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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about T-Mobile customer service, archive #15. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported December 24, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I had an appointment to buy Air Pods and received a call from Nicole informing me that the product was ready for pick up. Despite the terrible holiday traffic, I made it to the [redacted] South Dixie Hwy location only to be told by a CSR that the product was sold out. They suggested I drive 15-20 miles to another T Mobile store, facing more traffic. It was frustrating to risk traveling that far just to hear the same news. It's disappointing that the manager couldn't secure the item at their own store. Not being able to get this gift for my mother is disheartening, especially as loyal customers of T Mobile. Customer service is crucial to my wife and me, and we hope this matter can be resolved. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-waltha on الإثنين ٢٤ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ ١٩:١٣
I have already made three phone calls today, starting at 10:30 AM. Each call lasted at least 20 minutes. The first call with Stephen ended abruptly when I requested to speak to a manager. Then, I spoke with a manager named Mike, ID #[redacted]. Although he was helpful, I was put on hold and eventually transferred to a message saying all representatives were busy. Lastly, I spoke with Ryan, ID #[redacted], who did not let me speak and heightened my frustration. This last call concluded at 11:30 AM today. My only request is to have my service restored. I usually set up automatic payments using my credit card on file with T-Mobile. However, the recent payment did not go through due to overspending during Christmas. I have since paid down the balance and requested for the payment to be processed, but have had no success with the representatives I spoke to. Kind regards, Johanna
Reported by GetHuman1834604 on الأربعاء ٢٦ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ ٢٠:١٧
I experienced a warranty issue with my iPhone 6s Plus due to overheating, and T-Mobile sent a replacement to the nearest store. While I am on vacation in Europe, my daughter tried to exchange the phone at the store, but the employee refused to exchange it, even though the 6s Plus had the same IMEI number for the warranty. This store employee previously made a mistake when she assisted me with a nano SIM for my S8 Plus by not properly linking it to my phone, causing it not to work. I contacted T-Mobile, and now I have to cut my vacation short to handle these issues. I am frustrated with the poor customer service I have received from this store employee named Kendall and her manager Josh at the Lincoln Village store in West Columbus, Ohio. I have a valid warranty for the phone and just want it exchanged for the one T-Mobile sent. My daughter went to the store with the 6s Plus under her phone number [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman1837787 on الخميس ٢٧ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ ٠٤:١٤
I experienced unprofessional customer service again. Last night, I called and was disconnected by representatives David and Zack. They were not attentive and abruptly ended the call, making me dial in again. After waiting for 15 to 20 minutes, they placed me on hold without addressing my issue. Despite having 5 lines with T-Mobile, there is no evident customer appreciation. It is frustrating to lodge complaints via email and wait for a response. I have been waiting for weeks without a callback for previous inquiries. It feels like T-Mobile is neglecting their customers due to their size. I hope to receive a prompt response today; otherwise, I may explore other providers. Currently, I still have 3 or 4 unresolved issues, making me reconsider continuing with this service.
Reported by GetHuman-oat on الخميس ٢٧ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ ١٤:١٣
I closed my T-Mobile account, which my son and his wife used since [redacted], on 02-Nov-[redacted]. The account was settled for $77.00 via Visa Payment after speaking with representatives who assured me that was the final balance. However, I received a bill for $[redacted].73 on 12/15/[redacted] without an explanation. The account is closed, and I am seeking clarification via email. Our interactions with T-Mobile representatives led us to leave after 20 years of service.
Reported by GetHuman1842990 on الخميس ٢٧ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ ٢٠:٠٤
I recently renewed my auto-pay prepaid account on December 24th. However, I received a message informing me that my account was suspended. Despite contacting customer service, I was simply told not to worry about it. Subsequently, I have been unable to send text messages. Despite attempting to troubleshoot by turning off and on text message send/receive options, I continue to receive an active text messaging block notification. Despite making numerous calls to T-Mobile, I have been met with hang-ups or lack of assistance. A visit to a T-Mobile store yielded no solutions as I was informed that, due to the prepaid nature of my account, they were unable to help. I have also received multiple messages about owing $1.00 on my account. Since experiencing these issues, I have become incredibly frustrated. I have always been a satisfied T-Mobile customer until now. If my account cannot be resolved, I request a refund of my payment as I am considering switching to another phone service provider.
Reported by GetHuman-wta on الجمعة ٢٨ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ ٠٣:٠١
I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus more than two years ago from T-Mobile. After 14 months of use, the phone was damaged, and I didn't refill my account as it was broken. Recently, I had it repaired by someone and now T-Mobile is refusing to unlock it even though I have paid over $[redacted] for it and owe nothing. Despite my numerous calls to customer service, tech support, and a manager, they are giving me the runaround. They claim I need an active account, make a payment of $[redacted], or have data on the device to unlock it. The reference number from the email I received is [redacted]8 and the IMEI number is [redacted][redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-pipeone on الإثنين ٣١ ديسمبر ٢٠١٨ ١٦:١٤
I tried contacting T-Mobile customer service without success. I purchased an unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 from someone a year ago. Recently, I inserted an AT&T SIM card after performing a factory reset, but the phone now requests a SIM network pin at startup. I reached out to customer service to request a new unlock pin, and they assured me that there would be no issue providing it. Despite their promises, I have not received the unlock pin via email as promised. I provided my email address ([redacted]) and the phone's IMEI number ([redacted][redacted]) to the representative. I am kindly requesting T-Mobile to resend the SIM network unlock pin to my email to resolve this issue. Thank you for your assistance.
Reported by GetHuman-nathanfb on الثلاثاء ١ يناير ٢٠١٩ ١٩:١٧
Good morning, On December 27th, I switched from Metro PCS to your service hoping for better. What seemed like a simple process at the North Miami store #[redacted] turned into a nightmare. While my number transferred, my husband's did not, causing much stress. I was told to give him the sim card to activate on December 28th, but it didn't work. It has been 5 days, and after numerous calls to customer service without a clear resolution, my husband is left without a working number. I have a ticket number #[redacted]8, but communication has been lacking. We also experienced a double charge due to an employee error. I urge for immediate resolution and compensation for the inconvenience. Thank you, Elizabeth F. [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-pi_colin on الأربعاء ٢ يناير ٢٠١٩ ١٦:٥٨
I have been a Consumer Cellular customer for over a year. I use T-Mobile as one of the providers. My phone number in the U.S. is [redacted], and a second phone on my account is [redacted]. I go by the name Susan C. and reside in Barre, MA [redacted]. Prior to moving to Tirana, Albania on 12/31/[redacted], I visited a Worcester, MA Target store as advised by Consumer Cellular to get an international SIM card installed for overseas use. The staff at the store failed to mention that I needed to agree to install the new system before leaving the USA. This oversight resulted in service disruptions once I arrived in Albania. I received notifications regarding the transfer of my phone number, but since 1/1/19 I have encountered issues with receiving texts, calls, and accessing certain services. I'm unable to contact my bank, Consumer Cellular, or use my Gmail due to text blocks.
Reported by GetHuman-susandco on السبت ٥ يناير ٢٠١٩ ٢٠:٥٢
I encountered an issue with T-Mobile when I had to wait outside my bank for an hour. This was due to not receiving a code my bank sent via message as T-Mobile may have blocked short-term messaging. After a lengthy phone call with my bank, I contacted T-Mobile. Although the automated system mentioned a 7-minute wait, I was on hold for 20 minutes. When I finally spoke with a representative and provided my details as an authorized user, I was unable to access the account without the primary account holder's last four social security numbers. This security measure caused a delay of an hour and 30 minutes, preventing me from withdrawing money. While I appreciate security precautions, it was frustrating to be unable to access funds despite being an authorized user. This unexpected inconvenience led to wasted time at the bank and a return trip needed to access the ATM.
Reported by GetHuman1906418 on الأحد ٦ يناير ٢٠١٩ ٠٠:٢٩
T-Mobile and UPS I understand that maybe they won't see this, but I will vent: I have always been a practical person with dreams and hopes like anyone else (a house, a car, a cruise, a trip to Disney with my kids, to Niagara Falls) some achieved, others hoped for... Many people criticized me because I told my kids, especially Nicole, my youngest daughter (10 years old today), that the tooth fairy was just her dad putting 2 dollars under the pillow, that the three kings only existed in the Bible, and that the toys she received were either bought by us with effort and love or gifted by someone. No leaving grass, candy, or water for camels (if that's their custom, I respect it), no making lists for Santa or the three kings. This year Nicole wanted a tablet, and because she is a good girl, helpful, studious, independent, loving, and very tech-savvy, we wanted to please her. We ordered it from T-Mobile (whom I have been a client of for years), they promised it would arrive on the 26th, it didn't arrive, they said the order was wrongly processed by an employee. We tried again, and they promised it would arrive on the 2nd, it didn't. On the 4th, we received a notification that it would be delivered by UPS, I stayed home all day to receive it, but it didn't come. On the 5th, both companies said they would open an investigation to see what happened with the package. On the 25th, all the children with their gifts, today, January 6th, too, and my daughter... thankfully, I always speak to her clearly, and her self-esteem doesn't rely on anything or anyone but herself. She appreciates the effort we made to please her. I hope all the other children can enjoy their day today, even if mine spends the day with her father's phone or watching TV with us.
Reported by GetHuman-edilania on الأحد ٦ يناير ٢٠١٩ ٠٨:١١
On December 13th, when I turned 55, T-Mobile customer service offered me a deal for 2 lines at $70 and an additional line for $20, totaling $90 under their 55+ discount. Despite accepting this offer, my bill remains at $[redacted], which is more than what I originally paid. I have contacted customer service multiple times to resolve this issue to no avail. This whole situation has been disappointing, especially coming from a company known for its customer service. My plan is linked to phone number [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman1927076 on الأربعاء ٩ يناير ٢٠١٩ ٠١:١٤
My name is Laylonnie Flowers. I had an appointment and gave a T-Mobile worker $1,[redacted].99 in cash for the Gold iPhone XS Max with 512GB, paid in full retail price, along with a clear case. When I arrived, the worker was not there, and I was informed that he no longer works there. I am requesting the Gold iPhone XS Max 512GB with the clear case that I paid for. If not, I will consider legal action against your company. The closest T-Mobile store to me is in Baldwin Hills Mall. Please ensure that the phone I purchased is available there for my daughter, Solai Flowers, to pick up as I will be at work. Kindly email me back as soon as possible at [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-bombashn on الأربعاء ٩ يناير ٢٠١٩ ٠٥:٢٦
T Mobile has been the most frustrating experience of my life. From start to finish, the incompetence is unbelievable. I had multiple failed attempts to get my phone turned on, even with the help of supervisors. To make matters worse, I had to physically go to a store to prove my purchase, which I made directly over the phone with T Mobile. They couldn't even change my due date properly, leading to unexpected charges. Despite numerous follow-ups, they failed to resolve the issue, and now I've received a notice that my services will be cut off due to unpaid fees that T Mobile neglected to charge me for. Dealing with this company has been a nightmare and a complete lack of professionalism. I advise others to steer clear of T Mobile at all costs.
Reported by GetHuman1934041 on الخميس ١٠ يناير ٢٠١٩ ٠٠:٤١
Regarding your previous T-Mobile SIM Unlock Request with Reference Number [redacted]0 for the iPhone XS Max with IMEI [redacted][redacted]. This device is being used by PANARES, Bonifacio with active plan and phone number [redacted]. Despite sending SMS messages for usage, the unlock request cannot be processed currently. The account must meet specific criteria including being active, having usage with refills amounting to $[redacted] or more, and not exceeding 2 unlock requests in the past year. The required refills apply to each device requesting unlocking. Kindly resubmit the request once these conditions are met.Thank you. Customer Service, T-Mobile USA, Inc.
Reported by GetHuman1973474 on الأربعاء ١٦ يناير ٢٠١٩ ٠١:٢٦
Hello, I'm Laura Vine, and I live in the UK with my boyfriend. We own a condo in Santa Monica, CA, where we use T-Mobile prepaid service for our cellphones while visiting. Recently, my boyfriend tried to switch to T-Mobile's new eSIM service using the app but faced issues with payment processing. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, we ended up being charged thrice for a single eSIM purchase, although the app only provided a new number on the last try ([redacted]). We are seeking a refund for the extra charges or credit for future use, considering we only needed one eSIM. The payment was made from our joint account (OneWest, account number [redacted]6). We appreciate T-Mobile's usual excellent service and hope to resolve this issue promptly. Feel free to reach out if more information is required. Thank you, Laura Vine
Reported by GetHuman1993107 on السبت ١٩ يناير ٢٠١٩ ٠٠:٠٩
I created a T-Mobile account on 8/2/18 at the Johnson City, NY store. During the transaction, I was provided with only one shipping label and was informed that the other label would be emailed to me. I received an email titled "UPS Shipment Label Notification" on 8/7/18. Subsequently, I sent an iPhone 5s using the provided USPS label on 8/27/18, and the $[redacted] credit was issued for it on 9/1/18. However, upon mailing an iPhone 6s with the UPS label on 8/28/18, it went missing. Despite efforts including contacting UPS and T-Mobile, the phone could not be located. A T-Mobile research request was made on 10/29/18, but it revealed no record of the phone. I expect the $[redacted] credit to be applied to my account promptly, along with any adjustments for the payments made for the equipment during this time. I am unable to visit the local store due to time and financial constraints. Your prompt resolution is anticipated within 7-10 business days. Thank you, K. G.
Reported by GetHuman2001301 on الأحد ٢٠ يناير ٢٠١٩ ١٦:٠٢
In December [redacted], I visited the T-Mobile store in Florence, SC at Magnolia Mall to trade my iPhone 8 Plus for an iPhone XR. The T-Mobile representatives informed me that if I added a new phone line and purchased another device, I would receive a free 50" Samsung TV. Trusting this, I bought a new Galaxy Samsung S9 and added a line to my account. However, in January, I was informed via chat with a T-Mobile expert that I was not eligible for the TV due to an overdue balance on my account, which was not disclosed to me earlier. Also, I never received the prepaid label and instructions via email to return my old iPhone 8 Plus. Feeling deceived and responsible for paying for the Samsung S9 and still having the iPhone 8 Plus, I removed the extra line on January 21st, [redacted]. I am requesting the prepaid label to return the iPhone 8 Plus and to receive the promised Samsung TV. If necessary, I am open to exploring other phone carriers due to this disappointing experience with T-Mobile.
Reported by GetHuman2008652 on الإثنين ٢١ يناير ٢٠١٩ ١٦:٣٦
I had a disappointing experience at a T-Mobile store recently. My daughter was promised a free Apple Watch with the purchase of the iPhone 8 Plus, along with a free case and power bank. However, when we received the bill, we were charged for everything, including a leather case that was never received. The manager apologized and removed the charges, but they still appeared on the next bill. After multiple calls and a visit to the store, the charges were still there until another manager intervened. The whole process was time-consuming and frustrating, and it has made me consider switching to another provider. The lack of professionalism and follow-through in resolving the issue has left me very dissatisfied with T-Mobile, despite being a long-time customer.
Reported by GetHuman-stacieys on الخميس ٢٤ يناير ٢٠١٩ ١٥:٢٤

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