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Archive 1

The following are issues that customers reported to GetHuman about Western Union customer service, archive #1. It includes a selection of 20 issue(s) reported March 30, 2016 onward. If you have a similar customer service issue, this page will help you find current, up-to-date answers and solutions too.
My spouse sent two Western Union payments to my mother from China to the US. She didn't realize sending $13,[redacted] and $13,[redacted] could cause issues retrieving the funds. Contacting the Chinese WU customer service to cancel was unsuccessful, as they said it must be done in person in China. Since returning isn't feasible, we are looking for alternatives like cashing out the payments, converting them to a bank deposit, or having Western Union send a check to my mother for bank deposit.
Reported by GetHuman-freelanc on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 10:30 PM
I had a difficult time communicating with a representative due to the strong accent and loud background noise, which made it hard to understand the stock answers provided. I was asked to pay an additional $5 for an answer to my question, and later informed it would cost $15 to be reimbursed for a $40 money order. This lack of transparency and additional charges felt unfair. I feel disappointed by the service and perceive the company as selfish and greedy for handling money matters. I intend to report this experience to the Better Business Bureau for further investigation.
Reported by GetHuman647159 on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 9:58 PM
On April 4, [redacted], I bought a $40.00 Western Union Money Order from Super 1 Foods in Whitefish, MT. The money order number is [redacted]9 payable to my DISCOVER account. I sent it from the post office annex in the same shopping center. Another money order for my Capital One account was sent the same day and was received on April 9th, [redacted]. Unfortunately, the money order for Discover has not been cashed and seems to be lost in the mail. I requested a form from Western Union to take action, but the fee is $30.00, which is unreasonable for a $40.00 money order. Dealing with customer service has been challenging, the website is confusing, and it took me days to speak to a representative. The situation has been frustrating, and I am considering involving the Better Business Bureau if the issue is not resolved promptly.
Reported by GetHuman647123 on Monday, May 14, 2018 5:33 PM
I received a payment via a money order for items I sold. After cashing it at my bank, it was returned by WU, resulting in a debit to my account and a $15 fee. I contacted WU to inquire about the cashing status, but was informed the transaction number couldn't be found. The money order number is 17-[redacted]55, dated 08/05/17, for $[redacted].00 from Tony H. to Michael A. (originally left blank). Tony Haggins can be reached at [redacted], [redacted] Doster Drive, Montevallo, AL [redacted]. I am seeking a replacement money order or a refund to my bank account.
Reported by GetHuman-pennyal on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 3:17 PM
I am experiencing issues sending money online to other countries for purchasing Bibles. The office instructed me to proceed with a discount, but when I visited the location in Corona, California, at Von's, they informed me they only accept cash, not credit or debit cards. As a [redacted](C)(3) organization, I need a proper paper trail for fundraising money sent out, so accepting cash alone is not feasible for me. Despite receiving two office locations with a discount code that should accept debit or credit cards, these sites also claimed to only accept cash. Additionally, my online platform continues to display technical difficulties. I am uncertain how to proceed in this situation.
Reported by GetHuman-bjpreach on Wednesday, May 30, 2018 5:02 PM
My wife transferred $[redacted] to a "drug store" in India to buy medication. They now informed us that the size she ordered is out of stock for 45 days and offered larger sizes at a higher cost. We are both elderly and unable to earn more money to cover these expenses. The "store" refuses to refund the money. Can anyone assist? Their email states: "Madam, we can send you a bigger pack, but you must pay the price difference. Unfortunately, a refund is not possible." Regarding the situation, I asked: "Are you sending a larger pack or refunding the money?" Family Meds responded saying the [redacted]-tab pack is out of stock, offering [redacted] and [redacted]-tab packs instead. They require additional payment for the larger pack. I am puzzled as to why a company would engage in fraud and refuse refunds. Jim L.
Reported by GetHuman-jimlab on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 5:47 PM
I recently had [redacted] GBP transferred from London, UK to the UK two weeks ago. Upon trying to pick it up last week, I was informed that it had been returned to the sender, a close family friend. After contacting my friend, he was told he needed a code to collect it. When I checked online, I discovered that the money had been collected by someone else, not by me or my friend. I am concerned about Western Union's handling of the transaction, as the money was released to an unauthorized person. I seek clarification from Western Union about this incident, as it appears to be a potential case of fraud.
Reported by GetHuman-keyfinge on Thursday, June 14, 2018 3:52 PM
I am experiencing ongoing difficulties when sending money to my wife. After I send the funds, she faces frequent delays at her local agent location due to maintenance or technical issues. This results in her waiting for hours to collect the money, which is unacceptable. This is not an isolated incident but rather a recurring problem happening almost daily. Today, she has been waiting for six hours, and I urgently need this matter to be addressed.
Reported by GetHuman-kylejord on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 10:43 PM
This morning, I signed up for a MoneyGram account to send money to my brother. During the process on the website, I encountered an error message at a certain step. I reached out to MoneyGram's website chat for assistance. The customer service representative suggested various troubleshooting steps, but none of them resolved the issue. Eventually, the representative mentioned a possible website problem, but it turned out there was no actual issue with the website. Approximately an hour later, my credit card company informed me that MoneyGram had declined the transaction without specifying a reason. Subsequently, I successfully completed the transfer at Western Union. I am seeking clarification on the reason for the credit card decline.
Reported by GetHuman897050 on Thursday, July 19, 2018 5:03 PM
Hi, I'm Jose Medina residing at Calle Lope de Vega #[redacted], Ensanche La Agustina, Dominican Republic. My identification number is [redacted]-5. A few months ago, my fiance attempted to send me a money transfer from NYC, but I did not receive the funds due to a block on my account. Upon contacting your representative and filing a complaint, I was assured that the issue was resolved. However, when my fiance sent money again, the same problem occurred upon attempting to collect it. I need assistance on the steps to ensure I can successfully receive money transfers from NYC, as even attempts from other senders have failed.
Reported by GetHuman899005 on Friday, July 20, 2018 2:03 AM
I contacted the email address provided by your customer service representative, but I have not received a response yet. The email I sent was detailed and I'm eager to know when I can expect a reply. I sent money to my daughter as I have done numerous times before, but this time the funds were not released. Despite trying four times, I encountered the same issue. I was given a compliance number, but have not been able to reach anyone using it. I tried leaving a voicemail, but did not receive a call back. I am now waiting for a response either by phone or email as we are completely unsure of the situation. It is important for us to understand why the funds were not released, as this has left us puzzled.
Reported by GetHuman922076 on Friday, July 27, 2018 1:14 PM
I wanted to bring to your attention an issue I had with one of your representatives, Ms. Tanesha Lee, based in the Chicago, Illinois office. Ms. T. Lee informed me about a scheme involving Western Union and flipping money through Amazon. I provided her with a specific amount to send to an individual, with the promise that she would give me money back in return. Unfortunately, Ms. T. Lee ended up keeping my funds and did not return anything to me. I kindly request your assistance in resolving this matter. If not addressed, my next course of action will be to escalate this issue to the news.
Reported by GetHuman965088 on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 4:28 AM
I sent a money transfer within the USA, but the recipient couldn't pick it up as the number didn't come through. Tracking showed it was on hold, prompting me to contact customer service. After trying the [redacted] number for money orders and encountering issues due to wrong digits, I faced long waits and two disconnections. Right now, I'm on hold with customer service at [redacted].
Reported by GetHuman-unitedhe on Friday, August 10, 2018 4:54 PM
Western Union Notification Hello, I want to inform you that we are making efforts to stop fraud and scams in Africa with the cooperation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), and the FBI. As a result of our investigation, we have apprehended some scam artists in African countries. The recovered funds will be shared among 10 individuals worldwide. You have been selected to receive compensation of $4.5 million through Western Union. To claim your funds, please contact Mr. Bryan Morgan from ECO BANK BENIN REPUBLIC Western Union department at [redacted] or +[redacted]-62-65-89-17. Provide your details as follows: - Full names - Company name - Mobile phone number - Complete address - Country - Scan copy of your identity - Gender - Age You will receive $5,[redacted] per day until you receive the full amount. Please keep me informed of your progress. Regards, Dr. Samuel Adili IMF Organization If you have any concerns or need clarification, let me know.
Reported by GetHuman-fubarall on Sunday, August 12, 2018 11:19 PM
I am currently in a dispute over money I owe to someone. I am seeking to obtain records of the payments sent to Douglas Tashoots and Bernie Wagner over the last 5-6 years. I aim to prevent any legal action by gathering this information myself. I have been sending money to Douglas Tashoots and Bernie Wagner under the name Shauna Wagner. I am also unsure if Kyle Duncan may have sent money to them at some point. I would appreciate guidance on how to access these records. Thank you for your help.
Reported by GetHuman1003968 on Friday, August 17, 2018 2:51 PM
Good afternoon, My cellphone is currently being repaired, so I am using my tablet to reach out to you. I had initially entered my landline number but unfortunately cannot retrieve the 4-digit code sent to me, which ends in [redacted]. My main concern revolves around two money orders I purchased on Friday, 8/17/[redacted]. I filled in the payee names for security reasons right away. Upon returning home, I discovered that my aunt had already bought them and mailed them at the post office. I now have both completed money orders in my possession and am seeking guidance on how to obtain a refund. I have the original money orders, the corresponding receipts, and the purchase bill. Could you kindly advise me on the most efficient and prompt method to request a refund for each money order? Thank you in advance. I eagerly await your response. Respectfully, Pat
Reported by GetHuman-patzpatc on Sunday, August 19, 2018 5:49 PM
I have been informed by Western Union that my account has been blocked due to fraudulent activities linked to my information. This is distressing, as I have been a loyal customer for many years and rely on Western Union for various transactions. Being excluded from their services feels unjust, especially as I initially suspected a system error. It's disheartening to discover that my identity was stolen, leading to this situation that has greatly impacted my life. I utilize Western Union for numerous essential tasks like managing my prepaid debit card, transferring funds, and paying bills. Losing access to such a convenient service is a significant setback. I am eager to remedy this situation and restore my reputation. For assistance, please reach out to me at my email [redacted] or on my phone at [redacted]. Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help. - Regards, Emoni J.
Reported by GetHuman-jonesemo on Thursday, September 6, 2018 7:24 AM
I recently sent money using your services without requiring an ID for pickup. Today, I sent $30 via the mobile app to a friend in Texas who needed it to replace her stolen ID. I thought the question I answered during the transaction was for pickup, but now realize it may have been for password recovery. I can provide answers to any questions and have even contacted The Money Mart, but my friend still can't access the funds. Please assist me promptly.
Reported by GetHuman1144907 on Friday, September 14, 2018 9:45 PM
To whom it may concern, I am contacting you about an extortion issue regarding a sex scam I fell victim to. I have already transferred funds out of fear of being exposed. The recipient of the transfer is Angel Derry from Ivory Coast. I am desperate for assistance in preventing further blackmail attempts. I have attempted to reach out to Western Union in Ivory Coast without success, which is why I am turning to you for help. The tracking number for the transfer is [redacted]. I would greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.
Reported by GetHuman1145883 on Saturday, September 15, 2018 2:23 AM
I visited a location and sent money to my son, who is in prison. When I inquired with the customer service representative over the phone, I provided my son's name, but unfortunately, he couldn't collect the money as he is incarcerated. Despite mentioning this initially, the representative did not request his DOC number or the specific prison he is in. This has left the money in limbo, and my son cannot access it. Can I request a refund or what steps can be taken to resolve this situation?
Reported by GetHuman-marmarto on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 11:18 PM

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