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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about United Healthcare customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported May 5, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I had two phone calls yesterday trying to fix my medication issue. I was told today that it was denied. I feel like I was lied to yesterday and today. Unfortunately, I can't get help canceling my membership. I attempted to esign, but it said I didn't exist. Every time I call, I am put on hold and then disconnected. If my membership was canceled, where is the money I pay each month going? Please cancel my membership and resolve the issue on your end. This is my second day on the phone with you, and nothing has been resolved. I now have to go without my medication due to the denial.
Reported by GetHuman-sandylac on Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2016 21:34
My skilled nursing coverage at Genesis in Everett, WA has been terminated early by the managed care department. They believe SNF care is not necessary due to my apparent progress. I have had sutures removed from my right leg where I have bilateral ABK, and I need the dressings changed and the stump desensitized before I can be fitted for prosthetic devices. I am awaiting the start of physical therapy and a future total hip replacement, but my cardiologist says my heart needs treatment for CHF before the hip surgery can happen. It is clear I will require more SNF care in the future.
Reported by GetHuman733159 on Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2018 22:49
I am currently under my dad's United Health Care Choice Plus insurance plan. They typically cover all my medication costs, except at the beginning of the new year until I reach my deductible. Recently, I started getting charged for part of the expenses of my medications, which is unusual during this time of the year. Specifically, my subutex at Aurora Bay Care costs $15 per week, and this unexpected charge is concerning as I should be fully covered right now. Being pregnant and on bed rest, I am unable to work and struggling to afford my medications. I need this issue resolved before next Friday to ensure I can obtain the necessary medications like my adderall and subutex. I would appreciate it if you could clarify why I am suddenly being charged mid-year when I should be fully covered. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman812237 on Samstag, 23. Juni 2018 00:19
My son was born on June 4th, and I keep receiving calls from United regarding him. However, they speak so quickly when providing the phone number that I can't catch it to return the call. If I miss the call and they don't leave a message, I lose the opportunity to follow up. I am unable to use caller ID as the provided number cannot receive calls and always results in a busy signal. Moreover, though we provided our son's name, "baby boy Kunz" is printed on the cards we received. We would appreciate it if future correspondence could reflect his actual name, which was given at birth and confirmed with the hospital and United's phone system when he was two days old.
Reported by GetHuman-hkunz on Freitag, 29. Juni 2018 18:49
I have received treatment from Dr. Steve Friedman for epidural injections over many years. These injections typically provide relief for approximately three months. Dr. Friedman's practice was acquired, leaving only his pain management segment. Despite being a UnitedHealthCare network doctor for 22 years, he has been out of network with UHC for over eight months. This change has significantly increased my medical costs, even though my wife and I have reached our out-of-pocket maximums. I am unsure how to proceed as we were covered when I began treatment with Dr. Friedman. Any guidance on Dr. Friedman's potential return to the network or suggestions for navigating the current situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Stephen T. Skalski.
Reported by GetHuman-sgskal on Donnerstag, 6. September 2018 21:54
I recently underwent GYN exams that should have been covered by my student insurance through United Healthcare. I took the necessary steps to confirm coverage with both United Healthcare's representative and the examining physician beforehand. However, I was surprised to receive a bill from the lab, indicating that my insurance claims were denied. Despite my efforts to appeal the decision, United Healthcare also rejected my appeals. Their explanation cited that the procedure codes recorded were not part of my policy coverage. I find this puzzling given that I visited an in-network clinic and received assurance from both the clinic and my insurance provider that the exams would be covered. I am at a loss as to why my claims are being denied post-examination.
Reported by GetHuman1115853 on Sonntag, 9. September 2018 13:02
I am seeking information about the status of Dr. Steve Friedman's network affiliation with UnitedHealthCare. Dr. Friedman provided me with epidural injections for many years, bringing me relief every few months. He was previously an in-network doctor for UnitedHealthCare for over a decade. However, since his company was partially bought out, his part (pain) is now out of network. This has significantly increased my out-of-pocket costs, despite having met our maximums. It would be helpful to know if there are plans to bring Dr. Friedman back into the network or if any alternative solutions exist. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. - Stephen T. S. Contact: ******@***.com.
Reported by GetHuman-sgskal on Montag, 10. September 2018 00:20
I have been renting a CPAP machine since March of last year. I was informed by the company I use that if I meet the insurance carrier's usage requirements, I would no longer have to pay the monthly fee of $39.56. I met the usage requirement in May [redacted]. When I contacted the Medical Supply company, they advised that the insurance company should reach out to them to stop billing me. However, when I spoke to someone at United Healthcare, they said the Medical Supply company should be the one to contact them. I am confused and seeking clarification. If I no longer need to pay this monthly fee, I could allocate these funds elsewhere. Could someone please assist in resolving this issue? My name is S.D. Staggs, born on 12/30/[redacted]. Group number: [redacted], Member ID: [redacted]83.
Reported by GetHuman-staggssy on Montag, 10. September 2018 18:54
I would like clarification regarding pre-existing conditions. Your brochure states that a pre-existing condition is one that was diagnosed 24 months prior to the policy taking effect. I was diagnosed with BPH beyond the 24-month cutoff in [redacted]. I received treatment at that time, and for the following 3 years, my condition remained stable. I now wish to have a follow-up PSA check for this condition. The brochure defines a pre-existing condition as something for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received in the 24 months before becoming insured under the policy. My BPH diagnosis occurred well after this 24-month period, with no further complications since then, which indicates no need for medical attention within the subsequent 12 months. I was diagnosed with BPH 36 months ago, treated, and have had no issues since. Even though I fall outside the 24-month window as stated in your limitations, I would like confirmation if I can still receive coverage for this check-up.
Reported by GetHuman-lvscott on Donnerstag, 13. September 2018 08:35
On September 30th, I applied online for a STM policy with an effective date of October 1st. After completing and digitally signing the application with payment information, I received a submission confirmation but did not receive an email with my policy ID as promised. Upon trying to sign in, I discovered there was no policy under our name. After contacting customer service and a long hold time, my effective date was mistakenly set to October 3rd. Concerned, I filled out a new application with the same information and received a confirmation email for receipt of application and payment, ensuring I had only one application submitted. Despite assurance from Brittany from customer service that only one policy was processed on October 2nd, I was charged twice and have yet to receive any communication regarding my health insurance as of October 5th. Frustrating experience with the company.
Reported by GetHuman-mkratiga on Freitag, 5. Oktober 2018 20:08
Hello, my name is Anna Holmes. I am a water aerobics instructor at the Keller Natatorium and currently collaborate with Silver Sneakers. I have around ten dedicated participants attending my classes. Recently, I was informed that at the beginning of the year, they will transition from Silver Sneakers to Renew Active, formerly known as Optum. I have visited their website twice to request the addition of my business to the Renew Active list and express my interest in partnering with them. Despite attempting to contact various United Healthcare phone numbers, I have been unable to reach the appropriate office. I would greatly appreciate receiving the necessary contact information to ensure the continuity of my long-standing members. Thank you, Anna Holmes.
Reported by GetHuman-holmesh on Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2018 22:53
I am in need of a case manager. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant, and my doctor cannot perform my c-section, so I require a new OB/GYN. Despite calling multiple doctors in my area, none will accept me at this stage of pregnancy. I am seeking a personal OB/GYN rather than a clinic. Despite reaching out to the [redacted] number multiple times for assistance, I only received numbers I have already tried. I requested a case manager but was informed it would take over 30 days to assign one. This delay has left me feeling extremely disappointed and frustrated, leading to days of tears. I am hoping for assistance in locating a doctor who will accept me for my delivery.
Reported by GetHuman-chikam on Dienstag, 13. November 2018 00:20
My name is Brian Bean, and my mother, Linda Bean, is a member. I am employed at Compassionate Home Care and receive payments through PPL. Unfortunately, I have not received payment for the period of October 25th to December 5th, totaling 6 weeks. There was a paperwork complication related to a nursing home visit from the end of May to the beginning of June. My United coordinator, Shawneta, and CHC coordinator, Genelle, have been working diligently to resolve this issue with Brandi Davis. Despite multiple attempts to resolve it promptly, there have been delays, and it is frustrating that it has not been resolved urgently given the circumstances. I have contacted United Health Care several times and I am waiting for a call back from Tasha Stewart, but I am concerned it may not resolve the matter adequately. I urgently request assistance in locating the necessary paperwork from Brandi Davis and promptly sending it to PPL. My priority is sorting out the 6 weeks of back pay owed to me. I have not submitted time sheets for this period, but this issue must be addressed promptly. Thank you for your help. I must attend to my sick mother, who I care for deeply, especially as her birthday is on 04/05/55, and her member ID is [redacted]66.
Reported by GetHuman1711294 on Freitag, 7. Dezember 2018 17:34
In [redacted], a sleep study confirmed I had Sleep Apnea and prescribed a C-Pap machine, specifically a Respironics Vertuoso LX model. I had the machine rebuilt some years ago, and apart from that, it has been working well with an average of 6 hours of usage per night. During a recent download, the service provider mentioned that due to its age, it can only be downloaded one more time. They also stated I would need a new sleep study to get a new machine. Although my Sleep Doctor, Dr. L. Maher, is willing to prescribe a new machine, she also agrees with the supplier's requirement for a new study, which she estimated would cost over $[redacted]. I'm hesitant about undergoing another sleep study and suggested discontinuing the C-Pap, which Dr. Maher advised against. Is there a possibility of approving a new C-Pap without a new sleep study given my situation? My member number is [redacted]58-00, group [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-wesweiss on Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2018 19:47
We have nearly 6,[redacted] outstanding payments through EPS that were meant to include card numbers and EOB for processing but were never received. After attempting to cancel service on 1/7/19 and request paper checks for outstanding claims, no action was taken. A supervisor named Mel B indicated no record of the cancellation and initiated the process again on 1/16/19. The delay means we won't receive payments until 21-30 days after the initial cancellation due to the 12-day transfer to paper checks. Additional outstanding payments are expected due to the 5-day EPS cancellation process. The overall experience with EPS has been a nightmare compared to other providers like Aetna, Cigna, and BC/BS with whom we've had no issues. Requests for expedited resolution and proper training for EPS representatives and sales staff were made. Contact information is provided for follow-up as we work through this challenging situation. Sincerely, Chris Post Insurance Administrator Children's Dentistry of Longwood Dr. David Donald Tax ID:[redacted]13 NPI:[redacted] License:DN18170 [redacted] Wekiva Springs Rd, Ste: [redacted] Longwood, FL [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman1976770 on Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019 16:38
Your jobs may be at risk due to what is seen as steps towards socialism. It is believed that figures such as Obama and Hillary followed the teachings of Saul Alinsky. Some individuals reference the Cloward-Piven Strategy as a guide to socialism, highlighting eight levels of control that could lead to a social state, including control over healthcare, increasing poverty levels, accumulating debt, enforcing gun control, managing welfare, education, religion, and fostering class warfare. This information is presented for consideration regarding potential societal shifts.
Reported by GetHuman-bjlw on Dienstag, 29. Januar 2019 19:59
Hello, I am currently experiencing an issue with Briova RX in Indiana. I recently had a prescription filled, which was sent to my neurologist's office. Prior to giving verbal authorization, they reassured me that if I could not afford the new co-payment, I could return it to the pharmacy without any issues. However, now that I have found out I cannot afford the co-pay, they have changed their stance. Despite speaking to multiple managers who promised to check the call records to verify what their customer service representative said, I have not received any follow-up. It seems like I am caught in a frustrating cycle where no one is providing assistance. For context, my co-pay increased from $60 to $[redacted], and neither party could provide the cost before the medication was sent to my neurologist. I agreed to proceed under the condition that it could be returned if unaffordable, as per the representative's assurance. Feeling helpless, I am reaching out to United Healthcare for any possible assistance, such as a patient advocate, in resolving this matter. Thank you, Kara H.
Reported by GetHuman2263017 on Donnerstag, 21. Februar 2019 21:39
Hello, I am Mariya Nazar, and I am experiencing issues with the phone system, as it keeps redirecting calls. Recently, I had a discussion with a United Healthcare representative regarding adjustments made to services received by my daughter, Solomia Nazar, at Steeple Counseling on various dates. Four services were utilized after my deductible was met, and two were after a new deductible was in effect. However, the same adjustment was applied to all visits. United Healthcare claims that the provider submitted the claim late, while the provider states it is United Healthcare's error. I am seeking advice on how to proceed to rectify this billing discrepancy. Thank you! Mariya Nazar [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman2540982 on Montag, 18. März 2019 16:27
Subject: Opportunity for Virtual Nutrition Consultations Dear UnitedHealthcare Representative, I am writing to suggest the incorporation of virtual visits with dietitians or health coaches as part of your healthcare offerings. Preventative measures are crucial in maintaining health, and the current focus on reactive medicine often falls short in addressing chronic conditions. Providing access to well-trained dietitians/health coaches through virtual appointments could greatly benefit members and potentially save insurance companies substantial amounts of money. Given the high prevalence of processed foods and obesity in the US, virtual nutrition consultations could be a wise addition to your services. As a dietitian myself, I see the immense value in this approach. Effective dietary guidance has the potential to prevent costly medical interventions such as surgeries or treatments for conditions like heart disease or cancer. The disparity in numbers between doctors and dietitians in hospitals highlights the disconnected nature of healthcare in relation to nutrition. Implementing preventative nutrition care for members could result in significant savings for insurance companies. I hope this message is considered constructively with the aim of improving healthcare outcomes and reducing long-term costs. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Warm regards, Alejandro Leon MS, RD, CDE Email: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman2563790 on Donnerstag, 21. März 2019 15:50
**FRUSTRATION WITH UHC "CUSTOMER SERVICE"** I've encountered more issues with UHC's customer service. I can't log in because my password changes every time I try. When I call, the myUHC number doesn't work, and it takes multiple transfers between departments to resolve the issue. Even when I provide my social security number, it doesn't grant me access. While I'm on vacation in Brazil without my health card, every other company accepts the social security number for verification. As a publicly traded company, UHC should have better technology. Dealing with your system is like going back to WWI. It's incredibly frustrating. I might need to resort to Morse Code to communicate next time. Please improve your services.
Reported by GetHuman2599601 on Dienstag, 26. März 2019 20:25

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