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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Vodafone (UK) customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported January 19, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
Hello, I was a previous customer of Vodafone about a year and a half ago and I acquired my current iPhone 5c as part of my contract through your company. After switching to EE and later moving to China, I am reaching out to request that my phone be unlocked. Currently residing in China, I am unable to complete this request by phone and the online form is limited to current customers. It has been challenging not being able to use a Chinese SIM card in my phone, so I am hoping this can be resolved. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tara Sharkey IMEI: [redacted][redacted] Address: 28 Scorpio Close, Liverpool, L149LY. Phone number (both then and now!): [redacted]5 Email: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-sharkey on Tuesday, January 19, 2016 3:31 AM
I purchased a phone from Mobile Phones Direct online along with signing up for a Vodafone contract through their website. After receiving the phone, I decided to return it without even turning it on. Vodafone deducted the first monthly payment of £25 on December 23rd, and I've been attempting to get a refund for it. I contacted Vodafone and discussed the issue with a representative, but I found it challenging to comprehend her explanations. Unfortunately, I have not received the refund yet, and this situation is starting to become frustrating for me.
Reported by GetHuman-adeleymc on Thursday, February 11, 2016 10:40 AM
In the past ten days, I have made numerous attempts to obtain a required document through live chat and phone calls to various departments, but I have yet to receive it. The document I need is proof of ownership for a white iPhone 4S with the phone number [redacted]5. This particular phone was replaced by Apple after being dropped, and I am in the process of making an insurance claim for accidental damage. To proceed with my insurance claim, I must provide proof of purchase and ownership outlining the make, model, and color of the iPhone.
Reported by GetHuman-mjamil on Thursday, February 11, 2016 10:06 PM
Hello, my phone has had no service for about five days now. I have visited multiple stores and called Vodafone customer service at [redacted], but no one has been able to assist me with this issue. They are unable to access my Vodafone account to identify the problem. I am feeling extremely frustrated with Vodafone as nobody seems to be able to help me. Every time I reach out, I have to repeat the same details to different Vodafone employees, and the issue remains unresolved. Both of my phone lines are affected, and I urgently need to restore my service. My numbers are [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-elsaadaw on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 1:20 AM
A few weeks ago, I received a call from Vodafone offering a new package to lower my bill. As an international customer, I found the representative spoke quickly, and despite my requests for clarification, I agreed to the switch. I also mentioned my change of address, which was not noted. Now, I am being charged for my original plan and a new "mobile broadband" service which I have not utilized and am unhappy about. I would appreciate it if one could be cancelled and the charges adjusted accordingly. Thank you. Kind regards, Josephine
Reported by GetHuman-jomayer on Friday, February 19, 2016 2:30 PM
After facing several issues with Vodafone, I obtained a PAC code to switch to a new mobile provider. The representative who gave me the code assured me there were no outstanding fees on my account. However, three months later, I received a notification stating I owed £[redacted]. I was promised any outstanding charges would be waived due to the troubles I encountered, particularly the year-long inability to access my account online. I reached out to CEO Mr. Jeroen Hoencamp, and with his help, I received the PAC code to leave Vodafone. Surprisingly, I recently received an email from Vodafone demanding payment of £[redacted] out of the blue.
Reported by GetHuman-stjohnb on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 1:40 PM
Since November, I have been attempting to unblock my father's phone. Initially, we requested Vodafone to block the phone and SIM when he lost it upon returning from the hospital. We later found the phone and tried to have it unblocked to no avail. Despite multiple attempts, following instructions to visit the store or go online, we were unable to unblock it. Eventually, we purchased a new phone for my dad, and his number and SIM now work in the new device. However, he struggles with the new phone and prefers to use his old one, which still remains blocked even with the functional SIM from the new phone. After seeking assistance through live chat and visiting the store, I was redirected back online and then to the original shop where we bought the phone for unblocking. As I reviewed Vodafone's website, it states that lost phones can be unblocked unless replaced under an insurance policy, which my dad does not have. I am willing to provide any necessary information to resolve this matter efficiently. Being authorized on my dad's account, I am equipped to manage this on his behalf. Thank you, Judith J.
Reported by GetHuman6166 on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 4:56 PM
I have a Vodafone Mini 7 on a pay-as-you-go plan that I purchased in Sainsbury Chichester, West Sussex back in March [redacted]. Recently, I requested a PAC number from Vodafone to switch to BT as my service provider. I received confirmation from BT that the new SIM was activated, but my phone remained locked. After contacting Vodafone, I was given a timeframe of up to 10 days to unlock my phone, which was eventually done. However, now I am receiving a message saying "Non Vodafone SIM Card Detected," and I am unable to make outgoing calls. As a person with disabilities, my phone is essential, and I am frustrated that I cannot use it properly with a different provider's SIM card. I need urgent assistance on how to resolve this issue and make calls. Thank you. - Eileen Wilkins
Reported by GetHuman669486 on Wednesday, May 9, 2018 3:45 PM
I am extremely frustrated with the service provided by Vodafone. After spending hours on the phone with advisors last week and dealing with a Mifi device that doesn't work, I am now facing issues with my mobile wifi being cut off unexpectedly, leaving me without any means of communication. Despite being promised a "FREE" phone call, I have been charged £[redacted]. I am currently in a situation where I have no access to a landline, mobile phone service, or internet, except when I drive to specific locations with free wifi. I am planning to escalate this complaint to Vodafone's Managing Director. Please reach out to me at my alternative number [redacted] today.
Reported by GetHuman-thedellb on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 11:51 AM
I was using the BVB30 plan expiring on the 14th of June. However, I left the UK for Italy on the 5th of June and will return on the 12th of July. I visited a Vodafone branch to switch to the BVB20 without losing any days until the expiration. The staff advised me to add £20 credit and call on the 13th of June to transition to the BVB20 without losing days. When I called as instructed, it seems the BVB20 was activated on the 5th of June, expiring on the 5th of July, eight days earlier than needed. Due to this error, I request the BVB20 to start today or tomorrow, so it aligns with my return in July. This is essential to ensure I have credit and data upon my return. Can this adjustment be made? Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-kirahun on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 2:37 PM
I encountered an issue with my broadband that left it unavailable for three weeks. Resolving this required two engineer visits, numerous phone calls and web chats, and ultimately the installation of a new router, an action I suggested earlier to speed up the process. During this time, I incurred an additional cost of £30 for extra mobile data for my family's phones. After some persistence, the initial compensation offer of a percentage of my broadband bill was increased to £40. However, I felt this did not adequately address the inconvenience and extra expenses I had to bear. Upon requesting to file a formal complaint, I was assured a response within 24 to 72 hours. Regrettably, more than a week later, I have yet to hear from them. The overall customer service experience has left me quite disappointed.
Reported by GetHuman-saingram on Thursday, June 28, 2018 8:55 PM
After completing a 2-year contract with Vodafone for number [redacted]6 in [redacted], I recently encountered an issue with an overdue balance of £[redacted].62 that was discovered through a collection agency email in [redacted] from Lowell’s group. Despite disputing this and being assured that they would investigate with Vodafone, I never received any further communication. This year, while reviewing my credit report for a mortgage application, I found a defaulted account with Vodafone for £[redacted].62. Following a live chat with Vodafone, I was informed that my account is clear and they will address the discrepancy with the credit report agencies. Unfortunately, this error caused my mortgage application to fall through, resulting in the loss of the house. My address during the contract was 8 Holly Drive, Minster on Sea, ME12 3GQ.
Reported by GetHuman829581 on Sunday, July 1, 2018 9:07 AM
In the summer of [redacted], I signed a contract with Vodafone for a phone. In [redacted], due to falling behind on my direct debit, they disconnected my service in August. By December of that year, I had arranged a payment plan with them to cover the outstanding debt and future bills until the summer of [redacted]. Despite making payments until March [redacted], they did not reinstate my service because I allegedly owed money each month, despite being informed otherwise. In September [redacted], I visited a Vodafone store and spoke to a representative who contacted Vodafone on my behalf. They refused to reinstate the payment plan and mentioned involving debt collectors. However, when I received the bill the following month, it included an incorrect additional charge of £[redacted], supposedly for canceling a contract I was unaware of. According to the representative, Vodafone mistakenly initiated a new contract in December [redacted] when reconnecting my service without my knowledge. I simply need to settle the bill I owe to resolve this significant impact on my life. How should I proceed? Thank you. - Kerstie Hurley
Reported by GetHuman-klhurley on Thursday, July 5, 2018 12:44 PM
I have faced harassment regarding a debt that I do not believe I owe. I attempted to sign up with Vodafone but canceled when I did not receive the router due to an invalid tracking number. I questioned how the service could reach me if the router could not. Despite visiting the shop to speak with someone, I have been unsuccessful in resolving this. I have not used the service, and I am not interested in using the company. Before any negative impact on my credit report, I am willing to go to small claims court. Could you please provide me with my alleged account details? Alternatively, your legal department may contact me at [redacted] at any time. - Mick Oliver
Reported by GetHuman-mickoliv on Friday, July 6, 2018 8:58 AM
I have an account number of [redacted]12/[redacted] and two telephone numbers: [redacted]3 and [redacted]6. On June 28, [redacted], I wrote to the Customer Relations Manager regarding my significantly high bill and the transfer to Onecom. I included copies of all relevant paperwork such as my May and June bills and confirmation of an offer. Despite sending the letter, I have not received any acknowledgment yet. My agreed price was £10 monthly for each phone with Unlimited texts and minutes at Vodafone. However, after being moved to Onecom without consent, my bill for June tripled to £61.29. I visited a Vodafone shop and tried online chat, but the issue remains unresolved. I am not willing to pay over £60 monthly and may consider switching providers if a reasonable solution is not reached promptly. I expect communication via email initially. Sylvia Barrow
Reported by GetHuman861071 on Sunday, July 8, 2018 9:08 PM
Hello, Good afternoon, I am Phillip K. from Tamworth, Staffordshire. I am interested in purchasing an iPhone X in Silver for my wife. As a new customer, I am seeking advice on the quickest way to acquire the new handset. Should I buy it online or visit a Vodafone Shop? The package I have selected requires a £99.00 upfront payment and a 24-month contract. My Account Number is: [redacted]. Could you please confirm if the phone will come unlocked? Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to your prompt response as I plan to make the purchase on Monday morning. Thank you in advance for your help. Kind regards, Phillip Mobile Number: [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman925760 on Saturday, July 28, 2018 4:15 PM
I have a record of my recent online chat, details below: Start Time: July 11, [redacted] 8:57:38 AM GMT+04:00 End Time: July 11, [redacted] 9:26:19 AM GMT+04:00 Chat Duration: 00:28:40 Operator: Pritam Transcript: - Pritam assisted with cancellation of my contract due to phone payment completion and desire for a new plan. - Security questions were asked, and some difficulty was encountered with the PIN. - Finalized confirmation of details and provided a one-time access code for security check. - End date of contract set for 06/Sep/[redacted] with instructions to give notice by 6 Aug for cancellation. - Early cancellation fee discussed and settled at around £86. - Plans to finish payments and possibly get a new phone from the provider were made. - Requested assistance on the live chat for contract cancellation due to difficulties reaching out. Overall, despite some challenges with information verification, the coming contract cancellation was arranged, including payment details and potential future purchases.
Reported by GetHuman-ncostant on Monday, August 6, 2018 7:31 PM
I have been an unsatisfied customer for over two years. Despite reaching out via live chat and phone calls, no solutions have been provided. I recently mailed a detailed letter to Vodafone Customer Services Manager regarding recurring issues. It has been two weeks since I sent the letter, following the protocol of waiting 5 days for a response upon receipt, and I have not heard back. My mobile phone is not functioning, yet I am being charged £67.33 per month for it. Furthermore, Vodafone is still billing me for a terminated contract. This situation is causing me significant stress. I have attempted to communicate through various channels but have received no replies. If the Customer Relations Manager is unresponsive, I am left with no choice but to escalate my concerns to the CEO, Ombudsman, or relevant authorities. I am disappointed in Vodafone's lack of accountability and follow-through on resolving issues. Could you please respond to my email and provide me with the appropriate contact at Vodafone who can assist me? I expect a prompt resolution to these ongoing problems. Nick Morley
Reported by GetHuman-morleyni on Thursday, August 9, 2018 2:06 PM
I am reaching out about my Vodafone account. I have ceased all direct debits and will not make any further payments until this matter is resolved. In the past, I was erroneously billed double the agreed contract amount. Despite speaking with Simone and clarifying that I was being charged for non-existent tablet insurance, I was only offered credit to my account, which I reluctantly accepted. While I appreciate Vodafone's reliable signal and recently renewed my contract, I encountered issues with my new Samsung Galaxy S8 insurance claim. The replacement phone received had scratches and dirt marks, unlike my well-maintained lost phone. Additionally, the missing SIM card further inconvenienced me, affecting my work as a self-employed individual. I expected a pristine replacement for the excess I paid and monthly fees. If this is not rectified by Friday, 8 pm, providing me with a satisfactory solution, I will have no choice but to switch to another network provider. Please contact me at 01[redacted]12.
Reported by GetHuman-gfarb on Thursday, August 16, 2018 8:25 PM
I experienced an initial issue with my broadband, which was resolved by getting a new router. Unfortunately, this caused my Suresignal box to no longer work, along with my landline phones and BT hotspot boxes. Despite being promised a call from the Broadband team to resolve the issue and potentially offer compensation for the new equipment, I have not received any contact. Today, after making three calls to the complaints team regarding the lack of response, I faced difficulties such as being cut off twice and one representative not understanding my issue clearly. I was informed that I would need to wait 48 hours to speak to a manager who will call me back. I am feeling very skeptical about whether this will actually happen. I am extremely dissatisfied with the level of service received. BT has even offered to cover the costs of ending my contract with Vodafone and providing a cheaper deal. At this point, I am strongly considering switching to BT due to this poor customer experience.
Reported by GetHuman1182335 on Saturday, September 22, 2018 11:01 AM

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