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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about TJ Maxx customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported June 2, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Subject: Disappointing Tjmaxx Order I have been a loyal Sierra customer for a decade and I recently placed an order with Tjmaxx using a gift card. However, the items I received were not satisfactory. The shipment included random items like deodorants, a kids' ball, laundry detergent bottles without proper packaging, and spilled cleaning products. Unfortunately, I did not receive the nightgown, jeans, backpack, earrings, and outdoor pillows that I had ordered. This experience has been disappointing and frustrating, especially on my birthday. I hope Tjmaxx can learn from Sierra's customer service. Sincerely, Natalia Breuer
Reported by GetHuman741314 on शनिवार, २ जून २०१८, रात २:४४ बजे
Account ending in [redacted] I contacted customer service on 4/17/[redacted] to set up recurring deductions from my checking account by Synchronicity Bank for $47 on the 26th of each month with confirmation number [redacted]2. I closed my account recently due to financial changes and submitted a form with my new bank information on April 27th. Despite enrolling in a Customer Assistance Plan with Synchronicity Bank, the latest letter on 6/19/[redacted] acknowledged my recurring payments, but when I called customer service, they had no record of it. I've reached out multiple times with no resolution. Can someone please assist me? Thank you, Shelley S. from Hutto, TX
Reported by GetHuman261201 on शुक्रवार, ६ जुलाई २०१८, रात ९:२० बजे
I visited the 59th street location in NYC today. As a regular customer, I've noticed a decline in the sales staff and store condition over the past year. Today's experience was particularly disappointing. The sales help was loud, gossiping, and complaining while checking out customers. They even joked over the loudspeaker to rush closing. My cashier had to ask another employee to find a missing item part, who complained about being tired and not wanting to work. Such unprofessional behavior and the disorganized store are concerning. Seeing the dedication of the dressing room staff shows that proper training works. A review of the customer service at the register and on the floor is needed for improvement. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-asrabin on सोमवार, ९ जुलाई २०१८, रात २:०३ बजे
I completed an online purchase with TJMaxx on August 17, paying with my TJXRewards credit card. The transaction was processed through Paypal. Despite this being a TJMaxx purchase, I only received 1x Reward point instead of the expected 5x points. When I contacted Customer Services, I was informed that using Paypal invalidated the additional points. I strongly believe that as the items were purchased from TJMaxx, I should be eligible for the full 5x points. As a loyal customer, I am disheartened by this discrepancy and would like to register a formal complaint. I kindly request a review of this issue and would appreciate an email response regarding the resolution.
Reported by GetHuman-ruthcohe on शुक्रवार, ३१ अगस्त २०१८, दोपहर ३:२२ बजे
I am writing to share my recent experience at the TJMaxx store in Manassas Sowder Village Square. During my visit last weekend, I observed an employee, presumably the manager, who was loud and seemed more focused on chatting with the staff than assisting customers, causing delays at the cashier and ignoring patrons in need. Upon my return on 10-12-18, I noticed the same employee displaying unprofessional behavior by prioritizing offering help to a passerby while ignoring my presence as a customer. His lack of attention, disorganization, and self-centered demeanor were disappointing and disruptive to the store's environment. I believe his conduct towards customers and staff warrants attention and am sharing my encounter to highlight the need for improved customer service in the establishment. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-actgilli on शनिवार, १३ अक्टूबर २०१८, दोपहर ४:२० बजे
Hello, I recently placed an order for a high waist pant online on 10/11/[redacted], and upon receiving my package, it was empty with only the receipt inside. I tried reaching out to customer service, but since it was the weekend, I was unable to get assistance. When I contacted the TJMaxx Memphis store, the individual who answered my call was quite rude and abruptly hung up on me while I was explaining the issue. I called back, and another person answered, said something unintelligible, and disconnected the call. I am reaching out to TJ Maxx to address this situation and take the necessary steps to resolve it. As a loyal customer who frequently shops at TJMaxx, this experience has been disappointing and confusing for me as it is my first encounter with such an issue. Thank you, R.D. Graduate Student
Reported by GetHuman1382818 on शनिवार, २० अक्टूबर २०१८, रात ८:०८ बजे
Tonight, I had a negative experience at TJ Maxx in Zanesville, Ohio. When I inquired about Rae Dunn items, the store associate was rude and dismissive, only mentioning candles. I noticed a few boxes left and politely asked about the restocking schedule. While walking away, I overheard him being disrespectful to his trainee, setting a poor example of customer service. Upon circling back, I saw him concealing mugs, refusing to give them to me until he shelved them, and making inappropriate comments. Despite understanding challenging customers, I felt unfairly treated and stereotyped. The store's policy of not allowing customers to touch items on a gray cart also added to my frustration. Despite raising my concerns with the manager, I was disappointed by the lack of action. This experience has soured my desire to return to the Zanesville store.
Reported by GetHuman-megan_ho on मंगलवार, २३ अक्टूबर २०१८, रात ३:५९ बजे
Hello, I am reaching out to share my recent experience at a local TJMaxx store. I encountered a "Mis-tagged" item situation that was handled poorly, leaving me feeling humiliated. As a regular weekly shopper who spends a significant amount of money at TJMaxx, this incident was quite disappointing, especially since it happened in front of my children. I kindly request that this matter be addressed promptly. If possible, could a representative kindly contact me to discuss this further? You can reach me at +[redacted]5. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-cahutt on शनिवार, २७ अक्टूबर २०१८, दोपहर ११:२० बजे
I recently tried to return a pair of shoes at the store. I approached Pam, explained that I didn't have the receipt but had the card used for purchase. Pam agreed to hold the shoes for exchange. When I was checking out with Shelby E., she returned the shoes with a sensor I didn't put on them. Despite my explanation, Shelby doubted me and involved multiple employees, including Pam, implying I stole them. I pointed out Pam as the one I handed the shoes to immediately, but Pam denied remembering it. Eventually, the manager resolved the situation, and the exchange took place. The way I was treated felt like I was being accused of theft in front of other customers, causing me embarrassment and distress. This experience was upsetting and unnecessary, especially as a loyal customer.
Reported by GetHuman1432732 on शनिवार, २७ अक्टूबर २०१८, रात ९:४९ बजे
While shopping at TJ Maxx in New Bern, my daughter and I were in the jewelry section browsing makeup, wallets, and socks. As we were considering purchasing some earrings, my daughter asked an associate named Helen if we could pay for our items. Helen rudely replied with a "NO" but quickly changed her attitude when she realized I was her mother. Despite her sudden change, her initial rudeness was off-putting, prompting me to decline her assistance and return the earrings. This incident may seem minor, but her behavior was unacceptable. I don't usually write reviews, but I find racism to be a serious issue that needs addressing. I appreciate how my teenage daughter handled the situation with grace and politeness towards the lady, even though she was treated disrespectfully by a staff member.
Reported by GetHuman1435832 on रविवार, २८ अक्टूबर २०१८, शाम ५:२३ बजे
I purchased $[redacted] boots in-store and only realized the issue after wearing them five times, causing the dye to deplete onto everything they touched. Despite trying to return the defective boots, the manager at the Encinitas store was not cooperative. She mentioned they could have helped me without a receipt if they weren't defective. However, since the problem was due to the product's fault and not mine, I believe I deserve compensation, possibly in the form of a $[redacted] gift card from TJmax. After facing difficulties with the day manager, store manager, and customer service hours, I feel neglected by TJmax regarding my concerns.
Reported by GetHuman1460812 on बुधवार, ३१ अक्टूबर २०१८, रात १०:०५ बजे
Hello, I have tried to purchase the same jacket three times, but each time my order gets canceled. I placed the order twice, and then received an email from TJ Maxx suggesting that I should buy it. This has been very frustrating. If the item is out of stock, why is it still appearing on your website? I noticed it was temporarily removed from the site, then reappeared, and I got another email recommending it. I got my hopes up, only to have the item removed from my order again. I really love the jacket and am wondering if it's available in any stores that could ship it to me. The item I'm looking for is the Rachel Zoe plaid retro coat in wine. My previous order number was [redacted], and the item number is [redacted][redacted]. Thank you. Devorie.
Reported by GetHuman-devoriec on गुरूवार, १ नवम्बर २०१८, रात ११:५६ बजे
I have a concern about the HG/TJs location in Eugene, Oregon. The store itself is good, but I believe there are issues with the staff. I witnessed some misconduct last Saturday involving two employees. One of them appeared to be orchestrating a plan to secure all the Rae Dunn items by misleading customers. This employee shared information with a friend about where the items were hidden, while another employee discouraged customers from finding anything good. Eventually, the Rae Dunn items were swiftly taken by the informed friend. Later, I noticed that a full cart of items was rolled out for the same person, who concealed them with a dog bed. The employees involved were Yarami and Conner. It seems like this employee is manipulating situations to acquire all the Rae Dunn merchandise. It would be beneficial if steps were taken to address this behavior and prevent future incidents.
Reported by GetHuman-olsonbet on शनिवार, ३ नवम्बर २०१८, रात ९:०१ बजे
I frequently shop at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods, spending a substantial amount each month. I recently visited the TJ Maxx in Waterbury, Connecticut, to return two items I had purchased the day before with tags still attached and the receipt in hand. Despite having all the necessary items for the return, the male manager refused to process it without the exact items being physically available in the store. The cashier tried to explain that the same Michael Kors coat was in stock at the Southbury, CT, location, but he did not listen and falsely claimed they didn't have it. This incident upset me, leading me to abandon my planned purchases and return to the Southbury store to process the return smoothly. After over 30 years of being a loyal customer, I am disappointed by this experience and have decided not to shop at this location anymore. The manager's name is Mr. Miller.
Reported by GetHuman1547121 on सोमवार, १२ नवम्बर २०१८, रात ८:०७ बजे
Hello, I am Syed from Jordan and I reviewed your company's information on the internet. I am interested in offering my services. I oversee my own business and manage operations in various countries with the help of my team. Currently, I am working in Jordan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other locations. I have a significant amount of garment stock available from different factories in these countries, all of which are ready to ship. The stocks consist of original brands of good quality, some due to canceled orders or excess production quantities. I work with large compliant factories that have expertise in quality control, production, and shipping. Regarding payment, it is crucial. The terms would be 30% advance via TT payment, and the remaining 70% after receiving the Bill of Lading copy. Once you confirm, I can share the stock details with you. If you agree to the payment terms or have any questions, please contact me using the provided details. I look forward to your positive response to proceed. Thank you, Syed Cell: +[redacted]58 Email: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-asherbil on गुरूवार, १५ नवम्बर २०१८, सुबह ७:४८ बजे
I have been a very loyal customer for around 33 years with Sierra Trading Post. I am concerned about the mishandling of my return credits, despite numerous attempts to solve the issue through phone calls and emails with different representatives. Recently, an employee converted some of my Sierra credits into TJ Maxx gift card numbers, but it seems that not all credits were transferred correctly. During my latest attempt to use my credits, an error occurred where the credit number provided was already used. I spoke with Dennis, a supervisor, who assured me he would investigate the matter and update me accordingly, but I never heard back. I reached out to customer service via email but received an unsatisfactory response regarding the inaccurate credit amount provided. The whole experience has been disappointing and lacks the care and attention I expect as a long-term customer. I have encountered better resolution processes with other companies in the past and wished for a similar level of service from Sierra Trading Post. Sincerely, Sharon F.
Reported by GetHuman1587964 on सोमवार, १९ नवम्बर २०१८, दोपहर ४:४७ बजे
I recently had a disappointing experience at the TJ Maxx store in Irvine. I am a frequent shopper at this location, visiting about three times a week. On a particular Tuesday night, I encountered an issue with the coordinator, Juan A. While making a purchase, a pair of women's jeans was mistakenly scanned as men's athletic wear. Juan proceeded to verify the prices of all eight items, leaving us waiting for around 20 minutes. He did not introduce himself, was unfriendly, and displayed unprofessional behavior throughout the interaction. Despite the error being due to mislabeled items, Juan was unwilling to honor the displayed prices, showing a lack of customer service skills. I raised my concerns with the manager, who promised to address the situation. Overall, I was left feeling mistreated and undervalued as a customer by Juan A.
Reported by GetHuman1611363 on शुक्रवार, २३ नवम्बर २०१८, शाम ५:५० बजे
I purchased a Gucci women's wallet mistakenly, thinking it was for men. I need to return it, but I no longer have the compromised card I used. I have a new card linked to the same account. The attached tag indicates online returns only, with refunds going back to the old card. However, I insist on a refund, not store credit, due to the item's price exceeding [redacted] dollars. My options appear to be keeping the wallet (not ideal), losing money by mailing it back, or returning it in-store for a refund to my new card. Returning in-store seems most sensible. I am disappointed by the lack of explanation regarding in-store returns for such pricey items. I hope to resolve this at the store. If not, I may need to escalate this matter to corporate as I trust TJX, a large company, will handle this properly.
Reported by GetHuman1618853 on शनिवार, २४ नवम्बर २०१८, रात १०:०२ बजे
Re: Order number [redacted]. I have received the incorrect order twice. I keep receiving the Christmas tree with lines instead of dots. I have already received this one three times. I am still waiting for the correct one with dots as the tree pattern. When I contacted your customer service line initially, they mentioned an error in picking from the wrong bin. In my most recent call, they stated that the wrong item might be in the incorrect bin and assured me they would investigate and follow up via email on Monday. I understand today is Monday, including Cyber Monday, but I hope for a prompt resolution before the preferred item is out of stock.
Reported by GetHuman-julesk on सोमवार, २६ नवम्बर २०१८, दोपहर ३:३९ बजे
Yesterday, I visited TJ Maxx in Muncie after my college class. I bought a phone case for $19.99 and a North Face jacket for $89.99. The cashier mentioned my total was $[redacted] and some change. I only realized today that this seemed incorrect. Upon checking my receipt, I noticed an additional item priced at $24.99 that I did not purchase. I carefully checked my bag and confirmed only the jacket and phone case were there. The cashier had a minor issue with a girl in front of me, so I'm unsure if the cashier forgot to remove the girl's purchase or accidentally added it to my bill. This experience left me feeling disappointed.
Reported by GetHuman1640806 on मंगलवार, २७ नवम्बर २०१८, रात ९:४२ बजे

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