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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Turkish Airlines customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported April 12, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Hello, I'm Roman Linard, a Miles&Smile member (Star Alliance Gold) with the number [redacted]72. I've flown with Turkish Airlines many times and found them to be excellent for international economy class travel. The food quality, service, and seat comfort have always been top-notch. Turkish Airlines' safety record and destination options make them a popular choice for travelers. However, as a loyal Miles&Smiles member, I've noticed a disparity in service entitlements. Despite booking a ticket through Miles&Smiles for a Toronto to Kiev trip on April 27, [redacted], I recently needed to travel earlier. When I inquired about changing my ticket to April 24, I was informed that only paying customers could access those available tickets. I was disappointed that, as a loyal customer who accumulates points through considerable spending, I was unable to avail myself of the same options as paying customers. Despite my loyalty to Turkish Airlines and other Star Alliance members, it seems using points rather than cash for tickets limits my flexibility. I reached out to Customer Service but was only offered the choice to buy a new ticket, as changing to a different class with my Award ticket was not possible. As a loyal customer, this experience has left me disillusioned. My reservation code is SZSC3X, and my ticket number is [redacted][redacted]. Thank you. Roman Linard
Reported by GetHuman7294 on मंगलवार, १२ अप्रैल २०१६, रात ३:२५ बजे
I had to obtain a new ESTA, which I did while waiting to board. I submitted it just as they were closing the door, and unfortunately, they didn't allow us to board. Despite having received ESTA approval at 2:31, three minutes before the flight departed at 2:34, they still denied us boarding. Strangely, they were able to retrieve our luggage. We sought help from various stations to rebook another flight without success. Eventually, at the sales desk, we were charged [redacted] Euros for the next available flight on top of everything that occurred. I feel this situation is unjust, and I request a refund of the penalties. I am willing to cover the ticket price difference, but the penalties seem excessive. I seek your assistance in resolving this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-stkalfas on बुधवार, ४ मई २०१६, शाम ५:४७ बजे
Today, we are leaving Kiev to fly to Valencia. We chose Turkish Airlines due to their usual good service and benefits for frequent travelers, like the 10-hour rule and free hotel accommodations. However, our experience this time was disappointing. In Kiev, we were unexpectedly charged 10 Euros for MAU check-in and given seats in different rows for both today's and tomorrow's flights. Upon reaching Istanbul, we were denied the 10-hour rule due to a smaller gap on the following day. Despite needing to depart Kiev today and looking to book a flight for 26/04/[redacted], we faced challenges finding assistance. The Turkish Airlines hotel desk did not allow us to speak with a supervisor or provide a written hotel refusal. Customer service was difficult to find at the airport, with only ticket sale offices available. The line to reach customer service by phone was long, so we ended up booking a hotel, taking a taxi, and leaving the airport.
Reported by GetHuman-grishins on गुरूवार, २६ अप्रैल २०१८, दोपहर २:१४ बजे
On April 12, [redacted], I flew with Turkish Airlines on flight number TK 1 from Skopje to Istanbul, continuing on to New York. At Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Gozen security retained my white Sony Vaio laptop. I left my address information as instructed with the assurance that my laptop would be returned to me in Macedonia within 15 days. It has now been over a year, and despite my previous attempts to contact them, I have not received my laptop back. When I reached out to Gozen Security customer service, they informed me that my laptop was with the Lost and Found office but I have not had any response from them since. I kindly request your assistance in following up with them regarding my issue, as my numerous emails have not yielded any replies.
Reported by GetHuman696494 on शुक्रवार, १८ मई २०१८, दोपहर २:१६ बजे
I contacted the airline multiple times before our flight to confirm arrangements for a bassinet, vegan meal, and baby food. The last call revealed an unexpected charge for the bassinet, and it was no longer available for our departing flight. Although the vegan meal was supposed to be noted, it was missing upon meal service, causing inconvenience. A lengthy delay led to a rushed connection in Istanbul. After being split up, some passengers, including us with a one-year-old, had to wait an additional five hours for the next shuttle. In Rome, we faced issues with a car rental reservation being canceled due to a late arrival, resulting in extra expenses. Unfortunately, contacting the airline in Italy has been challenging, as the calls keep ending abruptly. I am seeking a contact number with an Italian area code for direct assistance. Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated. Thank you. - L.I.
Reported by GetHuman710621 on बुधवार, २३ मई २०१८, दोपहर ११:२५ बजे
On 5th of June, my flight from Tirana to Istanbul to Guangzhou to Ningbo, with Turkish Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines, had complications. In Guangzhou, Shenzhen Airlines staff informed me I needed to claim and recheck my luggage instead of picking it up in Ningbo. Despite the confusion, having a 3-hour layover helped. Now, I have a return flight on 9th of June, Ningbo to Beijing to Istanbul to Tirana, with Eastern China Airlines. I'm unsure about the luggage transfer between the Ningbo-Beijing and Beijing-Istanbul flights with a 2-hour layover in Beijing. Any advice on handling this would be appreciated. My ticket is under my name, Pjerin SHOSHI, with the following ticket numbers: MU5168 on 9th of June - CA/MF64EG, TK021 on 10th of June - TK/TBRNRX, TK1073 on 10th of June - TK/TBRNRX. Thank you for your assistance in resolving this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-pjerin_s on गुरूवार, ७ जून २०१८, शाम ५:११ बजे
I am reaching out for assistance as my husband traveled on a flight from Japan to Brukinafaso on July 1st, yet our four baggages did not arrive at the destination with him. Unfortunately, Turkish Airlines personnel were not present at the Brukinafaso airport, leaving us without a reference number for our missing items. Despite contacting customer service in Japan, we were only informed that the baggages should arrive by July 7th. However, when my husband visited the airport, the baggages were still not there, and no explanations were provided. The Turkish Airlines office in Brukinafaso appears to be closed, impeding our ability to resolve this issue directly. We attempted to call the baggage claim center in Turkey but language barriers hindered communication. As I am currently pregnant, the contents of our baggages are crucial. Urgent assistance in returning our belongings would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-chiloveb on रविवार, ८ जुलाई २०१८, रात २:०१ बजे
On June 6th, during my flight from Erbil, I had an unfortunate experience. I was seated next to a large family, and upon landing, a 10-12 year old boy vomited on me. Dealing with vomit on a flight is common, but being in that situation was a whole new experience for me, especially with 20 more hours of flying ahead. The mother didn't allow me to pass through, and I had to slide through the mess as I exited the plane. When I asked for help at the Turkish customer service and information counter at IST airport, I felt like my concerns were not taken seriously. While boarding the flight to Canada, I encountered more issues with seating and personal space. Despite the efforts of the flight attendants, the overall experience left me feeling humiliated and upset. I hope my feedback will lead to better customer service in the future. -Kelly
Reported by GetHuman895663 on गुरूवार, १९ जुलाई २०१८, सुबह ४:०८ बजे
Hello, I am reaching out to request a change in the date of a ticket purchased by Kateryna Onufriyenko, my sister-in-law. Initially, the order UKA45W included a round-trip from ODS to LAX on July 20 and returning from LAX to ODS on August 22 for three passengers (Kateryna Onufriyenko, Tamara Onufriyenko, Timofii Onufriyenko). Now, we only need to change the return date (LAX to ODS) for Tamara to December 2. Kateryna had already split the order into three tickets, and Tamara's ticket number is [redacted][redacted]. We require an economy flight for Tamara on Sunday, December 2, with a connecting flight in Istanbul. Tamara will need companion service to assist her during the short connection time in Istanbul, as she has a disability. We were informed that the surcharge for changing the return date on our ticket is EUR50. The original price for the return trip was $[redacted], but the new price is $[redacted], resulting in a surcharge of around $1. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman960252 on मंगलवार, ७ अगस्त २०१८, रात १२:२१ बजे
I arranged a ticket for my wife, Mrs. Maram Youssef Ahmed, to visit me in Saint George, Grenada. On the travel day, she received her two boarding passes from Cairo to Istanbul and then to Frankfurt from the Turkish airline booth at Cairo International Airport. However, upon reaching Istanbul for her flight to Frankfurt, she was told she needed a transit visa, which is not accurate according to Frankfurt airport regulations and the German embassy (refer to attached proof). I traveled the same route without a transit visa and faced no issues. Unfortunately, Turkish airline staff prevented her from boarding, causing distress to my wife. Despite her request to return to Cairo, they insisted she purchase a new ticket for about [redacted] USD (receipt attached). I am seeking a full refund for all tickets totaling [redacted] USD.
Reported by GetHuman1036321 on शनिवार, २५ अगस्त २०१८, शाम ७:५६ बजे
My name is S.M.G.U. de Amezcua. On August 7th, I flew from Istanbul to Paris on Flight [redacted] scheduled to depart at 3:30, arriving in Paris at 6:10. The flight was delayed over three hours, arriving at 9:30. I had a connecting flight with Aeromexico Flight No. 4 departing at 11:00 pm. However, I missed the check-in by the time I reached the Aeromexico counter. I had to spend the night at an uncomfortable place called "the library" due to a full hotel at the terminal. After a tiring journey between terminals, Turkish Airlines eventually located my suitcase, providing relief. The TA staff helped me book a new flight from Paris to Mexico with connecting flights. I kindly request compensation for the inconveniences faced and expenses incurred, including items purchased at the airport. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-kurulu on मंगलवार, ४ सितम्बर २०१८, रात २:४४ बजे
I am seeking information regarding a luggage delay that occurred on April 16 & 17, [redacted]. I departed from San Diego on United [redacted] at 2pm, transferred in Chicago for my flight to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines TK8, and further connected to Tel Aviv via TK788. Unfortunately, my luggage did not transition from UAL to TK in Chicago, leading to it arriving a day late and damaged. I am wondering if Turkish Airlines can compensate for the luggage damage or delay. I have insurance that covers some expenses. I spoke with a representative from Turkish Airlines Luggage Department on April 17th or 18th, and they located my luggage, ensuring it was delivered to Tel Aviv a day later. Can you provide any additional details concerning my luggage delay? My details are as follows: Robert R. Trout, [redacted] Borla Place, Carlsbad, CA [redacted], email [redacted], Tel [redacted], and alternate email [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman1108719 on शुक्रवार, ७ सितम्बर २०१८, शाम ५:०७ बजे
Hello, We are currently in Aruba en route to Sweden but have encountered delays causing us to miss our connecting flight in Charlotte to London and then on to Sweden. Our upcoming flight scheduled for the 11th of September from Sweden to Istanbul, and then to Dubai with Turkish Airlines, will also be affected as we will miss the departure from Gothenburg due to these delays. To work around this, we are considering purchasing a separate ticket from London to Istanbul to ensure we can still make our original flight from there to Dubai. However, the staff at the Aruba desk advised us that we may encounter issues if we do not take our original flight from Gothenburg and recommended reaching out to you before booking any alternative flights. Our booking number is [redacted]. Please assist us promptly so we can finalize our travel plans accordingly. Once we receive confirmation from you, we will proceed with booking the London to Istanbul flight. Thank you for your help. Warm regards, Z. Hayek A. Shahmoradi
Reported by GetHuman-zadahaye on रविवार, ९ सितम्बर २०१८, रात ९:३९ बजे
Dear Esteemed Turkish Airlines Management, I, Aiman Koussa, Representative of LG SAMARA, extend warm greetings. I had a booking under business reference: TK -UAWQ3C from Beirut to Ercan, Cyprus on September 5, [redacted], with a return on September 11, [redacted]. Despite arriving 4 hours prior to departure with complete documents and a hotel reservation, I was denied boarding. Subsequently, I had to book another flight urgently to attend an important meeting with a friend traveling from Germany, who was also on your flight to Cyprus. I attach documents verifying my situation to address the inconvenience caused, including a 10-hour luggage delay with poor condition upon arrival. Recognizing Turkish Airlines' efforts, I believe this was an unintended mistake. Anticipating your review and compensation for the incurred damages, I appreciate your cooperation. Sincerely, Aiman Koussa General Manager, SAMARA LGSIRYA LATTAKYA - Chamber of Commerce Building Email: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-aimanko on रविवार, १६ सितम्बर २०१८, शाम ६:२७ बजे
Dear Esteemed Turkish Airlines Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing regarding a recent booking made under the reference number TK-UAWQ3C for a business class ticket from Beirut to Ercan, Cyprus on September 5, [redacted], with a return flight on September 11, [redacted]. Unfortunately, despite arriving at the airport four hours prior to departure with all the necessary documentation, I was not allowed to board the flight. This caused me to miss an important meeting in Cyprus. Additionally, on my subsequent flight, there was a ten-hour delay and my luggage arrived in poor condition. I trust that these inconveniences were not intentional, and I have attached the relevant documents for your review. I appreciate your understanding and I look forward to your response regarding compensation for the damages incurred. Thank you for your attention and cooperation. Sincerely, Aiman Koussa General Manager, LG Samara Lattakya, Syria
Reported by GetHuman-aimanko on सोमवार, १७ सितम्बर २०१८, दोपहर ११:४६ बजे
My girlfriend ordered a ticket from Mohammed Airport in Nigeria to Denmark on a flight operated by Richard Jones, scheduled to depart today. However, upon check-in, they informed her that she needed a travel allowance of $[redacted] to travel to Denmark, a requirement not mentioned when she purchased the ticket. Now, the airline is refusing to refund the ticket cost. I believe this is a mistake on your part for not disclosing this requirement during the booking process. She is currently stranded at the airport with no place to stay or funds. Please address this issue promptly. The ticket code is 3DNCDQ under the name Lara Johnson Eleanor. Kindly respond quickly via email at [redacted] or [redacted], or you can reach me on [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-frankjim on मंगलवार, १८ सितम्बर २०१८, रात १०:५२ बजे
On July 11, [redacted], my travel companions and I flew with Turkish Airways from Istanbul to Stuttgart, Germany. Upon arrival, we went to the designated gate for our next flight to Stuttgart but it was never announced. After realizing the flight had left without any notification of a gate change, we sought help and were directed to catch a flight the next morning after an unexpected overnight stay at the airport. To our dismay, we were charged an additional $[redacted] for a flight we had already paid for. We believe this is unjust as the gate change was not communicated to us. Here are the relevant details for our flights: Itinerary #[redacted][redacted], Confirmation #MTOYYV United, #SX3J13 Turkish Airways, Ticket #[redacted][redacted], #[redacted][redacted], Booking ID OVMHNJ. We are seeking a refund for the duplicate charge given the circumstances beyond our control.
Reported by GetHuman1204320 on मंगलवार, २५ सितम्बर २०१८, रात ११:२८ बजे
Hello, I want to share that my flight from RUH to IAD with Turkish Airlines on January 7, [redacted] was canceled due to a snowstorm. The flight numbers were TK0145 from Riyadh to Istanbul and TK0007 from Istanbul to Washington. My ticket number is [redacted][redacted]. Due to the cancellation, I had to purchase another ticket with a different airline costing me [redacted] Saudi Rials. I have been trying to get a refund by contacting Turkish Airlines' offices in Washington and Riyadh via phone and in person, but have not received a response. Despite a recent call from the Riyadh office stating I would only receive [redacted] Saudi Rials due to a no-show, I was present at the airport, and the cancellation was due to inclement weather. I kindly request assistance with this issue. Thank you, K. Alhusayni
Reported by GetHuman-alhusayn on मंगलवार, १६ अक्टूबर २०१८, सुबह ७:३७ बजे
I am lodging a complaint with Turkish Airlines regarding my experience on October 10th, [redacted], at Bush Intercontinental Airport. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I arrived slightly late but within a reasonable time to catch my flight. Despite this, the treatment I received from a supervisor at the Turkish Airlines counter was unprofessional and disappointing. The supervisor's comments about security concerns and my ethnicity were unwarranted and offensive. I have been a loyal customer of Turkish Airlines for a long time and have never experienced such behavior. I believe the actions of your staff are detrimental to the airline's reputation. I urge you to address this issue promptly. I have provided a witness to corroborate my account of the events. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Sincerely, John J Jafreh.
Reported by GetHuman1376495 on शुक्रवार, १९ अक्टूबर २०१८, दोपहर ४:४१ बजे
PNR - ULKVKS TICKET NUMBER MAINA DUSEJA - [redacted][redacted] MEHUL SOLANKI - [redacted][redacted] We have encountered issues while web checking where we are being notified that there has been a change in our flight’s date or time. The message suggests contacting the call center to confirm the new flight details. Unfortunately, attempts to reach the Turkish Airlines helpline have been unsuccessful. Could you please verify if there have been any changes to the flight schedule mentioned above? If alterations have occurred, we would appreciate assistance in rebooking tickets for the specified passengers on different flights. Kindly provide the necessary information via [redacted] and [redacted] Contact Number - +91-[redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-mehulsol on सोमवार, २२ अक्टूबर २०१८, दोपहर २:१७ बजे

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