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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Ticketmaster customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported November 23, 2015 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I purchased tickets for the Coronation Street tour under the impression that it started at 5:30 PM. My confirmation email also indicated that I was scheduled for the 5:10 - 7:00 PM session. However, upon receiving the tickets, I saw that the actual tour time is at 8:50 PM. This is too late for my 9 year old nephew's birthday celebration, which I planned to bring my 7 year old along to as well. The booking process was confusing, and had I known about the late tour time, I would not have made the purchase. Is it possible to change our tickets for an earlier tour or a different date? Thank you. Regards, Clair S.
Reported by GetHuman-clairs on понедельник, 23 ноября 2015 г., 9:25
I am encountering an issue with mobile tickets displaying a "Status: 3 Tickets - Listing will be removed soon" message for the entire day. Although the tickets are not available for purchase on the Ticketmaster website, I need to transfer them. Unfortunately, the Ticketmaster app shows two out of three tickets as grayed out, rendering them unactionable. The third ticket provides the option to list for resale or transfer, but clicking on it prompts me to confirm the action through email. However, the email's link leads to a blank page, making it impossible to proceed.
Reported by GetHuman33120 on среда, 11 января 2017 г., 21:35
I bought 6 tickets for American Idol Live in Napa, CA on July 13, [redacted], using the presale code "IDOLABC" for early access. However, the tickets purchased redirected me to a Kansas City, MO show in August instead of the Napa venue I intended to buy. Both hyperlinks for July 13th in Napa and August 9th in Kansas City led to the Kansas City venue. I contacted the Uptown Theatre in Napa, and they confirmed their website had the correct information. They mentioned that Ticketmaster might have posted the wrong information/hyperlink on their site. I would like my tickets to be transferred to the correct Napa venue, ensuring I have similar or better seats for the Napa theatre.
Reported by GetHuman668330 on среда, 9 мая 2018 г., 1:42
I am seeking a refund for my order number 31-[redacted]/UK3 as I inadvertently received an extra pair of tickets for the Demi Lovato concert at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow on June 13, [redacted]. I carefully selected only one pair of tickets for myself and a friend, but I received an additional set in the mail. This has resulted in me paying double the amount needed, and I now have an unwanted extra set of tickets. I believe this error is on Ticketmaster's part and I kindly request a refund to be credited back to my account. If this refund cannot be processed, it may influence my decision to use Ticketmaster for future ticket purchases. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter promptly.
Reported by GetHuman672529 on четверг, 10 мая 2018 г., 15:50
I purchased four tickets for the John Milton event in San Diego at the beginning of the month for seats on the second floor front row due to my claustrophobia. However, upon arrival, we were informed that we were upgraded to seats on the bottom floor at the back. Despite my request to remain in the front, I was placed at the very back in a first-come, first-serve scenario. The staff explained that these were the only available seats due to the venue not being full. I voiced my dissatisfaction but was not offered a solution. I reached out via email previously without a response, and I hope for a resolution this time. I am seeking a refund as I paid for specific seats that were not provided as requested.
Reported by GetHuman-mcjrodar on вторник, 15 мая 2018 г., 19:49
My wife and I attempted to purchase a ticket for Queen's concert on July 8, [redacted], at Marley Park in Dublin last Saturday. The booking process timed out, and we were instructed to start over, resulting in a double charge to our credit card by your company. Despite trying for three days, we have been unable to reach your customer service team. It is frustrating that the number we were told to call is the same as the one we are already dialing. We request a refund for one of the duplicate charges made to our credit card. The booking references in question are 26-[redacted]/UK2 and 26-[redacted]/UK2. If we do not receive a prompt refund, we will proceed with legal action against your company. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-declancl on вторник, 5 июня 2018 г., 17:49
Hello, My name is Lucas Meyer, and my email is [redacted] I used to own a Roblox account called Grimly_Reaper, which was deleted nearly a year ago in July due to unauthorized purchases. After being disciplined by my father, I was given permission to regain access to my account. Despite numerous attempts to contact the Roblox phone line, I have been unable to speak to a representative. I am seeking assistance in reactivating my account with the permission of my father. Emails to customer support have only yielded automated responses. I am hoping for someone from Roblox customer service to reach out to me directly to help resolve this matter promptly. Regards, Lucas Meyer
Reported by GetHuman784784 on четверг, 14 июня 2018 г., 18:24
I purchased 2 tickets for the Pearl Jam show in Rome on June 26th from Ticketmaster.it back in mid-December. I opted for courier delivery and paid extra for it. However, despite my account indicating that the tickets were dispatched, I never received any notification with a tracking number. I have been reaching out to customer support via email for the past 3 months with no other means of contact. I followed their request to send a signed declaration, but there has been no progress. I receive the same apology emails stating it is a lengthy process. The show is approaching in less than two weeks, and I am scheduled to fly from Malta to Rome for it. The uncertainty of whether we will get the tickets or be refunded is causing me great frustration.
Reported by GetHuman786713 on пятница, 15 июня 2018 г., 9:14
I am experiencing an issue with my Kathy Griffin concert tickets. They were on my phone for over a week, but now they have disappeared. I have the receipt number [redacted] and PIN [redacted]. I paid for insurance on the tickets, but I am unable to reach anyone for help at the moment. I need assistance as soon as possible, as this concert is very important to me and my friends. I would appreciate it if the tickets could be restored on my phone promptly. Thank you for your help.
Reported by GetHuman-eham on пятница, 15 июня 2018 г., 11:33
I attempted to purchase tickets for the Saturday 8:00 show but encountered an issue with my credit card being out of date during payment. Despite the time running out, I managed to secure tickets after re-entering my credit card details. Unfortunately, upon arrival at the 8:00 show, I was informed that the tickets were actually for the earlier show. This mix-up resulted in me having to purchase new tickets at the venue, in addition to the ones I bought online. I reached out to a Ticketmaster representative who was unhelpful and claimed they couldn't assist me. Feeling frustrated about the situation and the $[redacted].00 spent unnecessarily, I seek assistance or resolution regarding this matter.
Reported by GetHuman805917 on четверг, 21 июня 2018 г., 5:48
A friend of mine from Spain bought tickets to the Little Mix Summer Hits tour in Maidstone for her daughter and friends, using my name and address to receive them. The order numbers were 34-[redacted]/UK4 and 34-[redacted]/UK, paid for by Marina Sanchis Martinez. I received wristbands in the mail from LHG Ltd but there was no information about the event. I thought it was a scam and threw them away. Recently my friend asked about the tickets, and I realized my mistake. Despite contacting Ticketmaster, they said the wristbands couldn't be re-issued. I'm devastated for my friend's daughter who was excited for the concert. I understand it's my fault, but I hope Ticketmaster can consider re-issuing the wristbands or refunding the money. Thank you for your understanding. - JG
Reported by GetHuman821534 on вторник, 26 июня 2018 г., 10:26
I recently bought tickets for the Christy Moore concert at Carrickdale Hotel in Dundalk. I received the following details in my confirmation email: Order number: 25-[redacted]/UK2 Location: Carrickdale Hotel, Dundalk Concert Date: July 07, [redacted] @ 8:00pm Section: UNRES, Quantity: 2 I'm worried that I might not receive my tickets in time for the event. The email mentioned that if the tickets don't arrive 7 to 10 days before the concert, I should contact customer support. This is the first time I've had an issue with Ticketmaster, and I hope it can be resolved soon. Thank you for your assistance. Brian A.
Reported by GetHuman-baherne on пятница, 29 июня 2018 г., 9:38
Could you please provide me with information regarding a LP concert ticket in Switzerland on 29/07/[redacted] at Estavayer Le Lac Estivale Open Air? The ticket number is [redacted] for an Adult (16 years and older) at CHF 59.00 with the barcode *+DAH6OY4B*. I received the concert ticket on Tuesday, 03/07/[redacted], which I purchased online using a credit card. When I bought it, there were two ticket types available: one for under 16s and regular tickets for 16 years and older, and the other for under 16s and 16 years and older, marked as "fan tickets" which were more expensive. I fear I might have purchased the wrong ticket as I wanted the more expensive fan ticket. I hope to receive your response soon and if I made an error, I hope there are still fan tickets available, even though they are more costly.
Reported by GetHuman853006 on четверг, 5 июля 2018 г., 21:58
I purchased a ticket for Latitude festival at the end of April, but I never received a confirmation email confirming the transaction. Even though £[redacted] was deducted from my account, I received an email indicating a payment issue. Despite reaching out to Ticketmaster and them promising to follow up within a few days, I didn't hear back. When I called them again after a week, they mentioned the relevant department was unavailable and they would return my call, which hasn't happened. The festival is approaching next Thursday, but I am still without a ticket and uncertain about the status of my order. Despite highlighting the urgency of the matter over the phone, there has been no resolution. I am seeking a refund for the amount debited from my account so I can secure another ticket in time for Wednesday or arrange for a pickup. I sincerely hope to have this matter resolved promptly. Thank you, Joy.
Reported by GetHuman-joyblum on воскресенье, 8 июля 2018 г., 16:28
I bought tickets to see Joan Jett in April [redacted], which were supposed to come with a "swag bag," but I never got the items. I contacted supervisor Nathan from Ticketmaster on July 10th, and he mentioned he would look into sending me the items or refunding the ticket price. However, I never received an email update as promised. I then spoke to supervisor Marco on July 12th, who said he would escalate the issue for a refund and follow up within 24 hours, but I did not receive any further communication. I am very frustrated with the lack of progress and constant back and forth. I would appreciate any assistance resolving this matter promptly. Thank you - J. McClaskey
Reported by GetHuman-ejmacfar on четверг, 19 июля 2018 г., 17:59
Hello, I purchased 5 tickets for the "Imagine Dragons" concert in April with the exact date being the 9th. My order number is E3 [redacted]89. On the 10th, I received an email with the tracking details stating that the tickets were delivered to the caretaker of my building at Via San Mamete 51, [redacted] Milano. However, my caretaker always leaves mail in my personal mailbox. In June, not having received the package, I contacted Ticketmaster and GLS to explain that the tickets never arrived. Ticketmaster forwarded me the caretaker's signature, which, as I suspected, was just a scribble. I then contested the signature with Ticketmaster and declared that the tickets were not delivered. I am still awaiting a response. What should I do?
Reported by GetHuman-zanettie on понедельник, 30 июля 2018 г., 17:14
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich habe bei der Buchung von drei Karten für Bremen Ole (Kundennummer [redacted]) ein Problem festgestellt. Nachdem es bei meiner ersten Buchung (#[redacted]1) Zahlungsschwierigkeiten gab und die Bestellung nicht abgeschlossen wurde, habe ich es erneut versucht (Auftrag [redacted]3) und war dieses Mal erfolgreich bei der Bezahlung. Etwa 30 Minuten später erhielt ich auch für die erste Bestellung eine Bestellbestätigung sowie die Tickets als e-Ticket. Heute werden wir die Karten für Auftrag [redacted]3 verwenden. Bitte stornieren Sie den Auftrag mit der Nummer [redacted]1. Ich danke Ihnen im Voraus! Mit freundlichen Grüßen, E. Friedrich
Reported by GetHuman978761 on суббота, 11 августа 2018 г., 11:52
I contacted Ticketmaster last Monday regarding my inability to attend the Britney Spears concert at Manchester Arena on August 18th due to a severe Crohn’s disease flare-up. I was initially assured over the phone that I would receive a refund and an email confirmation. Unfortunately, no email was received. Upon calling again today, I was informed that a refund was not possible due to the proximity to the event date. This situation is distressing as I not only miss out on a long-awaited event but also face a financial loss of £[redacted], which is significant for me. I kindly request a reconsideration of my case and for my seats to be resold. Manchester Arena suggested seeking assistance from Ticketmaster, emphasizing their helpful customer service.
Reported by GetHuman-megancoo on пятница, 17 августа 2018 г., 12:13
Dear Ticketmaster, I am Kevin D. and I am the original owner of tickets for the TI [redacted] Finals, under Ticketmaster order #25-[redacted]/VAN and #25-[redacted]/VAN. The other tickets are registered to Megawati T. I am unable to attend the event due to work commitments. I intended to transfer 3 tickets to either Iwo B. (Peruvian passport #[redacted]) or Evelyn L. (Passport #[redacted]76). I tried to send the tickets to them personally, but they got held up in Canadian customs. Could my friends pick up the tickets at Rogers Arena? Your assistance is greatly appreciated as I did not anticipate this issue with customs. I hope to ensure the tickets do not go to waste since everything has been paid for. Thank you for your help. Best regards, Kevin
Reported by GetHuman-krdarmas on пятница, 17 августа 2018 г., 21:28
Dear Concerned Party, I am Jennifer Porto, and I recently attended the KidzBop concert at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. I feel it is important to convey my experience with you and explore potential ways to address these issues. This visit marked my first time at this venue. I had purchased 4 general admission tickets along with 4 fast pass skip-the-line tickets. Upon arrival, despite our early presence, we encountered a lengthy queue for entry. Despite inquiring about the fast pass line, I was informed by LiveNation staff and venue personnel that no such line existed. Subsequently, we spent nearly an hour in line (resulting in missing part of the show) when we should have had expedited entry as fast pass holders. After entering, due to inclement weather, the lawn area was extremely wet and muddy, creating hazardous conditions where attendees were slipping and falling. Despite the lack of preventive measures such as hay, roped-off sections, or adequate assistance, the situation remained unaddressed, adding to the challenging experience. Typically, I am not inclined to lodge complaints, but the concert's subpar conditions significantly detracted from what should have been an enjoyable and safe outing, especially for my 8-year-old's inaugural concert. I am seeking some form of reimbursement, particularly for the misrepresented "fast pass" service that was not honored. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly valued. Sincerely, Jennifer Porto
Reported by GetHuman-jporto on вторник, 21 августа 2018 г., 0:46

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