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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about VW Credit customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 14 issue(s) reported August 27, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I am reaching out to express my dissatisfaction with Volkswagen Credit. The entirety of my lease term was smooth sailing until I received the final invoice. I was shocked to see a charge of $1,[redacted], with $1,[redacted].50 being attributed to "excess wear and tear," particularly due to small hail dents on the hood, roof, and trunk. I had purchased dent protection, believing it covered such damages from hail, which turned out not to be the case. Considering I reside in an area prone to hail storms, I specifically chose this coverage. Being billed for minor dents on a used vehicle seems excessive. $1,[redacted] may be insignificant to Volkswagen, but to me, it equates to financial strain. Despite my history of timely payments and a substantial down payment exceeding requirements, I feel exploited by this situation. It is disheartening to be caught in what feels like a "fine print scam." I am unwilling to pay this fee and seek further discussion. Best, Curtis R. [redacted] [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman419400 on lundi 27 août 2018 20:45
Hi, I'm Rodney Helms. I have been trying to reach someone at your company but have been on hold for over 25 minutes during my last three calls. I am calling regarding my [redacted] VW Passat. I have reached out to AutoNations VW in Buford, GA, but nobody has returned my calls. The only information I am comfortable providing is my address and phone number: [redacted] Pine Brook Trail, Cleveland, GA [redacted], Phone: [redacted]. I am still trying to contact them by phone. My lease has been paid off, and I am waiting to hear about who will be picking up the vehicle to return it to AutoNations VW. I have consulted my attorney, who stated VW Credit cannot label it as a Car Repo on my credit since the lease is paid off. If this issue persists, my attorney and Lexington Law firm will be contacting you on my behalf. Respectfully, Rodney Helms, US Army Retired Veteran.
Reported by GetHuman1137524 on jeudi 13 septembre 2018 13:24
VW Credit erroneously reported my account #[redacted]63 as having two late payments, affecting my credit score. The loan was actually closed and paid off in March [redacted] when I traded in my vehicle to GM Financial. The inaccurately reported late payments were supposedly due to a natural disaster, which never occurred. I only discovered this error while applying for a mortgage and seeing my credit report. Despite speaking with Lauren at VW Credit about the issue, no clear resolution was provided. I urge VW Credit to rectify this mistake promptly, as it has caused undue stress during the home-buying process. Clear communication and swift action are essential to resolve this error and restore my credit status.
Reported by GetHuman2090668 on vendredi 1 février 2019 14:56
I purchased a [redacted] VW Golf from Volkswagen - Autobahn of Fort Worth in March [redacted]. After paying off the loan in 36 months, I never received the title. Volkswagen Credit has kept the lien open for over ten years, hindering my ability to sell the car without a clear title. I contacted them multiple times, with promises of a releasing letter being sent out, but I never received it. After several unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue, the latest contact was made with Alyvia on August 12, who mentioned that two letters were previously sent and assured me that a new copy would be sent via FedEx. I'm hopeful that I will finally receive the necessary documentation this time.
Reported by GetHuman-rofarley on mardi 13 août 2019 02:13
I am requesting a release of lien for a [redacted] VW Beetle in order to transfer the title into my name. The title number is 273P[redacted] A and the lien is held by VW Credit Inc. Despite the car changing ownership multiple times, the lien was never released. The Secretary of State has informed me that I need this release of lien to proceed. If you are unable to assist directly, any guidance would be appreciated. If possible, you could fax the release of lien to the following number: [redacted] at the Secretary of State office in Reed City, MI. Thank you for your help. -L.G.
Reported by GetHuman3682999 on mardi 1 octobre 2019 14:37
Hello, I am reaching out from Unitrans-PRA in NY regarding a recently sold car from a car auction. We were provided with a copy of the Lien release, but customs now requires the original. The car, a Volkswagen Jetta [redacted] belonging to Jennifer A. L., needs to be shipped overseas. To obtain the original Lien release, we must contact VW Credit Inc. at [redacted]. We have tried calling multiple times with no success due to long wait times. If possible, please assist us in acquiring the original document for shipment. If necessary, we can provide a FedEx label for mailing the document. You can contact me via email provided below. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman5158187 on mercredi 12 août 2020 21:43
I have been attempting to obtain a permission letter to sell my vehicle. I was informed that such a letter is not typically given and that the only option is to fully pay off the loan. I have seen a similar letter provided by VWcredit to another client and hope to receive similar service. I have consistently maintained a good payment history and simply need to sell the car to a dealer. Please reply to me at: [redacted] or [redacted]. Thank you. Sincerely, Shirley R.
Reported by GetHuman5170804 on lundi 17 août 2020 13:27
As the title clerk for BMW of South Albany (formerly Capital Cities Imported Cars), I have contacted your office three times requesting a duplicate lien release. Despite providing my FedEx number for overnight shipping, the lien release has not been received. Each time I call, the wait times are exorbitant, ranging from 45 to 60 minutes. Numerous requests for callbacks have gone unanswered. Even after being assured that the lien release would be sent, nothing has arrived. The urgent need for this document arises as we have sold the vehicle (VIN: 3VWC57BU3KM105037, a [redacted] VW Jetta) and are unable to proceed with the registration process without it. The car was signed over to us by Wendy Robinson at BMW of South Albany, located at [redacted] RT 9W, Glenmont NY [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-hgprime on mercredi 30 décembre 2020 15:43
We received a check from VW Credit, Inc. for $[redacted].53, check #[redacted]9, made out to William Dixon, and sent to our mailing address. We are unsure of the reason for this check, as we do not have any dealings with Volkswagen, only leasing a vehicle from Audi. This is the second check we have received, with no explanation or account number provided. We had received the first check after leasing the Audi, assuming it was a refund related to that transaction. However, the arrival of a second check has raised concerns about cashing checks for unearned funds. We have not owned a VW in decades. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you, William & Katherine Dixon
Reported by GetHuman2236458 on jeudi 31 décembre 2020 17:45
My husband passed away in May [redacted] after 42 years of marriage. I recently relocated from Slidell, LA to Milton, FL last April. I am requesting assistance as I could not locate the title to our VW vehicle. The City of Milton has advised me to obtain a letter from VW Credit confirming the vehicle has been paid off. Kindly provide me with a letter verifying the vehicle's payment status. Husband: Norman E. K. Myself: Rita Angela K. I possess all necessary documentation such as his SSN, birth and death certificates, and identification for both of us. Your prompt assistance in issuing this letter is greatly appreciated as it is vital for obtaining a Florida tag. For verification purposes, my husband's email was [redacted] Thank you, Rita Angela K. [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman6906916 on lundi 13 décembre 2021 16:34
I was involved in a car accident on May 10th, [redacted], and sustained injuries. The other driver, who was at fault, had no insurance. Luckily, I had full coverage and uninsured motorist protection. My attorney has been involved, and my insurance recently retrieved my car from the tow yard. I expect it to be deemed a total loss. Although I missed my last payment due to unexpected bills from the accident, I will make it this month to avoid any negative impact on my credit. I anticipate a remaining balance even after the insurance payout for the Actual Cash Value of the car. I apologize for the missed payment and appreciate your patience. My account number is [redacted], the claim number with Kemper Insurance is [redacted]9-[redacted], and the adjuster, Martha, can be reached at [redacted] ext [redacted]-[redacted]. Despite a frustrating experience with Volkswagen Credit, I am committed to resolving this issue and making future payments promptly. Thank you for understanding.
Reported by GetHuman7624461 on lundi 11 juillet 2022 21:52
I recently received a letter regarding the repossession of the vehicle I shared with Romone Royce Glover back in April 20, [redacted]. The car was initially purchased from Ganley VW in Bedford Heights, Ohio, based on my profession as a teacher and my marital status at the time. Since then, there have been changes as I am divorced now. I rely on this vehicle to commute to my new job at Arbor Elementary in Euclid, OH. The letter states that $1,[redacted].38 is due by five days before Christmas. I am hoping to arrange a payment plan since I made a partial payment of $50 last week. I plan to pay $[redacted].54 by New Year's Eve, with the remaining amount paid by January 15, [redacted]. Thank you, Precious Cervantez.
Reported by GetHuman8033921 on lundi 19 décembre 2022 04:43
Today, I contacted VW Credit Leasing Ltd. at 1-[redacted] and spoke with Gaby to submit a payment. She mentioned she couldn't locate my account and couldn't transfer me to a supervisor since they declined the call. I found their manner very unprofessional in speaking with customers and addressing the issue. It seemed like they were asking me to find an alternate way to make a payment. Gaby informed me she was unable to assist and suggested contacting the dealer. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-shonyv on mercredi 21 décembre 2022 14:56
I have been attempting to have a lien released on a vehicle for the past month. VWCredit initially filed the release incorrectly, leading to its rejection. I bought the vehicle from the previous owner who had the lien through VWcredit. However, I am having difficulty getting VWCredit to send the corrected lien release to the county where the lien is recorded. I kindly request that they fax the accurate lien release to the specific county office as soon as possible.
Reported by GetHuman-coexmann on vendredi 15 septembre 2023 15:02

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