the blue. The account had been closed in [redacted] due to inactivity, and I thought I had paid off the balance back then. Surprisingly, I never received any communication from Synchrony about this outstanding amount until it affected my credit report while applying for a home loan. When I called to settle the $9.59, I encountered conflicting information from a manager at Synchrony about when I could expect a paid in full letter. Despite being told initially that I would receive the letter immediately, I was later informed that it would take 21 days due to their policy. Frustrated by the delay, I felt compelled to make the payment over the phone, as the manager claimed their system was down to process the payment instantly. I intend to resolve this issue promptly to secure my home loan.
Reported by GetHuman-lee_jodi on vendredi 1 juin 2018 23:11
Every time I try to log into my account, I am prompted to reset my password. After going through the password reset process multiple times and receiving confirmation that my new password was accepted, the system still redirects me to the "Reset Password" page upon logging in. I have attempted to access my account using different browsers and search engines, but the issue persists. Despite investing significant time in long customer support calls and following instructions to reset my password repeatedly, I continue to encounter the same problem. I am frustrated and seeking assistance to resolve this issue promptly. I simply want to access my account without the unnecessary inconvenience of resetting my password each time I log in. Your help in addressing this matter and restoring my account access without further password resets would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman744484 on dimanche 3 juin 2018 05:44
I recently received a late payment notice on my credit report that negatively impacted my credit score. I have always made timely payments and even paid off my balance in full twice. The late payment was a result of not knowing how to pay Synchrony Bank due to not receiving any communication from them and also because my bank card was stolen at that time. I urge Synchrony Bank to retract the delinquency notice sent to all major credit reporting agencies. The late payment is reflected on my TransUnion credit report from January [redacted], causing a significant drop in my credit score. This has made it difficult for me to secure a rental property. I kindly request assistance in resolving this issue promptly. Thank you, Pierre K.
Reported by GetHuman497767 on vendredi 8 juin 2018 17:25
I recently received a letter from Synchrony Financial addressed to Donna Semm, my late mother-in-law. The letter inquires about the status of check #[redacted]9 for $50 dated June 19, [redacted], and states that if left unanswered, it may be remitted to the State of Arizona. Donna Semm passed away in March [redacted] while battling Alzheimer's, and I held power of attorney at the time. I am uncertain if the check was ever received. The likelihood is that it pertains to her JCP account, which she may have overpaid. Although the letter appears authentic, I remain somewhat doubtful. The document requests to be returned to an address in Pennsylvania, while online sources list Synchrony's headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. My inquiries are: (1) Is the Pennsylvania address a valid Synchrony location? If legitimate, (2) must a copy of the trust be included with the form submission?
Reported by GetHuman-rmueda on vendredi 8 juin 2018 18:22
I recently applied for a LOWES credit card but was declined. I didn't need it and bought my new washer and dryer elsewhere. I have other cards with Synchrony Bank, all with perfect payment history, and a credit score of [redacted]. Why was I turned down by Lowes? I hope to avoid this issue with you in the future. Please confirm via mail at 30 Richard Circle, Woburn, MA [redacted], and email below. I prefer Home Depot where I have a $[redacted] credit limit. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-wwwpqua on jeudi 14 juin 2018 15:16
I encountered issues with my Care Credit payments due to a misunderstanding at the dental office where I opened the account in [redacted]. I believed I would have interest-free payments as long as I didn't miss any. However, I recently discovered I have been charged over $6,[redacted] in interest last year and over $1,[redacted] this year. This came as a shock and is causing me significant distress. As a retiree on a fixed income, the $8,[redacted] outstanding balance is devastating. I am seeking assistance in removing these interest charges and feel I was misled by the dental office and find the repayment system complicated. I have arranged to pay off the balance before the next due date but am struggling with the additional accrued interest. I admit fault for not reviewing my statements carefully, but the consequences are severe. I have tried to address this with Synchrony Bank directly without success. Your help in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Diane.
Reported by GetHuman-ugogirli on lundi 18 juin 2018 19:49
On the 1st of June, I paid off the $[redacted].03 balance on my June statement. The payment was posted on 6/1/18 but later removed on 6/11/18. After confirming with my bank that the money was sent to Synchrony, I contacted them four times. Initially, a supervisor refused to speak with me, and a clerk mentioned it would take 2 days to resolve. After speaking with supervisor Lynne, I was informed it would take an additional 5 days. However, even after waiting for 5 days, the issue persisted. Supervisor Tiffany stated it would be another 5 days to correct. Consequently, my card was declined due to exceeding the limit. Communication with the supervisors at Synchrony seems misleading, and I have decided to file a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. It seems logical to question why someone committing fraud on my account would pay off my June statement.
Reported by GetHuman-margilmo on lundi 25 juin 2018 21:39
I raised a dispute on my Sam's Club card, and despite my clear instructions not to close the card but only resolve the $29 charge, the card got closed. Within 16 hours of this incident, I tried to use the card at the Sam's Club station for gas, only to find it inactive. I contacted Customer Service to express my frustration to both the representative and a supervisor. I am extremely upset, and the fact that it will take 7-10 days to receive a new card just adds to my frustration. I request that this complaint be escalated to the highest level of management available.
Reported by GetHuman-sugilley on samedi 30 juin 2018 18:02
I recently applied for a Walmart credit card and received a letter stating that I was declined due to some credit issues associated with my husband's card under the name Robert E Larson. I am in the process of getting a divorce and aiming for a fresh start come October 4th. I don't think I should be held responsible for my husband's financial troubles, as his situation should not affect my ability to obtain a Walmart credit card for my grocery needs. Currently, I earn close to $15,[redacted] a year, and post-October, my income will increase to $25,[redacted]. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Sheila E Larson.
Reported by GetHuman-nanaskod on mardi 7 août 2018 20:19
I received a letter last week stating that my JC Penney account had been transferred to Midland Funding LLC with a $0.00 balance. However, today I received another letter claiming I owe $[redacted].80 for a charge on my credit card from November 6, [redacted]. I do not dispute the $60.00 charge but I have not received any bills from JC Penney in the past 9 months. Now, I am being asked to pay 9 months worth of interest on a bill I never received. I am willing to pay the original charge, but I believe it is unfair to be charged interest for a bill that was not sent to me for 9 months. The situation seems questionable considering I never received any bills at my residence, otherwise, I would have addressed this much earlier. I make timely payments once I receive the bills.
Reported by GetHuman-grayvick on vendredi 17 août 2018 01:59
I recently discovered that three of my cards, Rooms to Go, Belks, and Discount Tire, were from Synchrony Bank. Surprisingly, I wasn't aware that the Belks card was associated with this bank. I always made timely payments, and any balances were quickly settled. Unfortunately, all three cards were closed due to inactivity, despite receiving letters stating otherwise. The closure of these accounts can negatively impact my credit score. If an account is going to be closed due to inactivity, I believe a prior notice should be given to allow the owner a chance to use it and keep it active. I kindly request for my accounts to be reopened. My payment history with Synchrony Bank has been good, and I hope to rectify this situation promptly. Thank you, Baretta W.
Reported by GetHuman-swetnot on mardi 28 août 2018 20:09
To Whom It May Concern, Thank you for taking the time to review my letter. I recently incurred a late fee on my last billing cycle with my PayPal Extra Rewards card. A few months ago, I experienced a layoff from my job. Since then, I have been actively seeking new employment with assistance from the unemployment office. Unfortunately, amidst these challenges, I missed a payment deadline by one day. Acknowledging my oversight, I have now set up recurring payments to prevent any future delays. This incident marks my first missed payment, and I kindly request your assistance in waiving the late fees from my account and credit report. As I am in the early stages of rebuilding my career, maintaining a positive credit score is crucial for my financial stability. If adjusting the lateness with the bureau is not feasible, I would greatly appreciate any goodwill gesture you can offer. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-aeseligm on mardi 28 août 2018 23:22
I accidentally accepted a loan through CareCredit and would like the hard inquiry removed from my credit report. I do not need the loan and prefer it to be removed. CareCredit stated that it cannot be deleted and must expire. I am requesting a deletion letter to be sent to the credit bureaus to protect my credit score. Please advise on the necessary steps. My CareCredit card number is [redacted][redacted], valid through 09/04/18. Does this mean the loan expires then? Kindly email me at [redacted] promptly as that date is approaching, and I seek clarification before then. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman1057300 on jeudi 30 août 2018 20:26
I recently discussed my accounts and credit score with a representative at my credit union to efficiently pay off my debts, including my Belk's account. I was surprised to find an outstanding former Belk's account on my credit report that I believed was settled. I urgently need this matter resolved promptly. Despite my repeated attempts at contacting 1-[redacted] today, I was unable to reach a representative due to the unhelpful automated service disconnecting my calls each time. This technical issue has been very frustrating. I have exhausted my efforts in trying to resolve this independently. The account number in question is [redacted] which I paid off completely several years ago. I request a receipt as proof of payment for this account. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Sincerely, R.A. Vinyard.
Reported by GetHuman-knowgsus on mercredi 12 septembre 2018 02:23
I recently received a letter with a contact number to call, but as a deaf individual, I faced challenges understanding the information over the phone. Despite returning a card in July, I now find myself being asked to pay additional charges. I am frustrated by the lack of communication and clarity, as well as the absence of billing statements during the three months I held the card. I am seeking assistance to obtain the necessary statements for May, June, and July to resolve the payment discrepancy and avoid late fees. It is disheartening to feel taken advantage of due to my disability, and I hope to receive prompt assistance to address this issue swiftly and effectively.
Reported by GetHuman1134823 on mercredi 12 septembre 2018 20:26

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