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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Verizon customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported December 22, 2015 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I purchased a Nexus 5x from Google and signed up with Verizon for domestic wireless service. While my service within the country is good, I am disappointed that Verizon does not offer international support for when I travel to the UK this spring and wish to retain my cell number. I am looking for another domestic service provider that can offer the international support I need to use my cell phone overseas.
Reported by GetHuman-stevefk on martedì 22 dicembre 2015 23:43
I had Verizon Fios for two years at [redacted] Bay Ridge Parkway Apt 3, Brooklyn, NY [redacted]. Disconnected Fios on Dec 19, [redacted], and switched to Verizon High Speed Internet at my new apartment, [redacted] E. 16th St. Apt 2H, on the same day. Final payment for Fios was sent on Dec 23 for $[redacted].84 and posted on Jan 11, [redacted]. My Jan 4, [redacted] statement shows no balance brought forward. New internet charges are $47.34. I discontinued Verizon High Speed on Feb 13, [redacted]. The Feb 4 statement shows a previous balance of $47.34, a payment received of -$47.34, and the $[redacted].84 payment on Jan 11, along with a credit of $88.50 on Jan 26. I was informed a check was being sent for that amount, which I haven't received. There seems to be confusion with past charges and a $[redacted] Early Termination fee that was later refunded. After a conversation with a billing representative on March 14, I was advised to wait for the final bill to clarify any credits, but concerns remain about the unexplained $[redacted].84 charge. My Fios account is fully paid, yet the issue persists despite attempts to resolve it.
Reported by GetHuman5516 on martedì 15 marzo 2016 18:39
I purchased a Verizon phone, had it activated, and it worked for about eight to nine hours. The next morning, it suddenly stopped working. As a business owner with small children at home, not having a working phone has been incredibly frustrating. I've spent hours on the phone with Verizon customer service, but they never followed up on their promise to call back. I no longer wish to remain with Verizon due to this experience. If I were to reconsider, I would request an online ad for a month and the remainder of this month's service for free as compensation for the troubles I've faced. This situation has caused losses for my business, and not being able to reach me due to the phone issue is a major problem. I've been unable to get assistance through the provided numbers and I urgently need a working phone to continue running my business and for the safety of my children.
Reported by GetHuman639873 on domenica 29 aprile 2018 18:00
I received a text notification 3 days ago that I had reached the data limit on my Verizon plan due to moving to a new address where my internet isn't set up yet. I visited the Verizon store in Rancho Santa Margarita and spoke to Marcello, who assured me I would receive an additional gigabyte of data for $15, but this hasn't occurred. Even in Safe mode, attempting to add data online was unsuccessful. Therefore, I visited the store in person 2 days ago seeking a temporary data solution until my internet is installed. Despite my plan renewing soon, the urgent need for extra data remains unaddressed by Verizon. I prefer not to be contacted via email; I urgently require a data block added to my account to resume my activities. Kindly reach out to me promptly for resolution - a phone call is preferable, or provide a contact at Verizon who can efficiently address this seemingly straightforward issue.
Reported by GetHuman-lauri_b on sabato 9 giugno 2018 19:00
I need assistance concerning a new service for two lines that we started on 6/6/18. The online representative had promised free port over as we switched from another carrier, along with a $[redacted] prepaid gift card. We had an appointment at the local Verizon Store. However, the sales rep mentioned that the manager would not fulfill the free port over or the gift card offer. The sales rep advised us to reach out to customer support for help. The sales rep did a fantastic job setting us up with almost everything we needed. Unfortunately, the manager did not seem willing to honor what was promised to us. We purchased two lines with unlimited data, insurance, signed up for auto-pay, and also added the Tech Coach service. Our numbers are [redacted] and [redacted]. We would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue and honoring the commitments made by your online chat staff. Thank you in advance. - E. Kosmoski
Reported by GetHuman664552 on lunedì 11 giugno 2018 20:36
I recently purchased Verizon Residential internet service and have been experiencing very slow internet speeds. The quality of my connection has been consistently deteriorating, making it difficult to work from home efficiently due to slow upload and download speeds. I compared my speed test results between Verizon and Google, and Google showed speeds half as fast. On Google, I got 1.08 mbps for download and 0.19 mbps for upload, while Verizon's speeds were 2 mbps for download and [redacted] kbps for upload. My attempts to reach out for assistance over the phone have been frustrating as I was frequently disconnected or left waiting for extended periods. I am dissatisfied with the service and would like to escalate this matter to a supervisor promptly.
Reported by GetHuman805292 on mercoledì 20 giugno 2018 23:59
The issue remains unresolved. Yesterday, I was informed that the problem was acknowledged and repairs were supposedly in progress while I was on the call with the representative. However, it appears that either the repairs were not taking place as stated or the problem persists. I am left without internet and no explanation for the ongoing disruption. This continuous problem with outages and slow speeds has prompted me to actively seek another internet provider. I am currently without internet service since yesterday evening despite having reset the router. The lack of connectivity is forcing me to rely on wireless data at home. It is crucial to have this matter resolved promptly.
Reported by GetHuman355251 on sabato 30 giugno 2018 16:30
I am currently receiving two bills from Verizon each month. One bill is for my wireless service and the other encompasses my landline and FIOS services. Typically, I prefer to pay both bills via mail on the same day that I receive them. However, during the last billing cycle, I did not receive either of the bills which led to missed payments. Initially, I thought it was only the wireless bill that was missing, but after paying it late through phone and credit card, I realized the landline/ FIOS bill was also undelivered as I received an email notification from Verizon about the unpaid bill. At this moment, I need to confirm if the last landline/ FIOS bill is still outstanding. If so, I intend to pay it using my Citibank Mastercard with the late fee waived. Additionally, I want to ensure that all future bills are consistently delivered to my home since, for the time being, I prefer to make payments by mail with a check.
Reported by GetHuman839129 on domenica 1 luglio 2018 15:49
I have recently reported a phone issue where I am unable to receive incoming calls. This problem began last Wednesday, although I only noticed it on Thursday. I have spent approximately 4 hours online and on the phone trying to resolve this issue. Currently, it is 11:05 pm, and I have been on hold for 50 minutes. Despite trying for four days to get a resolution, no progress has been made. There was some work done outside on a pole, but the problem persists. I have not received any updates about this repair. Communication via email might be more effective. Unfortunately, the customer service provided has not been satisfactory. I am frustrated after waiting for an hour on hold and I must now hang up since I have work at 7 am tomorrow. Is this the level of service Verizon aims to provide?
Reported by GetHuman848276 on mercoledì 4 luglio 2018 03:17
I own a second property at 30 Dogwood Avenue, Huntsville, TX [redacted]. The service used to be excellent, prompting me to switch from ATT to Verizon. Over time, the service quality declined, and recently, it has become unbearable. Making voice calls, sending texts (especially with attachments), and browsing the web are extremely frustrating due to poor reception. Despite contacting customer support without resolution, the problem persists. I am using an iPhone X from Verizon with an unlimited plan that I can't fully utilize at my second home due to the deteriorated service. Representatives attribute the issue to the wooded area, but when I initially joined Verizon, the service was impeccable. Many neighbors in the same area with Verizon face the same challenges but avoid contacting customer support. I seek assistance in restoring my service to its former reliability as I feel I am paying for full service but receiving only half.
Reported by GetHuman-seeverit on martedì 10 luglio 2018 00:21
In January, when we upgraded to an 8 GB/month plan, I was assured by a pleasant representative that this would be sufficient to prevent overage charges. We didn't encounter any issues until the last usage period when we received a notification mid-month that we had only 10% of our data allocation remaining. Despite our efforts to conserve data, we were still charged for an additional GB about a week later. Surprisingly, we were charged for another full GB on the 12th, the final day of our usage period. This unexpected charge has increased our bill by $30 this month. It's frustrating because we were confident we wouldn't face data shortages, especially since I utilized my sister's internet for a week during this period.
Reported by GetHuman885914 on lunedì 16 luglio 2018 17:11
Hello, I am Janice Amby, a customer of Verizon. My email connected to my account is [redacted] I've been having an issue with sending emails for several weeks now. I've engaged a technology professional to assist me in drafting this email due to their expertise in this area. They suspect the problem may lie in the discrepancy between the SMTP and POP3 credentials used by Outlook. They have already corrected the credentials for SMTP, but are having trouble with POP3 due to an Authorization Error. They recommend setting both the SMTP and POP3 passwords to be the same to resolve the issue. For any technical queries regarding this matter, feel free to contact Chris Wisefool at [redacted] Your assistance in forwarding this to the appropriate department for resolution would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman935974 on martedì 31 luglio 2018 21:12
I recently purchased a Verizon Prepaid phone today and I have been struggling to activate it on any of the Verizon websites. The phone is fully charged and powers on, but it does not have a phone number linked to it. Despite engaging in multiple chat sessions and providing details like IMEI, ICCID, and my personal information, I kept getting transferred back to the Prepaid Phone customer service page after lengthy discussions lasting up to 45 minutes each time. I followed the registration instructions, received a username and password from the Verizon system, and can successfully log in. However, my account shows no information and disconnects during searches. All I want is to get this phone activated.
Reported by GetHuman941577 on giovedì 2 agosto 2018 06:03
I used to receive paper bills until June. Due to an issue with the account being under my late husband's name, Verizon closed and reopened my account, making it ineligible for paper billing. I've been a loyal customer for twenty years, but I no longer qualify for paper bills as a new account holder. It seems Verizon prefers not to send paper bills to new accounts. The July bill was emailed but ended up in spam or trash, which caused a late payment. I'm frustrated with this situation and want to revert to paper billing. Despite speaking to a representative and their supervisor, I was told it's not possible. Any advice on what I should do next?
Reported by GetHuman-bronxsue on venerdì 10 agosto 2018 16:45
I recently switched from my previous carrier to Verizon a few months ago, but I cannot recall the exact date. When I visited a Verizon retail store, I was informed that I wouldn't have a contract because my phone was paid for. They assured me that Verizon had the best internet service for navigation while traveling. However, since then, I've experienced dropped signals throughout Alabama, causing issues for my art business travels. Even after visiting a Verizon store on Thompson Lane in Murphreesboro, Tennessee, and asking about closing my account without penalties, I was still billed an unexpected $[redacted] early termination fee. The conflicting information and charges have left me confused and frustrated.
Reported by GetHuman1018225 on martedì 21 agosto 2018 12:20
I engaged in a live chat with Verizon representative Jesse. She assured me that my concern was resolved and that Financial Services were informed about my issue. I was advised not to worry as everything was taken care of. I completed a survey praising Jesse for her kindness and assistance, as she was the first of 20 representatives to be nice during my interactions. However, when I reached out to Financial Services, another representative shouted over me, insisting that I pay my bill immediately without addressing my concerns. This was the 15th negative encounter with a Verizon representative who refused to address incorrect charges or provide assistance. Numerous individuals have been expressing dissatisfaction with Verizon, prompting many to switch to Sprint. I have initiated the process to transfer our work phones from Verizon to Sprint due to the poor customer service experienced. It seems that Verizon's service standards have declined significantly.
Reported by GetHuman1021242 on mercoledì 22 agosto 2018 00:15
Recent storm severely damaged trees, causing them to uproot and fall onto Verizon lines. Despite no power outage, the electric company refuses to clear the trees, posing a safety risk to pedestrians and vehicles below. The trees' weight may soon cause them to snap and fall to the ground. As the county won't intervene due to the lines being Verizon's property, contacting Verizon resulted in miscommunication with a misleading report of a power outage to Great Lakes Energy. The affected area is at the intersection of Alberta Rd, Terrace Avenue, and Gilbert Lane's private drive near Torch Lake. Can a crew be sent to assess the storm damage to the Verizon lines?
Reported by GetHuman-fkulhawi on mercoledì 29 agosto 2018 22:25
Issue with Verizon Landline I have been experiencing repeated calls with no one on the line when I pick up my phone, as well as a lack of a dial tone, for several months now. Despite reaching out to Verizon and attempting to resolve the issue through support chats and a repair ticket, the problem persists. I have not received satisfactory assistance from Verizon's technicians, and I am frustrated by the lack of progress in identifying the source of these calls. To complicate matters, I have been contacted by Verizon regarding a technician visit that never occurred. I am hesitant to subscribe to Caller ID due to doubts about its effectiveness in this situation. My number is on the "do not call" list, yet the issue continues with calls primarily clustered around noon and 6 pm. I am seeking a resolution to this ongoing problem.
Reported by GetHuman-rwhistle on giovedì 30 agosto 2018 17:15
I have been experiencing ongoing wifi issues with Verizon since June. After spending nearly 2 hours on hold with a billing representative, I was left feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. Despite speaking briefly with an online representative, I am considering switching providers due to the lack of resolution. I believe the only acceptable outcome is a significant credit on my account for the inconvenience I have faced. This process has been incredibly troublesome with numerous phone calls, two delayed technician visits, and unfulfilled promises of a solution. I have invested substantial time into addressing this issue, only to be left disappointed. Technician "Jeff" left a voicemail on 8/16 mentioning he had adjusted the wifi speed from 1.5 to the intended 3. This entire experience has been truly exasperating. - E.H.
Reported by GetHuman-pardeee on venerdì 7 settembre 2018 03:15
I am experiencing a service issue with my second television. I am unsure how to resolve it and lack assistance. I am unable to physically move the TV. Previous attempts to contact Verizon were unsuccessful. I strive to pay bills promptly and expect a resolution for my television. The absence of customer service is disheartening. I am considering switching to Comcast due to this ongoing problem. I am eager to know the root cause of this issue.
Reported by GetHuman-gingerhr on sabato 8 settembre 2018 21:18

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