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Archive 1

The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about WalMart customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported February 2, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
The first time I used Walmart Pharmacy to fill my prescription, I had to get my order verified by my doctor through my insurance. They told me that everything was okay and that my medication was covered during my initial pickup. Now, when I went to get the same prescription filled again at the same pharmacy, they informed me that Molina would not cover it without verification. I am wondering why I need to go through this process again. Is it possible to have my meds verified permanently? I believe I should be able to pick up my meds at any Walmart Pharmacy without facing this hassle every time.
Reported by GetHuman1583 on मंगलवार, २ फ़रवरी २०१६, सुबह ४:५१ बजे
On November 18, [redacted], an incident occurred at Walmart auto service department where an employee broke my oil dipstick. It was later discovered that the auto service manager was not technically qualified for the job and refused to fix the issue. Upon speaking with the Assistant Manager, I was directed to purchase a new oil dipstick from the local Chrysler dealer. The Chrysler dealer replaced the broken dipstick. Subsequently, my car started leaking oil, and after contacting the Walmart store manager without success, three department employees were sent to address the problem. The previous auto service manager was no longer employed at store #[redacted] in Vancouver, WA, and the new manager arranged for my car to be towed back to the store. It was determined that the oil dipstick tube had been broken by the previous auto service manager during the initial incident. Despite paying for the oil service at Walmart and the dipstick replacement at the Chrysler dealer, I am now seeking reimbursement for the damages caused by Walmart's mishandling of the situation.
Reported by GetHuman8670 on गुरूवार, २८ अप्रैल २०१६, दोपहर ४:३१ बजे
Walmart Mexico has not solved my problems and keeps giving me the runaround, which is a common practice in this country. I bought a refrigerator during the last Good Weekend sale, and on the delivery day (November 28, [redacted]), I wasn't home in Fortin Veracruz because I left for Italy on the 29th and was away for 3 months. When I returned, I found the refrigerator had been delivered damaged, and since then, my ordeal with Walmart has begun. I've had countless calls with long waits on the phone, with promises of minimal compensation for the damage. I have been waiting for months for my case to be resolved. As a senior citizen, I ask and demand to be heard, and maybe in the USA, they will address my complaint because in Mexico, once the customer has paid, nothing seems to matter. You are my last hope to resolve my case. Order details: Order Date: November 18, [redacted] Order Number: [redacted]7 Tracking Number: [redacted]66 I have sent photos of the damage to the company. Thank you. Rosalía Guadalupe Ibarra Arredondo
Reported by GetHuman-rosmino on शुक्रवार, २७ अप्रैल २०१८, दोपहर ११:१७ बजे
Subject: Issue with 'E' Gift Cards Hello, I am writing to inform you that I have been experiencing difficulties using the 'E' gift cards that I purchased. I initially contacted you on 5/9/18 to report this issue, followed by another call on 5/10/18, and as of today (5/11/18), I have yet to receive a call back from an escalation manager to resolve this matter. I kindly request that the (4) gift cards be credited directly into my Walmart account so I can proceed with my order, as there are items in my shopping cart awaiting this resolution. My name is Kenneth Cresci, and you can reach me at [redacted] or [redacted]. I would appreciate a prompt response to avoid the need for me to call a third time. Thank you, Kenny Cresci
Reported by GetHuman-kcengine on शुक्रवार, ११ मई २०१८, रात ११:४८ बजे
Subject: Issue with E-Gift Cards Hello, I am reaching out regarding the E-Gift Cards that were emailed to me. None of them are usable. I have already called to notify you on May 9, and again on May 10. As of today, May 11, I have been waiting for two days for an escalation manager to contact me to resolve this issue. I kindly request for these four gift cards to be credited directly into my Walmart account so I can proceed with my order. I have items waiting in my shopping cart for this to be rectified. My name is Kenneth C., my email address is [redacted], and you can reach me directly at [redacted]. I appreciate a prompt response. Thank you. Kenny C. [redacted]
Reported by GetHuman-kcengine on शुक्रवार, ११ मई २०१८, रात ११:५५ बजे
I first contacted you on 5/9/18 to address an issue. I followed up on 5/10/18 and have been waiting for an Escalations Manager to contact me for two days now, with no resolution. I am requesting either a call from the manager or for the four gift cards to be credited directly to my Walmart account so I can proceed with my order. Please address this promptly without the need for a third call from me. My name is Kenneth Cresci, email: [redacted], phone: [redacted]. Thank you, Kenny Cresci from K. C. Engineering.
Reported by GetHuman-kcengine on शनिवार, १२ मई २०१८, रात १२:०६ बजे
I have a prepaid VISA debit card issued through Walmart. In April, there were three unauthorized transactions. The company requested a 10-day wait to review them and issued me a new card. Around April 20, the replacement card arrived. After the wait, the funds were restored. However, on May 7, a $29 unauthorized transaction at Waymart Eyecare Inc in Pennsylvania happened with the replacement card. Despite contacting the company and them having no record, a new replacement card was sent. On May 14, another unauthorized transaction by Ross Stores #[redacted] took place. This prompted the company to send a third replacement card due to these issues affecting my financial activities connected to the Walmart debit card. My concern is that my Social Security check, expected to deposit on May 18, could also be at risk if this pattern continues, hindering my ability to cover bills, rent, groceries, and handle financial emergencies.
Reported by GetHuman707390 on मंगलवार, २२ मई २०१८, दोपहर १२:४३ बजे
I followed the instructions from and returned a mattress to the store (ST#[redacted]). However, during the return process, the customer service personnel did not ask me how I wanted the refund processed. I explained that my checking account was closed and requested the refund to be issued as a Walmart gift card. Despite my request, both the customer service personnel and the assistant manager insisted that the money would be returned to the closed card. The manager did not attempt to contact customer service to resolve the issue and instead suggested I contact my bank. This lack of assistance and passing the responsibility to the customer is not how customer service should be handled. It's disappointing when inconveniencing the customer is seen as acceptable.
Reported by GetHuman758567 on गुरूवार, ७ जून २०१८, रात ३:२८ बजे
I purchased a display model laptop that was broken, and your staff failed to remove the protection software, making it unusable due to a failing hard drive. Despite my local store only offering a refund, I prefer to have the laptop repaired. When contacting the store for assistance, it would be ideal to receive prompt help without involving corporate. Additionally, the ongoing issue of the security buzzer not being deactivated has been frustrating, leading to unnecessary questioning each time I enter or exit the store. The situation with the laptop and the store's response have been disappointing.
Reported by GetHuman-tnord on रविवार, १७ जून २०१८, शाम ६:५५ बजे
I apologize for reaching out again. Unfortunately, I encountered an unfriendly staff member during my recent visit to your store regarding a queen air mattress purchase on July 7th. The bed turned out to be too high for my 84-year-old relative, so I tried to return it but was informed that refunds were not an option. The store only offered exchanges for a different size or type, which would not solve my problem. Realizing that the air mattress wouldn't work, I need a regular bed with assistance to help me get in and out. I spoke with a gentleman who promised to escalate my refund request to the store manager, mentioning a 48 to 72 hour timeframe, but I have yet to hear back. Due to my limited budget, I desperately need the refund to purchase essential items. I rely on online shopping due to mobility issues and have been a loyal customer, always choosing your store. Please expedite the refund process. I have attached the details and receipt for your reference. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman887603 on सोमवार, १६ जुलाई २०१८, रात ११:२६ बजे
This morning, I went to have some oatmeal and found the milk I bought from WalMart had gone sour even though the expiration date was July 22 and today is the 21st. I returned to WalMart with the milk, but the staff at Customer Service hesitated to exchange it due to more than half of it being consumed even though it was before the expiration date. After discussing with a few employees, I spoke with Scott, who explained why they couldn't replace the milk. Despite my frustration, I found it disheartening that WalMart was unwilling to accommodate a simple request for a $1.13 quart of milk. Their response has me considering taking my business elsewhere for various reasons. I plan to move my prescriptions from WalMart to another pharmacy in town. The lack of customer service at this WalMart location does not align with other stores in the area.
Reported by GetHuman-gnatoutd on शनिवार, २१ जुलाई २०१८, रात ९:०५ बजे
I made two tire orders but canceled both due to a mistake. I confirmed the cancellations with your agent and placed a third correct order. Unfortunately, I was billed for three sets and received two. This caused a financial strain as my bank account was overdrawn by the unprocessed orders. In a recent chat with your agent, there seemed to be confusion on how to resolve this. To address the issue: 1. Please send a call tag to retrieve the extra set of tires sent in error and refund the overcharged amount. 2. Ensure the pending order, for which I was erroneously charged, does not ship and refund me promptly. 3. Your agent mentioned a $15 gift card, which I am unsure about receiving. Given the time spent correcting this issue, it seems insufficient. I anticipate a swift resolution to this matter. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman917704 on गुरूवार, २६ जुलाई २०१८, रात १:०२ बजे
I am experiencing difficulties accessing my account information on the website. Despite receiving a payment decline notification from Amazon for my Walmart Visa card, a card I frequently use on the site, I am only able to view my account balance. When attempting to review my account activity, the website continuously prompts me to re-enter my card details and personal information without providing additional information besides displaying an inaccurate balance. Upon contacting the customer service number provided, I encountered an automated system that solely offered my transactions from the last 30 days before disconnecting the call. Seeking assistance, I found a different phone number on your site to reach a live representative. Nonetheless, I was informed to contact another number the following day for potential resolution. This situation is urgent as the payment was meant for an order expected to arrive the next day.
Reported by GetHuman-lisapin on रविवार, २९ जुलाई २०१८, दोपहर १:४५ बजे
I bought two Walmart Visa gift cards on separate days, but both turned out to be worthless. I lost the activation fee yesterday trying to return an item to get my cash back after unsuccessful activations by multiple people. Today, I purchased another card from a different Walmart, hoping for a different outcome, but once again, Green Dot let me down. I bought the card to pay a bill, but it's only draining my wallet. I am very unhappy, and my bill remains unpaid. Please resolve this issue promptly. I would appreciate a reimbursement for the purchase fees, so I can cover the late charges on the bills I intended to pay using your service.
Reported by GetHuman944638 on गुरूवार, २ अगस्त २०१८, रात ९:५३ बजे
On August 4th at 5:09 PM, I had a transaction at the Walmart store on Carroll Island Road in Baltimore, MD. The details on my receipt are ST# [redacted] OP# [redacted] TE# 04 TR# [redacted]. After reviewing the receipt at home to update my debit card balance, I noticed two unauthorized charges for item #[redacted]49, Eggs. I did not purchase any eggs, and these charges were incurred at the beginning and end of my order. Considering no customers were directly in front or behind me, I suspect some fraudulent activity. I am seeking resolution from Walmart regarding this issue as $5.18, though small to the company, is significant to me. I am eager for Walmart to address this error promptly and return the stolen funds.
Reported by GetHuman953355 on रविवार, ५ अगस्त २०१८, सुबह ४:५७ बजे
I recently made an online order and attempted to return it in-store, but was informed that in-store returns were not possible. This information was not provided on the website when I placed my order or in the confirmation email I received. I visited the store, but they were unable to assist. My attempts to contact customer service via phone and live chat were unsuccessful, as I was either disconnected or placed on hold indefinitely. Additionally, I encountered errors when trying to access the returns help links on Walmart's website through my account. I am frustrated by this situation and hoping that Walmart can facilitate the return of my items promptly.
Reported by GetHuman967893 on बुधवार, ८ अगस्त २०१८, शाम ७:५४ बजे
I placed an order for an exercise machine online on August 11, [redacted]. The following day, I received an email saying my order was canceled. Despite speaking with several customer service representatives, none were able to help. One representative mentioned my bank declined the card, but my bank denies this claim. All I wanted to do was place the order over the phone, but that option wasn't available. I recently moved and was excited to have a Walmart nearby, but now I'm considering buying the equipment from Modells. If I can't order the machine through Walmart, I'll look into other options. The canceled order number is [redacted] [redacted]. Thank you.
Reported by GetHuman982869 on रविवार, १२ अगस्त २०१८, शाम ६:३१ बजे
As the clock wound down and Zeid was poised to speak, tensions rose when the Ivory Coast ambassador unexpectedly announced he would abstain, leading to the session being canceled. The Ivorean government later clarified that their diplomat, Bernard Tanoh-Boutchoue, had acted independently. Speculations arose that Tanoh-Boutchoue, a former ambassador to Moscow, might have been influenced by Russia, but the truth remained a mystery. Unfortunately, the 67-year-old diplomat passed away in New York from a sudden illness shortly after. Zeid reflected on the incident, highlighting broader implications. He expressed skepticism towards commissioners seeking reelection, suggesting hidden agendas could be at play. Zeid's unwavering commitment to addressing human rights abuses stems from witnessing the atrocities in Srebrenica early in his career, pushing him to speak out regardless of political influences.
Reported by GetHuman984515 on सोमवार, १३ अगस्त २०१८, सुबह ९:०७ बजे
I recently downloaded the Walmart app primarily to manage my receipts. I intended to return an item and encountered an issue where I was asked for a password for my [redacted] account, for which I had not set up a password with Walmart. Despite attempting to reset the password, I was unsuccessful. Unfortunately, in my attempt to resolve this, I lost all my scanned in-store purchase receipts. Currently, only receipts from [redacted] and [redacted] under the account [redacted] are visible in the "purchase history". I am looking for assistance in retrieving all scanned receipts from in-store purchases made in [redacted] under my [redacted] account.
Reported by GetHuman990301 on मंगलवार, १४ अगस्त २०१८, दोपहर २:२८ बजे
I experienced an upsetting situation at Walmart today when I returned some items with a receipt. The staff treated me suspiciously, asking for my ID, which has never happened before. I regularly shop at Walmart as a personal shopper and often return items, which are all unused and typically returned promptly. The reasons vary from wrong sizes to changes in my clients' preferences. I felt uncomfortable with how the staff handled the situation once they requested my ID, making me feel like I had done something wrong. Can someone explain why my ID was necessary for a return with a receipt? For context, I used cash and a gift card for the initial purchase, and the refund was processed in the same way.
Reported by GetHuman-coleswor on बुधवार, १५ अगस्त २०१८, रात २:४५ बजे

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