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The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about WOW! customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported July 17, 2018 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
I need assistance keeping my appointment on Saturday, July 21 from 11-2 without losing my Starz and HBO. My recent interactions with WOW! have been extremely disappointing. Even though I didn't cancel any services, replacing a faulty router has left me without HBO and Starz. The technicians I've spoken to can only apologize and suggest canceling my appointment. I've been a loyal customer with a good history; please review my account. There have been billing discrepancies in the past months, and I've agreed to new equipment terms twice, with conflicting information on what's included. I'm frustrated by the lack of coordination within WOW! and just want my channels back until Saturday. I requested a callback from a manager, but it hasn't happened yet. I urge for improvements in WOW!'s customer service. Please, reach out with a solution that doesn't involve changing my appointment. Remember, I haven't canceled any services, just scheduled an appointment for new equipment. Can someone assist me with this issue?
Reported by GetHuman-cfrans on Dienstag, 17. Juli 2018 20:36
Recently had a service installed, but the installer didn't have all the equipment for the boxes. They mentioned dropping off the missing items after the installation, but it's been three days, and they still haven't come back as promised. The guide is too small and seems outdated, like a Commodore 64 software. I compared this service to Xfinity when I called, and they claimed it was of the same quality, which is far from the truth. The on-demand feature is disappointing, and the overall service and technology in [redacted] are not up to par for the price of $[redacted] per month.
Reported by GetHuman-murphydi on Donnerstag, 16. August 2018 00:49
On August 28, [redacted], my cable and internet services stopped working. After calling for assistance, I was informed that the ARRIS hard drive was defective. An appointment was scheduled for Friday, August 31, [redacted], along with a $35.00 credit for the four days of service interruption. Despite requesting an earlier appointment on August 29, none was available due to the equipment issue. When checking for an earlier slot on August 30 at 2 pm ET, I discovered the internet was still down affecting my daughter's work. After promptly settling the unpaid bill, service was restored after a 30-minute wait. Although I kept the Friday appointment, the service went out at 9 pm and 10 pm on August 30. Despite resolving the 9 pm issue after a 20-minute call, service failed again at 10 pm. I am concerned why I was misinformed about the equipment problem and why the service failed repeatedly even after paying the bill promptly.
Reported by GetHuman-kappy on Freitag, 31. August 2018 12:12
I have been dealing with a service outage for over a week now. I initially requested a technician visit on October 4, and the appointment was set for October 9 between 4-8 pm. The technician arrived earlier at 2 pm when I was not home and mentioned to my daughter that the cable line had been damaged by the construction crew nearby. He estimated the service would be restored within 1-3 days, yet when I returned home on October 12 there was still no service. I contacted customer service and spoke with Gary, who explained that the technician should not have given me a timeline for restoration. Gary assured me someone would call within 24 hours to update me, but as of now on October 14, I have not received any communication. During my call with Gary, I mentioned the extra $35 I had to pay Verizon to boost my hotspot due to the lack of service. He agreed to credit me $35 instead of the initial $25 for the inconvenience. I am frustrated with the prolonged service disruption and the additional costs incurred. I request compensation for the days without service and a prompt resolution to reconnect my service, ideally by Monday, October 15.
Reported by GetHuman-wsbella on Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2018 16:46
I am requesting to cancel my services. I have fallen behind on my bill because I just returned to work after a surgery. When I called to discuss making arrangements, I was disconnected by the customer service representative. I was also informed that I couldn't speak to a manager or set up a payment plan. Instead, I was told to pay immediately or face service disconnection. I explained that I wasn't requesting reconnection, just seeking to make payment arrangements due to my recent circumstances. The representative was unhelpful and quite rude.
Reported by GetHuman-mrsterks on Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2018 23:06
I am currently experiencing the loss of cable, phone, and internet services for the second time in the last three months. Although my bill is paid up, the same issue has recurred. The last time this happened, I had to wait four days for a service call. After being informed about a connection problem previously, I was ensured that it was resolved. Upon discovering the service down again today, I spent several minutes on the phone with a representative who found no outages in the area and was unable to locate the problem. Unfortunately, the soonest they can send a technician is on Sunday, leaving me without the ability to contact anyone in case of an emergency or work from home. The offer of a meager discount does not address the urgency of the situation. Disheartened by the declining customer service, I am now exploring alternative cable providers and options online.
Reported by GetHuman-deekie on Dienstag, 20. November 2018 23:28
I am experiencing issues with receiving services, and despite reaching out to local representatives, I am unable to get the necessary assistance. My cable and telephone services have been problematic, and an appointment scheduled for the 20th was rescheduled to the 26th without prior notice. Currently home sick, the lack of cable and ongoing telephone issues are causing further inconvenience. Despite contacting the local office, no satisfactory explanation was provided for the appointment change. The services have been faulty since last Thursday, impacting communication as callers often cannot hear me, resulting in disconnections. Upon discussing the situation with the office, they offered a $60 credit, but I am requesting a $[redacted] credit as I find this compensation more appropriate. As a loyal customer for over 5 years, paying $[redacted].27 monthly, I believe a credit adjustment would be fair considering the service disruptions. Your assistance in resolving this matter would be highly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman-dimmittb on Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2018 19:47
Recently, I had a disconcerting experience where I noticed suspicious behavior around my car and discovered possible tampering. Despite a challenging past involving drug use during a difficult period in my life, I have worked hard to overcome it. I understand the struggles faced by those dealing with addiction. I am striving to find peace, joy, and stability in my life, not just for myself but also for the people I care about. I regret my past actions and take full responsibility for my choices. I hope my story can resonate with others facing similar challenges. Thank you for lending an ear.
Reported by GetHuman-meisslwe on Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2018 15:22
I am writing about the services associated with account number [redacted] for the residence at [redacted] Boston Harbour Way in Madison, Alabama. We recently became customers of WOW! in early November. The representative, Matthew Morrison, visited our home on November 5th. At the time, we only requested internet and cable for one TV due to not yet having unpacked our phone or acquired a second TV. Mr. Morrison signed us up for internet [redacted], Ultra cable service with equipment, and one media player. He mentioned that an extra media player would be $5 per month and phone service with unlimited U.S. long-distance calling would cost $15 per month, totaling $84.99 plus taxes and fees was indicated on the paperwork. Services were installed on November 7th. Our initial bill on November 8th covered a month’s charges plus partial charges for the first day, totaling $[redacted].52. With subsequent services added by November 30th, the bill for Dec 8th to Jan 7th rose to $[redacted].41 due to partial charges and additional phone-related fees. The following bill for Jan 8th to Feb 7th jumped to $[redacted].73, including incorrect partial charges and long-distance fees, which should be around $53.01 less. We request a credit for this amount on the next bill and to prevent these errors in the future bills. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman1979481 on Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2019 22:36
The flight I took was fantastic with "WOW." However, there were unexpected changes a day earlier that caused several inconveniences including a loss of a working day, unexpected expenses for new travel arrangements, long waiting times at the airport, and lack of accommodation provided. The airline's response to these issues was unsatisfactory as there was no clear communication or support for the affected passengers. I am now dealing with a canceled flight for my return journey and though given options, the lack of response from the airline is disappointing. I am seeking a resolution to these matters and hope for a prompt response to address the costs and inconveniences I have faced. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman-ag_fot on Montag, 18. Februar 2019 23:23
I made a payment as agreed and received a confirmation number. However, the next day my service was disconnected. After speaking to a representative, I found out the payment was not processed due to a new system. I was advised to wait a few days to see if the payment would be deducted. When it wasn't, I contacted the company again to make the payment. Unfortunately, I was informed that because the previous payment failed, I had to pay the full amount. Despite explaining the situation was due to their error, they insisted on the full payment. After speaking with a manager, I was given until Tuesday, 3-5-19 to make the payment, which is not yet past due. Despite the agreement, my service has been disconnected again, even though I had arrangements to pay tomorrow as agreed.
Reported by GetHuman2370714 on Montag, 4. März 2019 17:19
Hello, good morning. Recently, we decided to cancel our WOW services due to a potential move overseas, but circumstances have changed, and we now wish to have it reconnected. However, upon doing so, we were billed $[redacted] for a technician visit, an amount we were not made aware of beforehand. As a military family, unexpected expenses like this can be challenging for us. We hoped to resume our services with WOW after plans changed with our relocation. If this issue is not addressed promptly, we may have to consider switching to a different service provider. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman-konradfr on Samstag, 9. März 2019 12:22
I recently restarted my service with WOW. My account number is [redacted] and the job number is [redacted]1. The technician, Jeff, was very thorough and efficient. Initially, everything was working fine – internet, phone, and TV. However, when I returned home at 9 pm EST, I noticed there was no internet connection and my landline was dropping calls after 1.5 minutes. I tried to troubleshoot by resetting my router and equipment box to no avail. After contacting WOW and speaking to multiple agents from different locations, my issue still wasn't resolved. Mary tried to help diligently, but it was late, and I had to give up around 2:35 am as I needed to get up early for work. I called in again, still no luck in getting it fixed. Now, I'm requesting dispatch technician Jeff #[redacted] to come back and resolve the issues.
Reported by GetHuman-cipsaro on Freitag, 29. März 2019 17:51
I have my bill paid automatically every month for a while now. The amount I used to pay was $[redacted].00, but recently it increased to $[redacted].11. However, today I noticed that $[redacted].74 was deducted from my bank account for my WOW bill. When I contacted WOW about this, they mentioned needing a copy of my late husband's death certificate due to the changes in the account. Considering my current situation as a single individual, I am interested in the $99.00 monthly plan that seems more suitable for me. I find it puzzling why WOW requires a death certificate when they have been receiving payments from the same account for years. The sudden price hike is concerning, and if I am unable to switch to a more affordable plan, I may have to consider canceling my service with them.
Reported by GetHuman-sandybgo on Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2019 00:42
I had an appointment on 7/9/19 scheduled between 2PM and 6PM. Unfortunately, nobody showed up. I contacted WOW's support line, and they claimed a tech tried to reach me, which I can prove never happened as I have no missed calls on my cell phone. I took off work for four hours just to be let down by the tech's absence. When I asked for compensation, they offered $20, which I found inadequate given the time and money lost. The disconnect fee of $[redacted] seems a small price to pay to avoid this future frustration. Disappointed with WOW's service, I may cancel and consider other options. Transitioning back to Spectrum seems like a more reliable choice, or I might explore alternative providers. It seems like WOW needs to improve their operations before losing more customers. Live and learn!
Reported by GetHuman3221944 on Dienstag, 9. Juli 2019 23:09
I had service at my son-in-law's house at [redacted] Glastonbury Drive, Evans GA from around March [redacted] to June [redacted]. Despite being a loyal customer, due to financial struggles after my son-in-law lost his job in October [redacted], we lost the house. I had to move in with my daughter at [redacted] Kings View Drive, Augusta GA. When I tried to transfer the service, I was informed that WOW does not cover my new address. Since I am still under contract, I believe I should be released since WOW doesn't provide service where I relocated. I've contacted customer service but have not found a resolution. I attached a picture of my confirmation from the old and new addresses as per USPS records. Please consider this information and release me from the contract. If WOW serviced my new location, I would have continued with your company rather than switching to Comcast. Thank you for your attention. - RaeLynn L.
Reported by GetHuman3222141 on Dienstag, 9. Juli 2019 23:57
Our installation took place on August 1, [redacted] at [redacted] Chatter Road, Mt Pleasant SC [redacted]. Since then, we have been encountering brief "blackout" periods followed by pixelation on channels, happening repeatedly. Additionally, our Internet is exceptionally slow, particularly upstairs where we have minimal to no WiFi signal. We are dissatisfied with the service and hope your company can address these issues promptly to avoid us having to terminate our service.
Reported by GetHuman-mdbernst on Freitag, 9. August 2019 19:56
I would like to bring your attention to my previous complaints to Wow from yesterday and about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I did not receive the new modem I was promised during my conversation with a representative. Despite having a service call scheduled for tomorrow between 3 and 6 pm, I insist that the technician come prepared with the new modem. I am also seeking assistance with the retention package. The service provided by Wow has led to frustration and stress, causing issues with TV reception and picture quality over the past year. Now, after being without internet and TV for 4 1/2 days, I am facing late payments, late fees, and potential credit score impact. The inability to transfer funds online further complicates the situation. I am considering switching providers due to the lack of customer care shown by Wow.
Reported by GetHuman3805709 on Montag, 21. Oktober 2019 20:29
I have been a loyal customer of Phone #[redacted] for 14 years, using their seasonal service. Recently, I requested to reconnect my services (TV, internet, phone) but it was not resolved despite contacting them two weeks ago. This seems to be a recurring issue every year. After speaking with a technician, I was informed that the services were disconnected and would take 24 hours to restore. My spouse and I, both seniors with health concerns, rely on these services upon our arrival. The ongoing inconvenience is frustrating, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Reported by GetHuman4090787 on Freitag, 13. Dezember 2019 18:04
I accidentally pressed the wrong buttons on my WOW remote, turning off both my TV and sound bar. Now, I can't get the sound bar to turn back on using the remote. I have tried troubleshooting online without success. Both my TV and sound bar are Vizio brands. Can anyone assist me in re-syncing the sound bar with my WOW remote?
Reported by GetHuman-jbfaloti on Samstag, 14. Dezember 2019 21:03

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